March rules (Hilary)

Hi Ladies: Let’s start our quiz year with an easy one, but first a Rules nag.

So that we play the game correctly please remember that if a Rule states that you must DROP the ball make sure you do so anddon’t just bend down and PLACE the ball. I know you want to get a perfect lie for your next shot but it is against the Rules and you will incur a TWO stroke penalty.

For example: When your ball goes in the water DROP a new ball. When taking relief from aeration holes DROP a ball. When taking relief from Ground under Repair DROP a ball please. Get used to doing it correctly! The only place you can place is on the putting green. Nag over.

Here’s the quiz, enjoy.

1. What is the maximum number of clubs with which a player may start a round?


2. A player may declare his ball unfit for play during the playing of a hole and after the concurrance of his opponent, if the ball _______ ?

is scratched
is cut or cracked
is covered with mud or other substance
its paint is damaged or discolored

3. According to Rule 11, how many club lengths behind the tee markers may a player tee the ball and still be within the teeing ground?

0, ball must be teed even with the tee markers

4. In match play, what penalty does a player incur for teeing off in front of the tee markers?

no penalty
no penalty, opponent may require player to re-hit
loss of hole
one stroke

5. Water hazards are defined by what color stakes or lines?


6. Which of the following is not considered ‘casual water’?


7. An out of bounds stake is an obstruction under Rule 24?


8. A player may declare his ball unplayable at any place on the course except when the ball is in a _________

9. What is the penalty for hitting a ball out of bounds?

one stroke and distance
two strokes
one stroke
loss of hole in match play

10. A player may, upon reaching the putting green, change balls and complete play on the hole with the substitute ball?



1. 14.
Rule 4-4. However, if a player starts a round with less than 14 clubs he or she may add clubs during the round up to 14 providing the pace of play is not affected.

2. Is cut or cracked.
Rule 5-3. It the opponent agrees that the ball is unfit, the player may replace it with no penalty

3. 2
The teeing ground is defined as a rectangular area 2 club lengths in depth defined by the outside limits of 2 tee markers.

4. No penalty, your opponent may require you to re-hit.
Rule 11-4. It is a 2 stroke penalty in stroke play.

5. 5. Yellow.
Red stakes or lines define lateral hazards. White stakes or lines define out of bounds.

6. 6. Dew
Casual water is defined as a temporary accumulation of water which is visible before or after a player takes his or her stance

7. 7. False.
Lateral hazard stakes and water hazard stakes are considered movable obstructions.

8. 8.Water Hazard

9. Rule 27. One stroke penalty.

9. One Stroke and distance.

10. False
Rule 15-1. A player must hole out with the ball played from the teeing ground, unless that ball has been declared unfit for play.

Honor that which is sacred and equal within us all.


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