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Results: Tuesday Play Day 10-28-14 (Halloween Bingo)

We had 44 ladies play our Halloween Bingo game. I hope your guests enjoyed the day. Here are the results:

Member Flight NAME SCORE
1st Gay Wold 12 Bingos
Jeanne Zwemer
Jill Chase
Cindy Renshaw
Member-Guest Flight
Tied-1st Frances Shipilov 11 Bingos
Sue Gallo
Brenda Reisinger
Tied-1st Grace Berend 11 Bingos
Kay Richmond
Susan Leeper
2nd Charlene Kleiner 9 Bingos
Nancy Lahait
Kris Rogers
Cyndy Gerphiede
Becky Frazier 1, 5, 12
Annette Krey 14
Dana Wardstrom 15
Charlene Kleiner 2
Nancy Lahait 16
Cindy Renshaw 10
Mary Wadkins 17
Charlene Kleiner 2
Cam Donald 18
Sherry Boyd 10
Kay Richmond 7
7 Valerie Stewart 20’4″
17 Mary Wadkins 4′ 1/2″

Congratulations to Becky Frazier for breaking 80 with an impressive score of 77.


Cathy Fancey

DBWGC Club Championship

DBWGC Club Championship

The Club Championship was played on October 14, 16, and 21. The tournament came down to the exciting, final hole to determine who would be the 2014 Club Champion.
Overall Low Gross Winner aka 2014 Club Champion—Annette Krey (she has won this tournament 6 years in a row) with a score of 250 for the three days. A diamond will be added to her pendant. Additionally she received an orchid plant and $30 in script in the Pro Shop.
Low Gross Flight Winner—Cathy Houston with a score of 251 for the three days. Cathy received a trophy and $25 in script in the Pro Shop.
Low Net Winner—Dana Wardstrom with a net score for the three days of 229. Dana received $20 in script in the Pro Shop.
All of the participants received DBGCC certificates.

Chip Ins
There were no Chip Ins for the 3 days of the tournament

October 14—Dana Wardstrom on #7
Cathy Houston on #17
October 16—Annette Krey on #10
Dana Wardstrom on #14
October 21—Dana Wardstrom on #15

Congratulations to all of the participants in the Club Championship! You are all winners!!

Annette Krey—Club Champion—Overall Low Gross Cathy Houston—Low Gross Flight Winner Dana Wardstrom—Low Net Winner

Super Guest Day

Hello Ladies,

I want to thank the ladies who participated today in this new event, I knew with my team of Barbara Mensch, Frances Shipilov, Cam Donald, the dining room staff and the Pro Shop, the cart barn men and the 4 men volunteers off loading the bags for guests and members it was going to be a great day. Add cool morning temp with a perfect finish for the afternoon weather, we had a lot of smiles and exclamations about the water, condition of the course and the fun day the guests and members all experienced. I must say I was extremely proud of our club and all we have to offer.

Clubs that came to play were Oakhurst, Woodbridge, Callippe, Deer Ridge, Brentwood CC, Lone Tree CC, Trilogy, Poppy Ridge CC, Tracy, Elkhorn and DB Breakers.

We had 67 players, 3 flights, 11 chip-ins and a bunch of birdies and 8 players made closest to the pin. Here are the results!

The Sandpiper Flight 1st place
Cindy Renshaw, Cathy Fancey, Ruthanne Barber & Sue Reyes both from Brentwood CC.
2nd place
Anntte Krey, Dana Wardstrom, Deb Ortega from Tracy CC & Pat Knapp Callippe CC.
3rd place
Kay Smith, Becky Frazier, Vivian Gochoco and Sylvia Bachman from Brookside CC.

The Heron Flight 1st place
Charlene Kleiner, Chris Roach, Elizabeth Morton & Betsy Harris all from Callippe.
2nd place
Giesla Coddington, Gayle Duncan, Diane Hayes all from Oakhurst.
3rd place
Nonie Greenfield, Sally Sutrney, Dori Crose & Jan Murphy both from Trilogy.

The Egret Flight 1st place
Linda Humbert from DB Breakers, Linda Barbara, Sue Gallo both from Deer Ridge & Sue Dipaoli from Brentwood.
2nd place
Grace Berend, Jun Taylor & Kay Richmond both from Brentwood CC & Kathi Daufel from Long Tree CC.
3rd place
Cynde Gerpheide, Tina Gray, Sherri Schoening & Brenda Hafbauer both from Poppy Ridge

Closest to the Pin
Hole 2 Anne Oprey 4’7″
Deb Ortega, Tracy 3’2″

Hole 7 Anne Oprey 6’3″
June Taylor, Brentwood CC 8’7″

Hole 14 Cindy Renshaw 24’3″
Terri Sullivan, Callippe CC 21’11-1/2″

Hole 17 Diane Enbom 8’2″
Ruthanne Barber, Brentwood CC 10’3-1/2″
All Closest to the Pin winners got a bling ball marker.

I promised you a fun day and from what everyone said they had a fun day! Thanks again everyone I had an incredible day!

Warm Regards,

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