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Give Me A Break – Playday February 19, 2019

The day started out cold but it turned into a very nice day.  Here are the results of today’s game.

Chip-Ins, ($5.50 each)

Sally Sturney, Hole #3

Jeanne Zwemer, Hole #8

Cathy Fancey, Hole #9


Sally Sturney, Hole #3

Jeanne Zwemer, Holes #7 & 8

Closest to the pin, (each worth $4.00)

Handicaps 0-28

Hole 7  Jeanne Zwemer 8’6″

Hole 17 Jeanne Zwemer 13’9 1/2″

Handicaps 29-36

Hole 7 Deborah Veatch 8’7 1/2″

Hole 17 Sherry Boyd 5’4″

Game Results:

1st Flight:

1st Place – Terry Billingham, Score 55, $9.00 sweeps

Tied 2nd – Cathy Fancey, Score 56, $4.50 sweeps

Tied 2nd – Donna Grover, Score 56, $4.50 sweeps

2nd Flight:

1st Place – Susan Leeper, Score 53, $9.00 sweeps

Tied 2nd – Sondi Schnee, Score 57, $4.50 sweeps

Tied 2nd – Bonnie Ladd, Score 57, $4.50 sweeps

Next Tuesday is Guest Day.  Sign up by Sunday at noon.


Rules Change for Discovery Bay – Clarification Hole 2 and 17 and Hand Warmers



Your Tournament Committee has asked me to cover the Rules’ situations below.

Hole #2. In compliance with the new 2019 directives from the USGA our Club decided to mark the penalty area , water, with red stakes.  This allows a player to make a lateral drop, two club lengths from where the ball last crossed the penalty area no closer to the pin.  Your ball  MUST CROSS the penalty area and then go bak into the water for you to drop on the green side.  If your ball just hits the rocks or the pilings around the bunker and bounces back into the water it has NOT crossed the penalty area.  In such a case you will have to hit again from where you last played your ball, or drop a ball inline with the pin and where it crossed the penalty area as far back as you like but  NOT green side.  All options incur a one stroke penalty.  If you incorrectly drop a ball green side you may be disqualified!

Cold hands, warm hearts.  It has been cold lately, and for those players with warm hearts but cold hands it is permissible to use a hand warmer to unfreeze your digits, however, do NOT allow your warmer to come into contact with your golf balls.  A hand warmer is classified as an “artificial device” and they not permitted to be used.  Keep your ball warmer in one pocket and your golf balls in the other pocket.

Hole 17.  I am still in discussions with Jon about this hole’s markings but currently the only change to this hole is having a “drop area”.  If your ball goes into the penalty area, water, in front of the tee box you may use the drop area for your next shot and take a one stroke penalty.  Nothing else has changed on this hole.  If you make a shot from for example the green side bunkers, the cart part, or from the green and your ball rolls over the pilings into the water currently your only option is to play again from where you made your last stroke and take a one stroke penalty.  No lateral drops close to the pilings or margin of the penalty area are allowed.

I hope this helps you.


Valentine BINGO – Playday February 12, 2019


Game:  Valentines Bingo

Yellow Flight:

1st Place – Donna Grover – 3 bingos – $8

2nd Place Tied w/2 bingos – Cindy Aafedt, Amelia Thornton $5 each

Green Flight:

1st Place – Rochelle Baxley – 5 bingos – $8

2nd Place – Bonnie Ladd – 3 bingos – $6

3rd Place Tied w/ 2 bingos – Julie Hanson, Sandy Mize  $2 each

Chip-in:  $18

Amelia Thornton, Hole #5


Amelia Thornton Hole #2

Annette Krey Hole #15

Closest to the Pin:  $6 each

Lisa Ferrante – Hole 7 – 8’9”

Sandy Mize – Hole 7 – 22’ 2-1/2”

Terry Billingham – Hole 14 6’10”


Total Putts – Playday February 3, 2019

Today started with a few sprinkles but ended up being a beautiful day for golf.

Someone asked if we could spread the groups out with no doubling up on the holes.  We asked Jon about that and he said he treats all groups the same.  If he did it for us, he’d have to do it for the Seniors, etc.

The Game today was Total Putts.  As luck would have it, we had 3 foursomes and 3 threesomes.  Our guidelines say to pay 1/3 of the field, so we paid the top foursome and the top threesome, $6 credit from Pro Shop for each winner.

Foursome winners with a score of 132

Cindy Aafedt, Lisa Ferrante, Lin Lenson & Amelia Thornton.

Threesome winners with a score of 94

Grace Berend, Susan Leeper & Sherry Boyd

Three chip ins, worth $7 each

Terry Billingham Hole 18

Grace Berend

Susan Leeper Hole 17


Lisa Ferrante Holes 2, 8 & 9

Donna Grover & Cindy Aafedt Hole 15

Susan Leeper Hole 17

Closest to the Pin, worth $6.25 each

Hole 7:  Jeanne Zwemer 9’11”  and  Brenda Reisinger 24’4”

Hole 17:  Lin Lenson 5’11”

Thanks for playing and hope to see you next week for PPLN.

Bonnie and Rochelle


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