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Guest Day Results – August 30, 2011

We had a great turnout with 31 members and 7 guests playing on one of Discovery Bay’s splendid summer days. The game was One Best Ball + Putts of the 3 remaining team members. We had five teams in the Guest Flight and five teams in the Member Only flight. And the winners were:

Guest Flight:

1st Place – Team Score 159
Frances Shipilov
Kay Boscia
Raquel Myers
(Blind Draw)

2nd Place – Team Score 164
Jackie Amthauer
Lynn Battaglia
Joanne Smith
Mary Watkins

Member Only Flight:

1st Place – Team Score 164
Judy Bartoli
Debbie Martin
Sondi Schnee
Nancy Kramer

2nd Place – Team Score 169
Janet Brown
Donna Johnson
Anne Wangeman
Cam Donald

Other Awards:

Closest to the Pin:
Guest – Kay Boscia, Hole #7, 45’1.5”
Member – Jeanne Zwemer, Hole # 17, 10’2.5”

Donna Johnson #2
Jackie Amthauer #1
Mary Watkins #8
Lin Lenson #7
Gay Wold #7
Frances Shipilov #15
Dana Wardstrom #14

Chipins: ($6.50 each)
Diane Sevim #1
Lin Lenson #8
Dana Wardstrom #14

The group sadly wished our good friend Jackie Amthauer farewell as she is relocating to South Carolina. She has assured us she will visit and play with us on Guest Days. We wish her and hubby Paul our best. They will be missed!

Happy Golfing


August Advisory Board

Hi Gals;

Things that were presented to the Board in August are the following:

There will be new menus out for breakfast, lunch & Friday night dinner. Sunday night menu will change September 11. Veggie meals were brought up & Jeff (the Chef) commented that they tried the dishes before & they were a no seller. He stated ” You can always ask for something & they can try to accommodate you”.

Seafood Festival was very successful. All were pleased with food & seemed to have a great time.

Sound of Soul is almost sold out. As of Thursday, only 20 spaces left. They are going to have free pop corn after meal service.

Tracy Country Club went public. A few of their old members are joining here.

The 9 holer group is really growing. They have more ladies than they have ever had.

The club is looking into adding defibrillators to our Golf Course.

There is a consideration for people only here for 6 months. No cart fees or food limits while away.

Someone complained about Friday lunch service being slow.

94 people have signed up for Fall Bocce Ball. Talking about having beverage cart there while games are going on.

Wine Event coming up. There is a waiting list for wineries to come in.

There 140 people signed up for the Sadie Hawkins Tournament.

It was stated that people were not able to sign up for the Member-Member on line & corrections were going to be made.

Member Appreciation Tournament & dinner is going to be October 23rd.

Small American flags are going to be put on each flag stick Labor day week-end. Hopefully they will have them positioned in the center of each green. HEE HEE!!

November 6 is slated for the Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice Tournament.

There are pictures now on the new web site.

They are starting to work on the bunkers again.

That’s it for this month. Next meeting is September 15th. If you want me bring something before the board, please E-mail me or call.

Your 18 holer Advisory Board Representative,
Mary Watkins

Play Day Results August 23rd – Hot August Holes

Hello Ladies,
Here are the results to today’s game:

Flight One:
1st Place Frances Shipilov Net score 49 $7.00
Tie 2nd Place Jill Chase Net score 50 $4.83
2nd Place Mary Watkins Net score 50 $4.83

Flight Two:
1st Place Marti Fowler Net score 49 $7.00
Tie 2nd Place Sonja Welin Net score 51 $4.83
2nd Place Nancy Lahiat Net score 51 $4.83

Flight Three:
1st Place Cathy Surdez Net score 50 $7.00
Tie 2nd Place Shirley Lopes Net score 54 $4.83
2nd Place Diane Sevim Net score 54 $4.83

Joanne Smith Hole #2

Chip-Ins: $8.00 each
Marti Fowler Hole #4
Cathy Surdez Hole #13 & 15

Closest to the Pin: $5.00 each 0-26 Handicap 27-36 Handicap
Hole #2 Hilary Frigillana 10′ 3″ Joanne Smith 37′.5″
Hole #7 Nancy Lencioni 9′ 10.5″ Jan McCleery 14′ 2″ Hole #17 Frances Shipilov 8′ 6″

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for your participation!

August rules (Hilary)

Let’s talk about advice. What is advice and what isn’t? What is allowed and what isn’t?

Our hubbies are surely not allowed to advise us that, “You look real fat in those pants.” When we have a lousy haircut our friends are surely not allowed to tell us, “Yes should really do something about that chopped hair on the top of your head!” There’s good advice, “Yes honey you always look great” and bad advice “Go get an Eminem tattoo on your butt.”

