Play Day Results-Feb 21, 2023

Hi All,

Our first PPLN day of the year. It got a bit blustery the last few holes, but overall not a bad weather day. 21 participated.

Bonnie Ladd took the prize of Low Putts with 32.

Sandy Smith ran away with Low Net with 72. Both won $13.

1st Flight ( 4-16)2nd Flight (20-28)3rd Flight (30-36)
1st-$11Cathy Houston-75Jan Murphy-78Sonja Welin-74
2nd-$5Cindy Aafedt-77Julie Hanson-79Sally Sturney-75

Doris Bunnell with the only chip in on #11 won the pot of $20.

Closest to pins-paying $6 each

Handicaps 0-25Handicaps 26-36
#5Cindy Aafedt 15’9″Jeanne Zwemer 33′
#8Cathy Houston 9’3″Sally Sturney 6’2″
#11Annette Krey 10′
#16Annette Krey 4’8″


Cathy Houston #17,  Cindy Aafedt #2,#5,   Bonnie Ladd #5,  Annette Krey #6, #16

All those closies and birdies elevated Annette Krey to gross winner with an 84. 

Next Tuesday the 28th will be Chris Cross game, with general meeting following awards. 

Cathy Houston will be running that game.

Cindy and Cathy


Play Day Results-Feb 14, 2023

The weather did not produce any cancellations. Although as the wind grew stronger and wind chill lowered, some chose the warmth of the clubhouse as an alternative. Below are the winners with the number of Bingos and amount won.

1st Flight (0-19)

1st Place-$17.50Conchita Christensen-3
2nd Place tie-$4.10 eachLinda Montgomery, Jan Murphy, Lisa Ferrante, Donna Ybarra, Terry Billingham-1

2nd Flight (20-28)

1st Place tie-$14.50Cathy Fancey, Sandy Smith-2
2nd Place tie-$3.50Lucia Lawrence, Lani Maloney, Kay Bargmann-1

3rd Flight (32-36)

1st Place-$17.50Fe Estrada-3
2nd Place-$11.50Bonnie Ladd-2
3rd Place-$5.50Raquel Meyers-1

Chip ins $14.50 each

  • Terry Billingham-Hole 6
  • Sonja Welin-Hole 2

Closest to pin $8.50 each

Handicaps 0-24Handicaps 25-36
#5Lisa Ferrante 15’4″Julie Hanson 11′ 5.5″
#8Linda Montgomery 6’11”
#11Cindy Renshaw 9’10.25″
#16Lisa Ferrante 8’10”Lani Maloney 40’1.5″


  • Linda Montgomery #1
  • Terry Billingham #6

Next week is PPLN.

Cindy and Cathy Fancey

Play Day Results-Jan 31, 2023

19 Ladies braved the frozen tundra of Disco Bay!! Frost Delay didn’t waver the committed. Sun was out, so that helped warm up the outing. The game was Sweet and Sour. Pick 4 best scores on front (or old back) and 4 best scores from back (or old front) and 1 worst score from the 18. Deduct ½ handicap, and hence your score. Results were:

1st Flight (0-16 Hdcp)
1st Place-$15Donna Ybarra30.5 pts
2nd Place-$7Cathy Houston33 pts
2nd Flight (19-28 Hdcp)
1st Place-$15Fran Grace31.5 pts
2nd Place-$7.50Lani Maloney32 pts
3rd Flight (29-36 Hdcp)
1st Place-$15Bonnie Ladd31.5 pts
2nd Place-$7Fe Estrella32 pts

Closest to Pin paid $4.50 each:

Handicap 0-24Handicap 25-36
#5 (old #14)Jenny Dillon 33′ 1″Joanne Leete 26′
#8 (old #17)Frances Shipilov 24′ 6″Lani Maloney 58”
#11 (old #2)Donna Ybarra 32′ 0.75″Lani Maloney 13′ 1.25″
#16 (old #7)Cindy Aafedt 7’6″

Chip in’s – since there was a $17 carryover, these were hotly contested today. Guess we like those red flag pin placements. Chips ins paid $6.00 much to the disappointment of everyone. Thought we were cashing in.

Cathy Houston                  Hole 2 (old 11)

Doris Bunnell                     Hole 7 (old 16)

Donna Ybarra                     Hole 6 (old 15) and 14 (old 5)

Sally Sturney                      Hole 14 (old 5)

Sonja Welin                        Hole 14 (old 5)

Birdies for the day

Terry Billingham                Hole 1 (old 10)

Cathy Houston                  Hole 2 (old 11)

Donna Ybarra                     Hole 11 (old 2)

Next play day is 2/14/23. It’s Valentine Bingo, as was requested by the fan base. Foretees is open for sign ups. It’s set up for foursomes, so make your own and sign up. Or just sign up with someone and make a new golfing buddy!! Foretees will close 2/6/23 at 6 p.m. We have 20 signed up so far. 

Thanks for playing today.


