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Play Day Results-May 25, 2021

Hi All,

We had 30 ladies play today and we were welcomed inside for lunch without a mask! Progress!

Today’s results:

1st Flight:
Jan Murphy – net 31 $9.00
Cindy Aafedt – net 32 $7.00
Lisa Ferrante – net 34 $4.00

2nd Flight:
Bonnie Ladd – net 32 $9.00
Fran Grace – net 33 $7.00
Frances Shipilov – net 34 $4.00

3rd Flight:
Joanne Smith – net 34 $9.00
Fe Estrera – net 36 $5.50
Doris Bunnell – net 36 $5.50

Lisa Ferrante Hole 6
Jan Murphy Hole 1
Fran Grace Hole 17
Cindy Aafedt Hole 6

Chip In’s: $15.00 each
Fran Grace Hole 6
Fe Estrera Hole 15

Closest to the Pin: 0-26 Handicap
Hole 2 Annette Krey 19′ 3″
Hole 7 Lisa Ferrante 10′ 5″
Hole 14 Frances Shipilov 7’7″

Closest to the Pin: 27-36 Handicap
Hole 2 Deborah Veatch 90′
Hole 7 Bonnie Ladd 37′ 9.5″
Hole 14 Deborah Veatch 43′ 8.5″

Thanks for your participation,

Jill Chase

Notes from Advisory Board-May 20, 2021

> Regarding things related to COVID such as the cart dividers, hooks in the holes, and ice on the course – much of this is driven by restrictions and people still wanting to be cautious. The club will start to take some of the dividers out and leave those carts on one side (near the entry to the cart area) and leave those with dividers over by the pro shop. It would be great if more people would share carts. You are allowed to take out the flag when putting. Ice on the course is a common area and may come after June 15. >
> An ice machine has been ordered and should arrive in the next couple of weeks. This will be placed near the pro shop. >
> Weekly group play – ladies have 3 events in June, with shotgun starts. Hopefully by July it will be every week but this hasn’t been decided quite yet. Sign-ups will cut-off 7 days prior so be sure to sign-up when available. >
> Tuesdays are still a slow day for the restaurant – please enjoy a meal after your round. The Fairway room is available for the Ladies on Tuesday and can hold the number of ladies playing. >
> Bunker on 10 is still being worked on. It should be complete by June 15. When they are not working in the bunker the regular green should be open to use. >
> All benches on the course will be looked at and painted/repaired as needed. >
> White folding chairs on the patio will be looked at to ensure they are in good repair. >
> Member appreciation day – July 4.
> Course is in good shape – lots of fertilizing has been done. We know the geese are a problem and there’s not much we can do about it. They are actually protected by Federal Law. However, DO NOT FEED THE GEESE!!! If your ball lands in goose poop you can take relief under abnormal ground conditions. >
> Thanks for your input.
> Donna
> —
> Donna Grover

Play Day Results-May 18, 2021

Hello Ladies,

We had a beautiful day for golf! It was fun to once again hold our Closest-to-the-Pin and Chip-In competitions. After golf, we met upstairs for food, drink, and game result announcements . . . practically “normal.”

Seventeen ladies participated in Cha-Cha-Cha. Here are the results:

First Place Team Total Net of 122 Winning $20 for the team / $5 each:
Terry Billingham
Deborah Martin
Kris Rogers
Fe Estrera

Second Place Team Total Net of 126 Winning $14 for the team / $3.50 each:
Cathy Houston
Conchita Christensen
Sandy Mize
Sonja Welin

Sophia Yu Hole 12 $16 (CASH!)

Hole 2 – Handicap 0-25: Cathy Houston – 5’3”
Hole 2 – Handicap 26-36: Sally Sturney – 6’10”
Hole 14 – Handicap 0-25: Cindy Aafedt – 12’10”
Hole 14 – Handicap 26-36: None

The three ladies won $5.25 each

Birdies – Winning “Honorable Mention”:
Cindy Aafedt Hole #2 and Hole #14
Kay Bargmann Hole #17
Terry Billingham Hole #1
Cathy Houston Hole #17
Sally Sturney Hole #2

Congratulations to all the ladies who played today.

Please sign up for our next Play Day on Tuesday, May 25. Details to follow from the Tournament Committee.

Thanks for a great day!

Doris and Sally

Spring Handicap Results

After 2 days of play our 2021 Champion Is Becky Heagle. She made a great comeback on the second day to win. Net 74-64 for a 138.
She received for her efforts $70 Pro Shop gift certificate, a potted plant, and the coveted fleece vest!!

Flight winners received Pro Shop gift certificates and first place also received a small, yet cute potted succulent.

