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January 31 Play Day Results (Dana)

Hello Ladies,

Thanks to everyone who came out today. Like I said at lunch we had 32 ladies playing today.

Here are the results:

Annette Krey #15
Raquel Myers #2
Chris Myall #7
Carol Bade #11

Chip-Ins: $1
Jill Chase # 6
Cathy Fancey #6 4.50 to each person

Closest to the Pin $4.00 to each person
Handicap 0-26
#2 Raquel Myers 7′ 4 1/2″
#7 Annette Krey 18′ 8″
#14 Dana Wardstrom 8′
#17 Dana Wardstrom 9′

Handicap 27-36
#2 Shirley Lopes 28′ 2″
#7 Chris Myall 12′ 6″
#14 Diane Sevim 11′ 4 1/2″
#17 – no one

Our game was Three 6’s…
One best Net from holes #13-18
Two best Net from holes #1-6
Three best Net from holes #7-12

1st Place – Score 124 – $8.00 to each person
Shelly Morgan
Shirley Lopes
Donna Johnson
Frances Shipilov

2nd Place – Score 125 – $5.00 to each person
Cathy Surdez
Fe Estrera
Deborah Veatch
Raquel Myers

3rd Place – Score 128 – $3.00 to each person
Donna Reich
Lin Lenson
Brenda Reisinger
Dana Wardstrom

Our next play date is 2/7/12 and our game will be Points – Putts – Low Net Hope to see you next week.


January 24 Play Day Results (Jill)

Twenty-three ladies participated in our Nine Best Holes (Individual) game today. There were a lot of winners:

Cathy Surdez Hole #2
Frances Shipilov Hole #4
Sondi Schnee Holes #2 & #17
Dana Wardstrom Holes #17
Janet Brown Holes #17

Chip-Ins – $3 per winner
Deborah Veatch Hole #6
Nancy Lahait Hole #8
Sondi Schnee Hole #17
Dana Wardstrom Hole #4
Susan Leeper Hole #4
Sonja Welin Hole #15

Closest to the Pin – $3 per winner
Low Handicap 0-27 High Handicap 28-36
Hole #2 Annette Krey 11′ Susan Leeper 11′
Hole #7 Sandy Smith 19′ Sondi Schnee 13’9″
Hole #14 Annette Krey 9’2″ None
Hole #17 Janet Brown 10″‘ None

Sweeps Payout Sheet
Flight #1 Score Sweeps
Dana Wardstrom 25 $6.67
Frances Shipilov 26.5 $4.50
Janet Brown 26.5 $4.50

Flight #2 Score Sweeps
Sonja Welin 20 $6.67
Raquel Meyers 22 $5.00
Marti Fowler 29.5 $2
Joanne Smith 29.5 $2

Flight #3 Score Sweeps
Deborah Veatch 23 $6.67
Grace Berend 25 $5.00
Cathy Surdez 25.5 $4.00

Nice playing everyone!!
Nancy Lahait 01

Final Advisory Board Meeting 2011 – Minutes

Hello Ladies: At the last Advisory Board Meeting, elections were held to replace Mary Watkins position as our club’s representative, and Joanne Smith is our new representative. Kristin Villyard from the Breaker’s prepared very good minutes of the meeting and has shared them with us. They follow:

Minutes of the January 18, 2011 Advisory Board Meeting

Scott Frasier opened the final meeting of the Advisory Board for 2011 by thanking all of the current board members. Three members will be leaving this year. Six individuals were nominated to fill the three vacant seats. Kristin Villyard, Joanne Smith and Mark Masterman were elected to the 2012 board.

Following the vote the meeting was opened up for general discussion. There was a complaint that the voting procedure was not well organized, particularly that the names were not on the ballot. The names were mentioned several times, but not listed anywhere. It was also requested that a copy of the minutes of the meeting be emailed to all members. The office is working on incorporating the minutes on our website.

One concern was cigarette butts on the course. It was suggested that each member try to be more pro-active with other members about leaving their (cigarette) butts on the course.

It was requested that there be more golf and social outings such as Cache Creek and the AT&T Pro Am. The last outing to Cache Creek was a lot of fun and Jon said they plan to have more this year. A question was raised by an associate member whether they could go on the outings since they are not golfers. Anyone can go – they do not have to golf.

