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February Rules

Ladies today’s Rules e mail is a simple reminder.


No ladies this has nothing to do with “Singles Night Out” or Happy Hour, it’s about CLUB LENGTHS. It can be confusing when using the Rules in different situations and wondering,
“So do I take one club length here or two?”

Use this simple phrase. FREE FOR ONE (club length), PAY FOR TWO (club lengths).

In using Rule 24-2 Immovable Obstruction and Rule 25 Abnormal Ground Conditions you get free relief = One club length.

In using Rule 28 Unplayable Lie or Rule 26 option C in a Lateral Water Hazard you pay for relief = Two club lengths.

You gotta get something for your money eh?

So now……. HOW DO WE DO IT?

Q. Which club do I use to measure my nearest point of relief?

A. Take your stance where you have complete relief for your swing, stance, and lie and use the club you are going to make your next shot with. Mark where you ground the club head with a small marker or tee.

Q. Which club do I use to measure the one or two club lengths?

A. Any club in your bag. You can carry a belly putter just for measuring as long as you only have 14 clubs in your bag.

Q. From where do I measure with the club I choose?

A. For the Ground under Repair or Immovable Obstruction you measure one club length from where you grounded and marked your club head.

For the Unplayable Lie you measure from where your original balls lies.
For the Lateral Water Hazard from where your ball crossed the margin. For both you use two club lengths.

Q. How do I drop the ball?

A. From shoulder height with your arm fully extended. Ouch!

Q. How far can the ball roll after dropping?

A. Two club lengths, not nearer the hole. Choose where you drop carefully so when it rolls you get a better lie in better grass for a better shot.
As I said before, you gotta get something good for the money!

I hope this helps you.


Results from Tuesday 2/12/13

Hello ladies,

Results 2-12-13. We had 30 players. Our game was Secret Valentine.


Deborah Veatch #17
Nancy Kramer #14

Chip-In’s – $6 each
Sandy Mize #18
Deborah Veatch #16
Frances Shipilov #4
Shelly Morgan #15
Marti Fowler #12

Closest to the Pin
Low Handicap 0-27 $3.50 each
#2 Shelly Morgan 12’2″
#7 Annette Krey 6’2″
#14 Annette Krey 12′
#17 Donna Reich 14’3″

Hign Handicap 28-36 $3.50 each
#2 Brenda Reisinger 16’7″
#7 Marti Fowler 11’7″
#14 Deborah Veatch 19’3″
#17 Susan Leeper 14’71/2″

Winners for the game

1st Place Kay Smith and Grace Berend 141 $8 each
2nd Place Cathy Fancey and Kay Gschwend 143 $7 each
3rd Place Janet Winslow and Nancy Lenciono 145 $6 each
4th Place Bonnie Ladd and Janet Winslow 147 $5 each
5th Place Dana Wardstrom and Donna Reich 149 $4 each

Thanks for playing. No play day next Tuesday due to the club being closed because of President’s Day on Monday. Next play day is Feb 26 and it is Guest day so sign up on Fore Tees


Play Day Results 2/5/2013

Hello Ladies,

Thank you to the 25 ladies that came out to our first PPLN (Points, Putts and Low Net) day. Here are the results for the day.

Dana Wardstrom #11
Annette Krey #17
Shelly Morgan #17
Raquel Myers #7
Linda Beaty #8


We only had one Chip in today and the lucky lady was
Sondi Schnee #16
She received $25.00

Closest to the Pin

Low Handicap 0-24
#2 Lin Lenson 21′ 6″
#7 Dana Wardstrom 17′ 4″
#14 Annette Krey 3′ 1″
#17 Annette Krey 3’1″

High Handicap 25-36
#2 Deborah Veatch 17′ 4″
#7 Raquel Myers 18′ 11″
#14 & #17 None

As for the game:
1st Flight 0-26 Handicap
1st Place – Raquel Myers – Net 69 received $6.50
2nd Place – Patty Uyeno – Net 70 received $5.50
3rd Place – Dana Wardstrom – Net 71 received $4.50

2nd Flight 27-36 Handicap
1st Place – Sonja Welin – Net 69 received $6.50
2nd Place – Charlene Kleiner – Net 74 received $5.50
3rd Place – Deborah Veatch – Net 75 received $4.50

Overall Low Net Winner received $8.50
Jenny Dillon with a Net score of 67

Lowest Putts Winner received 8.50
Dana Wardstrom with 28 Putts

Overall Low Gross Winner
Annette Krey with a score of 77.

Next week will be
Secret Valentine, should be fun!!


February Golf rules

You might think I’m stuck on the putting green again this month but, I start there and move on to other bad practices on the course.
They don’t break the Rules of Golf but aren’t a good idea.

Hope this helps you,

We often see our ladies clean mud from their golf ball, by rubbing it on the putting green surface beside their ball-marker, I started to think of other bad practices that we often see on our golf course, which do not incur a penalty, but should definitely be discouraged. Here are a few.

  • Cleaning a ball by rubbing it on the putting green. This is permitted (Decision 16-1d/5), providing the act is not for the purpose of testing the surface of the putting green. However, it is recommended that a ball be cleaned in other ways to eliminate any question as to the player’s intentions.
  • Using a putter head, a tee or a loose impediment to mark a ball on the putting green (Decision 20-1/16). Players should always use a coin, ball-marker or other similar object for this purpose.
  • Placing a club, usually a putter, in front of a ball when addressing it.(I addressed this last month) Even though this unusual pre-shot routine means that the player is touching their line of putt on the putting green, it does not incur a penalty. Rule 16-1(ii) specifically permits this action, providing the player does not press anything down. If they do press their club down on the ground as they address their ball they incur a penalty under Rule 13-2.
  • Standing behind a fellow competitor while he makes his stroke. Again this action does not breach any Rule, but it is extremely poor etiquette. Players should never stand close to or directly behind the line of play, or directly behind the hole, when a fellow competitor or opponent is about to play.
  • Not entering the player’s score on the score card after each hole when acting as their marker. Some markers only update the card every 3rd/4th hole, or even wait until the end of a round. There is no penalty for this, but the Rules say that the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it at the end of each hole (Rule 6-6a).

Lastly, not putting recognisable identification marks on your ball. Time and again players find that they are not able to positively identify their ball in play. Rule 12-2 states that each player should put an identification mark on his ball.

These bad practices on the golf course can annoy us all. Try to avoid them so we can all enjoy our rounds of golf.

Hope this helps you,Hilary.

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