Flight 1
Donna Ybarra 146 $55
Cathy Houston 150 $30

Flight 2
Debbie Martin 142 $65
Sandy Smith 147 $30

Flight 3
Kay Bargman 153 $55
Kris Rogers 156 $35
Joanne Smith 159 $20 Joanne won the card off on the back 9 from Bonnie Ladd.

Chip ins $10 each
April 6 Jenny Dillon #9
April 13 Jenny Dillon #5 Cindy Renshaw #11

April 6 None
April 13 Jenny Dillon #5 Terry Billingham #11 Cindy Aafedt #15 Donna Ybarra #2 Becky Heagle #3 Jan Murphy #2 Cindy Renshaw #11

I’m going to stress the importance of verifying your scorecard for the correct score and the correct hole by hole before signing and turning in to the committee.
After it is turned in scores are final.

The Pro shop has not yet announced our play days for next month.

Cindy and Annette

Advisory Board Notes

  1. Bunkers – rakes are still optional. Can take relief if you’re in footprints, as we’ve been doing.
  2. 8 minute tee times – will get there when more people share carts – if you can share either a club cart or your personal cart, please do so.
  3. Jim Kleimer has made and donated a cabinet that will be displayed outside the proshop and will hold news for all the groups (18-holers, Breakers, Sr. men).
  4. Discussed growing up some of the areas around the greens to prevent the ball from running off.
  5. Some areas of the cart path where the concrete is coming up will be fixed.
  6. Organized play – for April still only twice a month.
  7. Pro shop – over the next few weeks should be getting in some new ladies clothes. Plan to have 2 trunk shows this year, one in the spring.
  8. F&B: Opening this Tuesday for lunch (as outlined in the message Mark sent out). There will be an Easter brunch, limited attendance. Will be eliminating take-out on Saturday nights. F&B minimums will be back in place April 1.
  9. Spring kick-off tournament will be April 24.
  10. Entire course has been fertilized. Green aeration starts Monday. Product to treat the crab grass to be applied. New drill seeder to arrive next week. Matting on steps on #8 to be replaced as well as the bridge from #2-3.
  11. Lakes have been treated for aquatic weeds and will all be filled next week.

Wear a mask until you are seated at a table on the patio, or indoors.

Until next time . . .

Thank you and Results from Tuesday for Becky

From: Annette Krey
Cathy and I really wanted to thank all of you who were able to come out and play and attend the Brick Ceremony for Becky. It really meant a lot to us that so many of you were there and you braved the unpleasant weather. But I think it’s a miracle and that Becky was watching out for us that not one drop of rain fell on us till everything was over. And the late afternoon rainbow was incredible! We hope you enjoyed the format and had time to remember some fun things about Becky. We also really appreciate all who made donations to the American Cancer Society, Cathy will be sending that in in remembrance of Becky.

Thanks to Donna Grover for coming out and running a closest to the pin contest on #2. Winners were:
1st flight (index 0-21.9)

1st place – Lin Lenson 1′ 10″ – $15
2nd place – Terry Billingham 3′ 1″ – $6

Honorable mention to Patty who was 29 feet but made her birdie putt!

2nd flight (index 22-36)

1st place – Bonnie Ladd 7’1″ – $15
2nd place – Fe Estrera 47′ 7″ – $6

For the game, we awarded some Dollar Store gift Certificates (One of Becky’s favorite stores) – Thanks to Lisa Ferrante for getting those for us!

3rd place with a score of 125 (back 9 66)
Deborah Veatch
Sally Sturney
Doris Bunnell
Susan Leeper

2nd Place with a score of 125 (back 9 63)
Cathy Houston
Sue Howell
Patty Uyeno
Val Heck

1st place with a score of 121
Raquel Myers
Bonnie Ladd
Conchita Christensen
Fe Estrera

We are just so thankful that we knew Becky and happy that we were finally able to honor her!

Annette and Cathy

March 9 play day

From: Annette Krey
Hi all
Working on getting things set for next Tuesday, we will have tee times so watch fore tees for your times. I will be moving some people around but I think I know who is supposed to stay together, I’ll do my best. I understand there is a chance of rain but we plan to move forward with the day. The Brick Ceremony will be at 3:30 and the club will have their appetizer/bar menu upstairs, outside from 12-4. Rum and coke will be served at the Brick Ceremony.

