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Rain, Rain – Go Away – Playday May 21, 2019

Hello all,

Well, today the weather cooperated for the first 11 holes. Then, it started to rain (hard). After a couple holes, the sun came out, the rain jackets came off and the umbrellas were put away.  After another hole it started to rain again (hard). Rain gear on, rain gear off, rinse and repeat. Very bazaar weather pattern.

Ten of us finished 18 holes and each won a sleeve of balls as our reward. Twelve decided to have lunch early and they won one ball each.

 Member Flight, (team score of 101), each receiving a sleeve of balls

Donna Grover  

Carolyn Barnes

Sally Sturney

Doris Bunnell

 Guest Flight, (team score 95), each receiving a sleeve of balls

Peggie Schuitemaker

Jeanne Zwemer

Cathy Fancey

Lynnette Lewandowski

 Guest Flight  each receiving a sleeve of balls (team score undetermined because we didn’t calculate a blind draw):

Pamela Musselman

Conchita Christensen

Pam Musselman, hole 7
Conchita Christiansen, hole 8
Mary Watkins, hole 7
Peggie Schuitemaker, hole 14, 15, & 17. WOW!

Jeanne Zwemer, hole 9, $5.75
Cathy Fancey, hole 11, $5.75

Guest: Shelly Morgan, hole 2, 38′ 2″
Member: Peggie Schuitemaker, hole 17, 8′ 6 1/2″

The club is closed next Tuesday.  Our next playday is PPLN on June 4th.


Cathy and Bonnie


Playday May 14, 2019

Great day for golf today.  First of all a big CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Ferrante for getting an Eagle today on #6.

Winners 1st flight

1 – Lisa Ferrante – $10

2 – Terry Billingham – $7

3- Sandy Smith – $5

Winners 2nd flight

1 – Sondi Schnee – $10

2 – Joanne Smith – $7

3- Deborah Veatch – $5

Closet to the pin

#14 – Sandy Smith, 8’9″

Kay Gschwend, 59’4″

#7 – Kay Gschwend, 41’3 1/2″

Chip Ins

Lisa Ferrante Hole 6

Mary Watkins Hole 12

Pamela Musselman Hole 16


Sally Sturney Hole 7

Hope to see you all next week – please sign up by noon on Sunday.


Donna and Jill

Spring Handicap Final Results – May 7, 2019

Hi Ladies-

We wrapped up our Spring Handicap Tournament yesterday and our new Handicap Champion is Sondi Schnee!!  

We had 25 participants in 4 flights, total of two best rounds counted.  Winner of Flight 1 (Hcps 5-13) was Cindy Aafedt; Flight 2 (Hcps 22-25) Winner was Terry Billingham, second place went to Sandy Smith; Flight 3 (Hcps 26-32) was a tie between Deborah Veatch and Sherry Boyd, broken on the back nine with Deborah taking 1st; Flight 4 (Hcps 34-36) was won by Sally Sturney, second place going to Jo Smith.

Winners received gift certificates and small plants and, in addition, our champion receives our version of the Green Jacket, a fleece vest.

On to the statistics:

We had one notable:  Terry Billingham broke 90!

Chip-ins, worth $5 each:

Kay Gschwend, total of four (three on  5/7!)

Kris Rogers had two

Rochelle Baxley, Lisa Ferrante, Bonnie Ladd, Francis Shipilov, Cindy Aafedt, and Debbie Kelley had one each.


Rochelle Baxley, Kay Gschwend, Dana Wardstrom (2), Lisa Ferrante, Sherry Boyd, Cindy Aafedt (3), Terry Billingham, and Annette Krey (2).

Thanks to great participation, good weather, favorable course conditions, and help from the Pro Shop, it turned out to be a fun tournament.  Well, more fun for some than others, I guess.

See attached photos for all the nitty gritty and hope to see you all try our Fall Championship Tournament.  It’s Gross, but we have Net Flights, so everyone can sharpen competitive skills, and has the chance to be a winner!

Spring Handicap Round One – April 30, 2019

Hi Ladies-

Below are the overall standings after yesterday’s play.  Congratulations to Sondi for a fabulous net 64!

Please let me know if you see errors – this was a quick look at just one set of cards and I did not check the addition.

