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Golf Rules The Staked Tree conundrum

Ladies, it’s raining, whatcha gonna do for entertainment?

Read about Golf Rules of course. Enjoy!

The staked tree conundrum

This might sound like a silly question but when is a tree not a tree?

I am regularly asked, “I get relief from a staked tree, right?

Sometimes, in the world of Golf Rules, all trees are not created equal.

Let’s visit this question.

Under the USGA Rules of Golf we can, if we want to, take relief from a Movable Obstruction (Rule 24-1) and an Immovable Obstruction (Rule 24-2b). For example your ball lands right up against a bench which is a “Movable” obstruction if you are strong enough to move it or “Immovable” if you aren’t. It’s the usual story that I tell you…

Take one club length from the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, where there is no interference and drop a ball. No penalty.

So, you are asking, just where does the tree fit in? Sadly trees are an integral part of the course, quietly growing bigger and bigger, getting more and more in your way, and no free relief. They are not Obstructions under the Rules of Golf, even if they are to you.

Now the stake…that is not an integral part of the course so, it’s an Obstruction under the Rules of Golf so, yippee, free relief. If it is a lateral hazard, red stake, or a water hazard, yellow stake you can yank it out, but a stake holding up a tree I’d leave it where it is and find your nearest point of relief, again no penalty.

So now let’s put the two together, the tree and the stake. Ok we always get relief from the stake but we said not the tree eh? Well here’s where the confusion lies.

Golf courses plant little trees which need protection until they grow into those huge trees that always get in your way. So the golf course may use a Local Rule, Appendix 1-3 “Protection of Young Trees”, until the tree no longer needs protection. This Local Rule must be posted in the Club or on the score card.

Your ball lands really close to such a staked tree…….. You are allowed relief only if the stroke you are intending to make would hit the tree. You must not use any unreasonable stroke to get relief, be honest. So if the swing you want to use would damage the protected tree, take free relief, and get free relief from the stake too.

So that would be the time I would answer “Yes! You do get relief from a staked tree.” This is when a tree is not always a tree under the Rules of Golf, but be sure there is a Local Rule in effect.

Hope this helps you.


March 25 Guest Day Results

We had 53 ladies (38 members & 15 guests) come out to play and beat the rain. The weather was very cooperative, actually quite lovely. We played Bridgeman Best Ball, with the following results.

1st place, Score 124: Charlene Kleiner, Donna Hook, Susan Leeper, Debra Ruiz

2nd place, Score 128: Jeanne Zwemer, Cindy Renshaw, Chris Myall, Janet Winslow

3rd place (T), Score 130: Sondi Schnee, Judy Bartoli, Debbie Martin, Chris Williams

3rd place (T), Score 130: Shelly Morgan, Jan McCleery, Nonie Greenfield

There were no closet to the pin winners today. (One of the greens chosen for CTP ended up being turned into a temporary green to accommodate the green aeration, which made for a very small target!)

Chip-ins: $5.30 ea

Jan McCleery (#6), Dolores Shore (#16), Judy August (#8), Sandy Mize (#9), Sue Wiebe (#15)


Debbie Martin (#17), Shelly Morgan (#8), Jenny Dillon (#10), Barbara Mensch (#15)

Special Recognition: Susan Leeper broke 100 for the first time today!!!

Our ladies also donated $26 to our Jr. Girls Golf/Liberty High fund today.

Thank you to all who played and congratulations to our winners.

Happy Golfing


March Rules Quiz

Hi Ladies:

Here is your Rules quiz for March. I am sure you all know the answers.


Amanda asks her fellow competitor, Simone, to attend the flagstick. Simone is not quite awake and lets Amanda’s ball hit the flagstick.

Who gets the penalty?


Amanda is penalized two strokes for her ball hitting the attended flagstick (Rule 17-3 and Decision 17-3/2).


Penelope hits her tee shot into the greenside bunker and then on her second shot her ball goes Out of Bounds. She rehits from the bunker onto the green and two putts. What is her score?


One stroke for tee shot

One stroke out of bunker

One penalty shot for Out of Bounds

One stroke for second attempt out of bunker

Two putts.

