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A golf quiz for you!

Ladies, no golf today eh? So lots of time for a golf quiz…..enjoy!

Q. Maria’s ball is on the apron between the green and a bunker. Her fellow-competitor then plays from the bunker and deposits sand on and around Maria’s ball. Is Maria entitled to any relief?

A. Yes. Maria is entitled to the lie and line of play she had when her ball originally came to rest. Accordingly, in equity (Rule 1-4), she is entitled to remove the sand deposited by her fellow competitor’s stroke, and also lift her ball and clean it, without penalty.

Q. Susie drops her ball to take relief from a cart path, the ball is no longer on the cart path but her stance is on the cart path. Is Susie’s ball properly in play ?

A. No, Rule 20-2 c (v). Susie’s dropped ball must be re-dropped, without penalty, if it rolls to and comes to rest in a position where there is interference by the condition from which relief was taken. The penalty would be two strokes or loss of hole if the ball was not re-dropped prior to stroke.

Q. Miranda hits a great 7 iron to the green but it accidentally hits a slow walking goose and the ball lands in the bunker. Can she replace her ball where it hit the goose?

A. Sadly no, it is the rub of the green, (or goose), and Miranda must play her ball where it lies, in the bunker. Rule 19-1.

Q. Beth putts her ball and it hits the flagstick which is lying on the ground. Is she penalized?

A. Yes, a two stroke penalty. Rule 17-3. A player’s ball must not strike the flagstick when removed, held up or attended.

(The exception to this is if the flagstick had been removed, held up, or attended during a stroke or while the ball is in motion, without the player’s authority. If in doubt do not have the flagstick attended, or have the flagstick moved well out of the line of your next stroke.)

Q. Ellen his her ball out of the bunker and accidentally strikes the ball twice. Is there a penalty?

A. Unfortunately there is a penalty for being a klutz. Ellen must count her stroke and add one penalty stroke, Rule 14-4.

Q. Vanessa found her ball touching the course side of a white line indicating Out of Bounds. Does she have to take a stroke and distance penalty?

A. No, a ball is not out of bounds unless ALL of the ball is out of bounds. See Definition of Out of Bounds. Vanessa’s ball was not, so she may continue play without penalty.

I hope you got all these questions right, and this helps you.


Hole #12 ice plants

Ladies I am sure you read yesterday Barbara’s minutes from this month’s Advisory Board meeting
where the ice plants behind the green on hole #12 were discussed. I quote:

  • “A question was raised about the procedure if your ball goes in the ice plant behind #12. As this is infrequent, no special consideration needs to be given.”

This was one of the 18 holers concerns that I addressed last year. I have copied my answer below in case there is still confusion.

What should you do if your shot from the fairway flies over the green and you think your ball may have landed in the ice plants behind the green?

This area is not Out of Bounds.

As you do not know the exact place where your ball has landed, and you think it “may” be lost, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HIT A PROVISIONAL BALL FROM WHERE YOU LAST HIT. (Always tell your playing companions this is what you are doing.)

If you find your original ball and it is PLAYABLE, pick up your Provisional ball and play on. No penalty.

If you cannot find your original ball after a five minute search, then it is LOST, play your Provisional ball and take a ONE STROKE PENALTY.

If you decide to search for your ball, and not hit a provisional ball, this is what you do.

If you find your ball in the ice plants, and it is impossible for you to play it without altering your area of intended swing by moving the ice plants, or unnecessarily pressing them down when you take your stance then you may declare your ball UNPLAYABLE.

You incur a ONE STROKE PENALTY and your options for 3 are:

Return to where you last hit and put another ball in play.

If your ball is visible and IF, AND ONLY IF when you measure your ball’s distance from the cart path a measurement of two club lengths* would make your ball touch the path, you may drop the ball at your nearest point of relief on the path, and then take your nearest point of relief from the path onto the grass but no closer to the hole.

(To speed up play you can just find the nearest point of relief on the grass and drop your ball there, no closer to the hole.)

*Please note that if your ball is further back in the ice plants than two club lengths from the path you will have to take multiple drops and multiple one stroke penalties until you ball is on the cart path, not worth it!

The third option for the Unplayable Rule is not possible because, to go back as far as you like in line with the pin would just put you further and further back into the ice plants and you’d have to drop your ball back in the plants.

I hope this helps you.


