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Golf Snippet #2


Golf Snippet #2


Don’t you just hate it when you’ve had an amazing drive only to discover that your ball has come to rest in a divot hole!!! What rotten luck, and so unfair.

But surely the Rules of golf allow you to move your ball out of that divot without penalty, right?

Wrong. No, you cannot move a golf ball out of a divot hole even when that divot is in the fairway – at least, not without penalty. However, you do have an option. Declare the ball unplayable, assess yourself a one-stroke penalty, and drop a ball.

Play from where you hit your last shot.

Go back as far as you like in line with the pin.

Measure two club lengths from where your ball lies in the divot hole and drop a ball no closer to the pin.

Or………. suck it up, and play from the divot hole, no penalty

I hope this helps you.

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Advisory Board notes 8/20/2020

> Aeration starts on August 24, first the greens, then tee boxes, then the fairways. This will greatly help all the areas that look like ground under repair and the many ball marks on the greens. PLEASE – fix your ball marks and any others you see on the green. >
> Discussed the driving range and how we can help to keep it in good shape. Possibly use mats more frequently or close half the range at a time. >
> Labor Day Monday the course will be open, as well as the Tuesday after. >
> Discussed the stakes on #11 and possibly putting a temporary tee box on the right side for the GOLD tees. Tim will have a communication about a local rule that will go into effect for hitting the ropes or poles. >
> Still a lot of play and that takes a toll on the course and the golf carts. >
> Our next meeting is Sept. 17, send me any comments or questions you have before that date. >
> Regards,
> Donna
> —
> Donna Grover

Results for 8/18/2020

Thanks to those of you who came out to play in the heat today and I hope you enjoyed “Getting to Know your Partners”. As a reminder our guidelines suggest we pay out 1/3 of the field. The results are below:

1st Place paying $7.50 per person:

Kathy Readler/Patty Uyeno/Cathy Fancey/Cindy Renshaw 64

2nd Place paying $6.67/6.66/6.67 per person: (the odd penny was given to the lower gross scores)

Lisa Ferrante/Jenny Dillon/Lin Lenson 65

Hilary Frigillana/Joanne Smith/Sherry Boyd/Conchita Christenson 68

Annette Krey/Cindy Aafedt/Dana Wardstrom/Terry Billingham 69

Deborah Veatch/Doris Bunnell/Sally Sturney/Susan Leeper 73

Jan Baehr/Sonja Welin 74

Sondi Schnee/Joanne Leete/Deborah Martin/Marie Verza W/D


Marie Verza #4

Joanne Leete #10

Lin Lenson #3


Lin Lenson #3

Lisa Ferrante # 6, 14, 17

Terry Billingham #2

Cindy Aafedt #10, 17

Annette Krey #11

Our next play day is scheduled for September 15.

Stay cool and be well!


Another Rules quiz….yippee

Enjoy ladies!

July Quiz.docx

Notes from Advisory Board mtg 7/23/2020

Here are my notes from our recent meeting:
> – Play days for the 3 groups (18-holers, 9-holers, seniors) – hoping to get 2 groups to play per week. You will be notified when that change occurs.
> – When playing with the group it’s best to either take a cart for the 18-holes or walk 18-holes but if you want to walk 9 and then ride 9 it can be difficult to have a cart ready for you.
> – Trying different times for getting tee times. This week it is Friday at 6pm. This may change in the future. > – Hoping to have some form of outdoor dining soon.
> – Aeration will be done on August 24 with the small tines, not plugs.
> – Greens are currently a little slower due to the product that controls the crabgrass. They should be speeding up soon. > – Mats only on the range for the next 2 weeks.
> Regards,
> Donna
> —
> Donna Grover
> 408-981-6073


Good Morning Ladies,
September 14 – 15

Team Challenge Tournament

Crazy Horse & Seascape

Two Best Balls of Four Person Team

Stableford Competition

Course Handicap limit of 40

Register for Tournament on Line as of July 20. Note: you must first have a profile established in Golf Genius.



Tuesday PPLN results 7/21/2020

Overall Low Net winner – Sandy Mize, Net 67 $12
Overall Low Putts winner – Lisa Ferrante, 30 $12
(Lisa is also low gross winner, 78, not paid out in PPLN but congratulations!)

1st flight
1st place low net – Cathy Houston, Net 71, $10 (after a tie-breaker) 2nd place low net – Patty Uyeno, Net 71, $8
3rd place low net – Terry Billingham, Net 72, $6

2nd flight
1st place low net – Jeanne Zwemer, Net 68, $10
2nd place low net – Kay Bargman, Net 69, $8
3rd place low net – Deborah Veatch, Net 71, $6 (3-way tie breaker)

Congratulations to all our Chip-ins and Birdies today:
Lin Lenson #12
Cindy Renshaw #12
Cathy Houston #12
Amelia Lyons #9
Sally Sturney, #2
Sally Sturney #3
Susan Leeper, #1
Kay Bargman, #5
Sandy Mize, #12

Kay Bargman #8
Pamela Musselman, #14
Conchita Christensen, #1
Patti Uyeno, #7
Jill Chase, #7
Dana Wardstrom, #7
Annette Krey, #15

Thanks for playing!

