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6/30/15 Play Day Results

Hello ladies,

Thank you to all 50 ladies that played today. It was nice when we started and warm/hot when we finished.
But it was nice to see 50 ladies playing (17 guests and 33 members)

We had lots of Birdies today:

Sonja Welin #2
Cindy Renshaw #2
Jill Chase #2
Nancy Lencioni #2
Gay Wold #17
Shelby Watkins #2 and #11 but Grandma (Mary Watkins) also birdied two holes #2 and #7.
Donna Johnson #2 and #7
Dana Wardstrom #15 & #17

Chip – In’s
We only had 2 chip-in’s and they were worth $12.50 each.

Closest to the Pin
#2 Judy Bartoli 3′ 10 1/2″
#17 Gay Wold 3′ 8 1/2″

#7 Linda Daniels 14′ 1/2″
#14 Donna Pease 16′ 1 1/2″

The game was Texas Twosome, Everyone hits their own drive and you picked the best drive and play in from there. Then take the Best Two Net Balls for the team.

The winners were:

First Place with a score of 115
Gay Wold
LInda Daniel
Jeanne Zweamer
Bonnie Ladd

Now there was a tie for 2nd, 3rd and 4th with a score of 117. So the back nine was the tie breaker and the results are as follows

Second Place
Mary Watkins
Cheree Mendonsa
Shelby Watkins

Third Place
Julie Hanson
Shelly Morgan
Terry Ketchel

Fourth Place
Donna Pease
Doris Bunnell
Sally Sturney

Thanks again for playing today.

I will be going on vacation for the next two weeks so Jill Chase will be handling the play dates for me.

Next Tuesday is PPLN.


It’s too hot for long rounds of golf…..

Ladies I know you have heard me talk about slow play many, many times but with the weather heating up we certainly do not want rounds of over 41/2 hours.
Please take the time, yet again, to read the tips below. Your fellow competitors will thank you.

Watch your ball until it stops
After every shot – especially from the tee – keep an eye on your ball until it comes to rest, and get a clear sight onto a marker or reference point near it – a tree, bush, mound…anything. If there is even the slightest chance that it could be lost, play a provisional ball.
If it’s lost, it’s lost.I realize that your ball wasn’t cheap, and it might be your favorite one, but when your five minutes is up, it’s up. Declare it lost and move on.

Be prepared
When on the green, in the fairway, or anywhere else, get prepared for your shot while riding or walking to your ball. If you are ready before your fellow competitors play ready golf, and remember not too many practice swings!

On the green.
Slow play is very, very common on the green.
Line up your putt while others are putting then step up, take a practice stroke and putt!
When it’s your turn you should be immediately ready to hit your own ball.
Continuous putting speeds up play, marking and unmarking take extra time.

Cart Management.
Each member of your group should go directly to their ball. Avoid traveling from one ball to the other. When sharing a cart, drop off one player and then proceed to your own ball while she does her pre-shot routine and hits, play ready golf!

Take Multiple Clubs
If you need to leave your cart away from where your ball is positioned, take a couple of clubs with you. This will save you from having to go back and forth in case of indecision.

Always think ahead
As you approach the green, determine where the next tee is, and then park your cart between the hole and the next tee. That way, when you are done with the hole, you can clear the green quickly. And for heaven’s sake, don’t loiter around the green discussing the scores — record your scores at the next tee!

Hold that club
When playing in a cart, do not put your club back in the bag until you arrive at your ball for your next shot, or when leaving the green, at the next teeing ground. This can save a significant amount of time over the course of a round.

Don’t Wait
If your group has fallen behind for whatever reason, the first 2 players to putt out should immediately head over to the next tee and tee off.
This saves time, and can really help you catch up. Filling in score cards for the previous hole can be done as the last 2 players are preparing to tee off.

Watch the groups around you
If the group in front of you is more than one shot ahead (i.e. if they are on the green of a par-4 before you even tee off) you need to speed it up. Unless the game you are playing stipulates you must hole out and you’ve taken more than 8, 9, 10 strokes, pick up

Thank you all!


