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Rules quiz

Hi Ladies:

Finally time to send you a quiz……..enjoy!

  1. You’re playing in a stroke play competition and you hole out before your partner does. While waiting for your partner or fellow competitor to putt you drop a ball and take a few practice putts on the fringe. What is the ruling?

a) There is no penalty

b) You incur a two stroke penalty

c) Both you and your partner incur a one stroke penalty

Answer b) Rule 7-2/3. Even if your excuse was that you were not practicing but just “killing time” as they were so slow you still get a two stroke penalty.

If you were in match play you would lose the hole.

  1. A ball is holed when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and any part of it is below the level of the lip of the hole?

a) True

b) False

Answer b) False.

The Definition of “Holed” is :

A ball is “holed” when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and all of it is below the level of the lip of the hole.

With this in mind Rule 17-4 says if ball is resting against the flagstick and all of it is not below the hole you MAY NOT remove the ball. You may though remove the flagstick and if the ball then falls into the hole then it is “holed”.

  1. You’re on hole #9 following a group of men players and they are sending divots flying all over the fairway. Your ball comes to rest right in front of one of their divots that is not completely detached and it interferes with your backswing. May you:

a) Press it down before you make your stroke

b) Remove the divot

c) Remove the divot and give it to them at the turn

Answer is: No and No for a) and b) and maybe c) after you’ve made your stroke

Rule 13-2/5 says that because it is not completely detached it is fixed and it is a breach of the Rules to move it. Sad to say the best you can do is fix it for the following players after you’ve made your stroke. And when you catch up with those guys tell them to fix their divots too!

  1. You find your “nearest point of relief” from ground under repair and drop your ball in the correct place. Under which of the following circumstances do you have to re-drop your ball.

a) when the ball rolled less than two club lengths from where it hit the course

b) when the ball rolls closer to the pin

c) when the ball rolls and comes to rest in a hazard

d) when the ball hits your foot

Answer b) and c) and d)

In b) you may drop the ball a second time and if it rolls closer to the pin again you may place it where it first struck on the correct part the course.

In c) this is the same as b), drop again and then place

In d) you may drop it as many times as it takes NOT to hit your foot. If this happens to you maybe your shoes are too big?

  1. Lindsey and SueAnne both play a Lady precept ball #3 from the tee. Both balls land in the same area of rough. When they find their balls they can’t tell which is which. What is the ruling?

a) They toss a coin to decide who chooses which one is theirs

b) They decide not to tell anyone and each play one of the balls

c) They reluctantly decide that both balls are “lost” and go back to the tee and hit again incurring one penalty stroke.

Answer c) I’m sure you all knew this answer. For this reason you should always put an identification mark on your ball, Rule 12-2 and 6-5.

I hope this helps you.


A recent Rules story

Zach Johnson Penalised After His Last Putt on 18th


Many of you may have heard about Zach and his almost costly mistake last week. Here’s a good article about it and my tip for you at the bottom. Enjoy.

A common breach of Rules in Club golf is failing to replace a ball on the putting green where it had come to rest before being marked to the side, at the request of a fellow competitor who is putting on a similar line. However, it does not often happen following the very last putt by the tournament leader on the 18th green of the final day of a Tour event. That is exactly what happened to Zach Johnson on Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial, Fort Worth, Texas. Zach he put his second shot into a greenside bunker, splashing out to about five feet from the hole, where he marked his ball.Dufner was putting on a similar line and asked Johnson to mark his ball to the side, which he did. Dufner missed his putt but then holed out, so that his fellow competitor could take the limelight.

As Johnson stood over this putt to close out the tournament he must have been more relaxed, thinking that he had three putts to win. In fact, because he had not replaced his ball where it was originally marked, he was putting from the wrong place and needed to hole the putt to avoid a play-off. The Rule that he breached was Rule 20-7c. Decision 20-7c/1 clarifies;

Q. In stroke play, a competitor in replacing his ball on the putting green inadvertently put the ball in a wrong place nearby and holed out. The error was then discovered and the competitor put his ball in the right place and holed out. What is the ruling?
A. The score with the ball played from the wrong place counts and the competitor must add two penalty strokes to that score (Rule 16-1b or 20-3a and 20-7c).

The competitor incurs no penalty for having putted from the right place after holing out from a wrong place.

Note that you do not have to return to where you originally marked your ball in these circumstances. The score from the wrong place counts, including the penalty of two strokes.

Zach Johnson was celebrating his win with his caddie, Damon Green, who had been busily raking the bunker when his player was marking his ball to the side; both of them blissfully unaware of the breach. It appears that it might have been Peter Kostis, the on-course CBS reporter who first brought it to the attention of a Rules Official, who in turn notified the caddie, who broke the news to Johnson. He immediately realised that he had indeed played from the wrong place and had to think twice before realising that he had still won without the need for a play off. He entered the double bogey score of 6 for the hole, before signing his card and returning it to the scorers. The two-stroke penalty dropped Johnson to 12 under for the tournament, just one shot ahead of Dufner.


My tip for all of us finding ourselves in this situation is to put our marker down WRONG SIDE UP ,then when we go to replace our ball we get a visual clue to remind us to span back.
I hope this helps you.


Results for 5-22-12 Guest Day

Hello Ladies,

The game was “Mean Team” All teams played their game then took their
Net scores and divide by four to get their team score. We had 34 ladies
play today. Thank you all for coming out and playing the game. I am
glad we had such wonderful weather.

