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Golf scoring rules


This coming Tuesday the format for our play day will be Points, Putts, and Low Net (PPLN), and some of our new members may not have played this format before. PPLN is individual stroke play where you record your score for each hole, and your putts for each hole too. If you don’t complete every hole you will be disqualified

Under the Rules of Golf for stroke play you must always finish every hole you play, (Rule 3-2). However, on occasion in different formats or situations, the score you write on your card may be “adjusted”.

In the USGA Handicap Manual there is a section which covers “Adjusting Scores”.

There they list the following two ways you are allowed not to finish a hole, still put a score on your score card, and not be disqualified.

The first is: Incomplete Holes.

When you are playing with a partner as a team, and you are using the better score for the competition, you may decide to pick up your ball and not finish the hole as you are playing so badly, especially if your partner is playing well. This is allowed but you must record the score you would most likely have made.

This most likely score is the number of strokes (including penalty strokes) taken thus far, plus the number of strokes it would take you to complete the hole from that point.

On the scorecard you put an X in front of your score, i.e. X8. The most likely score cannot exceed the player’s Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) which is determined by their index.

The second is Holes Not Played.

This is rarely done, but sometimes a hole maybe under construction, or in casual play the players ahead are very slow so you want to skip a hole, or for some reason you cannot complete your round due to bad weather etc.

Your score for that hole is calculated using Par, plus any handicap strokes, aka “Pops”, to which you are entitled on that hole. If you get two “Pops” on a par 5, then your score would be 7. That is the score you put on your scorecard.

The bottom line is:

If you start a hole, and then pick up, you have to honestly calculate what your score would have been and put it down with an X. If you post scores that are below your ability level you will falsely lower your index. Not smart.

If you do not play a hole then you calculate your score for that hole using Par plus “Pops”.

Two ways, no mixing them up is allowed!

Hope this helps you.


January Rules Quiz 2015

Ladies let’s start this year of my Golf Rules e mails by covering some of the possibly misunderstood situations that can happen during play.

1. Rebecca has a fantastic shot to the green of hole #2 of Discovery Bay Country Club and she’s excited to make a birdie. She makes her putt but ball rolls right over the hole and fails to drop in. The ball comes to rest on the other side of the hole. Rebecca reaches across the hole with her putter and taps the ball in the hole.

Does Rebecca incur?

a) A one stroke penalty
b) Two stroke penalty
c) No penalty

The misconception is that Rebecca is not allowed to putt her ball from across the hole but… ….she is.

Rebecca would have been a breach of Rule 16-1e if she had stood “astride” the line of her putt but in this situation her ball was on the other side of the hole.

In the Golf Rules “Definition” of Line of Putt at the end it states “……….The line of putt does not extend beyond the hole.” So, no penalty for Rebecca, and sadly no birdie either!

2 a) Bessie is putting her ball on the green of hole number 4 and the removed flagstick is lying on the putting surface, and her ball in motion is about to hit it. Can one of the other players move the flagstick?

2 b) Bessie is putting her ball on the green of hole number 7 and her ball in motion is about to hit a wedge that another player has left near the green in the fringe. Can one of the other players move the wedge?

Well Bessie is in luck, both answers are YES.

Rule 24-1b.

When a ball is IN MOTION, an obstruction that might influence the movement of the ball, OTHER THAN EQUIPMENT OF ANY PLAYER OR THE FLAGSTICK WHEN ATTENDED, REMOVED OR HELD UP, must not be moved.

So the wedge and the flagstick can be moved, but a movable obstruction such as a pine cone, stone, leaf etc may be moved before you make your putt, but NOT once your ball is in motion.

3. You accidentally touch your ball that is in play with your club and you move your ball. Are you always penalized? This can be another golf rule misconception.

If the ball does not move from its spot and just rocks from its original spot but it returns to the same place, IT HAS NOT MOVED. Crazy eh, must be a time warp?

According to the Definition of “Moved”

“A ball is deemed to have “moved” if it leaves its original position and comes to rest in any other place.” If the ball does not “move” there is no penalty.

This is a test of a player’s integrity, but if you are certain that every dimple of your ball came back to its original position then there is no penalty.

I hope this helps you.


1/28/15 Results

Hello Ladies,

Let me first just say, would you PLEASE call, text or email me if you can not make the Tuesday play date. (925)785-6322 or you can call the proshop.
We have had three official play dates and each week we continue to have ladies that signed up and are no shows. So please, call, text or email. I always have my phone with me and if I am not the person in charge that day I can let them know.
Thank you and now here are the results for today.

