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Please forward to the gang – Update on Central Valley Team Play

On Thursday, July 21, 2016 5:22 PM, Bonnie Ladd <bonnieladd> wrote:

News from our Awesome Central Valley team Play!

We are looking good! Our last three matches lifted us into 3rd place, which is phenomenal. Our best outing was at Saddle Creek where Dana Wardstrom, Cindy Renshaw, Patty Uyeno, Cathy Fancey, Jill Chase, Kathy Readler, Deborah Veatch, and Bonnie Ladd won all 4 matches! We played at Elkhorn and won 3 matches, and then at Turlock we won 2 matches. Players at Elkhorn and Turlock, not listed above, included Becky Frazier, Jeanne Zwemer, Frances Shipilov, Gay Wold, Brenda Reisinger, Charlene Kleiner, Myra Buckman, and Sandy Smith.

Our last match is Friday, August 26, at Spring Creek. If you are interested in playing, just let me know.

The spreadsheet with all the details is always posted on our website.


Today’s results

Hello ladies,

Today we had 40 ladies play the game Cha Cha Cha

We had 5 teams of Members Only Flight and 5 teams of Member/Guest Flight.

Fe Estrera #17
Gay Wold #8
Sandy Smith #2 and #15
Charlene Kleiner #7
Dana Wardstrom #5 & #7
Gina Bischofberger #11

We had 4 chip in’s worth $5.00 each

Sally Sturney #3
Fe Estrera #9 and #13
Nonie Greenfield #5

Guest/Member Flight
First Place:
Cheree Mendonsa
Mary Watkins
Shelby Watkins
Donna Ybarra

Second Place:
Sandy Mize
Lisa Bates
Tammy Slabaugh
Gina Bischofberger

Member Only Flight
First Place:
Jeanne Zwemer
Gay Wold
Sandy Smith
Brenda Reisinger

Second Place:
Shelly Morgan
Jan McCleery
Nonie Greenfield
Jan Todorovic

Also, this is the first time Jan Todorovic broke 100 on a Tuesday Play Day. WAY TO GO JAN!!

Just a reminder, make your own tee time if you want to play a practice round on Tuesday.
See you at the Cocktail Party Tuesday night and enjoy the Invitational !!!!!!


Almost August’s Rules Quiz


As next Monday we will all be getting ready for our Olympics Invitational I’m sending August’s Rules quiz out early.

Have a wonderful 2016 Invitational and GO TEAMS!

Almost August’s Rules Quiz

1. A player’s ball lies in a hazard when any part of it touches the hazard?
True or false?

2. It is permitted to eliminate an irregularity on the surface of the teeing ground?
True or false?

3. There is no requirement for a player to put an identification mark on their ball?

True or false?

4. A ball is not “Out of Bounds” unless all of the ball lies out of bounds?
True or false?

5. A player who starts a round with 13 clubs may add one more club at any time?
True or false?

6. How many club lengths behind the tee markers may a player tee their ball and still be within the teeing ground?


  1. TRUE
  2. TRUE
  3. TRUE
  4. TRUE
  5. TRUE a player may add clubs up to the permitted total of 14 as long as the pace of play is not affected
  6. TWO CLUB LENGTHS, the teeing ground is defined as “a rectangular area 2 club lengths in depth defined by the outside limits of the two tee markers”.

Enjoy yourselves next week ladies!


Tuesday’s Results

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in getting this email out………..

We had 27 ladies play today- the game was “Gimme a break”

Mary Watkins holes 7 and 11
Kathy Readler hole # 1

Chip Ins ($8.50 each):
Nonie Greenfield hole # 9
Mary Watkins hole # 11
Carol Grabar hole #14

Closest to the pin ($3.00 each):
Hole # 2
Cathy Fancey and Carolyn Barnes
Hole # 7
Rochelle Baxley and Sally Sturney
Hole # 14
Rochelle Baxley and Susan Leeper
Hole # 17
Rochelle Baxley (yes really-all 3!) and Carolyn Barnes

Game winners:
1st flight:
1st Cindy Gerpheide
2nd Jan Baehr
3rd Jeanne Zwemmer

2nd flight:
1st -tie- Bonnie Ladd and Joanne Leete
3rd Kathy Readler

3rd flight:
1st Sandy Mize
2nd-tie-Sally Sturney and Carolyn Barnes

Hope I didn’t miss anything!
Happy Golfing,

Today’s Results July 12

Hello Ladies,

We had 29 ladies play today and the game was PPLN.

