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Sister’s Day – Day with the Breakers

Hi and it is almost August!

Dolores Shore from the Breakers has asked me to send this on to you. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the pro shop and cut off date is Aug 28. Attached is the menu and the format for the day. This will be a fun day and a great way to connect with the Breakers!!

Should you have any questions, please run them past me or if you know Dolores, ask her!


7/29 Guest Day Results

July 29 Guest Day Results

Wow, we had 64 ladies play today. Thanks to Gay and Jenelle for arranging a wonderful buffet lunch so that everyone could sit and eat together.

The game was a straightforward 2 Best Net Ball format.

1st Place Team, Score 121: Dana Wardstrom, Lin Lenson, Alice Sprague (Rossmoor), Betty Cuiberti (Rossmoor)

2nd Place Team, Score 127: Sonja Welin, Marti Fowler (Las Positas), Kit Schmitz (Las Positas), Marilyn Augello (Callippe)

3rd Place Team, Score 128: Joanne Leete, Debbie Martin, Kathy Readler

4th Place Team, Score 128: Nonie Greenfield, Shelly Morgan, Patty Uyeno, Kay Smith

5th Place Team, Score 130: Frances Shipilov, Brenda Reisinger, Fe Estrera

Closest to the Pin: Member: Kay Gschwend #14 7’2” Guest: Kit Schmitz #7 13’3”

Chip-ins: $6.50 ea

#9 Georgeanne Chan (Swenson Park)

#12 Linda Barbara (Deer Ridge)

#14 Patty Uyeno

#14 Cindy Renshaw

#2 Karen Halbakken


#2, Kit Schmitz (Las Positas)

#14, Alice Sprague (Rossmoor)

#15, Lin Lenson

#2, Karen Halbakken

Congratulations to all, and thank you for making this a great Guest Day!

Invitational Rules Reminders


The fun time is about to begin as our Invitational is next week so I thought I’d just give you a few reminders that may be useful to you and your guests.

First….goose poop, and yes we have plenty of that.

Goose Poop falls into the definition of a loose impediment. Dung is a loose impediment except when it is adhering to the ball.

You are allowed to move goose poop out of your way when making a stroke at your ball but you may not remove it from your ball until your ball is on the putting green. Yikes!

Our Local Rule for sprinkler heads.

Not all clubs allow this Local Rule, but we do, so let your guests know. So you can get free relief from the obstruction of the sprinkler heads they have to be within two club lengths of the green, and your ball, which is interfered with by the sprinkler head, must be within two club lengths of the sprinkler head. You may drop your ball at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, where your ball no longer has interference. (In case you forget, the “how and when to do it” is written on the back of our scorecard.)

Remember to play the correct tees and follow the Rules below.

Rule 11, The Teeing ground.

The tee markers for any hole are fixed and may not be removed or repositioned, if moved you incur a TWO STROKE penalty in stroke play.

The ball must be played within the teeing ground but a player may stand OUTSIDE the teeing ground to play it.

If you knock the ball off the tee while at address it may be re-teed without penalty, as your ball is not yet in play. Your ball is not in play until you have made the forward movement of the club with the intention of striking and moving the ball.

If the ball is played, but does not leave the teeing ground, it must be played as it lies and not teed up again.

If the ball is hit out of bounds from the teeing ground you may re-tee the ball anywhere on the teeing ground not necessarily close to where the previous stroke was made. One stroke penalty.

In light of recent events please remember in stroke play if you play your ball outside the teeing area, or play the wrong tees, you will incur a TWO STROKE penalty, and you must play the ball again within the teeing ground, or from the correct tees. If you fail to correct this, continue play and then tee off at the next hole, you will be DISQUALIFIED.

Lastly, don’t forget the magic, get out of jail Rule 28, Unplayable lie.

If your team find themselves in a very difficult place to make their next shot from, use Rule 28. If you have a hard time getting out from behind a tree you have 3 options. Where you took the stroke from that landed you in this mess, or two club lengths from where the ball lies, or as far back as you like in line with the pin. Remember if you have a very hard time getting out of bunkers you always have the choice to hit again from where you made your last stroke, (if you use the two other options you have to stay in the bunker). It could be well worth a one stroke penalty to go back and hit again. Maybe the second time’s a charm and you land close to the pin and one putt!

Using Rule 28 costs you one stroke and you can call it anywhere, except in a water hazard.

Have fun, and play hard!

I hope this helps you.


7-22-14 Play date – Results


We had 20 participants today. We played “Most Pars” and each player received a point for each net par or better. This game lent itself to a lot of ties. Here are the results.

