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Rules scenarios for 3 pesky Discovery Bay golf holes

So no ladies play day eh? So whatcha gonna do? Read Rules of course!


Discovery Bay Country Club has 16 of its 18 holes where water can come into play, ouch! Many of our seasoned members know exactly how to follow the Rules of Golf when their ball goes into the water, but our newer members may not. What I want to do today is to go over three difficult areas on our course where you may be unsure of what to do, and try to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what you do next, apart from using bad words.

Every time your ball goes into the water the very FIRST thing you should do, and most importantly is,

Identify the place where your ball last crossed the margin of the hazard as accurately as you can, or estimate that point as honestly as you can. Sometimes at long distances the “exact” point is hard to establish. Be realistic and honest. This is your reference point for Rule 26.

Secondly. Identify what color the stakes are in the area where your ball took its nosedive into the water hazard.

Yellow stakes or yellow lines: A water hazard. Three options

Red stakes or red lines: A lateral water hazard. Five options

A lateral hazard is different from a water hazard by the fact that it is, well, lateral ! It runs alongside or adjacent to the line of play, rather than across it, and it is difficult to drop a ball behind.

Ladies please don’t get worried over all the “options”, it’s simpler than it sounds and I have included a link at the bottom of the page with an extremely informative video from the USGA on Water Hazards. It will be worth your while to check it out, and you won’t even get wet!

Here we go.

Difficult and often misunderstood scenario 1. Hole #2

You played your ball from the teeing ground and it went across the water and you were sure it was going onto the green but… landed on the grass bank in front of the green and bounced back into the water! Rats……………………….Now what?

Identify the point where your ball last crossed the hazard and went in

What color are the stakes? Yellow

Here on hole #2 it makes no difference that your ball touched land first. Your ball crossed the margin of the hazard at the yellow stakes and ended up in the water.


1. Play the ball as it lies, no penalty, you can’t swim or even see it, therefore not an option.

2. With your reference point of where the ball last crossed the hazard when it bounced back into the water go back as far as you like in line with the pin and drop a ball. You could possibly be up against the boundary fence, under a tree, or maybe on the men’s teeing ground. One penalty stroke

3. Play a ball from where you made your last stroke, the teeing ground.

Your smartest choice is playing a ball again from the teeing ground. Take a one stroke penalty and try again.

Difficult and often misunderstood scenario 2 Hole #11

You hit from the teeing ground, your ball sails across the water but hits the rocks lining the hazard alongside the cart path, and takes huge bounce backwards into the water. This time it did not touch land on the other side. Now what?

Identify where your ball last crossed the hazard.

No, no, not at the rocks where your ball hit them but at the rocks right in front of you

What color are the stakes? Red.

Options? Really only 4 of the 5** are possible at this place

1. Again no swimming ….so you can’t play it as it lies….

2. As the stakes are red you have the option of dropping a ball within two club lengths from where your ball last crossed the hazard. Okay it’s a possible choice, but watch out the grass can be long there! One penalty stroke.

3. As far back as you like in line with the pin. You might end up on the men’s tee box, and also it could be extremely difficult to estimate the line accurately. One penalty stroke.

4. Play a ball from where you made your last stroke, the teeing ground.

My choice? I’d take the teeing ground. Take a one stroke penalty, and try again.

Difficult and often misunderstood scenario 3 The dreaded hole #17.

This hole is tricky, nasty tricky.

Let’s use the scenario that you hit from the teeing ground, your ball lands on the green, it bounces to the right, and rolls over the pilings and plops into the water. Unlucky you!

You saw where your ball went in……………….. Great!

What color are the stakes? Yellow


1. Again, (are we tired of this yet?) no swimming to play the ball where it lies

2. Drop a ball in line with the pin as far back as you like, ….you are gonna be in the water, or on the 18th fairway. Neither a nice place.

3. So yes, you’ve got it………… Play a ball again from the teeing ground.

Take a one stroke penalty, and try again!

Now ladies, please check out this video link below

You can actually see how the options work, (**including the rarely used by us “opposite margin option” for a lateral water hazard) Our golf course it not set up in a way that we could use it to our advantage, so please don’t worry too much about this option.

Let’s keep playing here, and learning the Rules of Golf, as simply as possible.

Any questions? Just ask me or send me an e mail.

I hope this helps you,



May 20 Guest Day Results

46 ladies came out to play on what turned out to be a great day for golf. We had 11 guests.

