Hot July Holes – Playday July 2, 2019

It was a beautiful day for golf.  We had a very small group (14), so I’m sure there is a lot of vacationing and Independence Day celebrating happening.  Stay safe!!!

The game was Hot July Holes.  Each player was able to toss one par 3, one par 4 and one par 5 of their choosing.

Here are the results:

Flight 1

Place/Name Score Sweeps
1st  Frances Shipilov 47 $6.50
2nd Deborah Veatch 48 $4.50
3rd Jeanne Zwemer 50 $3.00
Flight 2    
1st Susan Leeper 52 $6.50
2nd Doris Bunnell 53 $4.50
3rd Sondi Schnee 56 $3.00


Sondi Schnee 11 Sondi Schnee 11
Bonnie Ladd 3 Cindy Aafedt 2
    Annette Krey 6, 18


  Closest to the Pin   $4.25 each  
Hole HCP 0 – 29 Dist HCP 30 – 36 Dist
2 Jeanne Zwemer 4’7.5” Susan Leeper 36’1”
14 Cindy Aafedt 4’    

Next Play Day:  July 9.  Sign-up on Foretees by Sunday July 7 at NOON.

Jill Chase and Sally Sturney are your Tournament Chairs that day.



Cha, Cha, Cha – Playday June 25, 2019

We had 37 players today, which included 10 guests.  Thank you to all who played and thank you to the members who brought guests.  It was a great turnout.  The weather was nice, albeit a bit warm.  The game was CHA, CHA, CHA, and here are the results:

First Place – Guest Flight  Score 123

Nancy Lahait

Kay Gschwend

Kris Rogers

Second Place – Guest Flight  Score 129

Cindy Aafedt

Heidi Stephenson

Donna Grover

Valorie Dommes

First Place – Member Flight  Score 126

Charlene Kleiner

Kathy Readler

Terry Billingham

Closest to the Pin:

Member – Hole 14 – Peggie Schuitemaker 2’10”

Guest – Hole 2 – Gina Bischoffberger  16’2”

Chip-ins:  $9.25 each

Jill Chase and Kay Gschwend


Charlene Kleiner Donna Grover
Jill Chase Patty Uyeno
Becky Frazier Kay Gschwend
Kris Rogers Peggy Schuitemaker
Gina Bischoffberger Debbie Martin

Congratulations to all.

Remember to sign-up by Sunday at noon for July 2 Play Day.


Hilary Rules Explanations

Ladies here are some questions that I have received recently about playing our course along with the answers.  I welcome your Rules questions so don’t hesitate to e mail me.

Question 1.  Earlier this year we used the local rule to “lift clean and place, fairway only”.  None of us realized that specification on hole 2 and a player move her ball in the rough and played it from there.  About 4 holes later we actually read the instructions and realized the error.  I assume a Rule is a Rule, and it is the responsibility of everyone to know the Rules, so this individual should have been penalized 2 strokes.  We did not tell the Committee or the player, and it was fortunate that this player did not win any money.  What is the Rule covering this, what should have been the penalty, and when is it too late to enforce a penalty like this?

Answer.  The player in question played her ball from a wrong place.  She lifted it where it was not allowed, put it in a different position, and played it from there.  As it was not a serious breach, meaning she did not get a significant distance advantage, she should have been penalized two strokes.  A serious breach would incur disqualification.

In stroke play normally a penalty must not be added after the competition is closed.  The Committee decides when that is.  It can be when all scorecards are signed and turned in, or when results have been announced or posted. The only time after the competition is closed that a penalty may be enforced is if the player knew they had incurred a penalty and did not record it.   Then at any time after the competition has closed they may be disqualified.

Question 2. 

One play day on hole 4 a player put a ball in the water that crosses the fairway.   Some of the group said under the new Rules she could drop on the other side, just as you can on hole 2.  I didn’t agree, thinking rules had not changed for yellow stakes.  Am I correct and it’s only where there are red stakes that one can take a lateral drop?

Would you mind sending out an email to our ladies clarifying penalty options for holes 2, 4, and 17?  There’s the drop on 17 we can use when a tee shot goes into the water but what options does a player have to play a ball that goes into the water later on 17?

Answer.  There is a common misunderstanding that the Rules for water hazards, now called penalty areas, have changed, they have not.

The USGA has become more liberal so that Clubs may line their penalty areas with red stakes where previously they were yellow stakes.  The reasoning is to speed up play and allow players to take a lateral drop, rather than the more time consuming going back in line with the pin or where last stroke was made.

The way of dropping a ball under a Rule has changed.  The height of the drop and only using the longest club in your bag, not putter, to measure the drop area, but that is the same for any drop under any Rule now.

Hole 2.  The Club decided to change the stakes from yellow to red around the penalty area (water).  Hence, if, and only if, your ball crosses the hazard on the “green-side”, hits land or sand and bounces back into the water, can you take a lateral drop on the “green-side”, at the place where your ball last crossed the hazard, no closer to the hole.


Hole 4.   Yellow stakes line the penalty area, (water across the fairway) so if similar event happens there as on 2 you CANNOT drop on the other side.

Similarly on hole 12 where the water crosses the fairway……….yellow stakes.  Go back in line with the pin, or where last stroke was made, drop a ball and make your next stroke from there with one penalty stroke.

