Most Improved Golfer

Nukay Donnelly2022
Becky Heagle2021
Terry Billingham2019, 2020
Jenny Dillon2018
Cathy Fancey2017
Sally Sturney2016
Hilary Frigillana2015
Jenny Dillon2014
Cindy Renshaw2013
Chris Myall2012
Dana Wardstrom2011
Gay Wold2010
Sondi Schnee2009
Beckie Carter &2008
Jan McCleery2008
Cathy Fancey2007
Donna Reich2006
Hilary Frigillana2005
Vicky Scholle2004
Michelle Chess2003
Jeanne Zwemer2002
Anne OPrey &2001
Sonja Welin2001
Carol Bade &2000
Sondi Schnee2000
Janet Brown1999
Carol Bade1998
Carmel Rankine1997
Julia Heyman1996
Cheryl Valentino1995
Dana Lee1994
Sharon Shearer1993
Sue Arlotta1992
Vicky Flood1991
Barbara Smith1990
Sue Arlotta1989
Sue Martin1988
Beverly Ipsen1987


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