Play Day Results 2/23


We had 32 ladies play today. That is our player allotment for now.

The pin placement on #2 resulted in 96 putts from our group today. Rumor has it men complained and got it moved.

Low net Donna Grover with an amazing 67 Earning the big $8 reward!!
Low putts Terry Billingham 29 putts #2 obviously was not an issue for Terry $8 to her also


First Flight Winnings
1st place Cindy Renshaw 72 $7
2nd place Cathy Houston 72 $5
3rd place Jenny Dillon 73 $4

Second Flight
1st place Becky Heagle 72 $7
2nd place Cathy Fancey 74 $5
3rd place Sandy Smith 76 $4

Third Flight
1st place Sherry Boyd 74 $7
2nd place Sonja Welin 74 $5
3rd place Bonnie Ladd 74 $4

Low Gross Lisa Ferrante 79

No $$$ but very mentionable
Lisa Ferrante #8
Annette Krey #2
Cindy Aafedt #18
Dana Wardstrom #1
Terry Billingham #6,17
Donna Ybarra #1
Mary Watkins #7
Bonnie Ladd #2

Dana Wardstrom #1,#6
Terry Billingham #6
Cathy Fancey #4
Fran Grace #8
Doris Bunnell #15

Winnings will go on your account to purchase Pro Shop Merchandise. Sorry cannot be used towards beverages.
Ties were broken on the back side.

Next scheduled Play Day is March 9th with a tribute to Becky Frazier after play. Details to follow.

Cindy R and Annette

Results 18 Holer play day

We had 29 ladies play Valentine Pink ball today. Since there was 3 threesomes we made them their own flight. The winning team in that flight was the group of Terry, Amelia and Deborah with a score of 92 (78 plus 14 for keeping the pink ball). They each will receive $6

For the rest of the field that were foursomes, we awarded 2 places. In 2nd place was the group of Donna G, Mary W, Kay B and Doris, with a score of 91 (77 plus 14 for keeping the pink ball). They each will receive $4.
In First place was the group of Annette, Rebeca, Sandy M and Bonnie with a score of 96 (82 plus 14 for keeping the pink ball) they each will receive $6.

Chip in’s today were
Dana #15
Joanne S #18
Kay B #12
Sally #5
Kris #18
Sonja #18

Annette #3
Rebecca #17
Amelia #5
Cindy A #5
Lin #1

Thanks for playing! Emoji Next play day is Feb 23 and it will be points putts and low net
Annette and CindyR

Results of the Frozen open (Best 9 holes)

Thanks to all who braved the cold today to play in our first play day of 2021!


Joanne #7
Lin #11
Lisa #17
Debbie M #7
Terry #1 and #8
Cathy H #1 and #5
Annette #8
Conchita #15
Rebecca #1

Chip ins

Lin #11
Lisa #12


We had 2 flights (26 players, 13 in each flight) – 1st flight handicaps 5-23 – 2nd flight 24-36

First Flight
1st Rebecca 24 $10
2nd Conchita 24.5 $8
3rd Cathy H 26.5 $5
4th Lin 29 $3

Second Flight
1st Joanne 27.5 $10
2nd Bonnie 28 $8
3rd Sherry 29.5 $5
4th Amelia 30 $3

The pro shop will charge everyone’s account $2 for play today and if you won $ it will be a credit in the pro shop
The Pro shop will also post your score.

Congratulations to the winners – Good JOB!

Thanks Annette

Notes from Advisory Board

> Still repairing carts. If you have a cart with a problem, be sure to tell someone after your round which cart # and what the problem was. >
> Divots – if you take a large divot in the fairway please replace it – no need to load it up with sand also. Please repair divots you see on the green as well. >
> Ropes on the course do get moved around to even out the wear and tear on the golf course. >
> Would like to get to 9-minute tee times to allow more players in a day. Carts with dividers can be used for 2 people, not necessarily from the same household. >
> Snack bar hours will be extended to 4pm.
> If you see anyone on the course that doesn’t belong, please report it to the pro shop – there have been kids seen playing on the course and fishing. One green did sustain some damage from someone riding a golf cart on it. >
> New pro shop staff – Mike Bradford – so far seems to be working out well. >
> Chris is still low on greens staff, hoping to fill those positions soon. Tree work continues, tree on #13 is leaning over and will need to come out. We need rain – and a good soak!!! >
> Food service – take-out is available 5 days a week. Please support the club. >
> If you have any comments or questions for the next meeting please let me know. >
> Thanks,
> Donna
> —
> Donna Grover
> 408-981-6073

Jan 26th Play Day

Hi All
Welcome to 2021! We will have our first ladies day next Tuesday Jan 26. Tee times will start at 9am. Tim has asked that we cut off our signups by Friday night, so that they have more time to get things ready. But, please email or text me if you want to play after the deadline and I’ll see what we can do to get you added. As of right now there are 3 spots remaining.
The game will be Best Nine Holes, this is an individual game. Play your regular game. At the end of your round, pick the lowest nine holes, add them and subtract 1/2 your handicap. I will send out an email when groups are made and tee times are assigned for you to check fore tees. If you need to cancel please let me know by text or email, I’m thinking we might go into a waiting list.
Please be patient with us as we learn how to do this job!