We had 28 ladies today:

Lin Lenson #1 and #15
Mary Watkins #8

Doris Bunnell $27.00

Closest to the Pin
Each worth $3.25

Handicap 0-26
#2 Mark Watkins 33’2″
#7 Patty Uyeno 35″
#14 Mary Watkins 17′ 10″
#17 Dana Wardstrom 24′ 2″

Handicap 27-36
#2 Sally Sturney 4’3″
#7 Deborah Veatch 5′ 9 1/4″
#14 Cam Donald 6’7″
#17 Janet Winslow 17’8″

There was a tie for second place so each team split 2nd and 3rd place winning
The each receive $4.75 with a score of 130

Kathy Readler
Mary Watkins
Deborah Veatch
Susan Leeper

Shelly Morgan
Jeanne Zweamer
Kris Rogers
Charlene Kleiner

AND in 1st Place with a score of 123
Anne Oprey
Barbara Mensch
Sally Sturney

Next week is our first PPLN day. Please sign up on foretees.

Thank you,


1/20/15 Results

Hello Ladies,

We had 23 ladies that played today. The game was Best 9. So you only had to do well on the front or back.
It was nice day, no fog and the sun peaked out a few times.
I hope all you ladies that are sick, I hope you feel better soon!

The results are as follows:

Lin Lenson 8 & 18
Jan McCleary #14
Joanne Smith #14
Mary Watkins #17
Shelly Morgan #14
Julie Hanson #7
Francis Shipilov #5 & 15

Lin Lenson #18
Joanne Smith #5
Each Chip-In was worth 11.00 each.

Closest to the Pin

Handicap 0-27

#2 Dana Wardstrom 22′ 4″
#7 Janet Winslow 8′
#14 Jan McCleary 4′
#17 Mary Watkins 3’2″

Handicap 28-36

#2 Sondi Schnee 34′ 6″
#7 Julie Hanson 5’10”
#14 Joanne Smith 3″ 3 1/4″
#17 Kris Rogers 7′ 61/2″

All CTP winners received $3.00 each

Now for the game. We had three flights

Third Flight 30-36
3rd Place: Brenda Reisinger and Deborah Veatch, with a score of 37 $2.25 each
2nd Place Julie Hanson, with a score of 35.5 $5.00
1st Place Sally Sturney, with a score of 31 $6.00

Second Flight 26-29
3rd Place: Janet Winslow, with a score of 36.5 $4.00
1st/2nd Place: Joanne Smith and Jan McCleary with a score of 33.5 $5.00 each

First Flight 0-24
3rd Place: Shelly Morgan and Lin Lenson with a score of 34.5 $2.25
2nd Place: Frances Shipilov with a score of 33 $5.00
1st Place: Dana Wardstrom with a score of 31 $6.00

Thank you all for coming out and see you next week.


Today’s Results January 13, 2015

Hello Ladies,

Welcome back and Welcome to our NEW members, Julie Hanson, Rona Hullen and Kris Rogers.

We had 30 players for our first play date of 2015. We will have a playday next Tuesday and you may sign up on foretees.

Here are the results for today:

Dana Wardstrom #13
Annette Krey #2 & #13
Rona Hullen #17
Brenda Reisinger #14
Sondi Schnee #14
Jill Chase #10

Chip-In’s ($9.75 each)
Kris Rogers #5
Brenda Reisinger #14
Jill Chase #10

Closest to the Pin

Handicap 0-27
#2 Annette Krey 9′ 11″
#7 Shelly Morgan 18′ 5″
#14 Mary Watkins 15′ 8″
#17 Cathy Fancey 8′ 9″

Handicap 28-36
# 2 Julie Hanson 6′ 4″
#7 Susan Leeper 36′
#14 Sondi Schnee #5′ 9″
#17 Kris Rogers 5′ 6″

Game 3-3-3
Since this was a team game, we paid 3 places.

In 3rd Place with a score of 98
Jill Chase
Raquel Myers
Deborah Veatch
Cam Donald

In 2nd Place with a score of 96
Frances Shiplov
Bonnie Ladd
Charlene Kleiner
Grace Berend

In 1st Place with a score of 94
Annette Krey
Gay Wold
Kris Rogers
Blind Draw

Thanks again for coming out an playing.

Next week game is Bette 9.
Play your regular game. At the end of your round, pick either the front nine or the back nine add up and only those and subtract 1/2 your handicap for your score.


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