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Central Valley Team Play Standings

We’ve had a great turnout this year and have worked our buns off trying to win our matches, but as you see below we fall into the lower middle. Our course has the lowest slope/rating and is the shortest of the group, so maybe that is the deciding factor.

We have two more matches: Tracy, where we play against Del Rio, and Brookside, where our opponent is Saddle Creek. Let me know if you’re interested in playing. It’s a great way to meet folks and play other courses.


Combined Total
Del Rio 36.0
Oakdale 35.5
Spring Creek 32.0
Brookside 31.5
Elkhorn 30.5
Tracy 29.0
Discovery Bay 17.0
Pine Mountain 17.0
Woodbridge 16.0
Stockton 14.0
Saddle Creek 11.5

Guest Day 7/24 Results

Hello ladies,

Here is the results from our guest day yesterday.
We had 31 players and with 8 guest.
We had 9 threesomes/foursomes so I paid out First, Second and Third place.

Mary Watkins #8
Raquel Myers #2

NO Chip-Ins (so $15.50 will carry over for the next play date.)

#2 Members Only Raquel Myers 2′ 10 1/2″
#17 Guest Only Jan Green 10′ 11″

The game was Odds and Evens: One Net best ball from the Odd holes and Two Net best balls from the Even holes.

Third place with a score of 93 (tiebreaker on the back)
Cynthia Gerphiede
Lorna Lee
Jan Baehr

Second Place with a score of 88
Nancy Lencioni
Linda Barbara
Frances Shipilov

First place with a score of 83
Mary Watkins
Jackie Amthauer
Dana Wardstrom

Thanks again for bringing your guest and I hope you had a good time.
REMEMBER: Make your own tee-times for Tuesday if you would like a practice round.

Good Luck to you all..


Game: Cherry Bomb!!! (Modified 2 Best Ball format. Team score = “Cherry Bomb” score + Best Ball of the remaining 3 players)

First Place: Score 122

$28 for the team

Nancy Kramer

Janet Brown

Nonie Greenfield

Susan Leeper

Second Place: Score 126

$24 for the team

Annette Krey

Sharon Shearer

Sonde Schnee

Anne Wangeman

Closest to the Pin:

Flight 1: Holes 2, 7, 14 & 17, Annette Krey, $12

Flight 2: Hole 2, Diane Enbom, $3

Holes 7 & 14, Nonie Greenfield, $6

Hole 17, Deborah Veatch, $3

Chip-ins: Frances Shipilov, Sandy-Birdie-Chipin #8, $26

Birdies: Annette Krey, Holes 2, 10 & 14

Congratulations to all our winners. Thank you to all our ladies for participating.

As always, many thanks to Jon, Monica, Zack and all the Pro Shop staff for all their support in making our play days successful, and to Jenelle and Nicole and the dining room staff for making our “after play” lunch delicious and wonderful.

Happy Golfing


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