Welcome to 2020 Central Valley Team Play.

The following are the dates for this year’s matches. Please let me know which matches you would like to play in.

If you have not played before and would like more information, please give me a call at (408) 621-1763.

All members are eligible and welcome to play.

Thursday Mar 26 vs Oakdale at Turlock

Monday Apr 20 vs Del Rio at Oakdale

Wednesday Apr 29 vs Brookside at Copper Valley

Tuesday May 12 vs Spring Creek at Del Rio

Monday Jul 20 vs Copper Valley at Stockton

Friday Aug 14 vs Turlock at Spring Creek

Thursday Sep 24 vs Stockton at Brookside

I will send out an email firming up the teams about 3 weeks prior to each match date.

Format: Match Play – Four Ball (rules attached)

2 person team with maximum of 8 stroke difference in handicap between partners.

Each club sends 4 teams (total of 8 players) per match.

Cost: $45 per player. Please make check out to Frances Shipilov. This includes a light breakfast.

I will be writing a check to the host club for the entire team.

Uniform: If you haven’t ordered a team play shirt, you can wear any shirt that closely matches the color scheme for the year.

I look forward to playing with all of you this year…




Central Valley Team Play 2018 Results

From Captain of the Central Valley, Sandy Smith:

I’m very pleased to announce the 2018 results of the  Central Valley League.

Discovery Bay came in first overall!!!

In addition,  our B team was tied but was edged out of first place in the tie breaker.

Well done ladies!  Thank you for your participation and excellent playing.

Please congratulate all of the players that played during the year.  They were (in alphabetical order):

Cindy Aafedt, Rochelle Baxley, Jill Chase, Cathy Fancey, Becky Frazier, Adrian Goodman, Donna Grover, Julie Hanson, Cathy Houston, Charlene Kleiner, Annette Krey, Bonnie Ladd, Shelly Morgan, Brenda Reisinger, Cindy Renshaw, Frances Shipilov, Sandy Smith, Amelia Thorton, Patty Uyeno, Deborah Veatch, Gay Wold and Jeanne Zwemer.

Last match of a great season. Thanks to all who played!


Central Valley Team Play April 12, 2018 – THE WINNERS!

Today was the first day of play for Central Valley.  We played Saddle Creek at Turlock.  Our team was so AWESOME that I have to brag!

Charlene Kleiner had an EAGLE on #9, a very hard par 4.  She and Deborah Veatch both had chip in birdies on different holes.  They won their match 8 to 5.

Gay Wold and Patty Uyeno won their match 9 to 3.

Jeanne Zwemer and Brenda Reisinger won theirs 7 to 4.

Adrian Goodman and I won by showing up because we had no opponents!

Because the team did so well we won the most points and won the balls for the day. Yea Team!

Please congratulate the team members that played today and think about joining us during this season.

Thanks to the team and thanks for your support,