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Do you want to join the NCGA or renew? (Hilary)

Hi Ladies: With our 18 holers membership of $75 we also become members of the WGANC. WGANC gives you the benefit of a reduced rate if you want to join the NCGA. This way it will cost you $25 to also join NCGA instead of $35.

If you do nothing, our club will automatically sign you up for NCGA and charge your club account $35. Instead, if you want to save $10 and get the same NCGA benefits, click on the link below and follow the prompts to join and pay just $25. When it comes up ‘Club association” scroll down to Women’s Golf Assiciation of Northern California and then put in your GHIN number and your name.

Then tell Jon that you DO NOT want to be charged for your NCGA membership this year. The Senior men have to go through the club and are charged the standard $35, which usually appears on our bill in February. But we ladies have another option through WGANC.

If you need any help let me know. Hilary

End of the Year Awards for 2011 (Jill)

Hi Ladies,
Here are the awards that were presented at the luncheon. This year our winners were paid with Pro Shop Gift Certificates. If you were not able to make the luncheon please contact me so that I can arrange to get your gift certificates to you.

Attendance Award: (We had a total of 38 organized play days, less a few for weather) 1st Place – tie $25.00 each Grace Berend/Janet Brown 33 days 2nd Place – tie $20.00 each Joanne Smith/Dana Wardstrom 30 days

Most Improved:
1st Place $50.00 (and WGANC Pin) Dana Wardstrom
2nd Place $40.00 (and WGANC Pin) Jenny Dillon
3rd Place $30.00 Janet Brown

Most Birdies:(We had a total of 108 birdies)
Annette Krey 13 birdies $50.00

Most Chip-Ins:(We had a total of 87 chip-ins)
Anne Wangeman 8 chip-ins $50.00

Closest to the Pin:
1st Place $50.00 Lin Lenson – Hole #17 13 inches 2nd Place $40.00 Jeanne Zwemer – Hole #7 42 inches 3rd Place $30.00 Liz Lord – Hole #2 43.25 inches

WGANC Pendant Race:
1st Flight $25.00 (and WGANC Pendant) Mary Watkins – lowest three nets 211
2nd Flight $25.00 (and WGANC Pendant) Cathy Surdez – lowest three nets 221

PPLN Points Winners:
1st Flight;
1st Place $40.00 Mary Watkins 36.5 points
2nd Place $30.00 Annette Krey 28.8 points
3rd Place $15.00 Dana Wardstrom 28.5 points

2nd Flight;
1st Place $40.00 Raquel Myers 22 points
2nd Place $30.00 Cathy Surdez 21 points
3rd Place tie $7.50 each Janet Brown/Diane Sevim 12 points

PPLN Low Putts:
1st Flight – $20.00 Dana Wardstrom 29 putts
2nd Flight – $10.00 each Sonja Welin/Raquel Myers 29 putts

PPLN Low Net:
1st Flight;
1st Place $50.00 Shelly Morgan Net 64
2nd Place $40.00 Hilary Frigillana Net 65

2nd Flight;
1st Place tie $45.00 each Jill Chase/Diane Sevim Net 69

Low Gross $30.00 Carol Bade with a gross score of 75!

Congratulations and thanks again for your participation!

Jill Chase

‘Tis My Last Day as Captain

(Jan’s farewell poem)

‘Tis my last day as “Captain” and as I look back
I thank my Elves (I mean Officers), the Pros and Great Staff.
The food bags are ready, gifts under the tree
To help out St. Nicholas with gifts for those in need.

The golfers are nestled all snug and well fed
While visions of warm golf days dance in their head.
Our new Captain and club Champion are both on the plane
Headed to Hawaii to escape from the wind and the rain.

Back in the Clubhouse, year-end Awards distributed that fulfill
By Team Play captains, Eclectic, and Tournament Jill.
To reward the women who come on Tuesdays to play
And Team Play ladies that get up early in the morning to drive far away.

The year started great – all Officer positions filled but one
But the Rally for the Cure had yet to find some one.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But Cathy Fancey saying she’d volunteer.

Seems her arm was quite twisted by Becky F and Cathy H.
Donna said if no one else was Rally they’d volunteered to take that place.
Oh, no they both cried – we’re sure we never said that!
Maybe drinks with Donna in the bar after Christmas lunch where they sat?

Each Tuesday so early Jill, Cam, and/or Cathy took their place
At the sign-in table with backup from Frances just in case.
Play Days were fun, games creative and new
Well managed and well-run and prizes awarded where due.

Board members and Chairpersons went straight to their roles,
Gay took lots of minutes, Joanne filled the membership goals.
Some like Cathy Eclectic and Open Days Sue spoke not a word.
They just did their jobs perfectly – they were just superb.

Cathy Houston managed the budget whether in person or on cell phone.
Listening to lengthy Board Meetings we “rarely” heard her groan.
Brenda sent out love and sunshine when our sisters were ill.
Janet our Historian took pictures, cheered us on, wished us well.

Hilary the Rules Queen started sending out emails.
Both clear “Rules Quizzes” and cute whimsical tales.
She was our WGANC Ambassador and we really should mention
She rose up from WGANC Rules Committee to a Director position!

Dana was always on top of her Handicap work.
Distributed GHIN reports like clockwork and didn’t let scorers shirk.
Sonja managed Hole-in-One Insurance, ready to pay out.
Plus volunteered to help with Team Play when others were out.

On Raquel, On Bonnie, On Becky and Annette.
Team Play’s lots of hard work and effort, you bet!
To the top of team charts! to the top of the wall!

Now dash away! dash away! Team Play ended in the fall!”

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
The Board and the Officers worked hard to observe
The requests and the needs of the ladies we serve.

The Invitational was marvelous, thanks to Diane and Beckie too.
Rally went seamlessly, thanks to Cathy Fancey too.
Donna, our Parliamentarian was always there, such a dear
To provide endless support, sage advice and friendship throughout the year.

And to my wonderful Co-Captain Frances, although she’s not here
I’m sure she’s thinking about us and shedding a tear .
She’ll be a great Captain – smart and hard working, I know
And she’s already sworn in – a few weeks ago.

So with a final bang of this gavel, off I will go.

Thank you everyone for your support, friendship, and help.

Merry Christmas to All, And to All a Good 2012.

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