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May 24 Guest Day Results

We had a fantastic turnout, 40 ladies, 10 guests. The game was Cha-Cha. 1 best net ball on odd holes and two best net balls on even holes. And the winners were:

Guest Flight, 1st Place, Score 83, 4 balls each

Joanne Smith

Linda Mayer

Mary Watkins

Cheree Mendonsa

Guest Flight, 2nd Place, Score 85, 3 balls each

Jackie Amthauer

Milly Coldwell

Jan McCleery

Nonie Greenfield

Member Flight, 1st Place, Score 90, 4 balls each

Anne Wangeman

Janet Brown

Cathy Fancey

Diane Enbom

Member Flight, 2nd Place, Score 92, 3 balls each

Dana Wardstrom

Tina Gray

Brenda Reisinger

Carol Grabar

Closest to the Pin, Guest – Milly Coldwell, Hole #2, 12’4”

Closest to the Pin, Member – Debbie Martin, Hole #7, 7’


Debbie Martin, #11

Janet MacBean, #11

Annette Krey, #11

Carol Hart, #14

Carol Bade, #1, 8, 18


Milly Coldwell, #14 – $10

Gay Wold, #6 – $10

Congratulations to all our ladies and their guests. Look forward to seeing you at our next play day. For those of you playing in the Spring Handicap Tournament, best wishes for three great rounds!

As always, thanks to the ProShop, Kitchen and Dining Room staff for their support of our Guest Days.

Happy Golfing


Our Golf Rules Gurus (Hilary)

Hi Ladies:

The Principles of the Rules of golf expect the player to play by the Rules and not by their own decisions. It was reassuring to learn of some of our ladies’ decisions on their Rules infractions during recent Ladies play days. These expert ladies I know about, there are probably many more of you.

1. One of our ladies on the putting green recently moved her ball ever so slightly at address. No one saw, but she called the one stroke penalty, and moved her ball back the half an inch.

2. In trying to escape that pesky bunker on hole #15 one of our ladies hit her ball twice. No one saw, but she called the one stroke penalty on herself.

3. Two weeks ago the same lady accidentally hit her golf bag with her ball. Her fellow competitors saw but she was the first to say, “Rats, a one stroke penalty for me”. Either this particular lady is accident prone or likes to use the Rules!

4. The most dramatic example of responsibility came because the lady played a “wrong” ball. She hit the ball two times before realizing it was not her ball. She called the correct two stroke penalty on herself. She then tried to find her original ball but was unsuccessful. We all know the pressure on play days to keep up the pace of play so, instead of going back to the tee and hitting again, she knew to disqualify herself. She continued play even though she was out of the game. The dramatic part comes next. One the subsequent par three her shot would have won her all the cash for closest to the pin. She missed the pay day but her honesty paid in my rule book.

These examples of calling penalties on themselves are not heroic, they are just the right way to play the game. As a group it appears that we are learning the Rules and calling the correct penalties.

Way to go ladies!

May 17th Play Day Results

Many thanks to all the ladies who went out yesterday and braved the elements and congratulations to our winners!

One Net Best Ball

First Place Team: Net 57(Broke on back nine) $5.00 each
Sandy Smith
Cate Lewallen
Gay Wold

Second Place Team: Net 57 $3.00 each
Grace Berend
Brenda Reisinger
Cathy Surdez

Chip-Ins: $5.50 each
Donna Reich Hole #9
Cathy Surdez Hole #10

Cloeset to the Pin:
$3.00 each
0-26 Handicap: 27-36 Handicap:
Hole #2 Sandy Smith 10′ 3″ Grace Berend 20′ 1/2″
Hole #14 Gay Wold 14′ 10.5″ Cathy Surdez 30′ 7″

May 10th Play Day Results

Results for Points, Putts and Low Net:

Overall Low Net Winner: Shelly Morgan Net 64 $8.50 – Congratulations for breaking 90 on a Tuesday play day!
Overall Low Putts Winner: Sonja Welin 29 Putts $8.50
Overall Low Gross Winner: Lin Lenson Gross 81

Flight 1:
First Place: Mary Watkins Net 67 $6.00
Second Place: Lin Lenson Net 69 $5.00 (Broke on back nine)

Flight 2:
First Place: Vicky Scholle Net 68 $6.00
Second Place: Donna Reich Net 72 $5.00

Flight 3:
First Place: Cathy Surdez Net 73 $6.00
Second Place: Diane Enbom Net 75 $5.00 (Broke on back nine)

Mary Watkins Hole #7

Chip-Ins: $8.00 each
Cathy Surdez Hole #4
Jackie Amthauer Hole #18
Mary Watkins Hole #18

Closest to Pin: $3.00 each
0-25 Handicap 26-36 Handicap
Hole #2 Annette Krey 8′ 9″ Cathy Surdez 23′ 7″
Hole #7 Mary Watkins 7′ 7.5″ Jan McCleery 35′ 4″
Hole #14 Jill Chase 21′ 3″ Cam Donald 13′ 10″
Hole # 17 Vicky Scholle 6′ 4″ Donna Reich 25′

May 3rd Play Day Results

Congratulations to all the winners!

First Flight:
Tie $6.50 each
1st Place Dana Wardstrom 11 skins
1st Place Mary Watkins 11 skins

2nd Place Christina Gray 8 Skins

Second Flight:
1st Place Diane Enbom 7.5 skins
Tie $4.00 each
2nd Place Cathy Surdez 5 skins
2nd Place Joanne Smith 5 skins

Chip Ins:
Bonnie Ladd Hole #7
Patty Uyeno Hole #16 $7.50
Nancy Lencioni Hole #15 $7.50

Annette Krey Hole #15
Patty Uyeno Hole #14

Closest to the Pin: $3.75 each
0-22 Handicap: 23-36 Handicap:
Hole #7 Dana Wardstrom 9′ 3.5″ Janet Brown 9′ 11″
Hole #14 Mary Watkins 4′ 1.5″ (Blue pin up top!!) None
Hole #17 Mary Watkins 8′ 10″ None

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