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August Rules quiz (Hilary)

Hi Ladies:

Let’s have some fun with “loose impediments” and see what we know, don’t know, and what we should do.

1. Our ball is on the fairway surrounded by little pieces of cut grass. We think, “Thank goodness they’ve finally mowed the rough!” We remove them from around the ball, and one piece that’s stuck on our ball. The ball does not move. Penalty or no penalty?

Answer. No penalty for removing the grass around the ball BUT a one stroke penalty for removing the grass adhering to the ball.

Decision 21/2 says that anything “adhering to the ball” is not a loose impediment. The grass is a loose impediment when it’s on the ground, not when it’s on your ball.

2. Your ball is on the fringe of the green and, before you make your next stroke, you remove some twigs, leaves, loose soil and sand from around your ball. The ball does not move. Penalty or no penalty?

Answer. It’s tricky.

No penalty for removing the twigs and leaves as they are "loose impediments."

But a TWO STROKE penalty for removing the loose soil and sand, because here they are not “loose impediments.” You have improved your lie, area of intended stance, swing or line of play. Rule 13-2.

3. Now you’re on the putting green, and you’re very angry because your “lying 3” became a 5. You mark your ball and, on your line of play, there’s some sand and loose soil. Can you remove them, or will it be another two stroke penalty?

Answer. Here on the putting green sand and loose soil ARE loose impediments so you can remove them. No penalty, Rule 16-1

Go figure who decided this, and what do they have against loose soil and sand eh?

Finally a very tricky one …….

Your ball lies on the fairway and a live insect is on your ball, can you remove it?

Yes, because unlike the grass in question #1, it is not considered to be adhering to your ball because it has legs and can walk and therefore is a “loose impediment”. BUT if your ball moves while removing the pesky critter you get a one stroke penalty and have to replace your ball.

The trickiness continues……

Same ball, same insect on your ball, but now in a bunker. Can you remove the insect?

NO. Even though he’s still a "loose impediment" he’s in the bunker and that is forbidden.

However, as he is capable of moving on his own you may wave your hand over it, or blow on it to encourage it to fly away on its own, but be sure not to move your ball or touch the sand. If you remove the insect with your fingers you will be penalized TWO STROKES under Rule 13-4c.

The final trickiness……

Same ball, same determined little insect on your ball, and now you’re on the putting green. Can you remove the insect?

Yes, yes, yes you can.

You can mark and lift your ball and squish him really hard, which he deserves for following you around all this time.

You can blow him off, wave your hand over him, AND you can pick him off with your fingers. Even if your ball moves there’s NO PENALTY.

As long as the movement of your ball was DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE to the removal of a loose impediment it’s allowed on the putting green under Rule 23-1.

Now I’m sure you’re totally confused, but a good Rule to follow is:

When in doubt "PLAY THE BALL AS IT LIES."

I hope this helps you, and please note that I said that the insect was a HIM, no LADYbug would dare to bug us.


Play Day Results 8/24 (Fran)

The game today was “Rotten Eggs”. Each player tossed out one “rotten Par 3”, one “rotten Par 4” and one “rotten Par 5” then subtracted their handicap to determine their “net” score. This was the first really hot day of the year, but we were able to finish before the heat became unbearable. Here are the results:

1st Flight
1st place: Frances Shipilov (51) $5.75
2nd place: Cathy Fancey (52) $4.75
3rd place: Shelly Morgan (55) $3.50
4th place: Nancy Lencioni (55) $2.50

2nd Flight
1st place: Dana Wardstrom (48) $5.75
2nd place: Liz Lord (48) $4.75
3rd place: Marti Fowler (50) $3.50
4th place: Donna Johnson (50) $2.50

Dana Wardstrom earned her “Broke 90” pin today with a wonderful gross 88!

Closest to the Pin:

Hole 2 Carol Bade (19’3”) Marti Fowler (16’8”)
Hole 7 Jeanne Zwemer (34’ ½”) Jan McCleery (20’ 9”)
Hole 17 Dana Wardstrom (9’10”) Brenda Reisinger (32’3”)

Chip-ins: Jill Chase (13), Dana Wardstrom (5)

Birdies: Liz Lord (11)

Congratulations to all of the above “winners” and thank you to all the ladies who participated.

