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April 17 Guest Day Results



The game was 1-2-3. Use 1 net best-ball on Par 5s, 2 net best-balls on Par 4s, and 3 net best-balls on Par 3s.

We had 5 teams, including 3 guest teams (Flight 1) and 2 member only teams (Flight 2). First place was awarded in each flight, with winners receive 4 balls each.

Guest Team Flight Winners: Score 117

Diane Sevim

Sue Gallo

Nonie Greenfield

Jan McCleery

Member Only Flight Winners: Score 124

Jeanne Zwemer

Brenda Reisinger

Janet Brown

Myra Buckman

There were no chip-ins, so the $10 pot will carry-over to May 1st.

Closest-to-the-Pin Winners, each receiving 3 balls:

Hole #2

Mary Watkins, 47’7”

Cam Donald, 4’8”

Hole #14

Shelly Morgan 19’2”

Sue Gallo 41’8”

Birdies: Janet Brown #11, Anne Wangeman #8.

Congratulations Ladies and Thank You for Participating!

Happy Golfing


Results for 4-10-12

Hello Ladies,

Here are the results for today’s play. We had 32 players today and 12 played from the White tees and 20 played the Gold tees.

Our game was 4th UP: Use the score of the 1st person on hole #1, 2nd person on hole #2, 3rd person on hole #3 and 4th person on hole #4. Repeat until finished. Now here is the twist. You can sign up to play from the whites or forward tees.

First here are the Birdies and Chip-Ins

Nonie Greenfield #7
Mary Watkins #17
Janet Brown #14

Nonie Greenfield #18
Diane Sevim #3
Each person received $15.50 each. Way to go ladies.

Closest to the Pin

Low Handicap 0-25
#2 Mary Watkins 23′ 5″
#7 Dana Wardstrom 17′ 7″
#14 Lin Lenson 13′ 2″
#17 Mary Watkins 3′ 10″

High Handicap 26-36
#2 Cam Donald 10′ 4 1/2″
#7 Nonie Greenfield 13′ 11″
#14 Raquel Myers 7′ 4″
#17 Nina Hoffman 11′ 1″
Each lady got $3.75 for their hard work.

Now for the results of the game:
White tees:

First place $5.75 each
Gay Wold
Sandy Smith
Bonnie Ladd
Their score was 69

Second place $3.75 each
Judi Bartoli
Debbie Martin
Cathy Fancey
Their score was 77

Gold tees:
First place $5.75 each
Cam Donald
Nonie Greenfield
Cathy Surdez
Susan Leeper

Second place $3.75 each
Grace Berend
Janet Brown
Nina Hoffman
Anne Wangeman

Thank you,


4/3 PPLN Results

First of all, thank you all for joining us on this beautiful Spring day. We had 20 members
show up to play. The weather was awesome.

Also, thank you so very much for your patience in waiting for the results. A huge thank you to
Cathy Surdez and Jan McCleery for doing the numbers work. You would still be waiting for
the results next Tuesday if I had had to figure it all out. Great job ladies!

We had some “big” stars today. Cathy Fancey with her 87 game, a chip in, low net and low putts for
flight #1. Congratulations! Nonie Greenfield, one of our new members, really hit it big. Nonie was
the overall low net winner with a 65. She also had a birdie, a chip-in, and she broke 100. WOW!!!
Jan McCleery with overall Low Putts, a birdie, a chip-in, and high handicap closest to the pin on #7.
Sandy Smith took both of the Closest to the Pin honors in the low handicap. And, these were
not the only stars. We really have a terrific group of ladies in our club. Thank you all.

And now for the results:

Birdies: Jan McCleery #14, Nonie Greenfield #17, and Hilary Frigillana #7.
Chip-Ins: Jan McCleery #3, Nonie Greenfield #17, Cathy Fancey #11

Closest to the Pin (Holes 2 and 7, due to temporary greens on the back nine):
Hole #2: Low Handicap Sandy Smith @ 10’6″ High Handicap Nancy Lahait @ 30’8″
Hole #7: Low Handicap Sandy Smith @33’2″ High Handicap Jan McCleery @32’11”

Flight Winners:
#1 Low Net Cathy Fancey 68 Low Putts, a tie, Cathy Fancey and Mary Watkins 30 each
#2 Low Net Myra Buckman (another new member) 67 Low Putts Joanne Smith 30
#3 Low Net Chris Myall (another new member) 70 Low Putts, a tie, Nonie Greenfield and Anne Wangeman 31 each

Overall Low Net Winner was Nonie Greenfield 65
Overall Low Putts Winner was Jan McCleery 28
Overall Low Gross Winner was Cathy Fancey 87

Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out. If I did, please let me know. Although we didn’t all
golf our best, we can really count our blessings that we are able to still get out on the
golf course. See you next week. Thanks for coming out.


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