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results 3-19-13

We had 23 ladies come out to play

Results from Blarney Ball game

2nd place with a 125, $5:50 each
Annette Krey
Dana Wardstrom
Cam Donald

1st place with a 124, $7.25 each
Cathy Fancey
Janet Winslow
Marti Fowler
Fe Estrera

Annette Krey #11
Shelly Morgan #11
Barbara mensch #8
Nancy Lencioni #8

Chip in’s $5.25 each
Cathy Fancey #17
Joanne Smith #12
Sandy Mize #11
Barbara Mensch #3

Closest to the Pin
0-25 Handicap
#2 Janet Winslow 10′
#7 Sherri Lammrish 7’3.5″
#14 Sherri Lammrish 7’9″
#17 Sherri Lammrish 13′

26-36 Handicap
#2 Sondi Schnee 41’7″
#7 Cam Donald 32’4.5″
#14 Joanne Smith 38’3.5″
#17 Cindy Renshaw 34’10”

Thanks Annette Krey

3-12-12 play day results

Thanks for playing everyone……it sure was a beautiful day to be outside.

Here are the results for 4th UP:

Playing from the White Tees:

First Place with a net score of 74, winning $6.50 each:
Cathy Houston
Dana Wardstrom
Cathy Fancey

Playing from the Red Tees:

First place with a net score of 74, winning $6.50 each:
Janet Winslow
Marti Fowler
Grace Berend
Charlene Kleiner

Second place with a net score of 76, winning $5.50 each:
Donna Reich
Sondi Schnee
Deborah Veatch
Nancy Lahait

Big payoff for a solo chip-in today. Congratulations to your tournament committee chair, Dana Wardstrom, for her chip-in out of the bunker on hole #5………worth $33.00.

There were three birdies:
Lin Lenson on #17,
Cathy Surdez #14
Deborah Veatch #11

Closest to the pin:

Handicaps 0-26
Hole 2 Janet Winslow 7’1”
Hole 7 Lin Lenson 25’
Hole 14 Gay Wold 9’6”
Hole 17 Lin Lenson 6’

Handicap 27-36
Hole 2 Joanne Smith 2’4 1/2”
Hole 7 Fe Estrera 7’10”
Hole 14 Cathy Surdez 4’5”
Hole 17 Anne Wangeman and Raquel Myers, both 3’8”

Next week’s game is Blarney Ball. Annette Krey will be sending out more information.



A fun Rules quiz


Here’s a fun one, silly……… but it might make you laugh.

A quiz on golf etiquette.

1) What should you be careful for when you step onto the green?

  • a) Goose droppings
  • b) To keep an eye out for loose change that someone dropped
  • c) Look at the faces of the other players, make sure those are the same people you started with (make sure you’ve chipped onto the right green)
  • d) Look for ball markers to make sure you don’t step on another player’s intended line of putt.

2) What should you do if you hit your ball toward another group of people?

  • a) Quickly hand your club to another player in your group
  • b) Call your lawyer on your cell phone
  • c) Announce to the other members of your group that you’ll be taking another mulligan
  • d) Call out “Fore!” so the unsuspecting players can take cover.

3) What should you carry in your pocket every time you play golf?

  • a) (If you’re under a 20 handicap) A rabbit’s foot
  • b) (If you’re over a 20 handicap) The entire rabbit
  • c) A list of your favorite excuses
  • d) A ball mark repair tool and some ball markers

4) What should you do if you lose your golf ball out on the course?

  • a) Spend twenty minutes looking for it, even if it means holding up every group behind you
  • b) Drop another ball from the secret compartment in your shorts and say, ” Here it is, and it’s still in bounds!”
  • c) Break several clubs in a fit of rage and ruin everyone else’s day
  • d) Search for 5 minutes at the most.
  • 5) When someone in your group is hitting off the tee, what should you be doing?
  • a) Taking the opportunity to eat some potato chips and chew them very noisily
  • b) Point out to the others in your group the many things the hitter is doing wrong in their swing
  • c) Shout, “Oh, look how wonderful MountDiablo is today!” during their back swing
  • d) Stand quietly out of view and watch where their ball lands

6) What is the proper thing to do after your fairway shot has dislodged a huge divot?

  • a) Throw it at the lady who just talked about MountDiablo in your back swing
  • b) If it went farther than the ball, blame the divot and kick it up and down the fairway for a while
  • c) Focus your attention further down the fairway and say, “Divot? What divot? I didn’t take a divot.”
  • d) Retrieve the dislodged divot, replace it, and press it down firmly with your foot

7) After your group has completed putting out, what should you do next?

  • a) Take a few minutes to re-practice the 40-footer that you missed for double bogey
  • b) Take a few more minutes to re-practice the 10- footer you missed for triple bogey
  • c) Stand around the middle of the green, add up your score and mark it down on your score card
  • d) Replace the flag and quickly move on to the next tee.

8) What should you do if someone in your group is having a terrible day and really struggling in his game?

  • a) Ask if they’d like to start betting on the game
  • b) Ask them what their handicap REALLY is
  • c) Give them pointers after every shot on their grip, stance, swing and follow through
  • d) Have patience and be supportive, we all have bad days

Here are the answers, let’s see how you did.

  • 1.) D
  • 2.) D
  • 3.) D
  • 4.) D
  • 5.) D
  • 6.) D
  • 7.) D
  • 8.) D

This time getting all Ds on a quiz is a good thing.

Hope this helps you,


3-4-12 play day results

Hi Ladies

Results for Points, Putts and Low Net

Overall Low Net Winner Charlene Kleiner – Net 63 – $8.50
Overall Low Putts winner Bonnie Ladd – 31 putts – $8.50

1st Flight
1st – Jenny Dillon – net 66 – $6
2nd – Shelly Morgan – net 70 – $5

2nd Flight
1st – Mary Watkins – net 67 – $6
2nd – Peggie Schuitemaker – net 76 – $5

3rd Flight
1st – Sandy Mize – net 69 – $6
2nd – Susan Leeper – net 72 – $5

Chip In’s $12.50 each
Cathy Fancey #16
Mary Watkins – #17

Annette Krey #7
Jenny Dillon #8
Dana Wardstrom #14
Janet Winslow #1
Bonnie Ladd #8
Mary Watkins #17
Grace Berend #17
Peggie Schuitemaker #17

Closest to the pin
#2 Annette Krey 48′
#7 Annette Krey 12’3″
#14 Dana Wardstrom 4’1″
#17 Cathy Fancey 3’9″

#2 Joanne Smith 35’8″
#7 Cam Donald 11’11/2″
#14 Joanne Smith 18’10”
#17 Grace Berend 5′ 2″

Thanks for playing!

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