Play Day Results-Feb 15, 2022

Hi all,
Pretty windy today. We dwindled down to 26 players. The game T’s and F’s.
First place paid $16.25 and 2nd place $7.50.  Sandy and Joanne’s tie will share.

1st Flight2nd Flight3rd Flight4th Flight
Lisa Ferrante-35Conchita Christensen-32Fran Grace-38Sally Sturney-36
Terry Billingham-38.5Sky Donnelly-35Sandy Smith & Joanne Leete-42Bonnie Ladd-39

Chip ins paid $6.25 each.
Lisa Ferrante #12  Conchita Christensen #3 Nonie Greenfield #14 Doris Bunnell #5

Closest to pin paid $7 each
      0-22                                                 23-36 
#2   Dana Wardstrom 7’8″                      Fran Grace 4′
#7   Donna Grover –   38’1″                    Carmie Gousetis 51’10”
#14  Cindy Aafedt      26’3″                     Carmie Gousetis  23′
#17  Lin Lenson         9’8″

Wind did not hinder these players from birdies.
Fran Grace  #2          Becky Heagle #2          Dana Wardstrom #1
Annete Krey #11        Joanne Leete  #2         Lin Lenson #17
Conchita Christensen #3  Cindy Aafedt #10   Doris Bunnell #5
Nonie Greenfield #14    Lisa Ferrante #12, #15

We welcomed new member Carmie Gousetis today. As you can see she plays the par 3’s quite well.
There is still room for a few more players for next week. Still working on picking a game, trying to tie in the 2/22/22 somehow.


Cindy and Becky

PPLN Results-Feb 8, 2022

32 participants. Great weather.
Lisa Ferrante was our low gross, a nice 73. Along with 27 putts for that $12 win. Becky Heagle was low net with a 66. She also receives $12.

1st Flight2nd Flight3rd Flight4th Flight
$10 – 1stTerry Billingham-73Debbie Martin-71Sandy Smith-73Nonie Greenfield-76
$8 – 2ndCathy Houston-75Conchita Christensen-73Joanne Leete-74Hilary Frigillana-82
$3 – 3rdCindy Aafedt-79Linda Montgomery-73Bonnie Ladd-75Sonja Welin-82

Chip ins $6 each
Cindy Renshaw-9, Bonnie Ladd-3, Sally Sturney-10, Lisa Ferrante-4, Joanne Smith-8

Closest to pin $8.50 each
#2 Lucia Lawrence 3’/ Kris Rogers 16’3″

#7 Lisa Ferrante 5’6″/ Kay Bargmann 4′ 11″

#14 Donna Grover 27’8″

#17 Terry Billingham 34’10″/ Sandy Smith 40’1″

Linda Montgomery-8, Becky Heagle-9, Donna Grover-2, Dana Wardstrom-15, Lucia Lawrence-2, Lisa Ferrante-4,7,10, Kay Bargmann-7, 8

Next week tee off at 9:00 am. Check in between 8-8:30. Game will be F&T’s.
Cindy and Becky

February Rules Quiz

  • 1. The proper height to drop a ball is knee height. What is the penalty if you drop from a different height?
    • A. No penalty; just redrop correctly
    • B. A two stroke penalty
    • C. A one stroke penalty
  • 2. A player’s ball lies in a penalty area. Which of the following is the player allowed to do?
    • A. Move loose impediments
    • B. Ground their club
    • C. Take practice swings
  • 3. Where is a player allowed to take relief for an embedded ball?
    • A. In a bunker
    • B. In the fairway
    • C. In the rough
  • 4. What is the penalty for accidentally hitting your ball twice when making a stroke?
    • A. One stroke penalty
    • B. Two stroke penalty
    • C. No penalty
  • 5. What is the penalty if you lift your ball to see if it is cracked, to identify it, or see if it is embedded, and you fail to inform the players you are with before you lift it?
    • A. One stroke penalty
    • B. No penalty
  • 6. What is the penalty if your ball accidentally hits another player or their equipment?
    • A. One stroke
    • B. No penalty
    • C. Two strokes
  • 1. A. Redrop correctly from knee height with no penalty; however, if you fail to redrop and play your ball, you will incur a one stroke penalty.
  • 2. Since 2019, A, B, and C are all allowed.
  • 3. B and C. Rule 16.3 allows relief for an embedded ball anywhere in the General Area, except when embedded in a bunker.
  • 4. C. No penalty, Rule 10.1a. There is no penalty, and the ball is played where it lies.
  • 5. B. No penalty. The emphasis under the Rules is to generally rely on the integrity of the player. This change should speed up play, but the player must have a good reason to lift her ball.
  • 6. B. No penalty. Under Rule 11.1. The exception is if the player’s ball hits another ball at rest on the putting green, and both balls were on the putting green before the stroke; then, there is the General penalty of two strokes.

