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2019 Rules Quiz #1

2019 Rules Quiz, #1


  1. Veronica removes the flagstick, lays it on the green. I hit my putt too hard and it hits the flagstick.  What now? 
      A.  I yell at Veronica and vow never to play with her again.
      B.  I get a two stroke penalty and have to putt again.
      C.  No penalty and I play the ball as it lies.
















    Answer.  C  No penalty, lucky me.  A great Rules’ change.

      1. As I walk towards the hole to line up my putt I lightly touch the line if my putt with my putter. Now what?
          A. I get a two stroke penalty
          B. No penalty














        Answer. B)  My luck is still in!  Even if my caddie touches the green to show me where to hit my putt there’s still no penalty.



        1. When playing out of a Water hazard, which is in 2019 renamed  a “Penalty Area”  I ground my club and touch some weeds in the water.  Now what?

            A.    I look around and hope nobody saw so I am not penalized                           
            B.    I take a two stroke penalty as I am honest
            C. No penalty
















          Answer.  C)  No penalty in 2019.  I hope none of you chose A)



          1. My ball is in a bunker I remove a stone, a loose impediment, before I make my stroke.  Now what?   
              A. Veronica says I don’t get a penalty 
              B. I get a two stroke penalty














            Answer A) No penalty, maybe Veronica isn’t such a bad friend after all.














            1. My ball disappears into the rough, how long can I search for it? 
                A. Five minutes 
                B. Three minute
                C. As long as I like
















              Answer. B) Three minutes, once you start your search.  Hopefully this will speed up play.



              1. I mark and lift my ball to identify it and I don’t tell the other players or let them watch me. Now what?                                                                             
                  A. Veronica yells at me. You can’t do that!
                  B. I get a one stroke penalty
                  C. No penalty















                Answer.  C) No penalty.  This allows a faster pace of play and relies on the integrity of players to act honestly and play by the Rules.


                I hope you did well on this quiz and it helps you. Hilary

2018 End of Year Awards

2018 End of Year Awards

We wouldn’t be here without your attendance.  We had 40 play days and a total of 842 participants!

All Awards are listed in reverse order and winners are bolded

Sondi Schnee              28 days

Mary Watkins                29 days

Cindy Aafedt                29 days

Joanne Smith               29 days

Jeanne Zwemer                   32 days    

WGANC has a pendant competition.  This year we had 6 PENDANT days, which concided with 6 of our PPLN days.  The 3 lowest NET scores  are used and the this year we received 2 Pendants, and the winners are:

Mary Watkins & Cindy Renshaw

Our major competition during the year is our PPLN days.  We had 8 PPLN days and the best scores from 3 playdays are used.  This is the same format as the Pendant days.  I also followed our guidelines on PPLN days so no double dipping.


Julie Hanson                12.5

Sandy Smith                22

Cindy Renshaw           23

Mary Watkins              28.5                                                                    


Bonnie Ladd                 95

Susan Leeper              95

Joanne Smith               93

Cindy Aafedt               92                                                                       

Carolyn Barnes           92


Annette Krey                221

Deborah Veatch           219

Jill Chase                      218

Debbie Kelley               216

Jeanne Zwemer                   210                                                                     


Lisa Ferrante               75                                                                       


Annette Krey                24

Cindy Aafedt               26                                                                       


Sandy Mize broke 100                                                                                    

Donna Grover broke 80                                                                        

Lisa Ferrante shot par on 1st day of Fall Championship


Cindy Renshaw 2.75” on Hole 7                                                                  


Raquel Myers and Doris Bunnell 59’ on Hole 7                                                                     


Jenny Dillon went from a 13.4 index down to 11!                                    


Eclectic Results for 2018

Aloha Ladies,

Sorry I was not at the wonderful Christmas luncheon to personally announce the 2018 Eclectic winners.  Almost 40% of the ladies participating ended up with winnings – great odds!  Congratulations to all of you!

