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Playday April 2, 2019

While we all gathered to play, Mother Nature decided to send down some more of that liquid gold.   So the regular play-day was cancelled since most of the ladies didn’t believe the weather would clear.   Eight positive thinkers went out at 9:30 and got in a round – three cheers for the hearty golfers!



Points, Putts and Low Net – Playday April 9, 2019

We had 23 ladies play on Tuesday.  Here are the results.

Jeanne Zwemer, Hole #7
Terry Billingham, Hole #8
Cindy Aafedt, hole # 8

Chip in:
Mary Watkins, hole # 17,   $23.00

Closest to the pins, each worth $4.50
Handicap 0-27
Hole 2 –  A tie.  Lisa Ferrante AND Jeanne Zwemer, both 10′ 8″
Hole 14 – Cindy Aafedt, 19′ 4″
Hole 17 – Jenny Dillon, 23′ 5″

Handicaps 28-36
Hole 2 – Anne Oprey, 27′ 2″
Hole 14 – Kris Rogers 32′ 5″

Overall low net – Deborah Veatch, net 70.  Winning $9.00 sweeps
Overall low putts – Lisa Ferrante, 31 putts.   Winning $9.00 sweeps
Overall low gross – Cindy Aafedt,  78, winning honorable mention.  

First flight:
1st place, Cindy Aafedt, net 70.  Winning $8.00 sweeps
2nd place, Patty Uyeno, net 71.  Winning $4.00 sweeps
3rd place, Mary Watkins, net 72. Winning $2.00 sweeps

Second flight:
1st place, Brenda Reisinger, net 72. Winning $8.00 sweeps
2nd place, Kathy Readler, net 74. Winning $4.00 sweeps
3rd place, Sally Sturney, net 75.  Winning $2.00 sweeps

We had a few ties yesterday.  There was a tie for closest to the pin, which I’ve never seen. The tie for low net was broken on the back nine, which was still a tie, so it had to be broken on the last six holes.   The low putts tie had to be broken on the back nine.   Crazy day!

Congrats to all the winners.

Cathy and Cindy

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