Hole 17.  The Club decided to keep yellow stakes around the penalty area (water), and put in the drop zone.  If your ball goes into the penalty area from teeing area you may use the drop zone for your next stroke and take a one stroke penalty. Once you have passed the drop zone the normal Rules apply for penalty areas with yellow stakes.  Back in line with the pin or where you made your last stroke, you cannot go backwards and use the drop zone.

I hope this helps you.


Three Blind Mice – Playday June 18, 209

Another hot day but we had a nice turnout.  The game was 3 Blind Mice – holes number 4, 15, and 17 were subtracted from your score to get our results.

First Flight three -way tie which paid each person $8.

Terry Billingham

Sandy Smith

Cathy Fancy

Second flight:

1st – Frances Shipilov $10

2nd – Joanne Leete $8

3rd – Brenda Reisinger $6


Chip Ins – $12 Each

Sally Sturney #16

Lisa Ferrante #15


Cindy Aafedt #18

Frances Shipilov #1

Lisa Ferrante #15

Kay Gschwend #17

Closest to the Pin

#2, 13’5″ Donna Grover, $12

#14, 16’3″ Jeanne Zwemer, $12

None of the high handicaps got on the green 😦

Please remember to sign up on Foretees for next Tuesday.

Big thanks to Doris for helping me today!!



Rain, Rain – Go Away – Playday May 21, 2019

Hello all,

Well, today the weather cooperated for the first 11 holes. Then, it started to rain (hard). After a couple holes, the sun came out, the rain jackets came off and the umbrellas were put away.  After another hole it started to rain again (hard). Rain gear on, rain gear off, rinse and repeat. Very bazaar weather pattern.

Ten of us finished 18 holes and each won a sleeve of balls as our reward. Twelve decided to have lunch early and they won one ball each.

 Member Flight, (team score of 101), each receiving a sleeve of balls

Donna Grover  

Carolyn Barnes

Sally Sturney

Doris Bunnell

 Guest Flight, (team score 95), each receiving a sleeve of balls

Peggie Schuitemaker

Jeanne Zwemer

Cathy Fancey

Lynnette Lewandowski

 Guest Flight  each receiving a sleeve of balls (team score undetermined because we didn’t calculate a blind draw):

Pamela Musselman

Conchita Christensen

Pam Musselman, hole 7
Conchita Christiansen, hole 8
Mary Watkins, hole 7
Peggie Schuitemaker, hole 14, 15, & 17. WOW!

Jeanne Zwemer, hole 9, $5.75
Cathy Fancey, hole 11, $5.75

Guest: Shelly Morgan, hole 2, 38′ 2″
Member: Peggie Schuitemaker, hole 17, 8′ 6 1/2″

The club is closed next Tuesday.  Our next playday is PPLN on June 4th.


Cathy and Bonnie

Playday May 14, 2019

Great day for golf today.  First of all a big CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Ferrante for getting an Eagle today on #6.

Winners 1st flight

1 – Lisa Ferrante – $10

2 – Terry Billingham – $7

3- Sandy Smith – $5

Winners 2nd flight

1 – Sondi Schnee – $10

2 – Joanne Smith – $7

3- Deborah Veatch – $5

Closet to the pin

#14 – Sandy Smith, 8’9″

Kay Gschwend, 59’4″

#7 – Kay Gschwend, 41’3 1/2″

Chip Ins

Lisa Ferrante Hole 6

Mary Watkins Hole 12

Pamela Musselman Hole 16


Sally Sturney Hole 7

Hope to see you all next week – please sign up by noon on Sunday.


Donna and Jill

Spring Handicap Final Results – May 7, 2019

Hi Ladies-

We wrapped up our Spring Handicap Tournament yesterday and our new Handicap Champion is Sondi Schnee!!  

We had 25 participants in 4 flights, total of two best rounds counted.  Winner of Flight 1 (Hcps 5-13) was Cindy Aafedt; Flight 2 (Hcps 22-25) Winner was Terry Billingham, second place went to Sandy Smith; Flight 3 (Hcps 26-32) was a tie between Deborah Veatch and Sherry Boyd, broken on the back nine with Deborah taking 1st; Flight 4 (Hcps 34-36) was won by Sally Sturney, second place going to Jo Smith.

Winners received gift certificates and small plants and, in addition, our champion receives our version of the Green Jacket, a fleece vest.

On to the statistics:

We had one notable:  Terry Billingham broke 90!

Chip-ins, worth $5 each:

Kay Gschwend, total of four (three on  5/7!)

Kris Rogers had two

Rochelle Baxley, Lisa Ferrante, Bonnie Ladd, Francis Shipilov, Cindy Aafedt, and Debbie Kelley had one each.


Rochelle Baxley, Kay Gschwend, Dana Wardstrom (2), Lisa Ferrante, Sherry Boyd, Cindy Aafedt (3), Terry Billingham, and Annette Krey (2).

Thanks to great participation, good weather, favorable course conditions, and help from the Pro Shop, it turned out to be a fun tournament.  Well, more fun for some than others, I guess.

See attached photos for all the nitty gritty and hope to see you all try our Fall Championship Tournament.  It’s Gross, but we have Net Flights, so everyone can sharpen competitive skills, and has the chance to be a winner!

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