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Match Play Rules part two

As promised here is the second part of:

“How Match Play Rules differ to Stroke Play Rules”

1. A player may practice anywhere on the course, on the day of the match. Rule 7-1.

2. If you play a stroke and your ball hits your opponent, his caddie, or his equipment you can choose whether to replay the stroke or accept it and play your next shot from where it comes to rest. Rule 19-3. This might not seem fair if your wild shank has hit your opponent where it hurts and stops at his feet, but that is the Rule, so use it when it benefits you.

3. Similarly, if a player, when starting a hole, plays a ball from outside the teeing ground, there is no penalty, but the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel the stroke and play a ball from within the teeing ground. If you think they have made a spectacular shot you can make them rehit, a lousy shot don’t recall it!

4. Here is an unusual one, which not many match players know about. If a putt from the putting green hits another ball at rest on the putting green, whether it is your side or your opponents’ there is no penalty in match play, whereas there is a two stroke penalty in stroke play. Rule 19-5. Just play your ball from where it comes to rest and ensure that the ball that you moved is replaced back to where it was.

5. You are not required to keep a score card in match play, as each hole is either won by one side or the other, or halved between them, and the winner is the player who wins the most holes. For example, if a player is 3 holes up and there are only two holes of the stipulated round remaining the match is over with a result of 3 and 2. (NOTE In “our” team play we do as we count the number of holes won.)

6. In stroke play players may not suspend play for bad weather, unless they consider there is danger from lightning. If they do, the Committee would be justified in disqualifying them. Not so in match play, where players may discontinue their match by agreement, unless by so doing the competition is delayed.
If a match is discontinued by agreement, e.g. due to darkness or threat of lightning, the match must be resumed from where it was discontinued; the players do not start the round again.

7. Unlike stroke play, where you have an obligation to your fellow competitors to report every breach of a Rule that you witness, you DO NOT have to in match play situations, as you may disregard, or overlook any breach of a Rule by your opponent. The reason for this is that only you, or your side, are affected. It does not affect anyone other entrant in the match play competition. However, you still must not say anything to your opponent, as under Rule 1-3 there cannot be agreement with your opponent to waive any penalty incurred by either side.

8. If a player incurs a penalty that was not observed by their opponent they must inform the opponent as soon as practicable. If the player fails to do so before their opponent makes their next stroke they lose the hole, Rule 9-2b. This penalty also applies if a player gives incorrect information during play of a hole regarding the number of strokes taken and does not correct the mistake before their opponent makes their next stroke.

Finally, players competing against each other in a match are opponents; in stroke play a fellow-competitor is any person with whom the competitor plays their round. Neither is partner of the other.

Match play is a great format but when you play make sure that you understand where the Rules differ from those that cover Stroke play that you are more familiar with. With our Team Play about to start I hope this helps you.


General Meeting March 13, 2012

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 1:08 PM by Captain Frances Shipilov. Frances noted that a quorum was present so official business could be conducted.

Approval of General Meeting Minutes from September 13, 2011: The Meeting Minutes from the last General Meeting were reviewed. Frances moved to approve by unanimous consent. All Ayes.


Jan provided an update from the WGANC Regional Meeting about what WGANC is and does and about what the Ambassador program is (to communicate between the clubs to answer questions that are raised, e.g. who allows Caddies, questions about cash prizes). A summary of the survey responses is then distributed to all of the Ambassadors.

Of particular interest was the recent question about Cash Prizes and the WGANC direction to clubs to follow the USGA Rules regarding cash prizes. Jan said to let her know if questions come up that we want to know how other clubs do things. Also let her know if you want to be on the email distribution for Ambassador surveys. The WGANC is working on a website with past questions/answers and Jan will also post information to our website.

• Change this year: Dana reported that one change this year is the pro shop won’t print cards until the morning of play (to avoid re-dos).
• Play Day Cancellation Requirement: Dana also requested that if cancelling, ladies please (1) call the Pro Shop or (2) email Dana AT LEAST BY 8 AM. Today 30 ladies signed up. At 8 AM 17 remained but only 5 had shown up by 8:15 so the play day was cancelled.
• Playing from the White Tees: On April 10th, the women will be given the option to play from the white tees or gold.
• Sonja Welin raised an issue with the number of guest balls being awarded on the last Guest Day versus the dollars collected. Frances requested Sonja get with Dana to go through the question off-line.

3) TEAM PLAY REPORT – Becky Frazier/Bonnie Ladd/Annette Krey
Bonnie – Central Valley:
• CV is starting sign-ups for Elkhorn on 4/17. Bonnie requested women sign up to play or can list their names as “On Call”.
• The courses we play are more equivalent to playing from our White Tees so Bonnie recommends the women try the white tees sometime to practice.
• Team shirts are expected 3/15/2012
• The sign-up sheet for Team Play will be posted downstairs on the bulletin board.
Annette – Diablo:
• Diablo requires an index of 22 or lower to play. Annette knows who now is at that level and sign-up sheets are used. But if you drop to that level and want to play, email Annette to let her know.
• April 24th Discovery Bay Hosts Diablo League. Annette will be seeking help that day (both ladies and husbands).

