Results Turkey Shoot

Good morning,

Our final Hurrah for the year was the Turkey Shoot. 28 ladies participated.

The 5 winners were all on hole 18. They won Safeway gift cards.

Terry Billingham 6 inches from hole $30
Lisa Ferrante 2 feet from hole $25
Fe Estrera 8 feet from green $20
Jenny Dillon 42 yards out $15
Cathy Houston 55 yards out $10

The rest of the participants each received $5.
The 9:35 foursome I have your prizes. Look for me at the club. I will have it with me.
You others not present, some said they were your friends and accepted the cash on your behalf…..

Chip ins were worth $5 each.
Annette Krey #8
Jenny Dillon #6
Lin Lenson #4

Annette Krey #8
Cathy Houston #11
Cindy Aafedt #8
Terry Billingham #15
Conchita Christensen #5
Amelia Lyons #2
Jenny Dillon #6, #8

We have a nice sized crowd for the luncheon on Tuesday the 7th starting at 11:30.
Should be another fun day!

Cindy and Annette

Play Day Results-Oct 26, 2021

Hey all,

23 played yesterday.

Conchita Christensen had the only chip in on hole 3. (120 yards) Winning the pot of $22.

Closest to the pins. Each receives $8.50.
Sondi Schnee was the only one to stay on the green for the higher handicappers. And boy did she! Hole #2 1′ 10″.
#2 Terry Billingham 12’11” #7 Annette Krey 12′ 8″ #14 Annette Krey 26’9″ #17 Cathy Houston 4’11”

Sondi Schnee #2, Terry Billingham #2, Conchita #3, Donna Ybarra #7, Becky Heagle #18

Low net (71) and low gross (80) goes to Terry Billingham. She wins $13 for her efforts.
Low putts (29) goes to Cindy Aafedt. She wins $13

Flight winners 1st pays $11, 2nd pays $6, 3rd pays $3.50

1st flight

1st place Becky Heagle 72
2nd place Cathy Houston 74
3rd place Jill Chase 74

2nd flight
Conchita Christensen 74
Cathy Fancey 74
Sandy Smith 79

3rd flight

Kris Rogers 77

Doris Bunnell 78

Next play day is November 9th. We will holding the very popular Turkey Shoot. Everyone is a winner, so sign up.
November 30 will be a team game. Make your own foursomes.


Cindy and Annette


24 of us played Halloween Bingo this week because PPLN had already been promised for next week.

The shining star of the day was Debbie Martin. 8 Bingos. And real golf score of net 66. Way to go Debbie!
She won $14 in the 2nd flight. Coming in with a not so close 2nd place was Sandy Smith with 2 Bingos winning $9.
Then there were some solo Bingos. Three “J”s to be exact. But good enough to share 3rd place. $2.50 each.
Jan Murphy, Julie Hanson, Joanne Leete

First flight Cathy Houston and Cindy Renshaw took top honors with 3 Bingos. They won $12 each.
Tying for 3rd place was BFF’s Donna Ybarra and Becky Heagle. They each receive $2. Live it up girls!!

3rd Flight Sondi Schnee won $14 with a respectable 4 Bingos.
3 way tie for 2nd place with 2 Bingos. Winning $5 each.
Sonja Welin, Bonnie Ladd, Deborah Veatch

Chip ins winning $6 each
Cathy Houston #11 Cindy Renshaw #17 Doris Bunnell #6 Julie Hanson #9

Closest to pin paying $7 each
Low Handicap                            Higher handicap
2 Annette Krey 6’6″.                   Joanne Leete 34′ 5″
7 Cindy Renshaw 19′ 6″             Deborah Veatch 17’4″
14 Terry Billingham 9′ 2.5″        Emoji
17 Cindy AAfedt 3’5″                 Emoji

Deborah Veatch #7 (Nice putt) Cathy Houston #8 Cindy Renshaw #2,#17
Julie Hanson #8 Donna Grover #1 Annette Krey #5

Note: If you need to cancel after Sunday morning please notify whoever is running the game that week or Annette or Cindy and we will forward the message.


Cindy and Annette

Play Day Results-Sept 28, 2021

Hello Ladies,

Congratulations to everyone who played yesterday on this unusually windy day. Thirty-one ladies participated in “S & T”. Here are the results.

There were three flights and four winners in each flight. First place won $12, second place won $9, third place won $6 and fourth place won $4. Your winnings will be shown as “Credit Books” on your DBGCC statement.

