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11/29 Play Day results

Hello Ladies,

We had 30 ladies play today and I froze all day today.

We had 4 groups of Member/Guest and 4 groups of Members only.
So we paid first place in each group.

We had 5 Birdies
Cindy Aafedt #8 and #9
Annette Krey #14
Brenda Reisinger #14 and #17

Brenda Reisinger #17 (Yes, chip-in birdie)
Cam Donald #5
Cathy Fancey #9
Dana Wardstrom #14

Closest to the Pin
Guest – Hole #2 Lisa Bates 21′ 1/2″
Member Hole #17 Anne O’Prey 20′ 4″

First Place for the Member – Guest Group
With a score of 57
Shelly Morgan
Carolyn Barnes
Rochelle Baxley
Dawn Pombo

First Place for the Member only Group
With a score of 59
Sandy Smith
Brenda Reisinger
Can Donald
Barbara Mensch

Thanks ladies for coming out and playing today on our last paly day of the year. It’s been fun!
See you Saturday!


Tuesday 11/22

Hello Ladies,

Just a reminder you have until noon on Sunday to sign up for the last Guest Day and Play Day for the 18 holers.


Here are the results from Tuesday, sorry it is a little late,

Mary Watkins #17
Raquel Myers #2

Shelly Morgan #5
Mary Watkins #8

Closest to the Pin
Hole #2 Cathy Fancey 5’4″ and Rose Viera 29’2″
Hole #7 Raquel Myers 21′ 1/2″ and Rose Viera 14′ 10 1/2″
Hole #14 Joann Onstad 48′ 1/2″
Hole# 17 Judy Bartoli 52′ and Kay Gschwend

The game was Select Nine and we had two Flights
Flight One
1st Place – Joanne Leete with a score of 29.5
2nd Place – Sondi Schnee with a score of 31.5
3rd Place – Sandy Smith with a score of 33

Flight Two
Joanne Onstad with a score of 29.5
Jan McCleery with a score of 31
Rose Viera with a score of 33

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and hope to see you Tuesday.


Tuesday’s Results

We had 23 ladies play in today’s two best ball game.

First Place team with a score of 130, winning $7.00 each:
Cindy Renshaw
Kathy Readler
Susan Leeper
Barbara Mensch

Second place team with a score of 131, winning $6.00 each:
Lin Lenson
Cathy Fancey
Carolyn Barnes

Lin Lenson #7
Deborah Veatch #14
Susan Leeper #17

Chip Ins, worth $11.50 each:
Grace Berend #12
Susan Leeper #17

Closest to the pin, each worth $4.25
Handicap 0-27
Hole 2 Christina Browning 14′ 6 1/2″
Hole 7 Lin Lenson 7′ 2″
Hole 17 Shelly Morgan 12′ 5″

Handicap 28-36
Hole 7 Julie Hanson 15′ 3″
Hole 17 Sondi Schnee 45′ 1″

Next weeks game is Turkey Shoot. You have until Sunday at noon to sign up.

It was a beautiful day to be on the golf course. Thank you all for playing.



Hello ladies,

We had 19 ladies. It was a nice day today and the rain stayed away for our last PPLN day.


Annette Krey #7 & #9
Cathy Fancey #11

Bonnie Ladd #13
Jeanne Zwemer #4
Shelly Morgan #6

Closest to the Pin

#2 Jill Chase 15′ 6 1/2″ and Sondi Schnee 14′ 4″
#17 Cindy Renshaw 25′ 1″

Flight One
First Place – Cathy Fancey with a net score of 71
Second Place – Jeanne Zwemer with a net score of 77

Second Flight
First Place – Joanne Smith with a net score of 76
Second Place – Brenda Reisinger with a net score of 80

Jill Chase with a net score of 70

Annette Krey with 29 Putts

Annette Krey with a score of 83

Next week Cathy Fancey will be running the day so if you have any question, additions or cancellations, please call, email or text her.
You may also call the proshop anytime before noon on Sunday and sign up or cancel on foretees.

Thank you


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