Play Day Results – Aug 10, 2021

Hi Ladies-

It was a challenging day yesterday! Golf was one thing, but the math mind boggling. The game was 39, and for those who had never played it, a bit much to figure out. I took all scorecards home and ran a spreadsheet, from which my head is still spinning.
Carolyn Barnes joined for check in, lunch and figuring out the Optionals. It was great to see her again. She’s been traveling and getting ready for knee surgery. We also welcomed Joanne Leete, returning member from Texas, who played with us, but not part of the game.

We had 19 players, so 3 flights, 2 winners per flight.

1st Flight – Hcps to 23
1st/2nd – Debbie Martin and Julie Hanson tied with -4, each winning $11.10

2nd Flight – Hcps 24 – 31
1st – Deborah Veatch with -4 winning $15
2nd – Frances Shipilov with -5 (tie breaker with Cathy Fancey on back nine) winning $7.15

3rd Flight – Hcps 32-35
1st – Doris Bunnell with -2 winning $15
2nd – Sondi Schnee with -7 winning $7.15

Closest to the Pin paying $4.75 each
Hcp to 28
Hole 2 – Mary Watkins 22’10.25”
Hole 7 – Sandy Smith 49’6”
Hole 14 – Julie Hanson 13’6”
Hole 17 – Mary Watkins 11’8”

Hcp 29-36
Hole 2 – Deborah Veatch 26’6”
Hole 7 – Jeanne Zwemer 45’8”
Hole 14 – no entry
Hole 17 – Deborah Veatch 37’8”

There was a lone birdie (worth 5 points in our game!) and that was Julie Hanson on Hole 6.

Chip Ins – payout of $4.50
Amelia Lyons Hole 15
Sondi Schnee Hole 14
Julie Hanson Hole 6
Sherry Boyd Hole 11

Thanks for playing and have fun at what I’m sure is going to be a great Invitational next week!
Bonnie and Carolyn

Play Day Results-July 27, 2021

We had 27 players yesterday and we played Cha Cha Cha. Paid 1st and 2nd place.
1st place with an awesome score of 123, each receiving $14.25
Mary Watkins
Joanne Smith
Sandy Mize
Kris Roger

2nd place with a score of 133 each receiving $9.50
Jill Chase
Lisa Ferrante
Lin Lenson
Dana Wardstrom

Birdies for the day
Jan Baehr #17
Becky Heagle #2
Cindy Aafedt #10
Lisa Ferrante #1
Jill Chase #7
Joanne Smith #2

There were 2 chip in’s each receiving $13
Jan Baehr on #17
Lin Lenson on #6

Closest to the pin each paying $8
0-24 handicap                     25-36 handicap
#2 Becky Heagle – 3’5″       Joanne Smith – 10 inches!
#7 Jill Chase – 26′               Sandy Mize – 27’1″
#14 Annette Krey – 6’2″      none
#17 Annette Krey – 7’10”     none

Thanks for playing, and we’ll get info out about next month’s play days soon

Annette and Cindy

Play day results-July 20, 2021


We had 25 participants for PPLN day.

There was a five way tie for low of the day with 71’s. These were carded off using the back nine.

Pam Musselman Low Net Champ for the day $13
Donna Ybarra Low putts with an amazing 27 $13

First place was paid $11 Second place $7 Third place $3.66 in all flights

1st flight All with net 71
Dana Wardstrom 1st
Cathy Houston 2nd
Annette Krey 3rd

2nd flight
Cathy Fancey 75 1st
Jill Chase 76 2nd
Francis Shipilov 81 3rd

3rd flight
Bonnie Ladd 71 1st
Sally Sturney 75 2nd
Sonja Welin 76 3rd

$23 in the chip in pot was shared by Sondi Schnee and Sonja Welin.

Low gross went to Lisa Ferrante with 75.

Closest to pin Each receiving $6
Low handicap High handicap

#2 Donna Ybarra 2’6″ Jeanne Zwemer 22’8″
#7 Annette Krey 21’5″ Cathy Fancey 60′
#14 Cindy Aafedt 18’6″ Doris Bunnell 18’1″
#17 Donna Ybarra 4′ Jeanne Zwemer 4’1″

Quite an abundance of birdies today. Well done ladies.
Annette 2,6,10
Terry Billingham 11
Cindy Aafedt 13
Cathy Houston 15
Donna Ybarra 2
Dana 14
Cathy Fancey 17
Jeanne 17

Next week will be make your own foursome. The game is Cha Cha Cha.