Flight 1 – Handicaps 0 – 20
1st Place Cindy Renshaw 33.5
2nd Place Cindy Aafedt 34
3rd Place Conchita Christensen 34.5
4th Place Terry Billingham 38

Flight 2 – Handicaps 21 – 28
1st Place Sandy Smith 34
2nd Place Deborah Veatch 35
3rd Place Joanne Leete 36.5
4th Place Frances Shipilov 36.5

** Note that the 3rd/4th place tie breaker was Hole 12, the No. 1 handicap hole among the S&T holes. **

Flight 3 – Handicaps 29 – 36
1st Place Kris Rogers 33.5
2nd Place Sonja Welin 34
3rd Place Bonnie Ladd 36
4th Place Jeanne Zwemer 36.5

The Overall Winner with the lowest net for the S&T holes was Doris Bunnell who won $15 with a net 33. Thanks to Cindy R and Kris who had an extra .5 in their total!

We had 5 Chip-Ins today, each lady taking home $5:

Cindy Aafedt Hole 9
Julie Hanson Hole 3
Sally Sturney Hole 15
Deborah Veatch Hole 15
Sonja Welin Hole 6

26 ladies participated in the Closest to the Pin contest. There were 8 successful ladies, each winning $6.50:

Low Handicap (0-21)/  High Handicap (22-36)

Hole #2 Conchita Christensen 27’5”/  Kay Bargmann 33’5”
Hole #7 Lisa Ferrante 16’2”/  Pamela Musselman 72’
Hole #14 Cindy Renshaw 7’7”/  Sandy Mize 53’2”
Hole #17 Cindy Aafedt 5’6”/ Julie Hanson 54’

We also honored our two ladies who achieved Birdies:
Cindy Aafedt Hole #8 and Hole #17
Donna Ybarra Hole #5

Thanks again for coming out, and look for info from Annette and Cindy on our Club Championship next week on October 5 and October 7.

Doris and Sally

Play Day Results – Sept 21, 2021


We had 23 participants today. Next week will be S&T game.


Low Gross Annette Krey 75
Low net Debbie Martin with 72

Low putts Cindy Aafedt with 28

Each winning $12

1st Flight
1st place Annette Krey 72 Won on back side tie breaker
2nd place Terry Billingham 72
3rd place Cindy Renshaw 74

2nd Flight
1st place Nukay Donnelly 72
2nd place Jill Chase 75
3rd place Jenny Dillon 76

3rd Flight
1st place Cathy Fancy 72
2nd place Bonnie Ladd 79
3rd place Francis Shipilov 81

1st Place paid out $10

2nd Place $6

3rd Place $4

Donna Ybarra had the only chip in on #6 for a birdie winning the pot of $21.

Other birdies were Debbie Martin #7 Cindy Aafedt #17 Lisa Ferrante #8 Annette Krey #1, 10, 17

Closest to pins Paying $5.75 each
Low handicap                            High handicap
#2 Cindy Renshaw 13′ 5″          Nukay Donnelly 5′ 11″
#7 Annette Krey 3’3″                 Sandy Smith 9′ 7.5″
#14 Becky Heagle 16′ 5.5″         no one
#17 Annette Krey 3’5″               Nukay Donnelly 44′ 2″

Reminder The closest to the pin entry fee basket is $2. We are coming up short on this every week.

See you next week. Contact Doris of any change of plans.

Cindy and Annette

2021 Invitational Recap

Just wanted to recap the 2021 Invitational, “Salute to Frontline Workers”. Two days of fun and camaraderie. Thanks to the 100 ladies who participated.
Not only did we survive the delta variant uptick and smoke from many fires, but made new friends and reconnected with old.

Here’s the recap of what occurred:

Probably the biggest success was the $450 raised for the Brentwood Food Pantry. The ladies that are involved with this charity,
were so happy that we could raise this money. I have to say, it’s actually the shining light from our invitational. Be proud of that.

Flight Winners – each flight was paid Gross, 1st Net and 2nd Net

Caregiver Flight

1st gross Watkins, Mendonsa, Ybarra, Anderson

1st net Houston, Kemps, Brendel, Renshaw

2nd net Heagle, Heagle, Grandi, Billingham

Transporter Flight

1st gross Moro, Ferra, Zaro, Schmitz

1st net Bunnell, Bartoli, Martin, Leete

2nd net Zwemer, Wold, Smith, Howell

First Responder Flight

1st gross Christensen, Slabaugh, Conti, Bischofberger

1st net Mize, Bates, Ulibarri, Schuitemaker

2nd net Baehr, Dudley, Vik, Stewart

Supply Chain Flight

1st gross Vinciguerra, Conway, Pinnell, Foley

1st net Sturney, Konkin, Veatch, Leeper

2nd net Uyeno, Partlow, Gaines, Hullen

Horse Race Winners

1st Place Bunnell, Bartoli, Martin, Leete

2nd Place Watkins, Mendonsa, Ybarra, Anderson

3rd Place Dillon, Fancey, Surdez, Lewandowski

18 teams opted to play in the horse race and were split into 3 flights. Flight 1 played holes 2 – 4, Flight 2 played holes 1 – 3 (and also hogged the beverage cart girl 😁)

and Flight 3 played holes 6 – 8. The winners of each flight met on hole 9 and played one hole for horse race placement. It came down to a chip off.
From what it seemed 100 yards from the back of the green, D. Martin made the perfect chip. Been back there a lot Debbie?? 😁 It was a very exciting finish for all and congratulations to making it to the last hole.