Annette and Cindy R

Year-End Awards

The awards that were presented today are as follows:
PPLN (from best 2 out of 4 rounds played)

Low Net

1st Bonnie Ladd – 132 – $50

2nd Jeanne Zwemer – 139 – $40

Low Putts (Bonnie cannot double dip)

1st Frances Shipilov – 62 – $50

2nd Sonja Welin – 62 – $50

Most points (Bonnie and Jeanne cannot double dip)

1st Cathy Houston – 16 – $50

2nd Julie Hanson – 11 – $40


Lisa Ferrante $40

Most Improved

Terry Billingham $50

Happy Thanksgiving!

Congratulations to the 2020 Eclectic Winners

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for participating in Eclectic 2020. Even though in prior years we averaged 25-30 play days, we still had more than ten games this year to try to better our score on each individual hole.

Here are the Eclectic winners for those of you who were not able to attend our gathering after the Turkey Shoot today. Big congratulations to Julie and Cindy and all of the Flight Winners.

Low Net Winner ($45)Julie HansenNet of 48 [Donna will present you with your winnings]
Low Gross Winner ($45) Cindy Aafedt Gross of 63 (Net of 55.55)

First Flight – Handicaps 0 – 19
1st Place ($40) Terry Billingham Net of 51.00
2nd Place ($30) Cathy Houston Net of 57.83
3rd Place ($20) Cindy Renshaw Net of 57.86
4th Place ($10) Donna Grover Net of 58.25

Second Flight – Handicaps 21-24
1st Place ($40) Conchita Christensen Net of 53.67
2nd Place ($30) Amelia Lyons Net of 53.75
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Sandy Smith Net of 57.67
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Rochelle Baxley Net of 57.67

Third Flight – Handicaps 25 – 31
1st Place ($40) Bonnie Ladd Net of 54.36
2nd Place ($30) Sandy Mize Net of 54.50
3rd Place ($20) Kathy Readler Net of 55.25
4th Place ($10) Cathy Fancey Net of 55.70

Fourth Flight – Handicaps 32 – 36
1st Place ($40) Sally Sturney Net of 51.27
2nd Place ($30) Susan Leeper Net of 51.92
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Sondi Schnee Net of 53.40
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Joanne Smith Net of 53.40

Even though Eclectic is a “net” game, honorable mention is due to several “Gross” achievements:

Lisa Ferrante Gross of 64
Terry Billingham Gross of 66
Annette Krey Gross of 67
Lin Lenson Gross of 69
Donna Grover Gross of 70
Cathy Houston Gross of 71

If you are a winner but were unable to attend today, on Thursday your winnings will be in the Eclectic folder in our Pro Shop drawer in an envelope with your name on it. I will transfer your cash winnings to a check.

Please turn in your $10 for 2021 Eclectic to Sally Sturney who will be the chairperson in 2021. Thank you to the 20 ladies ($200) who signed up today. It would be great if everyone participated. Please deposit your $10 in the bright envelope in our Pro Shop Drawer, or you can mail Sally your check (2095 Cypress Point, Discovery Bay, CA 94505).

I look forward to our new year and to normally scheduled play days!

Happy Thanksgiving!

2020 Eclectic Chairperson

Turkey shoot 11/24

Thanks to everyone who came out and played today. We had fantastic weather and some good golf. Our winners were:

Tied for 1st place, each having 4 more strokes left after playing 18 holes were Deborah Veatch and Frances Shipilov.

3rd place went to Jan Murphy who had 3 strokes left after playing 18 holes.

Honorable mention to 3 other ladies who came in with their flags and had 1 more stroke left: Cathy Houston, Joanne Smith and Cindy Renshaw.

Your scores from today will be posted for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Notes from Advisory Board

From: Donna Grover <donnasgrover>

Subject: Notes from Advisory Board

Date: November 20, 2020 at 12:09:20 PM PST

Tim is interviewing for a pro – Derek did not work out and he left on his own accord.There should be new items for sale in the pro shop soon from Jofit and Sport Haley.
There is no organized play in December. No decision yet on 2021 but will be at least twice a month for the various groups.
Outdoor dining continues to be a challenge. Tents have to have 3 sides open.
There is word of a BLM protest this Saturday at 2pm, so best to avoid the area around the club if possible.
Fairways 11,12, 15, 16 still to be aerated next week. There won’t be much seeding as we are out of growing season but it’s good for air movement. Our salt content is very high and a good rainy season would really help.
Alternate tee box on #11 – this is a full project to build a tee box, not just a matter of moving the area. It is on the list of “to-do’s”, not sure when it will be done.
Did you know in the summer DB uses 1 million gallons of water!! Currently only using 40,000 gallons as the weather changes.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.


One more time – – –

Janet McCleery | janmccleery

“Life is short. Drink the good wine first”

Begin forwarded message:

From: Donna Grover <donnasgrover>

Subject: One more time – – –

Date: November 10, 2020 at 6:27:02 PM PST

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Very sorry ladies, I had two groups in the wrong flight. Corrected results are as follows:

Did not lose green ball.
1st place – Terry Billingham, Lucia Lawrence, Deborah Martin, Lisa Ferrante – $4.50 each
2nd place – Annette Krey, Bonnie Ladd, Doris Burnell, Becky Heagle – $3.33, 3.33, 3.34

Lost the green ball.
1st place – Cindy Aafedt, Jeanne Zwemer, Sally Sturney, Donna Ybarra – $6.00 each.
2nd place – Cindy Renshaw, Deborah Veatch, Susan Leeper, Fran Grace – $3.33, 3.33, 3.34

Hopefully this is it!!!


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