Now let’s look at golf, where does advice fit in here?

We all meet those “experts” on the driving range who want to tell us “You’re standing too tall, too low, your swing is too fast or too slow.” Although they bother us they are allowed. No rules are broken but hit the first tee and things change.

Advice is covered under Rule 8 along with Indicating Line of Play. “Advice” is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining their play, choice of club, or the method of making a stroke.

If you are playing stroke play against a fellow competitor, or match play against an opponent you CANNOT ask them for, or GIVE them advice. If you ASK it’s a TWO stroke penalty and if you GIVE it’s a TWO stroke penalty.

If you are playing with a PARTNER in both stroke and match play, as you are on the same side you CAN ask for and give advice to your partner, no penalty.

Let’s do a quiz to better understand this Rule. Read the questions and decide any penalty or not? The answers and reasons are at the bottom. Good luck!

1. Mary is on the tee and asks her fellow competitor “Did you use a seven iron for that shot?”

2. Dolly is on the putting green and asks her fellow competitor Susie, ”Does this putt break to the right?”

3. Susie answers “It sure does.”

4. Vanessa is in the fairway and asks her opponent “How far is it to the green?”

5. Ruby answers “150 yards to the front.”

6. Jeanne asks her opponent “I’m hungry, are you?”

7. Hilary answers “Want some cheese and crackers?”

8. Beth asks her partner Kay “Do you think this putt breaks to the right?”

9. Kay answers “No dummy, it breaks to the left”

10. Rebecca asks Fay her fellow competitor “How many strokes do you get on this hole?”

11. Molly asks Mary her fellow competitor, as her balls goes in the water AGAIN, “What am I doing wrong?”

12. Mary answers Molly “You are swinging the club too far back.”

13. Rebecca’s ball in match play is under a tree and her opponent Marie tells her “I’d call that ball unplayable if I were you.”

14. Janet lays a club down on the fairway to align her feet before her next shot.

Her are the answers and reasons. If you are playing stroke play against a fellow competitor, or match play against an opponent you CANNOT ask them for, or GIVE them advice. If you ASK it’s a TWO stroke penalty and if you GIVE it’s a TWO stroke penalty, in match play it’s “LOSS OF HOLE.”
1. Two stroke penalty. Mary asked for Advice which could assist her club selection for her shot.

2. Two stroke penalty, she asked for Advice on how to play her putt. In match play it’s “LOSS OF HOLE.”

3. Two stroke penalty as Susie GAVE advice. In match play it’s “LOSS OF HOLE.”

4. No penalty as asking distance is common knowledge and is not advice.

5. As above. No penalty for Ruby either.

6. No penalty, but now we know whose tummy is rumbling!

7. No penalty but what’s with always eating cheese and crackers?

8. No penalty, as Kay is her partner.

9. No penalty as above, even though she’s rude calling Beth a dummy!

10. No penalty as this is not advice.

11. Two stroke penalty as Molly is asking for giving advice on how to make a stroke. In match play it’s “LOSS OF HOLE.”

12. Two stroke penalty for Mary. She gave advice to her fellow competitor. In match play it’s “LOSS OF HOLE.”

13. Marie loses the hole for her suggestion as it could have influenced how Rebecca played her next shot.

14. No penalty as long as she removes the club before her shot. If not she will get a two stroke penalty for indicating her “line of play.”

I hope this helps you understand Rule #8 and don’t get penalized yourself.


Play Day Results Aug 16

It was a high pressure day. We played Points, Putts, Low Net and also Beat the Pro.

Jon Miller was our Pro to beat (our net scores against his gross score), and the following ladies were successful in doing so:

Joanne Smith (71)

Cam Donald (71)

Mary Watkins (72)

Raquel Myers (72)

Diane Sevim (73)

Jackie Amthauer (73)

Janet Brown (73)

Cathy Fancey (74)

Overall Low Net (71), and Overall Low Putts (31): Joanne Smith winning $8.00 for each category!

Flight 1:

Mary Watkins (72), $6.00

Jackie Amthauer (73), $5.00

Cathy Fancy (74), $4.00

Flight 2:

Cam Donald (71), $6.00

Raquel Myers (72), $5.00

Diane Sevim (73), $4.00

Overall Low Gross (90): Jackie Amthauer


Jeanne Zwemer #7

Joanne Smith #2


Joanne Smith #2 ($20)

Shirley Lopes #12

Closest to the Pin:

Hole #2: Cate Lewallen, 53’ 2”

Donna Reich, 29’ 5.5”

Hole #7: Jeanne Zwemer, 15’ 7.5”

Cam Donald, 27’ 11”

Hole #14: Frances Shipilov, 26’ 9”

Janet Brown, 8’ 10.5”

Hole #17: Cynde Gerpheide, 22’

Joanne Smith, 13’ 8”

Thank you all for coming out to play. Congratulations to our winners. Thank you Jon for being our “Pro” for the day!