Here are the results:

Low Net Winner ($50)             Debbie Kelley – Net of 43.0

Low Gross Winner ($50):        Cindy Aafedt –  Gross of 59  (tie with Annette Krey which was broken on the Back 9 – Cindy with a 28 Net and Annette with a 31 Net)

Flight 1 – Handicaps 0 – 20

1st ($40)                      Donna Grover Net 52.1

2nd ($30)                     Lin Lenson                   Net 52.7

3rd ($20)                     Annette Krey               Net 53.8

4th ($15)                     Cindy Renshaw            Net 53.9

5th ($10)                     Jill Chase                     Net 54.2

Flight 2 – Handicaps 21 – 27

1st ($40)                      Jeanne Zwemmer       Net 46.4

2nd ($30)                     Mary Watkins             Net 47.2

3rd ($20)                     Rochelle Baxley          Net 51.6  (tie broken on Back 9 with Net of 23)

4th ($15)                     Cathy Fancey               Net 51.6  (tie broken on Back 9 with Net of 25)

5th ($10)                     Sandy Smith                Net 52.7

Flight 3 – Handicaps 28 – 31

1st ($40)                      Julie Hansen                Net 44.4

2nd ($30)                     Kathy Readler Net 45.6

3rd ($20)                     Sondi Schnee   Net 45.9

4th ($15)                     Francis Shipilov           Net 47.0

5th ($10)                     Deborah Veatch          Net 48.8

Flight 4 – Handicaps 32 – 36

1st ($40)                      Sandy Mize                  Net 46.4

2nd ($30)                     Joanne Smith   Net 47.1

3rd ($20)                     Charlene Kleiner         Net 48.1

4th ($15)                     Sally Sturney               Net 49.0

5th ($10)                     Kris Rogers                  Net 51.1

Thank you all for a great year.  Please turn in your $10 for 2019 — It would be great if everyone participated.  There is an envelope in the Pro Shop drawer or you can mail me your check (5560 Beaver Lane, Discovery Bay, CA 94505).

Mahalo from Maui – See you soon.


Triplicate – Guest Day – November 27, 2018

We had 14 ladies come out for our last play day of 2018.  The rain held off until their round was finished…  and the results are:


Donna Grover, Hole #1

Annette Krey, Hole #9

Sondi Schnee, Hole #2

Cindy Aafedt, Holes #2 and #10

Closest to the Pin (Member): Annette Krey, 4’ 6”

There was no CTP for Guests, and no Chip-in.  The Chip-in “kitty” will roll-over.  (That’s two weeks of roll-over $$$)

The game was Triplicate.  The winning team, with a score of 124:

Amelia Thornton

Becky Frazier

Cindy Aafedt

Valorie Dommes




Two Net Best Ball – Playday November 20, 2018

We had 15 ladies come out to play today.  The weather was pleasant despite the smoke hanging in the air.

The game was Two Net Best Ball, and the results are:

Second Place Team:  Score 130 (tie broken on back 9), $3.00 per player

Sandy Smith

Joanne Leete

Sally Sturney

Kris Rogers

First Place Team:  Score 128, $4.50 per player

Donna Grover

Deborah Veatch

Mary Vinciguerra

Sonja Welin

There were no Chip-ins, so we have $13.00 rolling over to the first play day in January.

Closest to the Pin: 

Hole #2

Donna Grover, 34’6” , $3.25

Mary Vinciguerra, 60’, $3.25

Hole #17

Donna Grover, 8’11”, $3.25

Mary Vinciguerra, 44’4”, $3.25


Donna Grover, Hole #14

Annette Krey, Hole #5

Jeanne Zwemer, Hole #7

NEXT WEEK IS OUR LAST GUEST DAY OF 2018.  Remember to sign-up by NOON, Sunday, November 25.

Your play day coordinators are:  Frances Shipilov and Sally Sturney




2019 Golf Rules Update from our Rules Chair

Below is a link to an excellent video on the 20 most important Rules changes for 2019. If you have ANY questions don’t hesitate to e mail me and ask. 

 Pace of play has ben a driving factor for many of these changes so hopefully play days may have shorter rounds for you all.  There is a new Local Rule in 2019 for “Out of Bounds and Lost ball” that the NGGA is highly recommending to be instituted at Clubs where pace of play is a serious problem.

The NCGA itself will be using this Local Rule in some of its tournaments next year.  HOWEVER,  it is up to each club to decide if they want to implement its use for play.  Our Tournament Committee, Bonnie Ladd and Donna Grover, will be looking into this for us.  It however should not be used in Club Championship play.  I have pasted a link below to this also.

Remember, any questions, just ask!

 20 New Rules

New Local Rule, OB Lost Ball


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