Beat the Pro – Results

The good news, all but 7 ladies beat the pro’s gross score of 79, however, Jon announced that ALL the ladies that placed a bet would win. Congratulations everyone and thank you Jon and Peter for a fun day.

Results of our net game follow. Please note that Sandy Smith, Jan Baehr, and Joanne Leete all had net scores in the 60’s, wow! Congratulations to you ladies. Kelly Vik hurt her ankle on her 16th hole but continued to play, and she had a net score of 70. Carolyn Barnes hurt her ankle last week on her 16th hole and also continued to play. Carolyn joined us for lunch yesterday and told us she actually broke her ankle. We have some tough ladies on our roster….but lets all be careful and get better quick ladies. Thank you Frances and Gay for coming in early to help me with check in.

First Flight
1st Place Sandy Smith, Net 65 winning $7.50 (awesome round Sandy, congrats!)
2nd Place Jan Baehr, Net 68 winning $5.50
3rd Place Kelly Vik, Net 70 winning $3.67

Second Flight
1st Place Joanne Leete Net 69, winning $7.50
T-2nd Sonja Welin, Net 74, winning $4.59
T-2nd Joanne Smith Net 74, winning $4.58

Third Flight
T- 1st Donna Johnson, Net 72 Winning $6.50
T-1st Doris Bunnell, Net 72 Winning $6.49
3 rd Grace Berend, Net 75 winning $3.67

Two chip ins, each worth $12.50
Bonnie Ladd, hole 18
Chris Myall, hole 12

CTP each worth $3.00
0-27 Handicap
Hole 2 Kelly Vik 16′
Hole 7 Kelly Vik 7′
Hole 14 Cindy Renshaw 35′ 8″
Hole 17 Cindy Renshaw 11′ 4″
28-36 Handicap
Hole 2 Doris Bunnell 6′ 7″
Hole 7 Nonie Greenfield 47′ 8 1/2 ”
Hole 17 Joanne Smith 9′ 2 1/2″

Thank you for playing. Next week is guest day and Dana is running the show. Please be sure you enter your non-DBGCC guests GHIN number on fore tees under the notes section.


June Advisory Board minutes

June Advisory Board meeting minutes.

The trees and bushes have been trimmed outside the Fairway room and the dead one will be removed soon.

“Handicap access only” signs will be placed on certain fairways where cart traffic is not normally allowed. Instructions on how to drive on these
areas will be given to the members who are allowed to have handicap flags. It is estimated that less than 6 members will qualify.

Ed Turman has generously made holders for the pins with American flags so it will be easier to avoid laying the flags on the greens.

Drought problems. Wetting agents are working well and will be re-applied in a month. In areas the Poa grass is stressing and
sod will be replaced in certain areas close to some greens. Due to this extra work the leveling of tee boxes has been postponed.

The 30 hp pump in the pump house needs replacing. Cost approx. $10,000.

Zak has left to go back to college and has been replaced with Frank who has previous Pro shop experience at Deer Ridge/Shadow Lakes.

The water fountain on hole #5 has been repaired.

The Corena Green event will be next month.

Membership inquiries are up this month.

Jenelle is looking for replacement for Mary in the bar and has employed a new server.

Water will be only given to diners upon request only.

Sick leave accrual will begin July 1st for employees with over 90 days of service.

Mouse pads are being given to members who play liar’s dice in the grill to attempt to reduce their noise level.

A new counter will be installed in the Ladies locker on June 29th.

It was requested that new faucets be added as well or at least the existing ones be cleaned better.

It was requested that the faucets, sink, grout and soap dispenser in the ladies bathroom outside the Pro shop be cleaned better.

Mark wanted to let the Sunday couples’ group know that the Management is extremely willing to accommodate them eating at the Club after their play but they must
co-ordinate their plans with him or Jenelle. The dining room may be previously booked with events that day making efficient service difficult or impossible.
Joanne Leete said that she will communicate this to the group as she is a participant.