Tee times will be out this afternoon.  The leaders will tee off at 8:15 am and the rest of the groups will follow more or less in order so you can get an idea of when you’ll be teeing off.

There will be 3 flights.  First Flight is a small one, handicaps 5-13.  The other two flights are 22-29 and 30-36.

Del said these scores were posted as T Scores yesterday, so your May 1 handicaps may have changed.  We are using the 4/15 handicaps for all three days of the Tournament.

See you tomorrow and good luck to all!



  NAME   HC Gross 4/30 Net
1 Sondi Schnee 34 98 64
2 Dana Wardstrom 13 84 71
3 Terry Billingham 22 93 71
4 Sherry Boyd 32 103 71
5 Peggie Sch.maker 23 95 72
6 Annette Krey 6 80 74
7 Cindy Aafedt 7 81 74
8 Mary Watkins 22 96 74
9 Sandra Smith 23 97 74
10 Deborah Veatch 31 105 74
11 Sally Sturney 34 108 74
12 Kay Gschwend 29 105 76
13 Doris Bunnell 36 113 77
14 Rochelle Baxley 25 104 79
15 Brenda Reisinger 34 113 79
16 Jeanne Zwemer 25 105 80
17 Lisa Ferrante 5 86 81
18 Debbie Kelley 36 117 81
19 Christina Browning 23 105 82
20 Joanne Leete 29 111 82
21 Joanne Smith 36 118 82
22 Frances Shipilov 27 110 83
23 Kris Rogers 36 131 95


Guest Day – Play Day April 23, 2019

Hi Ladies,

I think summer is coming – we had a very warm day of golf yesterday.  We had 4 guests join us and the game was Beauty and the Beast.

Winning Team

Donna Grover, Kathy Readler,and Lucia Lawrence (guest) with a score of 172.

Second Place

Brenda Reisinger, Sandy Smith, Jeanne Zwemer and Frances Shipilov with a score of 179.


Frances Shipilov.


Donna Grover.

Closest to the pin (CTP) #7

Member Kathy Readler 13’3″

Guest Lucia Lawrence 23’8″

Next week is the Spring Tournament – Bonnie will be running this event so if you have any questions please ask her.  I will be on vacation next week.

Good luck!!



Points, Putts and Low Net – Playday April 9, 2019

We had 23 ladies play on Tuesday.  Here are the results.

Jeanne Zwemer, Hole #7
Terry Billingham, Hole #8
Cindy Aafedt, hole # 8

Chip in:
Mary Watkins, hole # 17,   $23.00

Closest to the pins, each worth $4.50
Handicap 0-27
Hole 2 –  A tie.  Lisa Ferrante AND Jeanne Zwemer, both 10′ 8″
Hole 14 – Cindy Aafedt, 19′ 4″
Hole 17 – Jenny Dillon, 23′ 5″

Handicaps 28-36
Hole 2 – Anne Oprey, 27′ 2″
Hole 14 – Kris Rogers 32′ 5″

Overall low net – Deborah Veatch, net 70.  Winning $9.00 sweeps
Overall low putts – Lisa Ferrante, 31 putts.   Winning $9.00 sweeps
Overall low gross – Cindy Aafedt,  78, winning honorable mention.  

First flight:
1st place, Cindy Aafedt, net 70.  Winning $8.00 sweeps
2nd place, Patty Uyeno, net 71.  Winning $4.00 sweeps
3rd place, Mary Watkins, net 72. Winning $2.00 sweeps

Second flight:
1st place, Brenda Reisinger, net 72. Winning $8.00 sweeps
2nd place, Kathy Readler, net 74. Winning $4.00 sweeps
3rd place, Sally Sturney, net 75.  Winning $2.00 sweeps

We had a few ties yesterday.  There was a tie for closest to the pin, which I’ve never seen. The tie for low net was broken on the back nine, which was still a tie, so it had to be broken on the last six holes.   The low putts tie had to be broken on the back nine.   Crazy day!

Congrats to all the winners.

Cathy and Cindy

Playday April 2, 2019

While we all gathered to play, Mother Nature decided to send down some more of that liquid gold.   So the regular play-day was cancelled since most of the ladies didn’t believe the weather would clear.   Eight positive thinkers went out at 9:30 and got in a round – three cheers for the hearty golfers!


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