Guest Day Results

We had 35 ladies who played guest day.

Cathy Fancey #2
Annette Krey #2
Becky Frazier #2
Sherry Boyd #7

Chip In’s Paid $5.25 each
Linda Mayer #5
Mary Teshner #9
Jan Baehr #12

Closet to the Pin
Cathy Fancey (Member) #17 – 6′ 9 1/2″
Shelby Watkins (Guest) #2 – 39′ 10″

Guest Flight
Kay Gschwend (First Place)
Verna Clark
Sue Youngblood
Karen Halbakken

Member Flight
Raquel Myers (First Place)
Carolyn Barnes
Fe Estrera
April Guarascio

Nonie Greenfield (Second Place)
Barbara Mensch
Shelly Morgan

Tuesday 5/17 Results

Hello Ladies,

We had 26 ladies play today in the windy conditions but the sun was out!

Today was First and Last game and here are the results:

Dana Wardstrom #9 and #17


We had 1 Chip-In, it was Joanne Smith on hole #1 (the chip was over the water). Way to go Jo!
It was worth $24.00 to her.

Closest to the Pin

#2 Dana Wardstrom 9′ 7 1/2″
#2 Cathy Surdez 10′
#7 Dana Wardstrom 13′ 5″
#7 Sue Gallo 23′ 8 1/2″
#14 Dana Wardstrom 31′ 10″
#14 Sue Gallo 26′ 1″
#17 Dana Wardstrom 8′ 3″
#17 Joanne Smith 9′ 6″

Flight 1:
1st Place – Sandy Smith with a score of 33.5
2nd Place – Dana Wardstrom with a score of 34
3rd Place – Mary Watkins with a score of 36
4th Place – Rochelle Baxley with a score of 37

Flight 2
1st Place – Cathy Surdez with a score of 27.5
2nd Place – Pam Musselman with a score of 35.5
3rd Place – Carolyn Barnes with a score of 36
4th Place – Val Heck with a score of 36.5
4th Place – Deborah Veatch with a score of 36.5

Thanks again ladies for playing today.

Reminder, next week is our guest day so please sign up on foretees. Also, if you have a guest they must have an active GHIN number and PLEASE put their GHIN number in the “Note to the pro” when you sign up.

Thank you,


Diablo team play update

From Annette:

Thought I would give you all an update on how we are doing. We have had 3 matches since my last report.

We hosted on April 19 and played against Rossmoor again. Players were, myself, Lin, Dana, Jenny, Gay, Patty, Sandy and Shelly. We did pretty good on our home course. Lin and I played against an older lady who has been a very competitive golfer for a long time. She’s in her 70’s and has a 12 handicap. Her and Lin’s mom were very good friends back in the day. So it’s very fun to play with her. One thing that happened that I have never seen before is that our other opponent Grace got her ball stuck in the tree next to the green on #8. We could see it up there! Everyone loves our chicken mushroom crepes for lunch!

Next match was at Orinda on April 28. Players were, myself, Cathy H, Lin, Dana, Becky, Jenny, Gay and Patty. Orinda has had some changes and their course was in really nice shape. It is an interesting course and there’s a few spots where you have to cross over a busy road. I feel like a squirrel who runs out in front of your car and tries not to get hit. We played against Diablo. We did ok, few tough matches but Cathy was very happy to walk away with par on #18. It’s this very uphill par 5 with a crazy green! I decided to wear my lime green pants that day and ended up having to go into work after golf and didn’t have any other clothes. I took a little bit of ribbing. Lunch was awesome, it was a tostada bar with tons of good stuff to go on them and yummy desserts!

We played at Moraga on Wed May 11. A lot of people don’t especially love Moraga. It’s a lot of hilly lies and a few difficult blind shots and some pretty severe elevation changes. Players were myself, Lin, Dana, Cathy H, Becky, Gay, Patty and Jill. We played against Blackhawk and their team is very good. Their highest handicap is a 16 so it’s hard to compete. Our team did have some good scores and we did alright. Lin and I were very happy with ourselves for parring #8. It’s this short little par 4 that has a giant tree in front of the green and a big ditch and the green is super narrow. Lunch was fish taco’s and an ice cream sundae bar!

We currently are in 7th place. But we have played the #1 and #2 teams already so we got room to move up!

