Most Improved Golfer

Becky Heagle2021
Terry Billingham2019, 2020
Jenny Dillon2018
Cathy Fancey2017
Sally Sturney2016
Hilary Frigillana2015
Jenny Dillon2014
Cindy Renshaw2013
Chris Myall2012
Dana Wardstrom2011
Gay Wold2010
Sondi Schnee2009
Beckie Carter &2008
Jan McCleery2008
Cathy Fancey2007
Donna Reich2006
Hilary Frigillana2005
Vicky Scholle2004
Michelle Chess2003
Jeanne Zwemer2002
Anne OPrey &2001
Sonja Welin2001
Carol Bade &2000
Sondi Schnee2000
Janet Brown1999
Carol Bade1998
Carmel Rankine1997
Julia Heyman1996
Cheryl Valentino1995
Dana Lee1994
Sharon Shearer1993
Sue Arlotta1992
Vicky Flood1991
Barbara Smith1990
Sue Arlotta1989
Sue Martin1988
Beverly Ipsen1987


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