We have not received our times for August.

Cindy R and Annette

Finding the Rules’ answers

As my computer imploded this weekend you are fortunate that I am currently unable to send out this month’s Rules quiz. Instead I am sending you some advice on finding answers to your Rules questions using the USGA rules app. At the bottom of this e mail I have added the link which you can use to download it to your phones or computers, totally without cost..


When you open the app the first page that opens has a “search” bar at the top Searching for answers is only as good as the words you put in.
Make sure you use the correct terms.

Do not use:
Sand trap, it is a BUNKER.
Water hazard, is a PENALTY AREA.

Be as specific as possible, the more specific you are the quicker you will find the answer.

If your “ball moved by player on putting green”, type those words into the search engine. By adding “putting green” it makes the answer you want quicker to find.

If your ball moved in the fairway type in “ball moved in General area”

If your ball moved when you were removing loose impediments then type all that in the search engine, “ball moved when removing loose impediments.”

Since 2019 certain conditions have been grouped together under one term. Ground under repair, immovable obstructions, animal holes and temporary water are now all covered by the word “Abnormal course conditions”. So if you need an answer about ground under repair when you type in those words the answers will come up for Abnormal course conditions. Don’t panic, you are at the right place it is just that the terms have changed.

Where you drop your ball under a Rule is now called “the Relief Area.” If you have any questions about lifting, dropping and you type in “rough”, or “fairway”, the word “General area” will come up. Again, you are in the right place, the terms have just changed.

The more specific and accurately you describe your situation the easier it will be for you to find the answer.

Try it, you might like it and it is certainly quicker than using the actual Rules book that I’m sure you all carry in your golf bag! NOT.

I hope this helps you.

Play day results-July 6, 2021

Hey all,

Short crew (21 players) again today while our finest were out grinding away to put DBWGA on the map.

The game was “if” 2 holes were thrown out on those “only if I had not…..” .

We had three unequal flights (7,8,and 6) because of how the handicaps lay. 2 places were paid in each flight because 2 falls within the 1/4 to 1/3 pay the field in each case.

Common payout rate for two places were used 70% for first 30% for second.

1st Flight 2nd place Debbie Martin 58 $7.50
1st Flight 1st place Kay Bargmann 57 $17.00

2nd Flight 2nd place Frances Shipilov 60 $9.00
2nd flight 1st place Deborah Veatch 59 $19.00

3rd Flight 2nd place Sonja Welin 65 $7.00
3rd Flight 1st place Doris Bunnell 60 $14.00

Jill Chase had the only birdie on hole #7. Jeanne Zwemer had the only chip in on hole #8. Jeanne faired a little better than Jill winning $19. Great hole anyways Jill!

Closest to the Pin Each winning $6.25.

Handicaps 0-27
#2 Jill Chase 4′ 3.75″

#7 Conchita Christensen 9’4″

#14 Conchita Christensen 49’6″

#17 Cindy Renshaw 21’3″

Handicaps 28-36

#2 Deborah Veatch 32′ 1″

#7 No one

#14 Jeanne Zwemer 68′ 3″

#17 No one

Pro shop did not give us next week. So PPLN will July 20th. Sign up by the 12th.

Cindy R and Jill

Results of June 29 Play Day

We missed many of you and wished you well playing Diablo team play today. Hope you did well.

For the rest of us at home we played Crystal Ball. You tossed out a predetermined par 3 par 4 and a par 5 and subtracted your full handicap.

23 played with 3 flights paying 2 places each. $10.75 for first and $5.25 for second.

1st flight
1st place Cindy Renshaw 50
2nd place Mary Watkins 52

2nd flight
1st place Jeannie Zwemer 53
2nd place Bonnie Ladd/ Deborah Veatch tied with 55 split the pot

3rd flight
1st place Sally Sturney 52
2nd place Doris Bunnell 56

#2 Closest to pin $5 paid to all winners
0-27 Becky Heagle 8’7″
30-36 Doris Bunnell 38’11”

#14 closey
0-27 Conchita Christensen 30′ 1″
30-36 Fe Estrada 23’10”

Chip Ins I should make that singular. The one and only Doris Bunnell. Won 20 one dollar bills!!! I’m thinking join the birdie club or go see Thunder down Under.