Our next match is not till June 21 at Crow Canyon

Thanks Annette

Spring Handicap Tournament Results

Hello Ladies,

Thanks again for participating in the Spring Handicap Tournament.

May 3rd
Sally Sturney #2
Jenny Dillon #2
Shelly Morgan #2
Dana Wardstrom #6
Gay Wold #8

May 5th
Sondi Schnee #17
Jeanne Zwemer #17
Cindy Renshaw #1
Annette Krey #6, #8 and #17

May 10th
Cindy Renshaw #2 and #5
Dana Wardstrom #4
Gay Wold #5

Chip-In’s (worth $6.00 each)
No Chip-In’s on May 3rd.

May 5th
Julie Hanson #11
Sally Sturney #10

May 10th
Bonnie Ladd #6
Cathy Fancey #17
Cindy Renshaw #5 and #14
Gay Wold #5



Way to go Charlene!!!!!

First Flight
FIrst Place – Cindy Renshaw with a score of 142 (71/71)
Second Place – Dana Wardstrom with a score of 145 (72/73)
Third Place – Cathy Fancey with a score of 146 (76/70)

Second Flight
First Place – Linda Daniel with a score of 142 (71/71)
Second Place – Deborah Veatch with a score of 144 (72/72)
Third Place – Jeanne Zwemer with a score of 147 (69/78)
Please note: Sondi Schnee also had a score of 147 so the tie was broken on the back nine with all three days since both players played all three days.

Third Flight
First Place – Sally Sturney with a score of 143 (70/73)
Second Place – Joanne Smith with a score of 146 (65/81)
Third Place – Julie Hanson with a score of 148 (75/73)

I would also like to thank Patty Uyeno for making the trophies. They turned out awesome!!

Thanks again to all the ladies that played.


Tips for your Spring Handicap tournament.

Ladies: Our Spring Handicap tournament starts next week. Here are some helpful reminders!.

Tournament play is more stressful than regular play days as more is on the line, the chance to be the Champion or place in your flight! With this in mind we should be sure to follow golf etiquette and the Rules of Golf. Consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times. Make each day of the tournament a pleasant experience for your fellow competitors and yourself.

Pace of Play

Nothing is more annoying than slow play. Long waits to make your shots ruins your rhythm and slows down the whole field.

Keep up with the group in front.

Take all the clubs to your ball that you “may” need for your next shot.

Do not take excessive time over the ball or an excessive number of practice swings.

Be prepared to step up and putt when it is your turn. Check out your line and speed of putt while others are putting. Be ready.

As soon as everyone has putted out leave the green quickly. You can put your clubs back in your bag at the next tee box.

If you bring clubs to the green leave them on the line of your exit path. This way you will not be wasting time retrieving your clubs that are on the other side of the green.

If you walk make sure you leave your push cart away from the front of the green so it is out of the way of players hitting behind you. Put your cart on your exit path.

Write the scores on the scorecard at the NEXT tee box.


Be courteous. Do not talk or make a noise while your fellow competitors are hitting or setting up for their shot.

Be patient. If your fellow competitor is playing badly help them by moving their cart if needed.

If your ball is on the green and your fellow competitors are still hitting up from the fairway do not stand on the green in the line of play. It is very distracting for players hitting to the green to see you on their line of flight and dangerous for you.


Do not be early or late for your tee time. Tee off at your designated time. If you don’t you may be penalized 2 strokes or DQ’d

Check that your handicap is correct on your scorecard.

Do not ask for or give advice.

If a ball is on your line of play or distracting for your next shot ask your fellow competitor to lift their ball and mark it. (Rule/Decision 22/1)

If you want to play a Provisional ball because your ball may be lost or out of bounds tell your fellow competitors before you hit the Provisional ball.

If you are unsure how to play your ball using a Rule you may play two balls, your ball in play and a second ball. Before you hit both balls decide which of the two you want to count if it is played by the Rules. Complete the hole with both balls and put both scores on your score card. Do not sign your card and bring it to the Committee for a decision. (Rule 3-3)

If you believe that you or a fellow competitor has broken a Rule and may have incurred a penalty do not sign the score card and bring the question to the Tournament Committee at the end of your round.

Double check all your scores for EVERY hole before you sign your scorecard. Check your addition. Do not be DISQUALIFIED because you made a scoring mistake.

I hope this helps you.

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