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Play day results 6-10-14

We had 23 ladies play today, and thank goodness, it was cooler than yesterday!!
The game was Tin Whistle which was basically par points.

The really big news is that Jeanne Zwemer had a hole in one on #7!!!
Congratulations Jeanne!!!

We had 3 flights today and the winners were as follows:

First flight
First place Jeanne Zwemer 36 points for $6.00
Second place Judy Bartoli 34 points for $5.00

Second flight
First place Cindy Renshaw 41 points for $6.00
Second place Nancy Lahait 31 points for $5.00
Third place Shelly Morgan 30 points for $4.50

Third flight
First place Sandy Mize 36 points for $6.00
Second place Doris Bunnell 34 points for $5.00
Third place Joanne Smith 33 points for $1.50
Raquel Myers 33 points for $1.50
Sondi Schnee 33 points for $1.50

Birdies were made by Judy Bartoli on #8 and #13, Jeanne Zwemer #7, Shelly Morgan #6,
and Cindy Renshaw on #15.

Chip ins were made by Shelly Morgan #12, Jeanne Zwemer #7, and Carol Grabar on #4 and #13, each chip in paid $5.00.

Closest to the hole paid $3.30 each and were made by the following players:
Hole #2 Handicap 0 to 25 Cathy Fancy 6’10” Handicap 26 t0 36 no one
Hole #7 Handicap 0 to 25 Jeanne Zwemer hole in 0ne Handicap 26 to 36 Sandy Mize 22’6″
Hole #14 Handicap 0 to 25 Shelly Morgan 20’7″ Handicap 26 to 36 Sandy Mize 20’1″
Hole 317 Handicap 2 to 25 no one Handicap 26 to 36 Joanne Leete 19’11”

Thank you for your patience, and hope to see you next Tuesday!

“Marking your ball” Rules quiz

Marking your ball quiz

Suzy’s and Mary’s balls lay in the fairway a few feet apart. Mary is away and before she makes her next stroke she asks Suzy to mark her ball as she thinks it might interfere with her play. Suzy marks her ball and lifts it.

Suzy incurs?

A two stroke penalty

A one stroke penalty

No penalty.

Same situation:

This time before Mary makes her stroke, Suzy asks Mary if she would like her to mark her ball and lift it. Mary says, “Yes I would, please do.” Suzy marks and lifts her ball.

Suzy incurs?

A two stroke penalty

A one stroke penalty

No penalty

Same situation:

Suzy sees her ball close to Mary’s and believes her ball is in Mary’s way and without asking Mary she marks it and lifts it.

Suzy incurs?

A two stroke penalty

A one stroke penalty

No penalty.

Well Suzy has been a busy gal marking and lifting all those balls, what were your answers?

First scenario: No penalty

Second scenario: No penalty

Third scenario: Sadly, nice “forward thinking” Suzy is penalized one stroke for lifting her ball without being asked. (Rule 18-2a)

Here’s the Rule that covers all this asking, lifting, and marking!

Rule 22-2. Except when a ball is in motion, if a player considers that another ball might interfere with their play, he may have it lifted. (A player may request a ball to be lifted if the ball interferes either physically or mentally with their play)

A ball lifted under this Rule must be replaced and must not be cleaned unless it is on the putting green.

NOTE 1: Except on the putting green a player may not lift their ball solely because he considers it might interfere with the play of another player. If he lifts his ball without being asked to do so he incurs a one stroke penalty.

The moral of this part of the story is, be courteous but wait to be ASKED!

One more for you………

Same time, same place Mary asks Suzy to lift her ball again! Suzy is so very tired of bending over and doing all this marking for Mary that she tells her, as nicely as she can, that she will play her ball first rather than marking it.

Suzy incurs?

A two stroke penalty

A one stroke penalty

No penalty

Actually kind, and very tired, Suzy gets no penalty.

Rule 22-2 also states that: In stroke play, a player required to lift his ball may play first rather than lift the ball.

Good news for some of us as these days bending over is getting harder and harder!

I hope this helps you.


Hole #12 Important Rules e mail

As all of our membership was not at the General meeting today I am sending this important Rules e mail to you all.


Thank you for your time today at the General meeting and as promised I am writing out the ruling for hole #12 along the pilings on the cart path, and the bridge.

Hole #12: The area of pilings along the cart path of hole #12 have always been played by our members under Rule 24-2, giving free relief from both the pilings and the cart path as immovable obstructions. These pilings have never been ruled to be in the hazard and because of that there are no red hazard marking lines along these pilings on the cart path. Thanks to Jon Miller this ruling has been confirmed by the NCGA and USGA.

To avoid any further misunderstanding of how this area should be played by all of our members red stakes have been added on the inside of the pilings (closest to the water) to define the lateral water hazard margin.

Ladies, please continue to use Rule 24-2 when your ball lands in the pilings and get free relief from them and the cart path.

What about the bridge on #12? No sadly this is not our bridge but it’s the best I could do!

BridgeAll bridges that span hazards, whether part of paths or not, are deemed to be integral parts of the hazard but as such, they are also deemed to be immovable obstructions. You may therefore, without penalty, ground your club if you decide to play from the bridge.

So a ball lying on our bridge on hole #12 may be played as it lies grounding your club, or you may proceed under Rule 26 -1, Water hazards, and take a one stroke penalty.

I hope this helps you,



June 3rd Play day – Results

It was a beautiful day for golf today. We had 31 ladies participate in points, putts and low net.

Low Net winner – Hillary Frigillana with a 69. Sweeps – $8.50
Low Putt winner – Nancy Lencioni with 29 putts. Sweeps – $8.50
Low Gross – Annette Krey with a 79

First Flight
1st – Cindy Renshaw with a 69, sweeps $6.50
2nd – Jeanne Zwemer with a 71, sweeps $5.00
3rd- Shelly Morgan with a 71, sweeps $3.50

Second Flight
1st – Bonnie Ladd with a 69, sweeps $6.50
2nd – Donna Reich with a 72, sweeps $5.00
3rd – Janet Winslow with a 72, sweeps $3.50

Third Flight
1st – Sondi Schnee with a 74, sweeps $6.50
2nd Susan Leeper with a 76, sweeps $5.00
3rd – Deborah Veatch with a 76, sweeps $3.50

All ties were broken on the back nine.

Chips ins – each worth $5.50
Annette Krey – hole 3
Cathy Fancey – hole 17
Donna Johnson – hole 18
Joanne Smith – hole 17
Chris Myall – hole 18

Closest to the pin, each worth $9.00
Handicap 0-26
Annette Krey – hole 2, 13 ‘8″
Gay Wold – hole 17, 6′ 7 3/4″

Handicap 27-36
Sondi Schnee – hole 17, 5’ 6 1/2″

Birdies –
Annette Krey – hole 3
Nancy Lencioni – hole 2
Gay Wold – hole 8
Frances Shipilov – hole 8
Cathy Fancey – hole 11

Our next play day is June 10th. The game: Use your handicap strokes where they fall, add your score as follows: 1 point for a bogie, 2 points for a par, 3 points for a birdie, 4 points for an eagle, 5 points for a double eagle. Play Day Coordinators: Sondi Schnee & Gay Wold.

Thanks for playing,

Cathy Fancey

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