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  • May 3 and 10 – Spring Handicap Tournament
  • May 26 – Tee it Up for Pink Charity Event
  • August 17 and 18 – Ladies Invitational
  • September 8 – Sisters Day with the Breakers (Thursday – they host)
  • October 4 and 6 – Club Championship Tournament
  • November 22 – Sisters Day with the Breakers (we host)


Board meetings will be held in February, May and August. All members are welcome to attend Board Meetings. Only the Executive Board members vote; but your input is always appreciated.


General meetings will be held in March, June and September. One-third of the total membership meets the quorum requirement.

Past Invitationals


Theme: Salute to Frontline Workers
Chair: Cathy Houston

September 2020

**Cancelled** Pandemic

August 2019

Theme: Golf, Wine & Roses
Chair: Susan Leeper, Co-Captain

August 2018

Theme: Knickers & Argyle
Chair: Peggie Schuitemaker, Co-Captain

August 2017

Theme: Viva Las Vegas
Chair: Joanne Leete, Co-Captain

August 2016

Theme: The Olympics
Co-Chairs: Barbara Mensch, Co-Captain, & Jan McCleery

August 2015

Theme: Jungle Safari Golf
Co-Chairs: Jan Baehr & Pamela Musselman

August 2014

Theme: Denim & Diamonds
Co-Chairs: Cynde Gerpheide & Jan Baehr

August 2013

Theme: M&Ms
Co-Chairs: Judy Bartoli & Debbie Martin

August 2012

Theme: Just Golf
Chair: Annette Krey, Co-Captain

August 2011

Theme: The Magical World of Golf (By Disney)
Co-Chairs: Diane Sevim & Becky Carter

August 2010

Theme: Run for the Roses
Chair:: Liz Lord

August 2009

Theme: Black & White
Chair: Patty Uyeno

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