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Play Day Results Jan 25

Hi Ladies,

Todays result of two net best ball is as follows:

First Place: $6.00 each (Team Net of 130 – tie broke on back nine)
Jenny Dillon
Dana Wardstrom
Joanne Smith
Cate Lewallen

Second Place: $4.50 each (Team Net of 130)
Mary Watkins
Jeanne Zwemer
Sonja Welin
Janet Brown

Chip- Ins: $6.50 each
Lin Lenson Hole #18
Kay Smith Hole #5
Dana Wardstrom Hole #3

Lin Lenson Hole #17
Janet Brown Hole #8
Jeanne Zwemer Hole #7 & 11
Dana Wardstrom Hole # 17 & 7
Donna Reich Hole # 7

Closest to the Pin: $3.10 each
Handicap 0-25 Handicap 26-36
Hole #7 Jeanne Zwemer 3′ 6″ Anne Wangeman 29′ 2″
Hole #14 Cathy Fancey 41′ 4″ Grace Berend 21′
Hole #17 Lin Lenson 1′ 1″ Janet Brown 11′ 10″

Jill Chase

Advisory Board Report 1/25

Things of interest from the Advisory Board:

The broken, left, iron fence on 15 was damaged due to a drunken driver that drove into it with no insurance.

It was reported that bathroom stall doors are getting hard to lock – unlock. DBCC will fix them.

It was mentioned that ice tea was being charged on 18 holer guest day to some people. Shouldn’t have been. If you were one that was charged, contact them & have it reversed.

DBCC is looking into having drink specials either daily or weekly, adding Happy Hour on Tuesday & Wednesday & selling pitchers of beer.

DBCC was thanked for updating the ladies upstairs bathroom. There are still plans for a new picture & new carpet.

A compliment was made to Ron & Bob, in the cart barn, for doing such a great job & for being so helpful to the ladies.

DBCC has started 2 new programs: 1. Personal Shopper Program 2. Personal carts maintenance Service

Every Thursday an E-mail will go out for merchandise specials.

Ideas being looked into for Socials are: Country Western (Country Rock band) night & Day On the Green Concerts or on patio concerts.

Clam problem is approaching us again. Try to avoid driving carts over them as much as possible as they do damage cart tires.

Ball hawkers are causing the club to change water in ball washers twice a day. Do not wash these balls in the ball washers.

The next meeting is slated for February 17 at 4:00. If you have anything to bring before the board, please E-mail me.


Play Day Results Jan 18, 2011 (Jill)

Hi Ladies,

What a nice surprise to see the sun on Tuesday! We had 16 ladies play Best Nine. Here are the results:

1st Flight:
1st Place Sandy Smith – net score 33.5 $6.00
2nd Place Lin Lenson – net score 34.5 $5.25
3rd Place tie – Mary Watkins and Cathy Fancey – net score 35 $2.37
2nd Flight:
1st Place Brenda Reisinger – net score 35 $6.00
2nd Place Cam Donald – net score 37 $5.25
3rd Place Cathy Surdez – net score 37.5 $4.75

Chip In:
Mary Watkins Hole number 15 $14.00

Lin Lenson Hole number 7 and 14

Closest to the Pin: $2.75 each

0-25 Handicap: 26-36 Handicap:
Hole number 2 Cathy Fancey 10′ 8″ Cathy Surdez 35′ 5″
Hole number 7 Lin Lenson 26′ 8″ None
Hole number 17 Mary Watkins 8′ 9.5″ Cathy Surdez 58′

As the new year starts, please be mindful of the pace of play. Please be sure to keep up with the group in front of you, look ahead and not behind. Think about your next shot as you approach the ball, make sure you have the right clubs. Drive the cart as a team. Do not wait for a player to return to the cart before proceeding to the next ball. Study your line of putt while other are preparing to putt.

I would also like to speed up the time it takes to compile and announce results. PPLN is a heavy calculation day. It would help if score cards were turned in to the tournament committee before heading to the car, pro shop etc.

Jill Chase

Happy New Year 2011 !

Happy 2011 ! Looking forward to a great year of golf (as soon as the rain stops and fog goes away 🙂

Wanted to let you know that our 2011 Rosters/Schedule of Events are printed. Joanne Smith has them and will be handling distribution.

In the meantime, the information is also on our website Click the tabs at the top to see Club Info or list of Officers. Roster and Calendar links are on the right side panel.

Or click here for the roster file and click here for the calendar.

Remember, the Roster password is “discobay”.

Looking forward to golfing in better weather !

Or call or email Joanne if you need to make special arrangements for getting your printed version.

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