Play Day Results-Jan 24, 2023

So we survived the very cold temperatures early, but it morphed into a very nice day. Great to see the 16 ladies that came out to play. We played Stableford. Results for the day as follows:

1st Flight 0-25 hdcp: 

1st place   Cathy Fancey-37 pts   $12

2nd place  Conchita Christensen-36 pts  $8

3rd place tie Becky Heagle & Cathy Houston-34 pts  $2.25 each


2nd Flight 27-36 hdcp:

1st place   Doris Bunnell-33 pts  $13

2nd place  Sandy Smith-31 pts  $9

3rd place  Sondi Schnee-29 pts $6

4th place  Sally Sturney-28 pts $3.50

Closest to the Pin 

#5 (was 14)Fran Grace 26′ 4″
#8 (was 17)Annette Krey 26′ 4″
#11 (was 2)Fran Grace 32′ 5″Doris Bunnell 34′ 5″
#16 (was 7)Annette Krey 5′ 6″Doris Bunnell 4′ 10″

Think there was a redundancy on this category today 😊 Closest to the Pins paid $4.75 or in this case $9.50 a person.

There were no chip ins today, so $17.00 is carried over to next week. 

Oops so sorry, I forgot to acknowledge our birdies of the day:

Becky Heagle                     7 (old 16)

Annette Krey                     16 (old 7)

Doris Bunnell                    16 (old 7)

Congrats ladies!!

Next week we are playing Sweet and Sour – take 4 lowest holes on front 9, 4 lowest holes on the back 9 and the WORST score of the day. Deduct ½ handicap. We have 25 ladies signed up at this point. If you have changed your mind and want to play, please call the pro shop, and have them add you to the Foretees event tab. This needs to be done by noon this Saturday. Scorecards will be cut Saturday afternoon. 

Thanks everyone, it was fun today. 


Eclectic Tournament-2022

Webmaster’s note-

Eclectic is defined as “what appears to be best”. For the 2022 season, 36 ladies anted up $10 each to participate in this year’s Eclectic Tournament. Chairwoman Sally Sturney diligently kept your stats on ladies’ play days. At the end of the year, your personal best score for each hole is entered, resulting in your best total scorecard! Handicaps are used to determine best net scores. Congratulations to this year’s winners.

Overall Low Gross: Lisa Ferrante-57, winning $40.

Overall Low Net: Conchita Christensen-43.190, winning $40.

First place in each Flight won $35. Second place won $25. And third place won $10.

1st FLIGHT (0-15)GrossHandicapNet
1stBecky Heagle6010.55049.450
2ndCindy Aafedt586.57050.430
3rdCindy Renshaw6815.53052.470
2nd FLIGHT (16-23)GrossHandicapNet
1stFran Grace6922.71446.286
2ndCathy Fancey7223.55048.450
3rdNukay Donnelly6818.00050.000
3rd FLIGHT (23-30)GrossHandicapNet
1stFrances Shipilov6923.95045.050
2ndBonnie Ladd7629.81046.190
3rdKay Bargmann7324.60948.391

4th FLIGHT (31-36)GrossHandicapNet
1stDeborah Veatch7731.29045.710
2ndSandy Mize8134.69046.310
3rdDoris Bunnell8133.95047.050

Year End Awards 2022

Webmaster’s Note-Check out Fran’s photos from the Holiday Luncheon by clicking on the Gallery page in the upper right corner of your screen.

Hi all,

Here are year-end prizes from PPLN and a few other items.

Most Improved

  1. Nukay Donnelly  $80-improved 6.4 strokes
  2. Dana Wardstrom $40
  3. Nonie Greenfield $20

Most points

  1. Cathy Houston $70
  2. Cindy Renshaw $70
  3. Lisa Ferrante  $40
  4. Debbie Martin $25

Low Putts

  1. Cindy Aafedt  $40
  2. Donna Ybarra  $25

Low Net

  1. Becky Heagle $70
  2. Terry Billingham $40
  3. Sandy Smith $25

Low Gross Lisa Ferrante $25

Most Birdies Cindy Aafedt $25

Most closest to pins Annette Krey $20

Most chip ins Doris Bunnell $20

Most attendance Bonnie Ladd $40

Next year will start mid January. We are still not allowed a full schedule, so it will be spotty again.

That may change if tee times open up a bit later on.

Thank you for your patience this year.

Cindy and Becky

Play Day Results-Turkey Shoot 2022

16 ladies participated. Winning the event was Bonnie Ladd, who was 18″ from the hole on 18. Also on 18 and winning: Sonja Welin 2nd, Cathy Houston 3rd, Kay Bargmann 4th, Cindy Renshaw 5th. Cindy Aafedt and Sherry Boyd were 6th for holing out on #17. The winners won Safeway gift cards.

The following won $5 each for their efforts.

Sky Donnelly chip in on #9.

Closest to pins

Handicap 0-15Handicap 23-36
#2Jenny DillonKay Bargmann
#7Becky HeagleFran Grace
#14Becky HeagleBonnie Ladd
#17Cathy HoustonLani Maloney

Bonnie Ladd(14) and Lani Maloney (17) had birdies.

