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Diablo Team Play 4/28 (Becky)

Here are the current standings after Moraga on Wednesday.

Crow Canyon 199
Blackhawk 195
Contra Costa 184.5
Castlewood 184
Discovery Bay       183.5
Round Hill 182.5
Oakhurst 176.5
Orinda 168
Diablo 150.5
Moraga 147.5

Crow Canyon 195
Blackhawk 190
Moraga 188
Oakhurst 187
Orinda 177.5
Discovery Bay 175.5
Round Hill 175.5
Contra Costa 173.5
Castlewood 171
Diablo 157

Kay Love’s Story Part II (Hilary)

As play day is cancelled again I thought you all might have time to read the next episode of Kay Love’s story. Enjoy.

Hi Ladies here we are back in the Fairway room. Eddy had just finished explaining to Kay how to control her adrenaline addiction so she was really ready for another drink! .

HOW KAY LOVE SAW THE LIGHT(or met her golf guru)…….PART II

“That’s a great story Kay Love, is that it? What happened next?’ I asked. “Next, next? Let me think Hilary…….

Oh yes Eddy got me another glass of the Pinot Noir which I really needed. We relaxed a while neither of us saying anything. I was trying to get that Zen stuff into my brain. I was about to thank him and leave when he stopped me by saying, “So you get the Zen stuff eh but you know you have more problems than that Missus, don’t you?” I was pretty offended.

How did this scraggly guy know what problems I had? How presumptuous of him. “Okay Eddy tell me what you’re getting at, I’d be surprised if you know me that well.” I was sure he’d back off, but he was a persistent little guy.

He started on his third beer and continued. “So Lady how many golf Pros you been to? What’s the latest fix for your swing?” Funny he mentioned that I thought as I had just paid for a series of 6 lessons with the new Pro in San Ramon. I eagerly replied, “My new golf Pro is getting me to work on my right shoulder dip. He said my turn is all wrong and I have to change it if I want to play better golf.”

“You’re chasing that perfect swing” exclaimed Eddy with a wry grin. “I knew it. Don’t feel too bad lady, didn’t mean to offend you. Please, before you get up to leave, let me explain what I meant.”

Offend me? Yes, I was really upset. How dare he attack me that way but I decided to hear him out.

“Not all golf teaching Pros are equal. You need to find a teacher who takes the time to understand YOUR swing and then helps you fine tune it. If you are already playing fairly decent golf and a teacher tells you to tear down your swing and start over, then FIND ANOTHER TEACHER! It doesn’t mean your swing stinks, it just means it’s not HIS swing and he doesn’t know how to teach a different one.”

“I know what you mean.” I replied. “My game always gets worse after lessons and the Pros always say it’s because I am changing my swing and it will get better. Sometimes it does, but often I think it only does because I go back to my old swing.”

“Now you’re not offended eh? Eddy asked. I felt bad as he looked so concerned that he’d upset me. “I’m fine you just hit a nerve. I am always trying to fix my swing with books, magazines, lessons and all. Please go on and tell me more.”

With a relieved look on his face Eddy took a large gulp of his beer and continued.

“If you have a swing flaw a good teacher can find a way to work around this tendency and not revamp your swing. A golfer may drop his right shoulder too much and a Pro wanting to change it could really mess them up. Maybe dropping that shoulder was okay for the way that player swings. I saw a player whose swing plane was off but he was very comfortable swinging that way. I suggested he just slow down his hands at impact and it straightened out his fade. All swings are different and yours might be the one that is right for you. As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

“I never thought of it that way Eddy. Every time I have a swing problem I find a Pro to help me fix it and they change it. I must have changed my swing seven times in the past two years.”

“Forget all of that Missus. When you think of trying a new Pro don’t expect that the Golf God’s been keeping a secret and he now chooses this guy to reveal it to you. From what I saw of your swing dropping your shoulder isn’t a big flaw. Maybe that’s how you get back to impact so well. For sure you don’t need a swing change. Find a teacher who will understand your swing and fine tune it. I think you’ve just been looking for your swing (love) in all the wrong places.”

“Like the song eh Eddy?” I laughed in reply.

