Play Day Results-May 23, 2023

Before I get into results, I forgot to ask about volunteers for the Breakers Team Play.  Rose needs markers for June 8.  She helps so much, let’s see if we can help her with this event.  Please let me know if you’re free.  If you haven’t done it before, it’s easy and she will tell you how to do it. A free lunch is offered as enticement! 

We had a beautiful day for golf, and 17 ladies played Gimme A Break. 

Here are the results:

1st Flight 2nd Flight3rd Flight
1st PlaceFran Grace-52 ($14)Julie Hanson-50 ($14)Deborah Veatch-55 ($14)
2nd PlaceFrances Shipilov,
Mary Watkins-53
($3 each)
Jeanne Zwemer-52 ($6)Joanne Smith-56

Chip-ins:  Sherry Boyd-#6, Lani Maloney-#2 and #3.  There was carryover, so each chip-in was worth $12.  Sherry received $12 and Lani went home with $24.


Mary Watkins Hole #11 and Joanne Leete Hole #11

Closest to the Pin, winning $4.25 each: 

#5Mary Watkins-27’8″Jo Leete-31’3″
#8Sophia Yu-25’2″Deborah Veatch-25’7″
#11Fran Grace-5’11”
#16Lani Maloney-11’9″Julie Hanson-13’1″

Thanks to Joanne Smith for helping me run the tournament today!



Play Day Results-May 16, 2023

We had 20 ladies play today. Great day at the links. Game played Better Nine, pick either Front or Back less handicap on the respective Nine picked.  Results were:

1st Flight (0-17)2nd Flight (20-28)3rd Flight (29-36)
1st PlaceCathy Houston-33 ($14) Fran Grace-36 ($14)Bonnie Ladd-34 ($14)
2nd PlaceDana Wardstrom-35 ($8) Frances Shipilov, Mary Watkins, Sandy Smith-37 ($3 each)Jeanne Zwemer, Sondi Schnee-35 ($6 each)

Closest to the Pin – each paid $5.50:

Lower HandicapHigher Handicap
#5Donna Ybarra 19’4″
#8Cathy Houston 18’11”Julie Hanson 67’8″
#11Dana Wardstrom 5’5″Deborah Veatch 63′
#16Cindy Aafedt 11’7″Julie Hanson 38’5″


Cathy Houston #16

Jan Murphy    #15

Dana Wardstrom  #11 and #15


Next Play Day is 5/23/23… far 14 ladies signed up. Unfortunately, we have Diablo Team Play at Crow Canyon the same day. 

So if you can, please come out and play. To sign up call the pro shop and have them add you. 

Sandy Smith will be your coordinator.

Thanks to all

Cathy and Doris

Webmaster’s Note–Thanks to Donna Ybarra for creating a Roster using Excel. Go to the Right margin and Click on “Roster (Excel sheet to Download)”. From your Downloads, you can save the spreadsheet to your own Excel program for easy editing.

Play Day Results-May 9, 2023

We had a beautiful day for golf today, and 14 ladies played.  Here are the results:

First Flight / First Place:  Annette Krey  $15                S&T Score:  33

First Flight / Second Place:  Jan Murphy $9.50            S&T Score:  34

Second Flight / First Place:  Sandy Smith  $15             S&T Score:  33

Second Flight / Second Place:  Joanne Leete  $9.50     S&T Score:  39

Chip-in:  Frances Shipilov and Fran Grace     $7.00 each

Birdies:  Frances Shipilov #16, Jan Murphy #2,#18, Cindy Aafedt #10, Annette Krey #2,#4

Closest to the Pin:

#5    Jan Murphy, 14’9”       $5.25

#8    Fran Grace, 15’2”        $5.25

#11   Sophia Yu, 22’ 1.5”      $5.25

Deborah Veatch, 9’7”          $5.25

#16  Frances Shipilov, 13’   $5.25  

If you haven’t signed up yet for the 16th and 23rd, jump to it!

