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November Guest Day Results

We had 27 ladies play on another sunny November day.
The winners of the day are as follows:

Guest flight First place Member flight First place Member flight Second place
Judy Bartoli Annette Krey Deborah Veatch
Doris Bunnell Dana Wardstrom Cindy Renshaw
Joanne Onstad Becky Frazier Nancy Lahait
Saundra Ramos Gay Wold

Closest to the hole Member Closest to the hole Guest
Annette Krey $13.50 No one got on the green

Chip in’s Birdies
Annette Krey 2’11” Annette Krey #10 and #17
Dana Wardstrom #14 and #15
Gay Wold #15

Thank you all for playing, have a great Thanksgiving, and hope to see you all at the Christmas luncheon.


Results – Play Day – Turkey Shoot

We had 30 ladies play in the Turkey Shoot today.

Kay Gschwend # 8

Dana Warstrom #2
Monte Downs #7
Myra Buckman #14
Susan Leeper #7
Deborah Veatch # 8

Chip-ins – worth $7.25 each
Myra Buckman #10
Donna Johnson # 11
Kay Gschwend #8
Cathy Fancey #18

Closest to the pin – worth $3.50 each
Handicap 0-25
Hole 2 Dana Wardstrom 6′ 4 1/2″
Hole 7 Dana Wardstrom 20′ 8″
Hole 14 Anne Oprey 10′ 8″
Hole 17 Cathy Fancey 12′

Handicap 26-36
Hole 2 Raquel Myers 29′ 9″
Hole 7 Susan Leeper 12″
Hole 14 Kay Gschwend 17′ 5″
Hole 17 Kay Gschwend 6′ 1 1/2 ”

Flight 1 (paid in Safeway Gift cards)
1st Cathy Fancey $30.
2nd Myra Buckman $25.
3rd Nancy Lahait $20
4th Hilary Frigillana $15
5th Jeanne Zwemer $10.

Flight 2 (paid in Safeway Gift Cards)
1st Kay Gschwend $30. (got to the green on #1)
2nd Deborah Veatch $25.
3rd Brenda Reisinger $20
4th Bonnie Ladd $15
5th Sally Sturney $10

All the remaining players received $5. Safeway Gift Cards. If you left before the results were tallied, your winnings will be in the tournament “bag”.

Thanks for playing.


Rules….One stroke or two??

When do you take a ONE stroke penalty, and when do you take TWO strokes???

However well you know the Rules of Golf at times you can be uncertain of the penalty you have incurred. You stand there and ask yourself, “Should what I just did be a one or two stroke penalty?”

Certified Rules Officials learn from the NCGA “Big-Little Book” in which almost a whole page is devoted to when you get a ONE stroke penalty. Many Rules Officials quake at memorizing these, and even after learning them they still make mistakes. I’ve certainly been there…..done that.

So how does the everyday golfer decide?

I’ve been giving some thought as to how I can explain it to you all, as I know you don’t want to memorize a whole page. Hopefully this will help you. It’s not set in stone; it’s a guide to help you make the correct decision.

Let’s start by looking at the REAL world……According to the law of the land if you break the law you can be charged with a FELONY, or a MISDEMEANOR.

Let’s move this thinking over to the golf world, but don’t worry there’s no jail time!

If you break a golf Rule, as in moving your ball to a different place and hitting it from there, that’s like a FELONY, bad, bad, bad so it’s a TWO stroke penalty.

You took an advantage and cheated. A felony.

If you do anything in the course of play to help you play better, like getting advice from someone, or grounding your club in a bunker, and thereby testing the surface of the sand, it’s a FELONY, you’re a bad, bad girl, and you deserve a TWO stroke penalty.

Now the ONE stroke penalty, this is like a MISDEMEANOR.

You did something you shouldn’t have but it’s more like an accident, not a deliberate action to gain an advantage in the golf world.

You accidentally hit you ball in the water hazard; it was a mistake, so just a ONE stroke penalty.

You hit you ball out of bounds, again not a deliberate act, so a ONE stroke penalty.

You are a klutz and on your swing you accidentally hit your ball twice……you take a ONE stroke penalty. Ouch!

You move your ball in play by mistake, an accident, ONE stroke …UNLESS you don’t move it back and then it’s a deliberate act to cheat for distance and so it’s a TWO stroke penalty.

Very simply put………….and a basic guide for you all……..

When you do something wrong on the course think to yourself, “Was it an accident, or did I do a really bad thing? Was it more like a misdemeanor or a felony?”

Accidental, with no advantage but you should not have done it…….then a ONE STROKE PENALTY.

If you gained an advantage in your play by what you did, breaking a Rule, then it’s a TWO STROKE PENALTY.

I always end my Rules’ e mails by saying “I hope this helps you”, this time I really hope this helps you decide correctly if you take a one or two stroke penalty, and if you really can’t decide you can always ask me, or look it up in the Rules of Golf.


11-4-14 PPLN – RESULTS

We had 28 ladies play today. The weather was absolutely fabulous! Here are the results:

Overall low net: Myra Buckman – 69
Overall low putts: Jenny Dillon – 27
Sweeps – $8.00
Overall low gross: Annette Krey – 85

First Flight
1st Cathy Fancey – Net 70, sweeps $6.50
2nd Cindy Renshaw – Net 70, sweeps $5.50
3rd Janet Winslow – Net 72, sweeps $4.50
4th Shelly Morgan – Net 74, sweeps $3.50

Second Flight
1st Sondi Schnee – Net 70, sweeps $6.50
2nd Sally Sturney – Net 71, sweeps $5.50
3rd Sonja Welin – Net 73, sweeps $4.50
4th Joann Smith – Net 76, sweeps $3.50

Jan McCleery Hole 12
Sally Sturney Hole 14
Shelly Morgan Hole 15
Sherri Lammrish Hole 17
Each worth $6.25

Handicap 0-26
Hole 2 Annette Krey 2’5″
Hole 7 Sherry Lammrish 6′ 8 1/2/”
Hole 14 Annette Krey 19′ 3″
Hole 17 Kay Smith 7’2″

Handicap 27-36
Hole 2 Sondi Schnee 13′ 10 1/2″
Hole 7 Jan McCleery 23′ 5″
Hole 17 Raquel Meyers 5′ 4″
Each worth $4.00

Annette Krey #2
Kay Smith #17
Frances Shipilov # 6
Cathy Fancey #8
Gay Wold #2, #8
Shelly Morgan #15

Congratulations to all our winners.

Be sure to sign up for our second to last play day (Turkey Shoot) on November 18th. You will be given a flag which you will plant when your score is equal to your handicap plus par 71. The individual who goes the furthest, wins.

Cathy Fancey

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