Birdies achieved today.
Debbie Martin #17
Mary Watkins #8
Krissy Rogers #14
Amelia Lyons #2

Nice pace of play today. I think everyone was around 4 hours. Great job!

July 6 is next play day. It will be an individual game to be announced. PPLN will be on July 20th. Make your own foursome will be on July 27th with game to be announced.

Thanks for the participation.

Cindy R and Sandy Mize

June 22 Results

Hi all
30 ladies played today in “make your own Foursome” Triplicate

1st place goes to Bonnie Ladd, Raquel Myers and Fe Estera score of 123, $9 each
2nd place goes to Frances Shipilov, Jeanne Zwemer, Sandy Smith and Sherry Boyd, score 128, $6 each
3rd place goes to Lucia Lawrence, Jan Murphy and Fran Grace, score 130 $3 each

There were 3 chip ins each worth $9.50
Donna Ybarra hole #13
Mary Watkins hole #7
Raquel Myers Hole #11

Cindy Aafed #5
Donna Ybarra #13, #14
Conchita Christensen #13, #14, #17
Lucia Lawrence #2
Lisa Ferrante #3, #7, #14

Closest to the pin – each worth $3.50
#2 Lucia 5’4″
#7 Lisa 3’8″
#14 Donna Y 5’10”
#17 Jan M 6’10”

#2 Jeanne 3’6″
#7 Sherry 58’2″
#14 Frances S 26’11”
#17 Julie H 51’8″

Thanks to Terry B for the assistance today!

Next week game is Crystal ball – Before the round decide on one Par 5 one Par 4 and one Par 3 to throw out. Add up the other 15 holes and substract your full handicap. I believe there are still spots available, but fore tees is closed so you will need to call pro shop to add you. Cindy Renshaw will be in charge that day.

Thanks Annette

More Results: PPLN

> Hi Again-
> I forgot to include Closest to the Pin, each winning $7.
> Flight up to HCP 25:
> Hole 7: Terry Billingham 17’9”
> Hole 14: Jan Murphy 8’9”
> Flight HCP 26 to 36
> Hole 7: Julie Hanson 12’9.5”
> Hole 14: Sally Sturney 20’2”
> For you eagle eyes that may have noticed the Flight changes in the Net Game today (0-24 in Net and 0-25 in CTP), we had a last minute switcheroo that changed the dividing point after the CTPs were sent down to the Pro Shop for placement. >
> Hope this does it and see you next week!
> Bonnie
>> On Jun 15, 2021, at 6:02 PM, Bonnie Ladd wrote: >>
>> Hi Ladies-
>> The weather was great and some of you had great games, so here goes: >>
>> Overall Low Putts: Joanne Smith – 28 putts winning $10.
>> Overall Low Net: Sandy Smith – 70, winning $10. (Actually Joanne Smith had a net 69, but there’s no “double dipping.”) >>
>> Flight 1 – Hcps up to 24
>> Net 71: Donna Ybarra & Fran Grace splitting 1st & 2nd $6.50 each. >>
>> Net 72: Lin Lenson winning $3.50 in 3rd place.
>> Net 73: Jan Murphy winning $2.50 in 4th place.
>> Flight 2 – Hcps 25-36
>> Net 71: Jan Baehr winning $8 in 1st place.
>> Net 73: Cathy Fancey & Debbie Martin splitting 2nd & 3rd $4.25 each. >>
>> Net 76: Sally Sturney winning $2.50 in 4th place.
>> There were 5 Chip Ins – each worth $5.50:
>> Jan Murphy on 16
>> Donna Ybarra on 11
>> Sondi Schnee on 10
>> Joanne Smith on 16
>> Jan Baehr on 18
>> Birdies:
>> Jan Murphy on 14 & 16
>> Donna Ybarra on 6 & 13
>> Terry Billingham on 12
>> Fran Grace on 2
>> Note: Mary Watkins withdrew from the game early on, but had a birdie on hole 7. There is no prize money for birdies, so she’s not out anything. >>
>> Thanks for playing and scores will be posted by the Pro Shop (probably tomorrow). >>
>> Bonnie & Carolyn