Happy Golfing


Invitational Tournament Results

This week we held our 25th Anniversary Invitational, “The Magical World of Golf (By Disney)”.

Schedule of Events

  • Tuesday, August 2, 2011 – 6:30 PM – Cocktail Party
  • Wednesday, August 3, 2011 -7:30 am – Registration
    Breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle – 8:30 am Shotgun Start
    Lunch, and Horse Race, following completion of play
  • Thursday, August 4, 2011 – 7:30 am Breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle
    8:30 am – Shotgun Start – Lunch, Awards, Silent Action, and Raffle
    Following completion of Play

A big THANK YOU to the Co-Chairs, Beckie Carter and Diane Sevim. They did an amazing job and we had one of the smoothest events ever. The club became magical thanks to the decorating Co-Chairs Donna Reich and Jeanne Zwemer and their decorating team. It was exquisite.

Congratulations to All our Winners

Low Gross
1st Place

Team #2 Lin Lenson, Judy Bartoli, Mortie Rowe, & Judy Kinnebrew

Snow White Flight (Net Winners!!)
1st Place
Mary Watkins, Cheree Mendoza, Carol Neach, & Donna Numoto
2nd Place
Jackie Amthauer, Julia Kellberg, Milly Coldwell, & Michele Strainton
3rd Place
Marti Fowler, Cathy Dalhed, Pat Nichols, & Marilyn Angello
4th Place
Cathy Houston, Gena Mauzy, Sandi Kemps, & Caren Brendel
5th Place
Carol Bade, Janet Mcbean, Debbie Schner, & Carol Harte

Cinderella Flight (Net Winners!!)
1st Place
Cynde Gerpheide, Jan Baehr, Lorna Grant Lee, & Susie Nozet
2nd Place
Dana Wardstrom, Tracy Lape, Rona White, & Jill Chase
3rd Place
Joanne Smith, Linda Mayer, Doris Bunnell, & Sherry Maytorena
4th Place
Donna Reich, Vicky Scholle, Gayle Deloach, & Kathy Readler
5th Place
Jenny Dillon, Lynette Lewandowski, Val Heck, & Val Stewart

Sleeping Beauty Flight (Net Winners!!)
1st Place
Debbie Hundoble, Cristina Gray, Judi August, & Janet Winslow
2nd Place
Fe Estrera, Debbie Ruiz, Karen Halbakken, & Susan Leeper
3rd Place
Brenda Reisinger, Sandy Smith, Cheryl Westeren, & Val Roberts
4th Place
Frances Shipilov, Kay Boscia, Linda Stebbins, & Dee Lopez
5th Place
Grace Berend, Chris Myall, Diane Enbom, & Kay Richmond

Horse Race Winners
1st Place
Cynde Gerpheide, Jan Baehr, Lorna Grant Lee, & Susie Nozet
2nd Place
Jackie Amthauer, Julia Kellberg, Milly Coldwell, & Michele Strainton
3rd Place
Brenda Reisinger, Sandy Smith, Cheryl Westeren, & Val Roberts

Closet to Pin

Member: Jan McCleery #2
Guest: Susie Nozet #7

Member : Debbie Martin #17
Guest: Karen Halbakken #14

Longest Drive: Nicole Morgan

Accuracy Drive: Janet McBean

Guest Day Results – July 26

The game was Joker’s Wild.
Winners in the Guest Flight:

  • Marti Fowler
  • Marilyn Augello
  • Raquel Myers
  • Carol Grabar

Winners in the Member Only Flight:

  • Carol Bade
  • Jenny Dillon
  • Cathy Surdez
  • Anne Oprey

Closest to the Pin, Hole #7:

  • Guest: Nonie Greenfield, 10’
  • Member: Jan McCleery, 17’ 8”


  • Donna Johnson, Hole 17
  • Jenny Dillon, Hole 17


  • Gayle DeLoach, Hole 10
  • Donna Johnson, Hole 17
  • Brenda Reisinger, Hole 4
  • Raquel Myers, Hole 18
  • X_________________
  • X_________________

Ladies, help my aging memory. There were two more chip-ins that I forgot to note on the record sheet, and were awarded in the midst of much confusion. If you were a recipient, or know who they were, please respond and let me know so that I get the information to Jill. Thanks.

Congratulations Ladies, and thank you all for coming out to play.

Happy Golfing


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