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October Rules quiz

Hi Ladies:

Let’s have some fun with a “loose impediments “quiz and see what we know and don’t know.

Our ball is on the fairway surrounded by little pieces of cut grass. We think, “Thank goodness they’ve finally mowed the rough!” We remove them from around the ball, and we also remove one piece that’s stuck on our ball. The ball does not move. Penalty or no penalty?

Answer. No penalty for removing the grass around the ball BUT a one stroke penalty for removing the grass adhering to the ball. Rule 21/2 says that anything “adhering to the ball” is not a loose impediment. The grass is a loose impediment when it’s on the ground, not when it’s on your ball.

Your ball is on the fringe of the green and before you make your next stroke you remove some twigs, leaves, loose soil and sand from around your ball. Penalty or no penalty?

No penalty for removing the twigs and leaves as they are loose impediments.
But a TWO STROKE penalty for removing the loose soil and sand, because here they are not “loose impediments.” You improved your lie, area of intended stance, swing or line of play. Rule 13-2.

Now you’re on the putting green. You mark your ball and, on your line of play, there’s some sand and loose soil. Can you remove them, or will it be another two stroke penalty?

Answer. Here on the putting green sand and loose soils ARE loose impediments so you can remove them. Rule 16-1
Go figure who decided this, and what DO they have against loose soil and sand eh?

Your ball lies on the fairway and a live insect is on your ball, can you remove it?

Yes, because unlike the grass in question #1, it is not considered to be adhering to your ball as it has legs and can walk and therefore is a “loose impediment”. BUT if your ball moves while removing the pesky critter you get a one stroke penalty and have to replace your ball. If your ball moves and you don’t replace it it’s a two stroke penalty.

Same ball, same insect, now in a bunker. Can you remove the insect?

NO. Even though he/she is a loose impediment it is “in the bunker” and it’s forbidden to move loose impediments in a bunker.
However, as it is capable of moving on its own you may wave your hand over it, or blow on it to encourage it to fly away on its own. If you remove the insect with your fingers you will be penalized TWO STROKES under Rule 13-4c.

I hope this helps you.


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Advisory Board Minutes 9/21/17

The latest Advisory Board minutes are here: ADVISORY BOARD HIGHLIGHTS 9-21-17

2017 Club Championship Results

Hi all,

Nine women, three Tuesday’s, some very nice weather, and a 2017 Club Champ has emerged. The winner is……….Cindy Aafedt, with a three day total gross score of 232. That is three rounds of golf under 80, gross! Congratulations Cindy for three excellent days of golf. Annette Krey shot an outstanding 76 today for a three day total of 234. Very nice Annette. We also acknowledge low net. In this case, it was me. My three day total net score was 212.

As Club Champion, Cindy received a pro shop gift certificate of $75. Cindy will also receive a low gross champion necklace, and will also have her name engraved on the DBWGC Club Champion trophy. Annette Krey and I both received a $50.00 pro shop gift certificate.

There were 4 chip-ins, each worth $5.00.

Annette Krey, #10
Cathy Houston, #13
Sandy Smith, #5
Lin Lenson, #9


Cindy Aafedt, 1,5,17, 6
Annette Krey, 10,11,17
Cathy Houston, 7, 10
Dana Wardstrom, 14,17, 11, 17
Sandy Smith, 8
Lin Lenson, 2
Shelly Morgan, 7
Cathy Fancey, 17

Here are the details.


Thank you to those of you who followed the field and came up to help us celebrate.

Next Tuesday is the GO RED Tournament which is being organized by Becky Frazier.


Club Championship-Round 2 Results

Hi all,

Here are the results after the second round of the Club Championship. Cindy and Annette are dueling it out for low gross with a 153 and 158, after two rounds. We also have two low net scores of 141 from Cindy and Sandy.

Lin Lenson had a chip-in on #9.

Birdies: Sandy Smith on # 8

Cathy Fancey #17

Shelly Morgan had a birdie last Tuesday on hole #7 (which I failed to mention).

Stay tuned for the final results after round 3 next Tuesday. Remember to sign up on Foretees by Sunday at noon,
if you want to follow the field. You can join us for lunch and see who is the 2017 Club Champion.

Cindy Aafedt 6 75 78 153 69 72 141
Annette Krey 4 75 83 158 71 79 150
Cathy Houston 9 82 88 170 73 79 152
Dana Wardstrom 11 85 91 176 74 80 154
Sandy Smith 19 91 88 179 72 69 141
Lin Lenson 12 97 83 180 85 71 156
Shelly Morgan 18 88 96 184 70 78 148
Cathy Fancey 21 91 94 185 70 73 143
Jeanne Zwemer 22 102 106 208 80 84 164

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