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Advisory Board Meeting, March 15, 2018

Golf Course Maintenance

* Will start punching the greens next week or the week after. Depends on weather.

* A new mat was put on the walking bridge between holes 2 & 3.

* The new artificial swans are still being tested on their usefulness for getting rid of geese. New spotlights are being purchased to be put where the geese sleep.

* Going to be spraying weeds on holes 1-7 Friday, 8-12 Monday & 13-18 on Tuesday.

* Yardage stakes that are broken are being repaired.

* The Club is going to make the wire attached to the sand shovel, in the sand box between holes 7 & 8,longer.

* Maintenance is not able to cut a path for walkers between holes 12 & 13 because of the roots from all the trees. Would damage lawn mowers.

Golf Operations

* Going to have a Sunset Golf on Sunday afternoon, April 8th. Can have any combination of men & women or can be all men or all women. New York Steak Dinner & Bingo.

* Ping Demo Day was canceled due to weather. Will be rescheduled.

Food & Beverage Operation

* We have new lunch & dinner menus. New salads, Hamburgers & sandwiches. Even Mac & cheese.

* Halibut is back in season again so will start having your halibut favorites again.

* Mystery Murder Dinner is filling up nicely.

* Person that was going to do the floors in our downstairs bathroom is not available now. Don’t know when they are going to start the project.

Next meeting will be Thursday, April 19 at 3:30.


Playday March 6, 2018

Next weeks game is Blarney Ball.  You have until noon on Sunday to sign up.

Today started out chilly but it turned out to be a beautiful day.  The game was S & T’s and here are the results:

First Flight:

1st Place: Mary Watkins with a score of 34, winning $9.00 in sweeps.

2nd Place: Sandy Smith with a score of 35, winning $4.34 in sweeps.

Second Flight:

Tied for 1st Place:  Deborah Veatch and Brenda Reisinger with a score of 35, each winning $6.66 in sweeps.

Third Flight:

1st Place: Joanne Smith, score of 36, winning $9.00 in sweeps.

2nd Place: Grace Berend, score of 41, winning $4.33 in sweeps.


Cindy Aafedt Hole # 8

Lin Lenson, Holes # 1& 2

Mary Watkins, Hole # 7

Chip Ins, each worth $9.50:

Lin Lenson, Hole #1

Mary Watkins, Hole #3

Closest to the Pin, each worth $3.50

Handicap 0-26:

Hole 2, Lin Lenson 5′

Hole 7, Mary Watkins, 1′ 9″

Hole 17, Jeanne Zwemer 32′ 10 3/4 ”

Handicap 27-36

Hole 2, Brenda Reisinger, 42′ 5″

Hole 7, Joanne Smith, 23″ 10 1/2″

Thank you all for playing.

Cathy and Deborah

Guest Day – February 27, 2018 – Cold and Windy

We had 20 members and 6 guests brave the cold and wind to play a round of TWO BEST NET BALLS.

Winning the Guest Flight with a score of 130:

Sandy Mize, Sondi Schnee, Gina Bishoffberger, Tammy Slabaugh

Winning the Member Only Flight with a score of 137:

Adrian Goodman, Raquel Myers, Fe Estrera, Grace Berend

Closest to the Pin:

Guest:  Lisa Ferrante, Hole # 7, 43’

Member:  Becky Frazier, Hole #17, 16’5”

Rochelle Baxley has the only chip-in, winning $13.00


Rochelle Baxley #14

Cindy Aafedt #2

Lisa Ferrante #5, 15

Next Tuesday will be a regular play day.  The game will be S & T’s.  Add score on all holes starting  with the letter S & T.  Subtract ½ of your handicap for your game score.

Coordinators:  Cathy Fancey and Deborah Veatch


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