“All I’m sayin’ Missus is the next time you hear you need a swing change, run for the hills.”

Eddy got up from the table and said, “Want another drink?……………………………… be continued

Guest Day 4/27 (Frances)

Not surprising, but today was another rain-out. Will we ever have a “Guest Day”? Next Tuesday’s weather forecast is for clear skies and sunshine! The sign-up sheets for May 4, 11 and 18 as well as the Spring Handicap tournament are posted downstairs on the DBWGC bulletin board in the Pro Shop.

Keep Dry… Frani

First a Joke – What to Do (Frances)

First a joke: What To Do

Sondee addressed the ball and took a magnificent swing but somehow, something went wrong and a horrible slice resulted.

The ball went onto the adjoining fairway and hit a man full force. He dropped! Sondee and her partner, Hilary, ran up to the stricken victim who lay unconscious with the ball between his feet.

“Good heavens!” exclaimed Sondee, “what shall I do?”

“Don’t move him.” said Hilary, “If we leave him here he becomes an immovable obstruction and you can either play the ball as it lies or take a two club length drop.”

Diablo Team Play 4/20 (Becky)

Diablo Team play was held at Discovery Bay yesterday and in spite of rain…the sun did come out and all players were able to finish in sunshine.

Listed below are the results from the day as well as the current standings.

Crow Canyon 45.5
Discovery Bay 42.5
Blackhawk 37.5
Roundhill 37.0
Orinda 37.0
Diablo 35.0
Oakhurst 35.0
Castlewood 34.5
Moraga 26.5
Contra Costa 26.5
Crow Canyon 42.5
Orinda 41.0
Blackhawk 40.0
Discovery Bay 38.5
Diablo 37.0
Roundhill 35.0
Moraga 33.5
Castlewood 32.0
Oakhurst 31.0
Contra Costa 26.5
Current Standings
Blackhawk 164
Crow Canyon 158
Castlewood 153
Discovery Bay 152
Round Hill 149
Moraga 144.5
Contra Costa 143.5
Oakhurst 134
Orinda 129.5
Diablo 121
Blackhawk 157.5
Crow Canyon 155.5
Moraga 147
Discovery Bay 144.5
Castlewood 143.5
Round Hill 143.5
Oakhurst 140
Orinda 137.5
Diablo 132.5
Contra Costa 129

Play Day 4/13 (Frances)

Wow! At last! What a beautiful day. Sunshine, no wind… could this really mean that Spring is finally here? We had 22 ladies come out to play. Today’s game was Points, Putts and Low Net. The putting was a bit challenging due to recent aeration and sanding.

And the winners were:

Overall Low Gross: Patty Uyeno with a gross score of 91 earned a “Low Gross” pin.

Overall Low Net: Raquel Myer with a net score of 70 earned $6.50 and a “Low Net” pin.

Overall Low Putts: Dana Wardstrom with 29 putts earned $6.50 and a “Low Putts” pin.

Flight Winners:

First Flight

  • 1st place with a net score of 71, Jeanne Zwemer earned $4.50
  • 2nd place with a net score of 72, Patty Uyeno earned $3.50
  • 3rd place with a net score of 73, Kay Smith earned $2.00

Second Flight

  • 1st place with a net score of 72, Cam Donald earned $4.50
  • 2nd place with a net score of 73, Joanne Smith earned $3.50
  • 3rd place with a net score of 73, Sandy Smith earned $2.00 (tie broken on back 9)

Birdies : Dana Wardstrom, Hole #17

Chip-ins: None – $11.00 rolls over.

Closest to the pin (each earning $4.00):

Hole #2 Mary Watkins, 36’10” and Marti Fowler, 33’

Hole #7 Jan McCleery, 16’9” and Bonnie Ladd, 10’9”

Hole #14 (None)

Hole #17 Dana Wardstrom 23’ (and she made the putt for the birdie above!)

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to all the ladies who participated. Look forward to seeing you on the 27th for our Guest Day. Remember to sign-up on Fore Tees under events.

Happy Golfing Frani

April’s Rules Quiz (Hilary)

Hi Ladies:

Here’s a quiz about the Definition “Nearest Point of Relief” and how to use it in the Rules.

