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Ball on the bridge on Hole #12


Problem areas are always a problem and the question about your ball being on the bridge on hole #12 has come up again.

I have attached a photo of the situation to this e mail. Hopefully you all can open it!


The bridge is IN the hazard.

You are ALWAYS allowed to hit from a hazard without penalty.

But……You MAY NOT ground your club in a hazard.

The bridge, although it is deemed to be IN the hazard, is an “obstruction” in the hazard , NOT ‘”ground” in the hazard

Decision/Rule 13-4/30 allows you to touch an “obstruction” in a hazard.

So this is what you may do:

1. You may, without penalty, hit your ball from the bridge and ground your club.

2. You may, with a one stroke penalty, take relief from the bridge using Rule 26, Water Hazards.

As you well know that means:

Hit from where you were before, if from the tee box you may tee your ball up again.

Go back and drop a ball as far as you like, in line with the pin and where your ball last crossed the hazard.

Drop a ball within two club lengths, no closer to the pin, from where your ball last crossed the hazard.

I do not advocate plagiarism but this time I have included here link here to the USGA Rules website that will visually help you.

I hope this helps you,

6/21 Play Day results

We had 23 ladies play today-and survived the heat.
Here are the results:

Doris Bunnell and Jan Todorovic #2
Shelly Morgan # 14
Linda Daniels # 17

Chip ins: $11.00 each!
Doris Bunnell #1
Jan Todorovic # 2

Closest to the Pin:
# 2 Frances Shipilov 6’2.5″ and Doris Bunnell 7’1″
# 7 Janet Winslow 24’5″
# 14 Shelly Morgan 17’10” and Susan Leeper 8’6″
# 17 Linda Daniel 10’6.5″

Game-Mutt & Jeff
1st Flight:
1-Mary Watkins
2-Sandy Smith
3-tie Shelly Morgan and Linda Daniel

2nd Flight:
1-tie Sandy Mize and Doris Bunnell
3-Susan Leeper
4-tie. Kay Gschwend, Sally Sturney and Marie Verza.

Hope I got everything correct!

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CV Team Play Updates

Be sure to check periodically for Team Play updates. We just uploaded the latest Central Valley stats to the right side panel – or click here: Central Valley Team Stats. Check with Bonnie Ladd if you have any questions.

June 14th PlayDay Results

Hello Ladies,

Today we had 21 ladies play and here are the results.

Bonnie Ladd #7
Sondi Schnee #17
Jan Baehr #17

Chip In’s
Karen Halbakken #16 and she was the only one. So it was worth $21.00. Great Job, Karen


#2 Sandy Smith 34’5″
#7 Shelly Morgan 35’2″ and Cathy Surdez 12″

No C-T-P on the back nine.

The game was Three 6’s.

In second Place with a score of 134.
Sandy Smith
Sondi Schnee
Sandy Mize
Gay Wold

In First Place with a score of 131
Shelly Morgan
Bonnie Ladd
Joanne Smith
Carol Grabar

Thank you ladies,
Please note, I will not be here next Tuesday so Carolyn Barnes and Frances Shipilov will be running next Tuesday. So if you have any questions, need to cancel or any other issue please call, text or email them.

Thanks again,

The Golfer and the Lake

Hi Ladies –
I just ran across this funny video.

the next time you think about standing on the rocks by one of our lakes, and try to take that shot without having to call it an unplayable lie, remember this poor guy:

The Golfer and the Lake.

The video is also under “Videos – Just for Fun” on the right-side panel.



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