Golf Rules Scenarios

  1. A player’s ball lands in a Penalty area.  They can see their ball under the water, so they take their stance in the water, put their club close to the ball under the water and hit the ball out of the Penalty area.  What is the ruling? 
  2. A player’s ball lies in a bunker and is embedded in the sand. The player wants to take relief using the Rule for an embedded ball.  What is the ruling?
  3. A player hits their ball and they believe their ball went into the Penalty area, a lake.  They decide to hit a Provisional ball in case they might find it.  What is the ruling?  
  4. A player believes their ball that they played from the teeing area may be lost. Once they arrive where they think it may be, they search for the ball for 4 minutes, find it and play it.  What is the ruling?
  5. A player marks their ball on the putting green with their marker and lifts their ball.  They replace their ball ¼ inch ahead of the marker and putt out What is the ruling?
  6. Without informing their fellow players, a player marks the position of   their ball and picks it up to identify it.  The ball is partially covered in mud so they clean their ball to confirm it is theirs and then replace their ball.  What is the ruling? 


  1. Rule 17.1b.  A player may play a ball as it lies in a Penalty area under the same Rules that apply to the General area, which mean there are no special Rules limiting how a ball may be played from a Penalty area. There is no penalty.
  2. Rule 16.3 a. Relief for an embedded ball is only allowed in the General area.  A bunker is not defined as being in the General area. Their options are to play the ball as it lies or use Rule 19, Unplayable ball.  See page 169 in your Rules book, Rule 19.3a.
  3. Rule 18.3.  A player is NOT allowed to play a Provisional ball for a ball that is lost in a Penalty area, if they do that Provisional ball is now their ball in play under stroke and distance with a 1 stroke penalty.  If the player finds their original ball, abandons their Provisional ball and plays their original ball they are playing a Wrong ball, Rule 6.3c.  They incur a two stroke penalty and MUST correct their mistake before playing the next hole or they will be disqualified.
  4. Rule 18.2a (1).  A player is allowed to arrive where they think their ball is lost and then search for it for three minutes.  If the ball is not found in the three minute search time the ball is officially declared lost.  The player MUST return to where the last stroke was made and play another ball with a one stroke penalty.  If a player finds their ball after the three minute search time has elapsed, plays it and finishes the hole without correcting their error they are playing from a Wrong place, Rule 14.7, and are in “Serious breach” and will be disqualified.  
  5. Rule 14.7.  The player has played their ball from a Wrong place.  As this does not qualify as a “Serious breach” they incur the General penalty, 2 strokes.  
  6. Rule 7.3.   A player does not need to announce their intention to lift a ball for identification, there is no penalty.  If identification is obscured a player may clean their ball, but only as much as is necessary for identification. No penalty.  These actions rely on the integrity of the player.

I hope this helps you.


Spring Handicap Tournament 2023

Cathy Houston is our Champion with a net score of 143(68-75). Congrats!

For her efforts she won $90 Pro Shop money, roses, and vest.

First Flight

Sky Donnelly 147(65-82)  $75

Cindy Aafedt 149(75-74)   $45

2nd Flight

Jenny Dillon 147(77-70)  $75

Cindy Renshaw 148(73-75) $45

Jill Chase 156(79-77)   $30 After card off with Julie Hanson

3rd Flight

Deborah Veatch 145(67-78)   $75

Bonnie Ladd  150(73-77)   $45

There were 5 chip ins over the 2 days earning $8 each

Donna Ybarra #3  for an Eagle

Terry Billingham #9

Deborah Veatch #8

Sonja Welin #17

Joanne Smith #5


Cindy Aefedt #2, #10, #17

Cathy Houston #17,#16, #17

Donna Ybarra #2 and as mentioned Eagle #3

Sky Donnelly #6

Joanne Smith #5

Next week Frances Shipilov is the coordinator. Please contact her with any changes to your playing plans.

Cindy and Cathy

Rules Quiz April 2023

  1.  Your ball lands in a tree and you can see it but cannot reach it.   What, under the Rules, may you do?
  2. When may you call your ball unplayable?
  3. What are your allowed to do if you accidentally damage your club during a round of golf?
  4. In a competition do you have to put your current handicap on your scorecard?
  5. If you have correctly taken a drop under a Rule and your ball is at rest, but then due to natural causes it rolls into another area of the course before you get to play your ball what are you allowed to do?
  6. Your ball lands in an Abnormal Ground Condition, Ground under repair, are you allowed to play your ball as it lies?