A) The “Nearest Point of Relief” is:

  1. The point at which the ball last crossed the margin of a water hazard before coming to rest in the hazard.
  2. The nearest playable lie, not nearer the hole than where the original ball came to rest in an Unplayable lie.
  3. The reference point for taking relief from interference by an Immovable Obstruction.
  4. The point two club lengths from where a dropped ball first strikes a point on the course
  5. All of the above.

The answer is ONLY #3.

B) The “Nearest Point of Relief” is used in the following Rules.

  1. Water Hazards
  2. Immovable Obstructions
  3. Lost Ball
  4. Abnormal Ground Conditions
  5. Wrong Putting Green

The answer is #2, #4 and #5.

We can ONLY use the term “Nearest Point of Relief” when using two Rules.

Rule 25-1 and -3 Abnormal Ground Conditions (25-1) which are Ground Under Repair, Casual Water, or a hole or cast made by a burrowing animal or bird, and Wrong Putting Green (25-3).

Rule 24-2 Immovable Obstructions.

Often when a player drops a ball under the Water Hazard or Unplayable Lies Rule they say incorrectly that they are measuring for their “Nearest Point of Relief” to find where to drop their ball.

Let’s go around our course and find some places where you can correctly use these two Rules for your free, no penalty involved, “Nearest Point of Relief”


As you get close to the green there is an area on the right where a tree was cut down and the area around here is roped off with a “Ground Under Repair” sign.

Your wonderful shot to the green lands right there in the dirt but luckily this is a place where, under Rule 25-1, you can get free relief but how do you do this correctly?

1. Mark the position of your ball with a tee or a marker.

2. Take the club that you are going to hit your next shot with and find the place nearest to where your ball lies where, the club head is no longer in the ground under repair , not closer to the hole, and your stance is not within it.

3. Place a second tee or marker where your club head is resting on the ground.

4. Pick up you ball, and stand at your second marker and drop a ball within one club length of this point. It is allowed to roll two club lengths, no closer to the hole. The two club lengths the ball can roll can be measured with any club in your bag. You don’t have to use the club you are going to make your next shot with.

5. As long as the ball rolls no more than two clubs lengths, no closer to the hole, where the ball comes to rest is where you make your next stroke. Pick up your markers and hit away.

You have just found a much better place to hit from using your “Nearest Point of Relief” and Rule 25-1 and it was free!

Hole #9

Your shot from the fairway veers to the left and ends up on the cart path, what can you do? Here’s another place for finding your “Nearest Point of Relief” and getting a free drop under Rule 24-2 Immovable Obstructions.

Measuring here can be a little tricky as, remember your ball cannot be closer to the hole, and your dropping point has to be at the closest place on the course to where your ball lies. To take relief locate the nearest point where you can take your stance and swing without interference from the path.

The Nearest Point of Relief is easy if your ball is close either side of the path but the tricky part can come if you ball is nearer to the middle. What you must do then is find your nearest point of relief on both sides of the path and measure from where your ball lies to see which point of relief is nearer.

Make sure you always mark where your ball lies so you have a reference point if needed. Sometimes you can be surprised that your “Nearest point of relief” is not on the side you thought it would be.

Hole #6

It’s hard to find a place on our course to give you an example of “Nearest Point of Relief” for Rule 25-3 Wrong Putting Green but let’s stretch our imaginations!

You’re on the fairway of Hole #6 and sadly you hit your second shot way, way, way left. I said we are using our imaginations ok? Your ball lands on the putting green of Hole #7 but the Rules do not allow you to hit it from the green, you have to take relief. How do we do this one?

I’m sure you know by now.

Mark your ball on the green.

Find your Nearest Point of Relief for your ball off the putting green using the club you are going to use for your next shot, no nearer to Hole #6 that you’re going to, and mark this place. This is usually on the fringe. Your feet can still be on the green but your ball must not be.

Drop the ball within one club length of this marker and it may roll two club lengths but no closer to hole #6.

Hit your ball from this place.

I hope this helps you find your deserved relief.


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