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Central Valley Team Play 2018 Results

From Captain of the Central Valley, Sandy Smith:

I’m very pleased to announce the 2018 results of the  Central Valley League.

Discovery Bay came in first overall!!!

In addition,  our B team was tied but was edged out of first place in the tie breaker.

Well done ladies!  Thank you for your participation and excellent playing.

Please congratulate all of the players that played during the year.  They were (in alphabetical order):

Cindy Aafedt, Rochelle Baxley, Jill Chase, Cathy Fancey, Becky Frazier, Adrian Goodman, Donna Grover, Julie Hanson, Cathy Houston, Charlene Kleiner, Annette Krey, Bonnie Ladd, Shelly Morgan, Brenda Reisinger, Cindy Renshaw, Frances Shipilov, Sandy Smith, Amelia Thorton, Patty Uyeno, Deborah Veatch, Gay Wold and Jeanne Zwemer.

Last match of a great season. Thanks to all who played!



Playday GIR (Greens in Regulation) – September 11, 2018

Hi Ladies-

Hope it wasn’t too exhausting trying to figure out the game today!  It was GIR or Greens in Regulation.  To determine how many strokes it took you to get on the green, you deducted your putts from your total score.  To determine your personal goal for strokes to green, take 71 (course par) + your handicap and subtract 36 (regulation putts). Winners were those who came closest to their GIR.


1st Flight / Hcp 5-24

3 way tie between Cindy Aafedt, Jeanne Zwemer, and Cathy Fancey, with each player shooting 3 over and receiving $4.

2nd Flight / Hcp 25-31

Susan Graham – 3 over $8

Joanne Leete – 5 over $4

3rd Flight / Hcp 32-35

Sally Sturney – 0 $8

Susan Leeper – 2 over $4

4th Flight / Hcp 36

Sonja Welin – 7 over $6.75

Debbie Kelley – 10 over $3.25

Note:  Most Flights had 6 players, so $12 available for Sweeps.  Flight 4 had 5 players so $10 was available for Sweeps.

Closest to the Pins, worth $3 each:

Hole #2:  Suzy Graham 8’2” & Doris Bunnell 38’8”

Hole #7:  Annette Krey 3’10” & Sandy Mize 3’6”

Hole #14:  Annette Krey 3’10” & Sandy Mize 36’10”

Hole #17:  Cindy Aafedt 16’7” & Debbie Kelley 7’10”

Chip-ins worth $6 each:

Raquel Myers on Hole 4

Cindy Gerpheide on Hole 13

Grace Berend on Hole 17

Bonnie Ladd on Hole 16

Birdies were dominated by Annette Krey.  She birdied holes 7, 11, & 14!  She also a fabulous 75 and only 28 Putts.

Hope to see you next week for PPLN!


Bonnie and Cindy

Playday Cha-Cha-Cha – August 28, 2018

We had 30 ladies come out to play Cha-Cha-Cha.

The first place winners (4 balls each) were:

Sandy Mize

Tammy Slabaugh

Peggie Schuitemaker

Gina Bischofberger

The second place winners (3 balls each) were:

Joanne Leete

Joanne Smith

Joanne Onstadt

Deborah Martin

Closest to the Pin for Members

No Closest to the Pin for Guests


Joanne Leete Hole #15  $15.00


Frances Shipilov #15

Lin Lenson #10

Annette Krey #14

Gina Bischofberger #14

There is no DBWGC Play Day next Tuesday.  The Breakers Sister’s Day is next Thursday.



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