Happy Golfing


The stranded Irishman (courtesy of Diane Sevim)

One day an Irishman, who had been stranded on a deserted island for over 10 years, saw a speck on the horizon.

He thought to himself, "It’s certainly not a ship".

As the speck got closer and closer, he began to rule out even the possibilities of a small boat or a raft.

Suddenly there strode from the surf a figure clad in a black wet suit. Putting aside the scuba tanks and mask and zipping down the top of the wet suit stood a drop-dead gorgeous blonde!

She walked up to the stunned Irishman and said to him, "Tell me, how long has it been since you’ve had a good cigar?"

"Ten years," replied the amazed Irishman.

With that, she reached over and unzipped a waterproof pocket on the left sleeve of her wet suit and pulled out a fresh package of cigars and a lighter.

He took a cigar, slowly lit it, and took a long
drag. "Faith and begorrah," said the castaway, "that is so good! I’d almost forgotten how great a smoke can be!"

"And how long has it been since you’ve had a drop of good Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey?" asked the blonde.

Trembling, the castaway replied, "Ten years."

Hearing that, the blonde reached over to her right sleeve, unzipped a pocket there and removed a flask and handed it to him.

He opened the flask and took a long drink. " ‘Tis nectar of the gods!" shouted the Irishman. " ‘Tis truly fantastic!!!"

At this point the gorgeous blonde started to slowly unzip the long front of her wet suit, right down the middle. She looked at the trembling man and asked, "And how long has it been since you played around?"

With tears in his eyes, the Irishman fell to his knees and sobbed, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Don’t tell me that you’ve got golf clubs in there too!

Play Day Results 8/17 (Jill)

Here are the results of today’s PPLN:

· Low Gross – Carol Bade 80

· Low Net – Joanne Smith 71 $6.00

· Low Putts – Joanne Smith 27 $6.00

1st Flight:

· 1st place Dana Wardstrom Low Net 72 $3.00

· 2nd place Judy Bartoli Low Net 75 $2.25 (Broke on back nine)

2nd Flight:

· 1st place Cathy Surdez Low Net 73 $3.00

· 2nd place Gay Wold Low Net 77 $2.25 (Broke on back nine)

Chip Ins:

· Nancy Lencioni #7 $3.75

· Dana Wardstrom #8 $3.75


· Carol Bade #8

· Dana Wardstrom #8

· Cathy Surdez #7

Closest to the pin $5.00 each:

0-24 handicap

· Hole #2 Dana Wardstrom 6′ 8"

· Hole #14 None

25-36 handicap

· Hole #2 Gay Wold 11′ 3.5"

· Hole #14 Gay Wold 53′ 8.5"

Thanks all,

Jill Chase

August 10th Beat The Pro

August 10th, Beat the Pro

Our Pro, Jon Miller, shot a very nice Gross 75 this morning, making it a challenge for our ladies, but we did have 10 ladies whose Net score beat Jon’s gross score. They were:

Jackie Amthauer (68), Raquel Myers (68), Shelly Morgan (69), Sonja Welin (70), Cathy Fancey (72), Annette Krey (72), Nancy Lencioni (72), Lin Lenson (72), Sue Sharp (73) and Mary Watkins (74).

The Game today was Low Net. Four places were paid in two flights:

First Flight:

1st – Jackie Amthauer (68) $6.00

2nd – Shelly Morgan (69) $5.00

3rd – Annette Krey (72) $4.00

4th – Lin Lenson (72) $3.00

Second Flight:

1st – Raquel Myers (68) $6.00

2nd – Sonja Welin (70) $5.00

3rd – Sue Sharp (73) $4.00

4th – Janet Brown (75) $3.00

Birdies: Annette Krey (#2, #5, #9), Lin Lenson (#2)

Chip-ins: Nancy Lencioni (#10), Carol Graybar (#9)

Closest to the Pin ($3.75 ea)

Hole #2 – Annette Krey 1’2”, Carol Graybar 13’5”

Hole #7 – Annette Krey 17’3”, Liz Lord 25’2”

Hole #14 – Diane Sevim 8’7”

Hole #17 – Mary Watkins 25’1.75”

Happy Golfing


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