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Hot June Holes – June 12, 2018

Luckily it wasn’t too hot while we played today, but summer is definitely here.

We had 20 ladies play, divided into 2 flights, and winners were:

1st Flight:  
Jeanne Zwemer $10 – score of 48
Raquel Myers $7 – score of 49
Jill Chase $3 – score of 51

2nd Flight:
*Charlene Kleiner $8.50 – score of 53
*Bonnie Ladd $8.50 – score of 53
Fe Estrera $3 – score of 54
*Tie and unclear how to break on back nine considering we were throwing out holes, so decided to split 1st/2nd $.

Chip In

Raquel Myers winning $20.

Closest to the Pins, $5 each
Hcp 0-30
Hole 2 – Terry Billingham 34’11”
Hole 7 – Terry Billingham 4’3”
Hole 17 – Terry Billingham 34’2”

Hcp 31-36
Hole 7 – Sondi Schnee 26’8”

Terry Billingham –  Today was Terry’s second day of playing with us and she “done good!”

Thanks for playing and hope to see you next week.

Bonnie and Sandy


Playday May 22, 2018 – Cha Cha Cha

Hi All-

We had 22 ladies today for our game of Cha-Cha-Cha.

Guest Flight Winners with a score of 135

Team of Debbie Martin, Judy Bartoli, guest Joanne Onstad, & a fabulous Blind Draw.

Member Flight Winners with a score of 130

Team of  Sandy Smith, Jeanne Zwemer, Jan McCleery, and Debbie Kelley.

Closest to the Pin:

Guest Hole 2 No One

Member Hole 17

Jeanne Zwemer 5’5.75”


Sondi Schnee on Hole 6

Lin Lenson on Hole 7.


Hole 7 was a birdie hole for Lin Lenson, Joanne Smith, and Debbie Kelley

Hole 14 was a birdie hole for  Lin Lenson

Congratulations to all our winners, and remember no golf next week as the club is closed after Memorial Day.

Hope to see you June 5 for our next PPLN/Pendant day.

Bonnie and Deborah

Playday May 15, 2018 – Points, Putts and Low Net

Hi All-

We had ideal weather for yesterday’s PPLN and competition was close!

The winners are:

Low Net: 68 – Deborah Veatch winning $9

Low Putts: 30 – Cathy Fancey, winning $9 (tie with Sally Sturney, broken by hardest hole after tied on back nine)

Low Gross:  84 – Cindy Aafedt (no $)

1st Flight – Hcps 0-30

1st Mary Watkins – 70, winning $8

2nd Kathy Readler – 71, winning $6

3rd Jan Baehr – 73, winning $4

2nd Flight – Hcps 31-36

1st Susan Graham – 69, winning $8

2nd Sally Sturney – 70, winning $6

3rd Joanne Smith – 75, winning $4

Closest to the Pins, each worth $4.50

Hole 7: Cindy Aafedt, 12’1”

Hole 14: Cindy Aafedt 5’8” & Kris Rogers 23’6”

Hole 17: Jeanne Zwemer 4’11.5” & Suzy Graham 4’4”

Chip-Ins – where the real money was, with a $30 carryover from the previous week!

Sally Sturney on holes 13 & 14, winning $36.50

Sondi Schnee winning $18.25.


Cindy Aafedt on hole 14

Suzy Graham on hole 2

Kathy Readler on hole 13

Sally Sturney on hole 17.

We had 2 new faces today:  Welcome back Sonja Welin after being out with a broken wrist and Jan Baehr, returning from the desert!

Thanks all for playing and Charlene and I hope to see you next week for Guest Day.

Bonnie and Deborah


2018 Spring Handicap Tournament

We had 21 ladies participate in this year’s Spring Handicap Tournament.   Congratulations to all our winners, and to Annette Krey, our overall low net winner.  Annette shot a net 69 and a net 72 and won with an awesome score of 141.

Here are the results:

Overall Low Net:  Annette Krey, score of 141.  

Annette will have her name added to our perpetual trophy, she receives the coveted white vest, $70. proshop gift certificate, and flowers.

First Flight:
1st Place Low Net, Cindy Aafedt, score of 150, winning $60 gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
2nd Place, Sandy Smith, score of 150 (tie broken on the back nine). Winning $40. Gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
3rd Place,  Mary Watkins, score of 152, winning $20. gift certificate.