Play Day Results-Jan 25, 2022

Hi All,

Here are your results: 

We had 27 players, 4 flight, 7 people in the first 3 flights and 6 in the fourth flight. We paid 1st ($16.40) and 2nd ($7.23) in each flight.

First Flight

1st Place – Cindy Aafedt with 17pts

2nd Place – Terry Billingham with 14pts

Second Flight

1st Place – tying with 13 points was Conchita and Fran Grace

Third Flight

1st Place – Joanne Leete with 15pts

2nd Place – Deborah Veatch with 13pts

Fourth Flight

1st Place – tying with 10 points was Kris Rogers and Sonja Welin

Chip Ins – there were 5 chip ins paying out $5.50 each:

Jan McCleery   #3

Sky                   #9

Sally                 #15

Terry                #15

Cathy Fancey   #14

Birdies – quite a few again this week:

Annette           #2

Sky                   #2

Donna Y          #6

Cindy A            #8 & #16

Cathy F            #14

Terry               #15

Closest to the Pins ($7.00 each)

Low Handicap 0 – 26 High Handicap 27 – 36

#2        Annette           3’ 11” Jan McCleery   34’ 2”

#7        Sky                   13’ 7” Sally Sturney   16’ 1.5”

#14      Becky             18’ 5” Sandy Mize     71’ 8”

#17      Donna Y          18’ 2” ———–


Play Day Results-Jan 18, 2022

Good evening,

First, I would like to thank you all again for playing and for all the support while I am maneuvering some new territory.

Second, here are your results:

We had 24 players, 4 flight, 6 people each flight. We paid 1st ($14) and 2nd ($7) in each flight.

First Flight

1st Place – Tying with 26.5 were Cindy Aafedt and Terry Billingham

Second Flight

1st Place – Debbie Martin with a 26

2nd Place – Sky Donnelly with a 27

Third Flight

1st Place – Bonnie Ladd with a 24

2nd Place – Sandy Mize with a 24.5

Fourth Flight

1st Place – Sondi Schnee with a 26

2nd Place – Sherry Boyd with a 26.5

As you can see a lot of very close scores.

Chip Ins

Next, we had only 2 Chip ins today receiving $11.50 each were Fran Grace on #10 and Joanne Leete on #16.


We had an exceptional number of birdies!

Cindy A on 3, 9, and 15

Terry B on 2, 14, and 15

Fran G on 17

Annette on 18

Donna Y on 6 

Closest to the Pins

Low Handicap 0 – 26  High Handicap 27 – 36

#2        Terry Billingham   3’ 11” Kris Rogers      20’ 3.5”

#7        Dana   3’ 5” Kris Rogers      7’ 8”

#14      Terry Billingham    8’8” Sandy Mize     27’ 11”

#17      Fran Grace     11’ 1” ———–

REMINDER – Next week’s format is MOST PARS, and they are giving us enough times to accommodate 28 players. Also, we are still on tee times, please make sure to check ForeTees for your tee time. If you need to cancel please either email or text me.
See you all next week,

End of year Awards for 18 holers

Here is a summary of the awards for the 18 holers that were announced at our Christmas luncheon on Dec 7

Cindy and I would like to thank all of you for helping us “go with the flow” this year and we would also like to thank all those that helped on Tuesday play days when we couldn’t be there, especially Doris and Bonnie.

Our low net champion this year was Becky Heagle
Our Club Champion this year was Annette Krey and was presented a jacket at the luncheon by Cathy Houston.

We tried to spread the awards out so as many as possible could win something

Attendance out of 23 possible

3rd Conchita with 19 -$20

2nd Debbie M with 20 – $30

1st Bonnie with 22 – $50

PPLN – 5 rounds best numbers from 3 Points – total from 3 rounds

3rd Becky H with 17 – $20

2nd Cathy H with 22.5 -$30

1st Terry with 23 – $50

Putts – total from 3 rounds

3rd Cathy Fancey 94 – $20

Tie for 1st

Cindy A and Donna Y both with 88 – $40 each

Low net – best 1 round

3rd Sandy Smith 70 – $20

2nd Joanne Smith 69 – $30

1st Donna Grover 67 – $50

Low Gross on PPLN day – best 1 round

Tie with Lisa and Annette 75 – $30

Lisa did have a very nice 72 on a non PPLN day

Most chip ins

Dana with 4 – $20


Annette 15 -$15

Cindy A 18 – $20

Closest to the pin

Closest all year was 10in by Joanne Smith on #2 on July 27 – $20

Furthest CTP was 90ft by Deborah Veatch on #2 on May 25 – $20

Most improved golfer – for women who were members of the 18 holers from Jan 2021-Dec 2021

3rd Terry Billingham – $30 from 12.3 to 9.0 improvement factor 1.157

2nd Lisa Ferrante – $45 from 4.6 to 2.1 improvement factor 1.177

1st Becky Heagle – $75 from 18.5 to 10.2 improvement factor 1.374

Thanks Annette and Cindy

Results Turkey Shoot

Good morning,

Our final Hurrah for the year was the Turkey Shoot. 28 ladies participated.