Slate of Nominees for DBWGC in 2021

Hello Ladies,

Your Nominating Committee for 2021 has completed the selection process. Here is the proposed 2021 Executive Committee, Tournament, Team Play, and Committee Chairpersons.

We will send out an email to all members two weeks prior to our September 22 General Meeting announcing the Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer. To be elected, these positions require a majority vote at the September General Meeting.
Captain Sondi Schnee (previously Sondi was our 2001 Captain)
Co-Captain Kathy Readler
Secretary Bonnie Ladd
Treasurer Doris Bunnell
Handicap Deborah Veatch
Parliamentarian Joanne Leete

Tournament Donna Grover

Team Play Captain Becky Frazier
Team Play – Diablo Annette Krey
Team Play – Central Valley Frances Shipilov

Committee Chairpersons:

Eclectic Sally Sturney
Historian Kris Rogers
Hole-in-One Debbie Martin
Invitational Cathy Houston
NCGA Jr Girls/Youth on Course Amelia Lyons
Membership Sherry Boyd
Open Days Bonnie Ladd
AHA “Go Red” Tournament TBD
Rules Hilary Frigillana
Sunshine Joanne Leete
NCGA Ambassador Sonja Welin
Website – Co-Chairs Jan McCleery and Kay Bargmann

Thank you to all new ladies who are stepping up to support our Club and, of course, welcome back to those of you who agreed to remain in their prior positions. We hope there is no pandemic in 2021.

Your 2021 Nominating Committee,
Doris Bunnell, Chair
Joanne Leete
Joanne Smith

July Rules Quiz

Happy 4th of July ladies and enjoy the quiz. From your Rules Guru – Hilary:

Ladies: Answer YES or NO to the following questions: (see below for answers)
1. A player’s ball is just off the green but 10 yards closer to the putting surface than your ball, and it’s on your chipping line. She voluntarily marks her ball to allow you to chip without interference. OK?



2. Your playing partner hits her ball in the woods. The ball is lost, so she drops a ball next to the point where the ball entered the woods, takes a penalty stroke, and plays on. OK?



3. Your opponent uses tees which are 4.5 inches long. OK?



4. After you sink your putt in Match play, you concede your opponent’s one-footer for par to halve the hole, but she taps in anyway. OK?



5. Your partner’s ball is on the green. She wants to clean it, so she puts a tee down to mark the ball’s position and picks the ball up and cleans it. OK?



6. You’re about to putt out for a bogey on a par 4, and you ask your match-play opponent how many strokes she has taken. She says “five,” and waits until you make the putt, then says; “No, I meant four,” which is correct. OK?



[scroll down for the answers]

1.) No. The ball was lifted without a request from you. It’s a one-stroke penalty for the player, and the ball must be replaced (15.3b (2)).

2.) No. She should have taken a one-stroke penalty and played from the spot where she took her last shot (18.2b).

3.) No. A tee must be no longer than 4 inches (Definitions).

4.) Yes. In match play, this type of practice is OK, but remember a concession cannot be declined or withdrawn. (3.2b).

5.) Yes. You can use a tee to mark the position of a ball but be sure it will not interfere with the other players’ line of putt. (Definitions).

6.) No. She must not give wrong information about her score. She loses the hole (3.2d).

Advisory Board Notes

Here are my notes from today’s Advisory Board meeting:

There was a conversation about ForeTees and how currently we book one day at a time. There’s a possibility of being able to book a week at a time. Still to be decided on which method is best for the membership.

Talked about the walk-on’s – still not decided if that will be used in the future or not.

Discussed having sand bottles back on the carts – they could be sanitized each time the carts go out. This would help repair divots on the course. Of course, if people aren’t comfortable handling them, that’s fine too.

Course conditions are very good. Due to the different soil conditions on the front vs. the back different waterings are required. The clay soil needs a lot of water.

Maintenance staff is down 2 workers. Hope to hire soon.

Cart path on #7 will be repaired on Monday.

Restaurant – Hoping to do inside dining starting July 1. We don’t know what the restrictions will be yet. Mark will adjust as necessary. Workers have been informed that they may be able to come back then. Alex and Angelica are not coming back. A new snack bar person has been hired.

Membership – there have been lots of inquiries but Mark is not taking any new members for now.

Hoping to get the organized groups (18-holers, seniors, 9-holers) back in July. Not sure what the limitations will be yet.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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