First Flight:
Tied 1st – Lin Lenson 15 points, winning $5.50
Cathy Fancey 15 points, winning $5.50
Tied 2nd- Shelly Morgan, 14 points, winning $4.00
Jill Chase, 14 points, winning $4.00

Second Flight:
Tied 1st – Deborah Veatch, 14 points, winning $5.50
Cathy Surdez, 14 points, winning $5.50
Tied 2nd-April Guarascio, 13 points, winning $3.34
Sondi Schnee, 13 points, winning $3.33
Sally Sturney, 13 points, winning $3.33

Shelly Morgan #11
Dana Wardstrom #1
Annette Krey #5, #16, and #18
Lin Lensen #7

There were three today, each paying $6.25
Annette Krey, # 5 and #16
April Guarascio, #6

Closest to the Pin, each paying $3.00
0-25 Handicap
#2 Lin Lenson 6’1″
#7 Lin Lenson 16″
#14 Dana Wardstrom 21’1″
#17 Shelly Morgan 34’3″

Over 26
#2 April Guarascio 8′ 6 1/2″
#7 Joanne Smith 27′ 6 1/2″
#14 Jan Baehr 19′ 10″

Sign up on foretees if you want to play next week.

Thank you,


No worries ladies, this is not a Rules quiz


We’re halfway through the golfing year and I was wondering how are your golf games? Are they what you were expecting for 2014? Maybe thinking about why you golf might give you some insight, as it’s often said that “golf is a mind game”.


Recently I got up at 6 a.m. for an early tee time and thought to myself, “Why am I doing this? Why do I sometimes drive for two hours to play a round of golf? Why do I wake up in the early hours to ensure getting a good tee time for the following week?

Golf has a level of humiliation not found in other sports. We’ve all experienced mishits that dribble just 50 yards down the fairway, or the frustration of a skulled chip shot, right?

So ladies ask yourself this question…… “Why do YOU golf?”

Bear with me while I muse this question, maybe think about it along with me, and we will try to find “our” answer. You may be surprised.

The pursuit of chasing a little ball around acres of land from tee to green has been a pastime for years and years and, if we looked down from above, it would seem sheer madness to play such a silly game, but we do………………. Why?

The trite answer is, “For the Love of the Game” but what about it do we love?

For some the answer that pops instantly into their heads is this first one:

1. For the friendship,

Many ladies like to socialize and golf provides a perfect way to pass your time and be with friends. Many times socializing, rather than the game itself, is the primary focus. Good group dynamics can make for a good time. However, if your partners’ slow or too fast play, constant chatting, or Rule breaking annoys you………….find another group to play with.

But there are other reasons…..

2. To be with family.

Playing with your spouse and going on golf vacations together can bring couples closer, ha, ha. Playing with your kids and grandkids is a joy too. You can teach them the game, show them how to play, and then they grow up and beat you all the time! (I found that out at last week’s kids’ golf camp). Even this is a plus, a small price to pay for togetherness.

3. For the Competition.

Some people are motivated by winning, and golf is the perfect venue for the challenge. Every time they play they are driven by success and the “Win”. Is this you? If it is, more power to you for your single mindedness and drive. However…….be sure that when you lose you don’t go home depressed and disappointed.

To get the most out of the game you love, you should play with like-minded golfers but be prepared to accept a loss and live to fight another day.

4. For the businesswomen among us the golf course is a great venue to interact with customers and form alliances. How you react to bad shots or bad lies shows your business associates a lot about you character. If you play by the Rules you show them you can be trusted. This is a very valid reason to play………to further your career, or increase your business.

5. For the walk in the park.

Some golfers say that their reason is to get exercise and enjoy the scenery. Commendable but………Do you walk the course or ride in a cart? Do you actually look at the scenery? Do you take in all the beauty of the wonderful day out in the fresh air and get exercise? Make sure you do or it’s just a good walk spoiled. Find what you really need to nourish your soul. Perhaps you should go on a hike or a bike ride instead?

6. For the calm and solitude.

Some golfers love to escape from the thoughts of daily life such as, “What am I making for dinner, shouldn’t I be ironing, or what did I need to get for my kid’s homework project?” Their round of golf, focusing solely on their game, good or bad, shuts out all daily noise from their minds.

An admirable reason and they often prefer to play alone to find the Zen they are searching for.

7. To learn more golf skills and lower their index.

Wonderful, these golfers plan their rounds as a true learning experience to work on skills’ improvement unless…………by expecting too much from themselves it results in constant frustration and disappointment. Often inflated ideas of our skill levels lead to this, but on the other hand not pushing oneself results in underachieved potential.

Realistic goals are the key to their enjoyment.