Invitational – Patty Uyeno & Annette Krey
Frances announced that we now have our Invitational Chairpersons: Patty and Annette volunteered (or were “volunteered” 🙂
Annette reported the current status:
• The plan is for the Invitational to be way lower key: Toning down the raffle; no theme, minimal decorations. Teams can wear matching shirts if they want. Tee prizes will be cute golf towels.
• Cost (entry fees) should be similar as last year but will include the team buy-out (looking at 30 ladies
• Pay $3.50 to have snacks on the turn
• Find out if it’s possible to still have boiled eggs (or even better – just have them available in the Snack Shack)
• Find out if it’s possible to provide cookies and brownies at lunch
All but 2 Ayes / Annette and Susan Leeper were opposed (they like the buffets)

9) WGANC REGIONAL MEETING – Frances Shipilov
• Frances reported from the WGANC Regional Meeting that there are a lot of New USGA Rules this year.
• WGANC will be holding a Rules Seminar – April 11 @ Oakdale CC
o Hilary is the Coordinator
o Mainly rules on the putting green and bunkers – 18 scenarios
o (Not a lot on the new rules)
o Seminar fee is $20 / for an additional $62.50 can play a round of golf including cart fee. (The $20 cash is paid at the Seminar)
o Bringing husbands Is OK
o Deadline is April 3rd to sign up – let Hilary know if you want to go

Frances is posting information about upcoming WGANC Tournaments on the downstairs bulletin Board (but may need to move it upstairs if the downstairs gets too crowded).

10) BY-LAWS REVIEW COMMITTEE – Frances Shipilov
• Roberts Rules says that Bylaws should be reviewed regularly. Our Bylaws needs some cleanup – for example, the information about WGANC Ambassadors versus Delegates is not accurate.
• Frances asked for volunteers to be on Bylaws committee to review the Bylaws and Standing/Tournament Rules to present for a vote at the September meeting. Two volunteers:
o Cam Donald
o Mira B
• Other volunteers will be requested from any unable to attend today’s meeting.

• Becky has found out that “Rally 4 the Cure” is a marketing arm only and when we pay two checks, one to Rally, one to “Susan G. Komen”, only the Susan G. Komen checks are used for breast cancer; the $25 Rally checks go for marketing.
• Instead, we can buy our own giveaways and give all money raised to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer.
• Frances reported that she received a letter from Canyon Oaks that they have their own “Pink Ribbon Open” which donates directly to “The Gap Fund”
• Jan raised that other causes should be considered
• Donna Reich expressed her concern that we thought we were collecting monies for charity which has not been going to charity.

The general consensus was that we should move away from “Rally for the Cure”. Becky will talk to the 9 holers about it since they are hosting the event this year.

Joanne Smith announced that Thursday is the DB Advisory Board Meeting and asked for any inputs:
• Susan L said that there used to be a drop zone on Hole 17 and if that could be added back. Hilary reported that it was an illegal drop zone so had to be removed.
• Annette suggested it would be great if we could change one of our par 4’s to a par 5 to be rated par 72 (doing whatever is required to get a re-rating).

13) ADJOURN – There being no other new business, Cam moved to Adjourn; Becky 2nd. The motion to adjourn was unanimously approved, no “Nays”. The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 PM.

Minutes taken by
Jan McCleery
filling in for Gay Wald, Secretary

3-20-12 Play Day (Dana)

Hello Ladies,

Here are the results for today’s play.

We had 18 ladies play today. The weather was wonderful!

We had $14.00 carried over from our last play date and $18.00 today. Donna Reich #18 and Chris Myall #5 were the big winners with $16.00 each

Closest to the Pin
Hole #7
0-27 Handicap
Dana Wardstrom 24′ 6″ $6.00
28-36 Handicap
Fe Estrera 11′ 3″ $6.00

Hole #14
0-27 Handicap
Annette Krey 7 1/2 inches
28-36 Handicap
No one got on

For our game we had a first and second place team.

2nd Place team with a 132 (tie breaker on the back)
Donna Reich
Nina Hoffman
Can Donald
Nancy Lahait

1st Place team with a 122
Dana Wardstrom
Patty Uyeno
Annette Krey
Joanne Smith

Guest day is next Tuesday so if you want to play, please sign up on Foretees.


Tuesday Results (3-6-12) (corrected)

Hello Ladies,

Thank you to the 15 ladies who stuck it out and played today. If you are like me, you now have a headache and are in your PJ’s for the rest of the night. I am tired!!!

So the results are as follows:

Annette Krey #11

So monies collected will be carried over

Closest to the Pin:

Hole #2
Marti Fowler 20′ 1 1/2″

Hole #17
Dana Wardstrom 11′ 8 1/2″

Each received $6.50 each

The game today was Points, Putts and Low Net

1st Flight:
1st place: Dana Wardstrom 75 $5.00
2nd place: Donna Reich 78 $4.00

2nd Flight:
1st place: Joanne Smith 76 $5.00
2nd place: Susan Leeper 76 $4.00 (tied broke on back)

Bonnie Ladd with 74 $6.00

Bonnie Ladd with 29 putts $6.00

Annette Krey

Thanks again for playing. Our next play date is March 13th and the game will be: CRIERS

Play your regular game. Throw out the worst 3 holes and use par for those instead of actual score.
(Record actual GROSS score for the records, record adjusted score in the NET column.


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