The 5 winners were all on hole 18. They won Safeway gift cards.

Terry Billingham 6 inches from hole $30
Lisa Ferrante 2 feet from hole $25
Fe Estrera 8 feet from green $20
Jenny Dillon 42 yards out $15
Cathy Houston 55 yards out $10

The rest of the participants each received $5.
The 9:35 foursome I have your prizes. Look for me at the club. I will have it with me.
You others not present, some said they were your friends and accepted the cash on your behalf…..

Chip ins were worth $5 each.
Annette Krey #8
Jenny Dillon #6
Lin Lenson #4

Annette Krey #8
Cathy Houston #11
Cindy Aafedt #8
Terry Billingham #15
Conchita Christensen #5
Amelia Lyons #2
Jenny Dillon #6, #8

We have a nice sized crowd for the luncheon on Tuesday the 7th starting at 11:30.
Should be another fun day!

Cindy and Annette

Play Day Results-Oct 26, 2021

Hey all,

23 played yesterday.

Conchita Christensen had the only chip in on hole 3. (120 yards) Winning the pot of $22.

Closest to the pins. Each receives $8.50.
Sondi Schnee was the only one to stay on the green for the higher handicappers. And boy did she! Hole #2 1′ 10″.
#2 Terry Billingham 12’11” #7 Annette Krey 12′ 8″ #14 Annette Krey 26’9″ #17 Cathy Houston 4’11”

Sondi Schnee #2, Terry Billingham #2, Conchita #3, Donna Ybarra #7, Becky Heagle #18

Low net (71) and low gross (80) goes to Terry Billingham. She wins $13 for her efforts.
Low putts (29) goes to Cindy Aafedt. She wins $13

Flight winners 1st pays $11, 2nd pays $6, 3rd pays $3.50

1st flight

1st place Becky Heagle 72
2nd place Cathy Houston 74
3rd place Jill Chase 74

2nd flight
Conchita Christensen 74
Cathy Fancey 74
Sandy Smith 79

3rd flight

Kris Rogers 77

Doris Bunnell 78

Next play day is November 9th. We will holding the very popular Turkey Shoot. Everyone is a winner, so sign up.
November 30 will be a team game. Make your own foursomes.


Cindy and Annette


24 of us played Halloween Bingo this week because PPLN had already been promised for next week.

The shining star of the day was Debbie Martin. 8 Bingos. And real golf score of net 66. Way to go Debbie!
She won $14 in the 2nd flight. Coming in with a not so close 2nd place was Sandy Smith with 2 Bingos winning $9.
Then there were some solo Bingos. Three “J”s to be exact. But good enough to share 3rd place. $2.50 each.
Jan Murphy, Julie Hanson, Joanne Leete

First flight Cathy Houston and Cindy Renshaw took top honors with 3 Bingos. They won $12 each.
Tying for 3rd place was BFF’s Donna Ybarra and Becky Heagle. They each receive $2. Live it up girls!!

3rd Flight Sondi Schnee won $14 with a respectable 4 Bingos.
3 way tie for 2nd place with 2 Bingos. Winning $5 each.
Sonja Welin, Bonnie Ladd, Deborah Veatch

Chip ins winning $6 each
Cathy Houston #11 Cindy Renshaw #17 Doris Bunnell #6 Julie Hanson #9

Closest to pin paying $7 each
Low Handicap                            Higher handicap
2 Annette Krey 6’6″.                   Joanne Leete 34′ 5″
7 Cindy Renshaw 19′ 6″             Deborah Veatch 17’4″
14 Terry Billingham 9′ 2.5″        Emoji
17 Cindy AAfedt 3’5″                 Emoji

Deborah Veatch #7 (Nice putt) Cathy Houston #8 Cindy Renshaw #2,#17
Julie Hanson #8 Donna Grover #1 Annette Krey #5

Note: If you need to cancel after Sunday morning please notify whoever is running the game that week or Annette or Cindy and we will forward the message.


Cindy and Annette