Jan McCleery #8

Susan Leeper #5
Carol Grabar #3
Cathy Fancey #10
The chip-in’s were worth $9.50 each

Closest to the Pin’s

#2 Annette Krey 11′ 1″
#7 Jill Chase 9′ 1″ and Jan McCleery 4′ 3″
#14 Dana Wardstrom 10′ 4″
#17 Jan Baehr 19’2″ and Susan Leeper 20′ 6″
All the above was worth $4.50 each

Flight One
First Place – Mary Watkins with a Net score of 68
Second/Third Place – Linda Daniel and Jan Baehr with a Net score of 69
Fourth Place – Bonnie Ladd with a Net score of 71
Flight Two
First Place – Carolyn Barnes with a Net score of 71
Second Place – Sally Sturney with a Net score of 74
Third/Fourth Place Can Donald and Charlene Kleiner with a Net score of 75

Cindy Renshaw with a score of 68 (Yes we broke the tie on the back)

Annette Krey and Susan Leeper with 30 putts

Annette Krey with a Gross score of 76
She is not winning two things, Gross winner is just honorable mention.

Just a reminder…..I will not be here next week. Carolyn Barnes will be running next week so please call her if you have any issues.
Also don’t forget to sign up by noon on Sunday.


July Rules quiz

Hi Ladies, the July Rules quiz for you to enjoy! Yippee…….

1. Felicity marks the position of her ball on the putting green with her marker and causes her ball to move. What is the penalty?

A. One stroke penalty
B. Two stroke penalty
C. No penalty

2. Helen tees her ball on the teeing ground and while practicing her swing she knocks the ball off the tee. What is her penalty?

A. No penalty
B. One stroke penalty
C. Two stroke penalty

3. Brenda’s ball lands next to a red stake marking the margin of a lateral water hazard. Before she makes her next stroke she removes the stake as it restricts her intended swing. What is her penalty?

A. One stroke penalty
B. Two stroke penalty
C. No penalty

4. Delilah’s ball lands “in bounds” but her swing is restricted by a white out of bounds stake. Before making her next stroke she removes the stake. What is her penalty?

A. No penalty
B. One stroke penalty
C. Two stroke penalty

5. Judy asks her fellow competitor Constance to attend the flagstick. Constance is not quite awake and Judy’s ball hits the flagstick. Who gets the penalty Judy or Constance?

6. Suzie is playing hole #12 at Discovery Bay Country Club and her balls lands on the bridge over the water hazard. She grounds her club on the bridge and hits her ball onto the green. How many penalty strokes does Suzie incur?


1. C. No penalty. Rule 20-1, states if a ball, or ball marker, is accidentally moved in the process of lifting the ball, or marking its position, the ball or marker must be replaced. There is no penalty provided the movement of the ball or marker was directly attributable to the specific act of marking or lifting the ball.

2. A. No penalty. TheDefinition of a “stroke” is the forward movement of the club with the intention of striking at, and moving the ball. As the ball on the teeing ground is not in play until a “stroke” has been made, the ball may be re-teed without penalty, Rule/Decision 18-2/19.

3. C. No penalty. Under the Definition of Water Hazard stakes used to define the margins of a Water Hazard are Obstructions. Red and yellow stakes may be moved without penalty and, if your ball moves due to you moving the stake, there is no penalty but you must replace your ball. Also your ball may be cleaned when you lift it. Rule 24-1

4. C. Two stroke penalty. TheDefinition of Out of Bounds states that objects defining out of bounds are NOT Obstructions, therefore they must not be moved. If a player removes them they breaking Rule 13-2, Improving lie, Area of intended Swing, or Line of Play.

5. Sadly Judy does! She is penalized two strokes as her ball hit the attended flagstick (Rule 17-3 and Decision 17-3/2). Judy then plays the ball where it lies.

6. NONE. You may ground your club on a bridge over a water hazard. Decision 13-4/30. The bridge is an obstruction and NOT “ground in the hazard”.

I hope this helps you.

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