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Halloween BINGO – Playday October 30 2018

We had 31 ladies come out to play Halloween Bingo.  It was chilly and windy, suitable for Halloween.

Here are the results:

 1st Place Team with 13 Bingos

Debbie Kelly

Jeanne Zwemer

Sherry Boyd

2nd Place Team with 10 Bingos

Donna Grover

Annette Krey

Jill Chase

 Closest to the Pin:

Member – Hole 17 – Annette Krey  5’ 2”

Guest – Hole 7 – Tammy Slabaugh  46’ ½”

 Chip-ins – $2.25 each

Jill Chase #17

Sally Sturney #1

Shelly Morgan #10

Sondi Schnee #17

Mary Watkins #3

Sue Youngblood #10

Conchita Christensen #12


Frances Shipilov #2

Donna Grover #2

Adrian Goodman #2

Jill Chase #17

Annette Krey #17 #18



Christmas Lunch – 2018

Playday Crystal Ball – October 23, 2018

The game yesterday was called Crystal Ball.  

First Flight winners:

1st Place – Jeanne Zwemer, score 50, winning $11 in sweeps.

2nd Place – Brenda Reisinger, score 53, winning $7 in sweeps.

3rd Place – Kay Gschwend, score 56, winning $4 in sweeps.

 Second Flight winners:

1st Place – Kris Rogers, score 48, winning $11 in sweeps.

2nd Place – Joanne Smith, score 49, winning $7 in sweeps.

3rd Place – Sondi Schnee, score 52, winning $4 in sweeps

 There were three chip-ins, each worth $7.33.

Annette Krey, hole 11

Sondi Schnee, hole 13

Nonie Greenfield, hole 5

Handicaps 0-28:

Hole 2, Annette Krey  32′ 8″

Hole 7, Annette Krey  4’5″

Hole 14, Cynde Gerpheide 7’5″

Hole 17, Donna Grover 3’9″

 Handicaps 29-36:
Hole 2, Sondi Schnee 27′ 12″
Hole 7, Kris Rogers 44’7″
Hole 17, Sandy Mize 28’6″

Finally, there were 6 birdies:

Nonie Greenfield, hole 5

Annette Krey, hole 7 & 11

Donna Grover, hole 8 & 17

Kris Rogers, Hole 7

 Congratulations to all winners.  

 Next week, October 30th is guest day.  The game is Halloween Bingo and is being run by Frances and Susan.  Remember to sign up by Sunday at noon.

 Thank you,

 Cathy and Sally

Blind 9 – Playday October 16, 2019

Today’s Game was Blind 9.

First Flight 0 – 25

1st Place – Terry Billingham, Score 35, $8.50

2nd Place – Lin Lenson, Score 37.5, $6.17

Second Flight 26 – 30

1st Place Kay Gschwend, Score 33.5, $8.50

2nd Place Jan Baehr, Score 37, $6.17

Third Flight 31 – 36

1st Place, Kris Rogers, Score 39, $8.50

2nd Place, Bonnie Ladd, Score 41.5, $6.16


Kathy Readler, Hole #15, $11.00

Sherry Boyd, Hole #15, $11.00


Cindy Aafedt, Hole #11

Closest to the Pin:

Lin Lenson  $15

Hole #2 18’2”

Hole #7 36’

Hole 14 33’

Raquel Myer  $5

Hole #2, 41’2”

2019 Rules Update – Part 1

These rules take affect on January 1, 2019 – Not prior to that date!  There will be additional posts over the next few weeks.


Ball at rest accidentally moved

There is no longer a penalty if you accidentally moving your ball, or ball marker, when it is on the putting green.  You must however replace your ball where it was before you moved it.

No longer a penalty for moving your ball during a search. The ball must be replaced, but if you don’t know the exact spot you now place the ball on its estimated spot.  The prior rule had you dropping the ball.

Ball in motion

There is no longer a penalty if your ball in motion accidentally hits you or your equipment, your caddie, the person attending the flagstick or a removed or attended flagstick.

Ball struck more than once

There is no longer a penalty if you accidentally hit your ball more than once during a stroke

Embedded ball

You may take relief for an embedded ball anywhere in the “general area” which is the new term for “through the green” but not in the sand.

Dropping a ball

You must now drop the ball straight down at “knee height”, that is the height of your knee when you are in a standing position.  You must not spin or throw the ball, and it must not hit your body or equipment.  If it does, you must redrop the ball

Last one for today, and probably one of the more surprising ones!

Loose impediments in bunkers

You are now allowed to remove loose impediments in bunkers.  Loose impediments are objects such as stones, loose grass, branches, rocks, or leaves.  You are allowed to touch the sand when doing so but you still cannot test the consistency of the sand.



Discovery Bay Ladies 18 Holers Club Championship

After three days of play, the results are in…..

This year’s champion is Cindy Aafedt, who’s total gross score was 232. Cindy received a $75. pro shop gift certificate, and flowers.  Cindy will also receive a small diamond for the charm she won last year, and she doesn’t have to pay dues for 2019.  Congrats on your repeat Cindy.

Second place gross winner, with a score of 233, is Lisa Ferrante, who received a $40. pro shop gift certificate and flowers.

Our low net winner, with a net score of 223, is Terry Billingham, who received a $40. pro shop gift certificate and flowers.

There were two chip ins, Cindy Aafedt and Sandy Smith, each winning $10.

I’d like to thank all the ladies who played in this year’s Club Championship. Hopefully we will have a larger turnout next year.


Club Champion, Cindy Aafedt

Club Championship Winners from left to right

Lisa Ferrante, 2nd Place Gross

Cindy Aafedt, 1st Place, Champion

Terry Billingham, 1st Place, Net

Sucker in the Bucket – Playday September 25, 2018

Well, I didn’t make any friends today…  Sucker in the Bucket was not a fan favorite!

We had 27 ladies come out to play.  And here are the results:


1st Place – Guest Flight – Score 62 – 4 balls each

Sandy Mize

Tammy Slabaugh

Gina Bischofberger

Lisa Bates

1st Place – Member Flight – Score 66 – 4 balls each

Doris Bunnell

Sally Sturney

Kay Gschwend

Carol Grabar

Closest to the Pin – 3 balls each

Member – Terry Billingham – Hole #17 – 46’10”

Guest – Gina Bischofberger – Hole #7 – 23’2”

Chip-ins – $4.50 each

Terry Billingham – Hole #10

Debbie Martin – Hole #8

Gina Bischofberger – Hole #17

Next Tuesday is the first round of the DBWGC Championship Tournament.

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