Penelope’s score for hole, 6


Betsy is on the tee box and she asks her fellow competitor Mavis what club she is going to use. Mavis tells her she is going to use a 5 iron. Who gets the penalty?


Both Betsy and Mavis are penalized.

Betsy is penalized two penalty strokes for asking her fellow competitor for advice on what club she was going to use on the hole (Rule 8-1b).

Mavis is also penalized two strokes for giving advice on the club that she used. She should have refused to answer the question (Rule 8-1a).


Suzie is playing hole #12 at Discovery Bay Country Club and her balls lands on the bridge over the water hazard. She grounds her club on the bridge and hits her ball onto the green. How many penalty strokes does Suzie incur?

4A. NONE! You may ground your club on a bridge situated inside a water hazard. Decision 13-4/30.

I hope this helps you.


18 Holers’ Blarney Ball

24 ladies braved the wind to play Blarney Ball on March 18, 2014. Congratulations to every one for making it through 18 windy holes.

The results are as follows:

First Place Team:

Cathy Fancey

Sherry Boyd

Chris Myall

Janet Winslow

Each lady receives $7.00 in script on their account.

Second Place Team:

Annette Krey

Bonnie Ladd

Sonja Welin

Anne Wangeman

Each lady receives $5.00 in script on their account.


Annette Krey #16

Judy Bartoli #4

Mary Watkins #2

Chip Ins:

Anne Wangeman #2

Bonnie Ladd #2

Annette Krey #16

Cathy Fancey #6

Judy Bartoli #16, but did not buy in

The other 4 ladies each received $5.25.

Closest to the Pin:

0-25 Handicap

#7 Dana Wardstrum 14’9”

#14 Shelly Morgan 7’8”

26-36 Handicap

#7 Kay Gschwend 17’6”

Each of the 3 ladies received $7.00.

Thanks for playing.

Barbara Mensch

Kay Love Needs Her Balls!

Hi Ladies: First an introduction to our new members and then a new story for all you to enjoy.

Dear new DBWGC members:

Let me introduce you to some of our long time members whose exact names you may not yet know.

There is Kay “Love”, whose real name is Kay “Love to buy new clubs” Smith who is renowned for her passion for……..yes buying new clubs, and also for being there on ladies play days, when least expected, with her sage advice.

Mary “Long Drive” Watkins is obviously known for her long drives.

Joanne “Sure Shot ” Smith is known as an ace on the par threes.

Jeanne “Zoom Zoom ” Zwemer is the fastest cart driver bar-none.

Also on play days watch out for Sandy “Par” Smith, Lin “Launches it” Lenson, and Judy “Birdie” Bartoli.

There are other ladies who I am sure you will meet before too long, and I will e mail you some of their past adventures later this year.

Today to all our ladies, old and new, I would like to tell you the very latest Kay “Love” Smith story.

It was a while ago on our Points, Putts, and Low Net play day when Hilary “With Just One L”, our new member Sherry “Sinks ’em” Boyd, and Jan “No Tunnels” McCleery were playing with Kay “Love”. At the turn she dashed into the Pro Shop and a few minutes later came onto the 10th tee tightly clutching three sleeves of golf balls. Jan “No Tunnels” quietly handed her 6 one dollar bills and teed off. Wow you should have seen her drive, 20 yards further than ever before. Kay Love did the same; their balls soared way down the fairway. Every fairway on the back nine their balls flew past ours by 10 yards at least. On the green we tried to see what brand they were using but Kay Love wasn’t letting us get close. Their putting was better, and Kay Love had two, yes 2, chip ins!

At lunch I cornered her in the ladies locker room and, under pain of my divulging to everyone just how many sets of clubs she owned, I forced her to tell me what she was hiding. Was the Pro shop selling illegal golf balls that went further, gave her better ball control? I had to know.

“It’s really not a secret” she told me, “but I believe that I must have everything right so I can play well, and on the front nine my balls just weren’t fitting right.” As you can imagine, I burst out into half laughter, half astonishment, “Your balls weren’t fitting right,” I exclaimed, “whatever ever do you mean Kay “Love”?”

