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July 29 Results

Hello Ladies,

We had 60 (37 members and 23 guests) ladies that braved the hot weather and played 2 Net Best Balls
It was a nice day of golf because we finished before it got too hot!

Here are the results:

Mary Watkins #7
Cheree Mendonsa #17
Shelby Watkins #13
Frances Shipilov #9
Becky Frazier #14
Annette Krey #8
Dana Wardstrom #5
Nonie Greenfield #17

Rona Hullen #13
Nonie Greenfeild #17
Gay Wold #7
Suzanne Smith #14


Suzanne Smith Broke 100. She shot 97!!!!

Myra Buckman Broke 90, She shot 89!!!!


Closest to the Pin

Hole #7 Joanne Onstad 10’8″
Hole #17 Cheree Mendonsa 2’6″

Hole #2 Myra Buckman 13’7″
Hole #14 Becky Frazier 11’9″

FIRST PLACE TEAM with a score of 120
Chris Myall
Donna Reich
Myra Buckman
Diane Sevin

SECOND PLACE TEAM with a score of 126
Jan Baehr
Lorna Grant Lee
Cynde Gerpheide
Rona Hullen

THIRD PLACE TEAM with a score of 127
Sandy Mize
Lisa Bates
Carol Olsen
Conchita Christensen

FOURTH PLACE TEAM and FIFTH PLACE TEAM with a score of 128

Peggie Schuitemaker
Julie Jackson
Sondi Schnee
Chris Williams


Mary Watkins
Cheree Mendonsa
Shelby Watkins
Carol Neach

Thank you ladies for another great guest day.



Today’s Results 7/21/15

Hi Ladies,
There is no play day next week Tuesday July 21st. Guest Day will be Tuesday July 28th.

The results to today’s game Three 6’s is as follows:

1st Place: Net Score 127 $6.50 each
Cindy Renshaw
Jan Baehr
Barbara Mensch
Carol Grabar

2nd Place: Net Score 130 (broke tie on back nine) $4.50 each Cathy Fancey
Janet Winslow
Brenda Reisinger
Grace Berend

3rd Place: Net Score 130 $3.00 each
Sandy Smith
Kelly Vik
Joanne Smith
Donna Johnson

Chip In’s: $13.00 each
Donna Johnson #5
Joanne Smith #8

Hilary Frigillana #14 & #17
Joanne Smith #8

Closest to the Pin: $4.75 each
Handicap 0-27
Sandy Smith #2 4′ 6.5″
Sandy Smith #14 10′ 3″
Jill Chase #17 26′ 1/2″

Handicap 28-36
Sondi Schnee #2 27′
Nonie Greenfield #17 66′

Thank you all for your participation.
Jill Chase

Ground Under Repair Quiz


Currently we have area of Ground under repair in the front of several greens so here’s a quiz to remind you of the Rules.

Abnormal ground Conditions/ Ground Under Repair. (RULE 25)

If your ball lands in an area marked as “Ground Under Repair” (GUR):

  1. Do you have take relief from GUR?

2. If you take relief is there a penalty?

3. If you take relief but your foot, club or ball still touches the GUR is that okay?

4. If your ball lands on bare bumpy ground can you decide it is Ground Under Repair?

5. May you remove the stakes and rope lining the GUR before you make your stroke?

6. Once you find your nearest point of relief from Ground Under Repair how many club lengths do you measure from that point in which to drop your ball?

7. Can you clean your ball if you lift it to take relief from GUR?

8. If GUR is on your line of play can you get free relief?


  1. No you do not HAVE to take relief, you may play the ball as it lies unless there is a Local Rule in effect prohibiting play, or the area is deemed as an environmentally sensitive area.

2. There is no penalty, you get free relief.

3. No it is not okay. When you drop your ball and are set up to make your stroke you must have COMPLETE relief from the GUR. If you do not you will incur a TWO stroke penalty!

4. No, only the Pro Shop or Committee may decide which area is Ground Under Repair.

5. Yes you may. The stakes are considered to be “Obstructions”. After your stroke replace the stakes from where you removed them.

6. One club length. You may use any club in your bag to measure this one club length.

7. Yes you may.

8. No you cannot take relief just because the area is on your intended line of play.

I hope his helps you.


7/7/15 Results and July 14th Play Day

Hello Ladies,
Here are the results to the PPLN game today:

Overall Low Net: Cynde Gerpheide net 65 $8.50
Overall Low Putts: Grace Berend 28 putts $8.50(tied with Joanne Smith) Overall Low Gross: Jenny Dillon 88

First Flight:
1st Jeanne Zwemer net 70 $6.00
2nd Jill Chase net 72 $5.00
3rd Cindy Renshaw net 74 $4.00

Second Flight:
1st Rochelle Baxley net 70 $6.00
2nd Chris Myall and Brenda Reisinger net 72 $4.50 each

Third Flight:
1st Joanne Smith net 69 $6.00
2nd Doris Bunnell net 74 $5.00
3rd Charlene Kleiner net 76 $4.00

Jenny Dillon #7
Janet Winslow #8

Chip-Ins: $10.25 each
Jenny Dillon #7
Sue Gallo #11
Joanne Smith #7

Closest to the Pin: $4.00 each
0-26 handicap
Cynde Gerpheide (#2) 8′
Jan Baehr (#14) 19′ 1/2″
Mary Watkins (#17) 11’5″

27-36 handicap
Brenda Reisinger (#2) 45′
Sonja Welin (#7) 29’1″
Charlene Kleiner (#14) 29′ 2″
Brenda Reisinger (#17) 21′ 11″

Please sign up on Foretees to play next Tuesday July 14th. The game is Three 6’s Best Ball. Holes #13-18 use one best net ball, holes #1-6 use two best net balls and holes #7-12 use three net best balls.

A reminder that check-in is from 7:30 am to 8:00 am.

Jill Chase

July Rules quiz

Hi Ladies:

It’s quiz time again……….enjoy!

  1. All ground or water within the margin of a water hazard is part of the hazard?

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True, Definition of Water Hazard

Find where the red stakes or the red lines outline the hazard margins.
If the red lines or stakes are in front of the rocks or grass around the water then the rocks and grass are in the hazard. If you want to try, you may hit from the rocks or grass inside the hazard without a penalty stroke, but you cannot ground your club or adjust any rocks to make a footing for your stance.

  1. A player may not stand out of bounds to play a ball that lies in bounds?

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False).

You CAN stand ob to hit a ball that is in bounds, see Definition of Out of Bounds.

  1. In stroke play a player’s ball is up against an out of bounds fence. They want to take free relief under Rule 24 Obstructions and play the ball. Can they?

a) Yes
b) No

Answer: b) No

OB stakes are NOT obstructions so there is no free relief. You may use Rule 28, Unplayable lie to get relief, and take a one stroke penalty, but if not you have to play the ball where it lies

  1. You rotate your ball on the putting green to line up the trademark or line on the ball with your intended line of putt to the hole. You didn’t lift it, change its position or mark its position. What is the ruling?

a) No penalty.
b) Two stroke penalty
c) One stroke penalty

Answer c) A one stroke penalty for touching the ball on the putting green without its position being marked.

Under Rules 16-1b and 20-1 a ball on the putting green may be lifted, touched or rotated after its position has been marked.

  1. In stroke play a player marks and lifts their ball on the green. As they walk away they accidentally step on their marker and move it. What is the ruling?

a) No penalty
b) One stroke penalty
c) Two stroke penalty

Answer: b) One stroke penalty. Decision 20-1/5.5.

The ball must be placed as near as possible to its original position.

I hope you got them all correct and this helps you.


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