Christmas Luncheon next Tuesday.

Play days will resume mid January. Cathy Houston and I are co-chairs, as Becky has moved on to Captain. 

Cindy and Becky

Play Day Results-Nov 15, 2022

Hello Ladies,
Today’s game was “Odd Holes” —  the nine odd holes counted, and you then subtracted half your handicap.  Twenty-four ladies participated with eight ladies in each of the three flights.  Winnings were as follows:  1st Place – $16;  2nd Place – $8;  and 3rd Place – $4.

Congratulations to Bonnie Ladd with a 33 — the best score of the day!

“ODD HOLES” Winners:

1st place2nd place3rd place
1st FlightCindy Aafedt-34Annette Krey-35Donna Ybarra-38
2nd FlightJoanne Leete-35.5Kay Bargmann-36Amelia Lyons-38
3rd FlightBonnie-Ladd-33Deborah Veatch-37Sonja Welin-39.5

BIRDIES  –  There were six birdies today: Bonnie Ladd Hole #2, Jeanne Zwemer Hole #2, Cindy Aafedt Hole #3, Julie Hanson Hole #5, Terry Billingham Hole #7, Conchita Christensen Hole #15

CHIP-IN’S:  There were four chip-in’s, each paying $6:•  Julie Hanson Hole #5•  Bonnie Ladd Hole #9•  Sandy Smith Hole #10•  Conchita Christensen Hole #17

CLOSEST TO THE PIN  –  $6 to each winner:

Low Handicap 0-26High Handicap 27-36
Hole #2Cathy Houston – 11’8″Jeanne Zwemer – 8’6″
Hole #7Amelia Lyons – 19’6″
Hole #14Donna Ybarra – 36’5″Lani Maloney – 75′
Hole #17Frances Shipilov – 19’5″Doris Bunnell – 64’9″

Congratulations to all the winners.  Please remember to sign up for our next play day – PPLN, which is scheduled for November 29.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Doris and Sally 

Play Day Results-Nov 1, 2022


The day started out sunny but the last 4 holes were wet and miserable.  Only 8 out of the 14 players finished the round.  As a result, we only had one flight that paid out three places.  

The game was Double If.  After completing the round each golfer threw out the two worst scores and deducted the full handicap.

Bonnie Ladd came in third with a game score of 62 and won $8. 

Kay Bargmann was second with a score of 60 and won $17.

Conchita Christensen was the winner with a score of 59 and won $24.

There was only one chip-in.  Deborah Veatch had it on Hole 12!  She won $14.

There was only one birdie.  Frances Shipilov made a bird on Hole 6. Congratulations!

Closest to Pin paid out $4.00 and there were only 4 winners, and no one landed on hole 17 green.

Handicaps 27-36

Hole 14 Sondi Schnee- 59 feet.

Handicaps 0-26  

Hole 2 Kay Bargmann 13’10”

Hole 7 Conchita Christensen 20’11”

Hole 14 Jan Baehr 22’5”

Thanks to my helpers today- Frances Shipilov, and Kay Bargmann!  

Next week the game is PPLN.  

Hope all of you who played have warmed up and dried out!


Play Day Results-Oct 25, 2022-PPLN

Cathy Houston continued her hot sticks coming off her hole-in-one on Sunday.

Net 67 and winning low putts with 26. Won $12.

Bonnie Ladd had a great showing today winning low net with 66. $12 also.

1st Place-$102nd Place-$63rd Place-$4
1st FlightAnnette Krey-70Lisa Ferrante-72Terry Billingham-73
2nd FlightCindy Renshaw-68Jan Murphy-70Sandy Smith-74
3rd FlightNonie Greenfield-74Sonja Welin-83Joanne Leete-84

Losing in card-offs for 3rd place in their respective flights: Becky Heagle, Fran Grace, Julie Hanson

Annette Krey was low gross with 74.

Chip-in pot was $39 with the carryover from previous play day. Each received $13: Cathy Houston #18, Mary Watkins #2, Fran Grace #5

Closest to Pins $5.25 each

Handicaps 0-18Handicaps 19-36
#2Terry Billingham 41’4″Sandy Smith 39′ 1.5″
#7Cathy Houston 6’3″Kay Bargmann 37′
#14Cathy Houston 7’1″Nonie Greenfield 25’4″
#17Lisa Ferrante 6’6″Fran Grace 15’6″


Cathy Houston #14,15,18

Annette Krey #12,15

Fran Grace #5

Becky Heagle #15

Bonnie Ladd #2

Reminder note: If you need to change playing plans after Saturday night, please email all 4 of us. I know it’s a pain, but it sure does help out the committee with pre-organizing before Tuesday morning. Include the person in charge if you know who, but if not, Becky or I will forward your message to the proper channel.

Sandy Smith will be running the game next week. The game is double if.

Hit em straight,

Cindy and Becky