The question was raised whether or not an appetizer menu could be offered in the bar area. Jeff said they had tried it in the past and that it was not cost effective. He is still working on updating the menu for this year. He is trying to add new items all the time. The general consensus was that the food is really good and he’s doing a great job.

It was suggested that a new “social” seat be created on the board. This individual would work with Mark, Jenelle and the board to come up with new and different social activities for the club. The bocce ball club created this past year has been very successful and Shirley Lopes was thanked for her hard work. A new activity for the club, bunko, will begin next week.

Jenelle spoke to the members about more participation by everyone in the social events that are available. The New Year’s party was canceled due to low participation. The Eagles social event was very successful and it was suggested that we should have more bands. The tournaments this year were also very successful.

Terry was applauded by everyone for the beautiful condition of the course. He said they’re going to start working on the bunkers this year. Mark advised they are meeting with a company to determine the cost of having all of the bunkers re-conditioned at one time. In that regard, two budgets were submitted for consideration. One with a dues increase and another one without. A lot will depend on the outcome of this meeting. Dues were not increased last year and they hope they won’t have to this year.

As a new security measure new transponders will be issued to all homeowners living within the gates of the club. Those living outside the gate will be given an option to purchase one at a later date. Each household is allowed 4 transponders.

A questions was raised regarding Fore Tees and whether it would be possible to post weather conditions each morning – especially with frost delays. Jon said they’ve just recently started doing that. Jon also mentioned that they are very pleased with the new website and that it has already brought in prospective members and parties interested in special events at the club. He said eventually you will have to access Fore Tees through a different method, but they are keeping this program, and your phone apps will not be affected.

Mark said this is the first year since 2006 that we have not had a negative outcome. Things still need to get better, but at least we’re on the positive side. They are trying to reach out to other cities to try and create interest in the club.

New carpet was recently installed in the Grill and Fairway room, and hallway. (Very nice!) They will continue installing carpet in the woman’s locker room this week.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristin Villyard

Winter Rules/Preferred Lies

Hello Ladies,
Well I think it has finally started to rain. With that in mind, I wanted to review our winter rules/preferred lies in regards to our Tuesday play days. The tournament committee in conjunction with the professional staff in the Pro Shop will be determining the morning of play if it is appropriate to grant relief by the temporary Local Rule “Winter Rules(Preferred Lies)”. If so, the tournament committee will display the following information at the check-in table

A ball lying on a closely mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Closely mown area means any area of the course including paths through the rough, cut to fairway height or less. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, they must place it on a spot within six inches and not nearer to the hole.

Relief can be taken through the green.

Definition: through the green is the whole area of the course except:

a. The teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played: and

b. All hazards on the course. The player may mark, lift and clean the ball without penalty. Before lifting, the player must mark the position of the ball. The player must then place the ball on a spot within 6 inches of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard or on a putting green.

If the conditions are so adverse we may also implement relief through the green, including rough.
If you are uncertain, please be sure to look for the message displayed the morning of our Tuesday play at the check-in tables.

Jill Chase

January 17 Play Day Results (Dana)

Hello Ladies,
First I would like to Thank all of you for coming out and playing. We had 24 ladies participate. Our first game was a team game called Red, White and Blue.

I hope everyone enjoyed it.

The results were as follows:

First Place Team:
Score: 128
Raquel Myers
Diane Sevim
Sonja Welin

Second Place Team
Score: 130
Annette Krey
Lin Lenson
Sondra Schnee
Cathy Fancey

There was a three way tied and we broke it with the back 9 score.

Annette Krey #6
Nancy Lahait #13

Annette Krey #6 and #10

Closest to the Pin
Low Handicap 0-25
#2 Mary Watkins 11′ 10 1/2″
#7 Janet Brown 17/ 5″
#14 Annette Krey 31′
#17 Dana Wardstrom 22′ 3″

High Handicap 26-36
#2 Brenda Reisinger 6′ 6 1/2″
#7 Raquel Myers 6′ 5″
#14 Jan McCleery 111 11″
#17 Nancy Lahait 9′

Thank you everyone,


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