Central Valley Team Play report

From Bonnie – Way to go girls!

As I’ve stated in meetings, we have a tough time in this league, but you sure wouldn’t know it by our last two matches. Playing against Del Rio June 2, we won 4.5 points (out of 6 possible), and this past Tuesday our opponents were Spring Creek. We won 5.5 points, the most points by any team for the day, and each of us took home the winnings – a sleeve of balls. Fun! We are now right in the middle of the pack, ranked 5 out of 9 teams. See attached spreadsheet for the nitty gritty. The latest spreadsheet is always posted on our website for future reference.

Players this year, in no specific order, have been Gay Wold, Jeanne Zwemer, Jill Chase, Patty Uyeno, Frances Shipilov, Hilary Frigillana, Rochelle Baxley, Peggy Schuitemaker, Deborah Veatch, Charlene Kleiner, Shelly Morgan, Becky Frazier, Chris Myall, Myra Buckman, Sandy Smith, Joann Smith, Cathy Houston, Dana Wardstrom, Cindy Renshaw, and myself. Thank you all!

We have 2 more matches, both on Mondays, July 13 at Elkhorn and August 31 at Oakdale. Let me know if you’re interested in playing and I will make every effort to fit you in.

Thanks, Bonnie

June 10 results

Hello Ladies,

We had 22 ladies today and the game was Criss-Cross.

We had one Birdie fro Cynde Gerpheide on hole #10 which was also a Chip-In.
Susan Leeper also had a Chip-In on hole #9. But Brenda Reisinger-Johnson had 2 Chip-In’s. One was on hole #2 which I understand was a Sandy Chip-In and then another one on hole #4.
Each chip-In was worth 5.50. Good job ladies!!

Closest to the Pin
We did two holes #2 and #17
#2 Sandy Smith 7′ 91/2″
#2 Charlene Kleiner 34′ 11″

#17 Dana Wardstrom 21′ 5″ and honorable mention Cathy Fancey 21′ 5 1/8″
No one from the higher handicap group. Each C-T-P was worth 7.00

We had two flights
Flight One (0-28)
First Place: Cynde Gerpheide with a score of 25 and receives $7.00
Second Place: Mary Watkins with a score of 28.5 and receives $6.00
Third Place: Sondi Schnee with a score of 31 and receives $5.00
Forth Place: Three way tie and split $4.00
Shelly Morgan
Hilary Frigillana
Jan Baehr
They had a score of 31.5

Flight Two (29-36)
First Place: Charlene Kleiner with a score of 27.5 and receives $7.00
Second Place: Donna Johnson with a score of 28 and receives $6.00
Third Place: Susan Leeper with a score o 29.5 and receives $5.00
Forth Place: Brenda Reisinger-Johnson with a score of 31.5 and receives $4.00

Great job ladies,

Next week we have a regular play date, the Open Day was cancelled. So please sign up on Foretees no later than noon on Sunday.

See you all next Tuesday.


Lifting and cleaning your golf ball


If I am allowed to lift my ball under a Rule am I always allowed to clean it?

Answer: NO

Rule 21: When you lift your ball using a Rule it may be cleaned

EXCEPT when it has been lifted:

Because it is interfering or assisting with play, Rule 22.

For identification, in which case it may only be cleaned to the extent necessary for its identification. Rule 12-2.

To determine if it is unfit for play, Rule 5-3.


If I am not allowed to clean my ball when it is lifted are there any special procedures I should follow?

Answer: YES

In order to be sure you do not incur a one stroke penalty for removing anything from your ball:

Lift the ball carefully and hold it preferably with two fingers.

Make sure the ball can be seen at all times so it is certain that nothing has been removed.

Replace the ball carefully in the exact position it was before.

This may seem overly cautious but why get a penalty stroke for not being careful?

I hope this helps you.


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