Second Flight:
1st Place Low Net, Brenda Reisinger, score of 147,  winning a $60. gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
2nd Place, Sally Sturney, score of 152, winning $40 gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
3rd Place, Deborah Veatch, score of 153, winning $20. gift certificate.

There were 8 chip-ins, each worth $5.00.

Thank you all for participating.

Next Tuesday is putts, points, and low net and is also a pendant day.  Contacts are Bonnie Ladd and Deborah Veatch.   Don’t forget to sign up by Sunday.

Cathy and Bonnie

Playday April 17 2018 – Mini Solheim – So Much Fun!

Hi All-

We tried something new, and it was a little confusing, but it turned out to be a fun format.  It was really cold this morning, which didn’t help, but everyone plugged along and finished.  I divided the group into 2 teams, as evenly matched as possible, and the team that won the most holes won the event.  Holes 1-6 were Partner Best Ball; Holes 7-12 were Partner Alternate Shot; Holes 13-18 were Partner Scramble.

It couldn’t have been much closer – final score – 48 to 47!

Winning Team ($4 each):

Cindy Aafedt, Donna Grover, Jennie Dillon, Mary Watkins, Shelly Morgan, Anne Oprey, Kathy Readler, Sondi Schnee, Joanne Smith, Donna Johnson, Raquel Myers, Julie Hanson, Kris Rogers and Carolyn Barnes.

We had no chip-ins so $30 is carried forward to our next regular play day after the Handicap Tournament in May (another reason to sharpen your chipping skills!).

Closest to to the Pins, worth $4 each, Hcps 0-29 & 30 +.

Hole 2: Cindy Aafedt 10’ & Kris Rogers 6’

Hole 7: Cindy Aafedt 13’ & Raquel Myers 22’8”

Hole 14: Cathy Houston 3’7” & Carolyn Barnes 18’1”

Hole 17: Annette Krey 11’6”


Annette Krey claimed the lone Birdie on Hole 5, but Cathy Houston made her putt on Hole 14, so she is credited for a bird as well.

Thanks for giving something new a chance and see you on the course.

Bonnie Ladd and Sally Sturney

Central Valley Team Play April 12, 2018 – THE WINNERS!

Today was the first day of play for Central Valley.  We played Saddle Creek at Turlock.  Our team was so AWESOME that I have to brag!

Charlene Kleiner had an EAGLE on #9, a very hard par 4.  She and Deborah Veatch both had chip in birdies on different holes.  They won their match 8 to 5.

Gay Wold and Patty Uyeno won their match 9 to 3.

Jeanne Zwemer and Brenda Reisinger won theirs 7 to 4.

Adrian Goodman and I won by showing up because we had no opponents!

Because the team did so well we won the most points and won the balls for the day. Yea Team!

Please congratulate the team members that played today and think about joining us during this season.

Thanks to the team and thanks for your support,



Play Day April 10, 2018 – Points Putts and Low Net

Hi All-

Today we had 20 ladies play Points, Putts, and Low Net.

There was a tie for Low Net

Mary Watkins and Joanne Smith had scores of 69.

Low Putts

Joanne Smith with 29.

You cannot win both net and putts, so Mary Watkins won $10 + a pin for Low Net and Joanne Smith won $10 + a pin for Low Putts.


Handicaps up to 28

Jeanne Zwemer won $7 for 1st place with a net 72, and Amelia Thornton won $3 for 2nd place with a net 73.

Handicaps 29 and above

Charlene Kleiner won $7, 1st place, for her net 71 and Julie Hanson won 2nd place of $3 for her net 72.

Chip Ins

Joanne Smith had the sole chip-in on Hole 2, winning $20.

Closest to the pins (Hcps up to 28, & Hcps over 29) worth $5 each.

Hole 2, Cathy Fancey 20’4” (1st flight) & Kris Rogers 24’6” (2nd flight).

Hole 14, Shelly Morgan 16’2” (1st flight) and no one from the 2nd flight.

Hole 17, No one from the 1st flight, and Sandy Mize 8’8.5” (2nd flight).


Anne Oprey had a birdie on hole 2 and Mary Watkins had a birdie on hole 8.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks all for playing!

Bonnie Ladd and Sandy Mize



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