The format will be 2 net best balls and there will be a few fun holes. Here’s a list of what’s happening:

1 –Play a Shamble. Everyone drives, pick the best drive and play you own ball from that spot

2 – Closest to the pin – Everyone puts in a $1, Donna Grover will be collecting the money and measuring. Please remember to bring a $1 bill. There will be 2 flights

4 – Play your tee shot from the drop zone – you may tee it up

7 – Putt with any club besides your putter

10 – On your first putt, the other 3 in the group try and distract the putter (stand behind, stand in front, move around etc) If you make the putt, take one stroke off your score. Our friend Becky was very particular about where everyone stood when she was putting.

12 – Miracle Hole – there is no water or sand on this hole. If it goes in, take it out on the line it went in and hit your next shot, no penalty.

15 – Play with the yellow ball and share a memory of Becky with your group.

17 – 3 flags – Whichever one you want to play to you can and you don’t have to say before you hit tee shot which one you want.

(I’m still confirming that we will be able to have this)

We will award some prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and everyone will get a yellow ball and some goodies at check in. At the Brick Ceremony bring your yellow ball and a club to hit it into the lake.

This day is meant to be fun and remember our great friend, Becky.

Right now the tee sheet is full, we only have tee times for 44 players. We have invited a few guests, previous members of DBWGC and a few from other clubs that were close to Becky. If you need to cancel please let me know as soon as possible, we actually have 45 players signed up right now and 1 on the wait list.

Thanks Annette and Cathy

Play Day Results 2/23


We had 32 ladies play today. That is our player allotment for now.

The pin placement on #2 resulted in 96 putts from our group today. Rumor has it men complained and got it moved.

Low net Donna Grover with an amazing 67 Earning the big $8 reward!!
Low putts Terry Billingham 29 putts #2 obviously was not an issue for Terry $8 to her also


First Flight Winnings
1st place Cindy Renshaw 72 $7
2nd place Cathy Houston 72 $5
3rd place Jenny Dillon 73 $4

Second Flight
1st place Becky Heagle 72 $7
2nd place Cathy Fancey 74 $5
3rd place Sandy Smith 76 $4

Third Flight
1st place Sherry Boyd 74 $7
2nd place Sonja Welin 74 $5
3rd place Bonnie Ladd 74 $4

Low Gross Lisa Ferrante 79

No $$$ but very mentionable
Lisa Ferrante #8
Annette Krey #2
Cindy Aafedt #18
Dana Wardstrom #1
Terry Billingham #6,17
Donna Ybarra #1
Mary Watkins #7
Bonnie Ladd #2

Dana Wardstrom #1,#6
Terry Billingham #6
Cathy Fancey #4
Fran Grace #8
Doris Bunnell #15

Winnings will go on your account to purchase Pro Shop Merchandise. Sorry cannot be used towards beverages.
Ties were broken on the back side.

Next scheduled Play Day is March 9th with a tribute to Becky Frazier after play. Details to follow.

Cindy R and Annette

Results 18 Holer play day

We had 29 ladies play Valentine Pink ball today. Since there was 3 threesomes we made them their own flight. The winning team in that flight was the group of Terry, Amelia and Deborah with a score of 92 (78 plus 14 for keeping the pink ball). They each will receive $6

For the rest of the field that were foursomes, we awarded 2 places. In 2nd place was the group of Donna G, Mary W, Kay B and Doris, with a score of 91 (77 plus 14 for keeping the pink ball). They each will receive $4.
In First place was the group of Annette, Rebeca, Sandy M and Bonnie with a score of 96 (82 plus 14 for keeping the pink ball) they each will receive $6.

Chip in’s today were
Dana #15
Joanne S #18
Kay B #12
Sally #5
Kris #18
Sonja #18

Annette #3
Rebecca #17
Amelia #5
Cindy A #5
Lin #1

Thanks for playing! Emoji Next play day is Feb 23 and it will be points putts and low net
Annette and CindyR

Results of the Frozen open (Best 9 holes)

Thanks to all who braved the cold today to play in our first play day of 2021!


Joanne #7
Lin #11
Lisa #17
Debbie M #7
Terry #1 and #8
Cathy H #1 and #5
Annette #8
Conchita #15
Rebecca #1

Chip ins

Lin #11
Lisa #12


We had 2 flights (26 players, 13 in each flight) – 1st flight handicaps 5-23 – 2nd flight 24-36

First Flight
1st Rebecca 24 $10
2nd Conchita 24.5 $8
3rd Cathy H 26.5 $5
4th Lin 29 $3

Second Flight
1st Joanne 27.5 $10
2nd Bonnie 28 $8
3rd Sherry 29.5 $5
4th Amelia 30 $3

The pro shop will charge everyone’s account $2 for play today and if you won $ it will be a credit in the pro shop
The Pro shop will also post your score.

Congratulations to the winners – Good JOB!

Thanks Annette

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