Captains Club

A note from Peggie:

It was an honor to have all of you attend our first Captains Club luncheon. Thank you so much for your conversation during our round table discussion about your term as Captain.
I am excited about our group’s decision to further this Captains Club concept.

As my term comes to an end, I will say this lunch was one of the highlights of my year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families.

Attendees at the first Captains Club meeting: Peggie Schuitemaker (2019), Gay Wold (2014), Sandy Smith (2009), Rose Viera (2008), Cam Donald (2013), Lisa Ferrante (2020 Co-Captain), Mary Ann Hansen (1991), Sondi Schnee (2001), Jan McCleery (2011), Barbara Mensch (2017), Sonja Welin (2003, 2004), Debbie Martin (2007), Joanne Leete (2018), and Susan Leeper (2020)


Becky Heagle2023
Cathy Houston2022
Sondi Schnee2021
Susan Leeper2020
Peggy Schuitemaker2019
Joanne Leete2018
Barbara Mensch2017
Annette Krey2015, 2016
Gay Wold2014
Cam Donald2013
Frances Shipilov2012
Jan McCleery2011
Donna Reich2010
Sandy Smith2009
Rose Vieira2008
Debbie Martin2007
Julie Blotz2006
Judy Bartoli2005
Nan Dawson & Sonja Welin2003, 2004
Anne Hangman2002
Sondi Schnee2001
Carolyn DeLisle2000
Sue Sharp1999
Anna Mae O’Connor1998
Linda Nelson1997
Dana Lee1996
Sharon Vasser1995
Donna Johnson1994
Ann Costa1993
Carole Davis1992
Mary Ann Hansen1991
Bobbie Pearson1990
Barbara Magruda1989
Jean Davis1988
Earline Del Porto1987
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