Closest to the Pin Winners, two winners per hole each day split by handicap (0-24 and 25-36)

Day 1

2 – Gay Wold 8’10” / Susan Leeper 7’5”

7 – Lisa Ferrante 7’9” / Sandy Mize 3’5”

14 – Stacey Moro 5’10” / Sherry Boyd 51’

17 – Alicia Sinclair 1’0” / Lynnette Lewandowski 4’10”

Day 2

2 – Cheree Mendonsa 1’8” / Sally Sturney 2’10”

7 – Fran Grace 6’0” / Nan Whitaker 31’11”

14 – Annette Krey 3’3” / Shelly Morgan 2’8”

17 – Julie Hanson 6’11” / Tonette Gaines 5’9”

Great shots ladies.

Casino Hole – throughout the 2 days we had 54 ladies who landed on the green. We had a drawing for winners from each day,
10 per day for a total of 20 winners of $40 each. Congratulations to all those that hit the green and to the final 20 who survived the drawing.
Thanks to all that participated.

We also had many raffle winners including golf bags, sand wedge, coffee tray, cookie basket, gift cards to golf galaxy, Texas Roadhouse, Uptown Trends,
Ogio travel bags, Campos wine gift basket, sky view adventure flight, lessons from our pros and a painting from a Central Valley artist.

I would like to thank my committee members

Becky Heagle T-prizes and Raffle

Annette Krey Raffle

Patty Uyeno Decorations creator

Joanne Smith, Mary Watkins, Sondi Schnee Decorations

Doris Bunnell Chief Statistician

Deborah Veatch/Sally Sturney Registration

Donna Ybarra Hole Sponsor Gatherer

Jenny Dillon Food Consultant

Thanks to the following vendors

Bill Mayer Motion Photography

Les Jacobs Select Imaging

— Les is a Discovery Bay member and handled the coolers and tumblers for us, plus the printing of our program.

Both of these guys are so supportive of our group and we enjoyed working with each of them.

Final Thanks to our Discovery Bay Staff from Food Service to Golf Services to Course Maintenance. Thanks Mark, Jenelle, Tim, Luis and Chris plus
your supporting cast. You were great.

I’ve attached a list of all the hole sponsors and appreciated their support and will thank them. As we all know supporting local small business
in this COVID recovery is a key to all our success.

Again, thanks to all for coming.


Play Day Results – Aug 31, 2021

32 ladies played Criss Cross. You took your best score on 1 or 10, 2 or 11 etc (I wonder how many took score on 13 over score on 4!) Add up those 9 holes and subtract 1/2 your handicap
Greens were a little tough with being freshly punched and sanded but we got thru it.

We had our new member Sky join us. If you haven’t met her yet make sure you introduce yourself.


3rd Flight
1st Sally Sturney – 26 – $17.67
2nd Bonnie Ladd – 28 – $8.66
2nd Sonja Welin – 28 – $8.66
3rd Joanne Smith – 29 – 3.50

2nd Flight
1st Pam Musselman – 30 – $17.67
2nd Sky Donnelly 30.5 – $12
3rd Conchita Christiansen – 31 – $5.33

4th Fran Grace – 31.5 -$1.17
4th Sandy Smith – 31.5 -$1.17

4th Frances Shipilov – 31.5 -$1.17

1st Flight
1st Donna Ybarra – 27 – $17.67
2nd Annette Krey – 29 – $12

3rd Becky Heagle – 31.5 -$2.67

3rd Cindy Renshaw – 31.5 – $2.67

We had 4 chip in’s – each paying $7.75
Dana on #17
Deborah V on #16
Mary W on #15
Lisa on #4

Lisa on #4 and #14 (she is probably the only one who used #4 instead of #13!)
Kris on #14
Donna Y on #1 and #2
Cindy A on #8
Lin on #1
Cindy R on #14
Annette on #9, #11 and #14
(Lot of birdies on #14!)

Closest to the pin – Each paid $7.50
#2 – Donna Y 11′ and Sally S 53’10”
#7 – Cindy A 5′ 1.5″ and Sally S 21′ 1/4″
#14 – Annette 3′ 4″ and Kris 20′
#17 – Donna Y 5’10” and Sandy M 7’4.5″

Our next 18 holer play days are Sept 21 and Sept 28. The 21st will probably be PPLN and we will get details out to you soon.
Also please plan to stay that day after golf for our general meeting. We will be voting for the board for 2022!
The 9 holers have invited us to play on Sept 9 with them (see info on fore tees)

Club Championship coming up in October!

Please join me in wishing our own Lisa Ferrante good luck as she competes in the Senior Women’s amateur in Alabama, starting on Sept 10!

Thanks Everyone!
Annette and Cindy R