8. To have the perfect round.

Now this is the Nirvana of golf, the brass ring always just out of reach. You birdied 7 and 14 last time you played, and got pars on 8, and 13. The round before you birdied 2 and 6 and got pars on two other holes so why can’t you put them all together in one perfect round? This is a very strong reason why some of us play. To one day have the perfect round!

Is this your reason? All I can say to the average golfer is, “Good luck with that dream.” But if this makes you happy keep on chasing.

So ladies, are you any closer to knowing why YOU play golf? Which reason is yours? Maybe it’s a combination of all of these reasons, or one I missed.

Identify why YOU play and find the best way for YOU to have the best experience playing the game you love so you can play it to the best of your ability. If you don’t you could find yourself constantly complaining, always blaming something or someone after every round, or feeling unfulfilled when you should be SO happy. So very, very happy that you’ve had hours of free time which you spent in the way that made you the happiest.

Maybe you are wondering why I play? …………….

Some of you who know me will know why, but let me just say it is not the 8th reason, I am a realist!

I hope this helps you.


July 8th Play Day Results

Other than it was a scorcher (where was the DB wind?) we all had a wonderful time with Criss Cross. Today we collected $23.00 for the Liberty Girls!!!!! You ladies are incredible!!!!

Here are the results:
Flight #3 1st place Carol Grabar with a 27
2nd place Charlene Kleiner 27.5
a tie for 3rd place Donna Johnson 29
Sally Sturney 29

Flight #2 1st place Karen Halbakken 27.5
tie for 2nd place Raquel Meyers 29.5
Jan McCleery 29.5

Flight #1 a tie for 1st place Frances Shipilov 27.5
Mary Watkins 27.5
a tie for 2nd place Kay Smith 29.5
Gay Wold 29.5

1 Birdie today made by Mary Watkins

3 Chip-ins made by: Mary Watkins
Charlene Kliener
Sondi Schnee

Closest to the Pin:
29-36 Handicap 0-28Handicap
Hole 2 Sally Sturney Judy Bartoli
Hole 7 Barbara Mensch Kay Smith
Hole 14 Sandy Mize Cynde Gerphide
Hole 17 Karen Halbakken Kay Smith

Congrats to all 31 ladies who participated and thank you for coming out!


Rules about Casual Water and the Portable Sprinklers on our Course.

Casual Water and the Portable Sprinklers on our Course.


A recent topic has been the question of the Rules when our ball lands close to the portable sprinklers that we are now seeing on our fairways and in the rough.

I have been asked by some of our members to clarify how we take relief from these movable obstructions and what exactly IS casual water. So let’s look at a situation you could be in on hole #9 where they regularly have dry areas to water.

Your ball lands up against a hose connected to a portable sprinkler, what are you allowed to do under the Rules of Golf?

If your ball lies in or on the hose/sprinkler head or, if the hose/head is so close to the ball it interferes with your stance or area of intended swing, this is what you can do.

Use Rule 24-1 Movable Obstructions

(i) If your ball is close so your stance or swing is interfered with:

You may move the hose or the attached sprinkler head, if the ball moves in the process; it must be replaced without penalty.

(ii) If your ball comes to rest in or on the hose/sprinkler head then, without penalty, the ball may be lifted, the hose removed, and the ball dropped as near as possible to the spot directly underneath the place where the ball lay in or on the hose, but no nearer the hole.

Now let’s take the situation where your ball rolled close to the sprinkler, but your stance and intended swing are not affected but water is spraying out over the area where your ball lies. Do you get relief from Casual water and what exactly IS casual water eh?

Casual Water: Casual water is any temporary accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before or after the player takes his stance.

You would get free relief if a temporary accumulation of water is seen around your ball before or after you take your stance or the ball is touching the casual water.

The only way you could get relief for your ball being “sprinkled” upon is if there was enough water in the area for it to be deemed “Casual water”. You ball would need to be lying in a visible puddle of water, or water must be visible around your ball or feet without you pressing them down. Just because water is spraying it does not mean it’s accumulating!

Here is an excellent explanation from the Decisions book:


Water Visible as Result of Undue Effort with Feet

Q. In a wet area, casual water is not visible before or after the player takes his normal stance. However, by pressing down hard with one foot, the player causes water to appear around the sole of his shoe. Is the player entitled to relief under Rule 25-1b?

A. No. Water visible through undue effort with the feet is not casual water – see Definition of “Casual Water.”

Think about it, why should you get relief if it’s not Casual water eh? If it was raining and your ball was being rained on you would have to play it as it lies, right?

If you move your wet ball, and it is not in casual water, you will be penalized two strokes.

As much as it’s a nuisance, the sprinkler water is keeping our course greener and a little sprinkled water does not hurt you or your ball.

Play the ball as it lies. Follow the Rules!

I hope this helps you,


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