  1. As long as you can positively identify that it is your ball lodged in the tree you are allowed to take an Unplayable lie.  You may drop a ball at a place on the ground exactly underneath where your ball lies.  You incur a 1 stroke penalty. Rule 19
  2. A player may call their ball Unplayable anywhere on the course, it is the sole discretion of the player. Rule 19
  3. Beginning January 2023 if your club is damaged during a round, except in the case of abuse, (a bad temper, or deliberate damage) you may replace the club or continue to use it. Rule 4.1a(2)
  4. In Stroke play you are not required to put your handicap on your scorecard and if you return your scorecard in a competition with an incorrect handicap there is no penalty.  It is, since January 2023, the Committee’s responsibility. Rule 3.3b(4)
  5.  Replace your ball, there is no penalty, even if your ball rolled into a penalty area or Out of bounds . Rule 9.3
  6. Yes you may play your ball as it lies or take free relief.  Rule 16.1 However, if the Committee decided that this area is a “No Play zone” you must take free relief. 

Play Day Results-Apr 11, 2023

Yeah!! We finally had a play day. Last one was 2/21/23. Day was great and sun was out. 22 ladies participated in Criss Cross today.

Picked best net score from 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, etc. Total 9 hole score net. 

Results as follows:

There were 3 flights 

1st Flight (0-19)2nd Flight (20-31)3rd Flight (32-36)
1stNukay Donnelly-27 ($13)Debbie Martin,
Jan Murphy-28 ($10.50)
Bonnie Ladd-30 ($13)
2ndConchita Christensen-30 ($8)Sally Sturney-31 ($8)
3rdLisa Ferrante,
Donna Ybarra,
Cathy Houston -31 ($1.65)
Sandy Smith,
Jeanne Zwemer-30 ($2.50)
Doris Bunnell-32 ($5)


Closest to the Pins paid $6.25 each

handicaps 0-22handicaps 23-36
#5Cathy Houston 3′Sally Sturney 32’1″
#8Deb Martin 1’10”
#11Donna Ybarra 8’7″Mary Watkins 4’2″
#16Donna Ybarra 9’10”


1 Chip in today on number 16 by Raquel Myers. Big Winner today with $22. 

Birdies today

Lisa Ferrante #5

Cathy Houston #5

Cindy Aafedt  #17

Next Tuesday is Diablo Team Play, therefore no organized golf. Spring Handicap Tournament is set for April 25th and May 2nd

Sign up on Foretees, so far we have 25 ladies signed up. I’m sure there are a few more of you who’d like to play. 

Thanks everyone. 

Cathy and Sandy

Rules’ clarifications–Are we getting it right??


I want to go over a couple of Rules’ situations that have come up recently to be sure we are “getting it right” when we play.

Provisional Ball, Rule 18.

This is one of the most useful rules, especially to speed up play when your ball may be out of bounds or lost, however it comes with specific instructions on how to use this rule.

1.  You must always announce to the other players that you intend to play a Provisional ball.  If you don’t then that ball will be the ball “in play” under stroke and distance, even if you find your first ball you cannot play it. 

2.  If you think your ball may be lost or OB you are allowed to leave the spot where you played your ? lost ball and then come backand hit a Provisional ball.  Once you you start searching where you think your original ball may be the three minutes search time starts.  You also have this same three minutes to return to where you last hit your ball and play a Provisional ball.  There is no penalty to do this as long as you return before the three minutes has ended, Rule 18.3a/2.  

3.  You cannot play a Provisional ball if you think your ball is lost in a Penalty area (e.g. water hazard).  Rule 17 covers the procedures for Penalty areas, and If you erroneously play a Provisional Ball in this situation it will be your “ball in play” under stroke and distance.  You will have lost the opportunity find your ball or to drop a ball closer to the hole where your ball crossed the Penalty Area. 

Dropping a ball, Rule 14

We are all aware how to drop a ball under the 2019 Rules changes, from knee height and it must be dropped within the one or two club length “relief area”. The dropped ball must stay inside this relief area, no closer to the hole. Choose carefully where you drop your ball in the relief area.  You may not like that it landed in a hole but you’re stuck with the lie. You cannot readjust the lie, it is what it is! 

I hope this helps you.