Guest Flight:

1st place: Barbara Mensch, Cam Donald, Janet Winslow, Sue Wiebe

2nd place: Frances Shipilov, Brenda Reisinger, Kay Smith, Linda Stebbins

3rd place: Doris Bunnell, Joanne Leete, Sally Sturney, Rona Hullen

Member Only Flight:

1st place: Jill Chase, Jenny Dillon, Cathy Fancey, Cindy Renshaw

2nd place: Charlene Kleiner, Fe Estrera, Cynde Gerpheide

Closest to the Pin:

Member – Hole #17 – Gay Wold, 2’6”

Guest – Hole # 7 – Nancy Ashman, 24’ 8”


Annette Krey, #15, #16

Dana Wardstrom, #9

Cathy Fancey, #2

Barbara Mensch, #2

Janet Winslow, #2

Gay Wold, #17

Chip-ins ($11.50 ea)

Frances Shipilov, #14

Laura Damonte, #8 (EAGLE)

Thank you all for coming out to play.

Happy Golfing


May Advisory Board minutes

May Advisory Board minutes

New lunch, dinner and breakfast menus will be used starting Memorial weekend.

A beverage cart person is still needed, two prospects did not work out.

Motown and the Country Western concerts will be sold out.

The Member Appreciation event will be a drive in movie. Some members would prefer a barbeque event as held other years.

The Ladies locker room is being decorated and two more furniture items are to be added in addition to the armoire in the entryway. The locker room will be “as is”, without any changes, once finished.

The golf course aeration has been completed.

The ground crew is still working on 11 and 12 fairways. Carts will still not be allowed.

Members are advised that portable sprinklers will be used during the week, not on weekends.

The Pro shop will send an email regarding the front 9 being closed at 5p.m., however fast players will be allowed out after that time with permission from the Pro Shop staff.

The question of having a free standing, cool water dispenser with cups near the Pro Shop was raised.

The reinstatement of the Horserace event was requested.

Plastic tees were again discussed and many of the Board were in favor. It will be looked into further by the Management. I did bring up the issue of environmental impact.


Golf Quotes and Golf Life Lessons


There have been many great golfers over the years and from them have come some sage insights into golf and life. I thought you might like to read these below from Bobby Jones, one of the giants in golf history.
Jones was the most successful amateur golfer ever to compete on a national and international level. He is the only golfer credited with a single-season Grand Slam, and was the dominant player of the 1920s. After retiring from competitive golf in 1930, Jones founded and helped design the Augusta National Golf Club, and also co-founded the Masters Tournament.

“Many shots are spoiled at the last instant by efforts to add a few more yards.”

“One reason golf is such an exasperating game is that a thing we learned is so easily forgotten, and we find ourselves struggling year after year with faults we had discovered and corrected time and again.”

and the last, and most insightful,…..

“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.”


Spring Handicap Tournament

2014 Spring Handicap Tournament:

17 ladies played in the Spring Handicap Tournament. There were 2 flights; Azalea and Begonia.

The results of this net tournament are as follows:

Spring Handicap Tournament Champion

Annette Krey—received a trophy, plant and $75 script in the Pro Shop

Azalea Flight

1st Place—Lin Lenson—received a trophy, $55 script in the Pro Shop, and a gift certificate for lunch or breakfast at the Club

2nd Place—Sandy Smith—received $40 script in the Pro Shop and a gift certificate for lunch or breakfast at the Club

3rd Place—Jenny Dillon—received $30 in script in the Pro Shop and a gift certificate for lunch or breakfast at the Club

Begonia Flight

1st Place—Joanne Smith– received a trophy, $55 script in the Pro Shop, and a gift certificate for lunch or breakfast at the Club

2nd Place—Kay Smith– received $40 script in the Pro Shop and a gift certificate for lunch or breakfast at the Club

3rd Place—Doris Bunnell– received $30 in script in the Pro Shop and a gift certificate for lunch or breakfast at the Club


May 6, 2014

Anne Wangeman–#14

Kay Smith — #2

Jenny Dillon — #6

Jeanne Zwemer — #14

Annette Krey–#10

May 8, 2014

Annette Krey — #5 and #7

Cathy Fancey — #9

Dana Wardstrom — #11

May 13, 22014

Dana Wardstrom — #1 and #10

Doris Bunnell — #7

Annette Krey — #8 and #11

Shelly Morgan — #2

Chip Ins

May 6, 2014

Each chip in was worth $2.83

Donna Johnson–#2 and #15

Anne Wangeman–#14

May 8, 2014

Each chip in was worth $4.25

Jeanne Zwemer — #12

Cathy Fancey — #9

May 13, 2014

Each chip in was worth $2.83

Doris Bunnell — #7

Lin Lenson — #11

Shelly Morgan — #10

Congratulations to the ladies who were mentioned above for their play during the tournament including those who placed overall, in their flights, and/or received chip ins money, and/or recognition for birdies.

Special recognition goes to Jeanne Zwemer who realized the day after the close of competition that she had written a lower score for one hole and reported her mistake even though she knew she would be DQ’d. USGA Rules of Golf indicates in the section on Etiquette “The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules.” Jeanne exemplifies these qualities.

Thank you to the Pro Shop for the daily support we received, to the restaurant staff for their service during our awards presentation, and to Mark Tissot for the gift certificates that were awarded to flight winners.

Tournament Chair,

Barbara Mensch

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