Kay “Love” then told me the truth……

“Not all balls are created equal and just as we should have the correct clubs fitted for our game, we should have the right ball too. Personally I prefer the Titleist DT Solos and that’s what I bought in the Pro shop at the turn. The Top flights I’d been playing were just too hard. I told Jan “No Tunnels” how much I liked the feel of them around the greens and, as she was having trouble putting, I let her into my secret which only cost her six bucks. Not to get too technical, but balls have different covers, a different number of layers and most importantly different compressions. We should all find the ball that works for us the best, fits our game. Golf is a game of confidence, and if you have confidence in your balls it goes a long way to improving your score.”

I still had to chuckle when she said that, and could not resist saying “But Kay Love they didn’t save you going in the water hazard on hole 17!”

“Yes, yes I know,” she said, “but it did help me win $18 for my two “chips ins”, and that paid for the balls right there. With a deep sigh she said sadly, “So now you know my secret, just how am I going to keep ahead of the competition now?”

As she was leaving the locker room I noticed that familiar gleam appear in her eye. I think yet another new set of clubs is her new secret plan. I’ll have to check her bag next time I play with her and maybe buy some DT Solo golf balls, if they fit me right!

Here are a couple of links you might find useful, I checked it out and actually I now play Titleist Tour Pro golf balls, and they fit me real well!

Hope this helps you.


And The Winners Are . . .

Hi All –

We had 34 members sign up for our “Better Nine” day today. Eleven of our members played from the Brown Tees! The results were as follows:

Judy Bartoli Hole #2
Shelly Morgan Hole # 13
Becky Frazier Hole # 13

Chip-Ins: Paid $6 each
Myra Buckner #7
Nonie Greenfield #12
Sandy Mize #17
Dana Wardstrom #7
Cindy Renshaw #6

Closest TO The Pin: Paid $5 each
Low Handicaps:
#2 Mary Watkins 7’11”
#7 Frances Shipilov 7’1″
14 Becky Frazier 28’5″
17 Shelly Morgan 8’11”

High Handicaps:
#2 Kay Gschwend 28’7″
#17 Sondi Schnee 36’2″
No closest to the pin on holes #7 or #14

3 Flights Paid:
Brown Tees:
1st place Doris Bunnell scored 20!!! Paid $8.50
2nd place Cathy Houston scored 30 Paid $7.50
3rd place Patty Uyeno scored 30.5 Paid $6.00

0 – 25 Handicap:
1st place Jeanne Zwemer scored 24 Paid 8:50
2nd place a 4 way tie at 29: Mary Watkins, Judy Bartoli, Shelly Morgan & Frances Shipilov and Paid $3.37 each

26 – 36 Handicap:
1st place Chris Myall scored 27.5 Paid $8.50
2nd place Sandy Mize scored 28 Paid $7.50
3rd place April Guarascio scored 30 Paid $6.00

Thank you all for playing today. There were about 5 of us who were wusses and decided not to finish, due to the wind. I was one of them – the others need not be mentioned. Hope to see you all next week.

Play Day Results March 4, 2014

Nineteen 18 Hole Ladies participated in today’s Points, Putts, and Low Net game.

Low Gross over the Field: Jenny Dillon—91

Low Net Winner: Susan Leeper—72

Low Putts Winner: Sonja Welin—29 putts

0-26 Flight

1st Place—Jenny Dillon—75 won in a card off

2nd Place—Anne Oprey—75 lost in the card off

27-36 Flight

1st Place—Chris Myall—76 won in a card off

2nd Place—Doris Bunnell—76 lost in the card off


Jenny Dillon—Hole # 17

Cathy Fancey—Hole # 8

Chip Ins:

Cindy Renshaw—Hole #4

April Guarascio—Hole #15

Closest to the Pin:

0-26 Handicap

#7—Cathy Fancey

#17—Jenny Dillon

27-36 Handicap

#7—Chris Myall

#17—Chris Myall

Barbara Mensch

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