Guest Flight Results: (5 teams)

First place:
Dana Wardstrom
Kay Smith
Lin Lenson
Annette Krey

Second Place:
Mary Watkins
Cheree Mendonsa
Joanne Smith
Sandy Ramos

Members-Only Flight (4 teams)

First Place
Jeanne Zwemer
Donna Johnson
Sandy Smith
Deborah Veatch

Closest to Pin
Member: Mary Watkins on hole #14, She was 1ft. 7 1/2″
Guest: Kay Smith on hole #7. She was 9ft 1/2″.

Chip-In’s ($4.25 each)
Anne Wangeman #5
Hilary Frigillana #3
Debbie Martin #18
Chris Myall #6

Dana Wardstrom #1
Annette Krey #9, #15, #16
Mary Watkins #14
Debbie Martin #6 & #17

CONGRATULATIONS to Judy Bartoli for her score of 79 today. My apologies for not announcing it at lunch. Her first time in the seventies on a play date. Again, so sorry Judy.

Just a reminder that the club is closed next Tuesday so our next play date is June 5th. It is Points, Putts and Low Net.


Rules and Kevin Na


If I had won the lottery this week I could not have been more popular. Everyone I saw asked me “How come Keven Na took relief from a cart path and he was STILL standing on it” The TV coverage and explanation was bad but all I could assume is that he was really getting relief from Ground Under Repair/Abnormal Ground Conditions. Finally I found this article which has the scoop on what he was doing.

Now we know, and I am impressed that many of you knew what was right and/ or wrong too.



I have not seen the TV coverage of the final round of the Player’s Championship in TPC Sawgrass last Sunday, but I have received several enquiries asking why Kevin Na was permitted to play his ball from off the road on the 18th hole after taking relief. It was suggested that this was a breach of the Rules as he had not taken complete relief, as required by Rule 24-1b

Once again the TV commentators seem to have caused some of this confusion by speculating that he was given the option of taking relief because a curb at the side of the path interfered with his stance. In fact, this was not the case. The walking Rules Official had informed Na that he was entitled to take free relief because his ball was lying in an abnormal ground condition close to the path, apparently caused by recent crowd damage.

He then proceeded according to the Rules, which was to determine the nearest point of relief where there was no interference from the abnormal ground condition and was not nearer the hole, and drop his ball within one club-length of this point, which happened to be on the asphalt path. I understand that Na dropped his ball twice on the path and each time it rolled closer to the hole. He then correctly placed the ball where it had hit the road after the second drop. Because the asphalt path is an immovable obstruction he could then have taken free relief again by determining the nearest point of relief from it, not nearer the hole, and dropping a ball within one club-length of that point. However, he obviously decided that the lie that he had after placing his ball on the road was likely to be better than dropping the ball on the trampled grass at the side of the road. It is not mandatory for players to take relief from immovable obstructions (Rule 24-2b) and he chose not to do so.

Hindsight suggests that he made the right decision as he was able to play a great shot onto the green and made his par with two putts.

2012 Spring Handicap Tournament

Hi Ladies,
Here are the results to the Spring Handicap Tournament;

Our 2012 Low Net Winner is Jenny Dillon with a net 215 for the three rounds. $80.00 Pro Shop Credit/ Trophy & Flowers.

First Flight;
1st Place Mary Watkins net score 216 $59 Pro Shop Credit/Trophy & Complimentary Sunday Dinner.
2nd Place Jeanne Zwemer net score 216 $45 Pro Shop Credit/Complimentary Breakfast/lunch (tie was broken on today’s back nine)
3rd Place Sandy Smith net score 219 $30 Pro Shop Credit/Complimentary Breakfast/lunch

Second Flight;
1st Place Janet Brown net score 221 $59 Pro Shop Credit/ Trophy & Complimentary Sunday Dinner
2nd Place Jill Chase net score 226 $45 Pro Shop Credit/Complimentary Breakfast/lunch
3rd Place Anne Wangeman net score 226 $30 Pro Shop Credit/Complimentary Breakfast/lunch (tie was broken on today’s back nine)

We had numerous Chip-in’s and Birdies over the course of the three days. Congratulations Ladies!

Jill Chase

May 1st Play Day Results (Jill)

Hi Ladies,
Today’s game was PPLN and the winners are as follows:
Overall Low Gross – Annette Krey gross score 82
Overall Low Net – Shelly Morgan net score 66 $7.50
Overall Low Putts – Jenny Dillon/Nancy Kramer 30 putts $3.75 each.

1st Flight:
1st Place – Jeanne Zwemer net 72 $6.50
2nd Place – Jenny Dillon net 74 $4.50

2nd Flight:
1st Place – Joanne Smith net 67 $6.50
2nd Place – Raquel Myers net 69 $4.50

3rd Flight:
1st Place – Diane Sevim net 75 $6.50
2nd Place – Cam Donald net 76 $4.50

Dana Wardstrom Hole #7
Cathy Fancey Hole #7
Shelly Morgan Holes 12 and 17
Nancy Kramer Hole #14

Chip-Ins $17.00 each (carryover from 4/17 $10)
Jeanne Zwemer Hole #7
Joanne Smith Hole #10

Closest to the Pin $3.50 each
0-26 Hcp
Hole #2 Jill Chase 28′ 5”
Hole #7 Dana Wardstrom 3′ 1″
Hole #14 Dana Wardstrom 4′ 9″
Hole #17 Nancy Kramer 8′

27-36 Hcp
Hole #2 Kay Gschwend 29′ 9″
Hole #7 Raquel Myers 14′ 2.5″
Hole #17 Raquel Myers 8″

Jill Chase

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