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Good Afternoon Ladies,
Besides Open Days, NCGA/WGANC offers additional Tournaments thru out the year. Click this link below to the Events web page:

On the Events Page, click here to see all the dates. This will open a new page with the calendar. Scroll to the Tournament Date to open and print. I will print a copy for our bulletin board.

Register for Tournament on line.(Note: you must first have a profile established in Golf Genius (tournament management online system).
The tournament is:

2-Person Team Match Play


Happy Golfing,


PPLN results for March 10th, 2020

Well, 26 ladies played today. The day started off windy and cold, but was warmer by the time we finished our play. The winners of the day were as follows:

Low putts overall Lin Lenson 30 putts, winning $6.50
Low net overall Bonnie Ladd 64 net, winning $6.50

Sweeps winners:
First flight
1st place Cathy Houston 70 net For $ 5.00
2nd place Cindy Renshaw 72 net For $ 4.50
3rd place Annette Krey 74 net For $ 3.50

Second flight
1st place Stacy Moro 72 net For $ 5.00
2nd place Amelia Lyons 75 net For $ 4.00
2nd place Deborah Veatch 75 net For $ 4.00

3rd flight
1st place Raquel Myers 71 net For $ 5.00
2nd place Sondi Schnee 74 net For $ 4.00
2nd place Julie Hanson 74 net For $ 4.00

The results for chip ins, birdies, and closest to the holes:

Donna Grover #8 and #16
Nonie Greenfield #14

Donna Grover #8
Nonie Greenfield #14

#2 Donna Grover 16’2” and Julie Hanson 48’
#7 Amelia Lyons 20’ and Bonnie Ladd. 11’2”
#14 Lisa Ferrante. 2’10” and Bonnie Ladd 21’3”
#17 Terri Billingham and Annette Krey 5’9” and Sally Sturney 10’2”

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week!

Peninsula and Catta Verdera Open Days

Hi Ladies-

See attached for details on latest Open Days: Peninsula on April 16 and Catte Verdera on April 20. These are both great courses. I think Catta Verdera used to be Twelve Bridges, the site of LPGA events years ago.

Let me know by March 20 if you want to play Peninsula and by March 30 if you want to play Catta Verdera.

Bonnie Ladd
Open Day Chair

Catta Verdera-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf

Peninsula-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf

March Rules Quiz


Please find the attached Rules quiz. If you have any questions, or need a specific subject covered next time, please let me know.



2020 golf quiz _1.docx



The CWC Poster will also be posted on the upstairs Ladies’ Lounge bulletin board.

Happy Golfing,



March 3rd Results – S & T’s

Hi Ladies,
> We had a field of 24 today playing S & T’s. It was a fun format as we only counted our net scores on the 9 holes starting with a S or a T – sounded easier than it was! >
> Flight winners:
> Hcp 5-17: Donna Grover 30 ($8) & Lisa Ferrante 35 ($4)
> Hcp 21-27: Sandy Smith 32 ($8) & Tie of 33 by Mary Watkins ($2) & Debbie Martin ($2) >
> Hcp 28-33: Susan Leeper 34 ($8) & Joanne Leete 35 ($4)
> Hcp 34-36: Tie – Doris Bunnell ($6) & Sandy Mize ($6) with scores of 33. >
> Birdies: Lisa Ferrante 2 & 14; Annette Krey 1 & 8; Cindy Aafedt 7 & 18; Donna Grover 13; Terry Billingham 9. >
> Chip Ins $5.75 each: Lisa Ferrante on 14; Cindy Aafedt on 18; Sandy Smith on 9; Cathy Fancey on 14. >
> Closest to the Pins $3.50 each:
> Hole 7: Annette Krey 7’8” & Deborah Veatch 15’10”
> Hole 14: Annette Krey 13’4” & Carolyn Barnes 14’10”
> Hole 17: Lin Lenson 50’8” & Doris Bunnell 66’
> Thanks to all for playing and hope to see you next week.
> Cindy and Bonnie

Changes in holes not played


This was discussed at the regional meeting last week. It is in the Rules of Handicapping, different publication from the Rules of Golf.

One of the big changes is that you used to be able to play 13 holes and post an 18 hole score. It is now changed to 14. (If playing 9 holes, you needed 7 in the past and that has not changed. It made sense to change it for 18-holes to 7 x 2 =14).

What you take on the remaining holes depends on whether you started to play the hole or not. I have attached a document that goes over these 2 situations in detail.

Also, please be sure to post your scores by midnight the day you play. This is recommended by the World Handicap System.

Thank you Donna and Bonnie for your input


Holes not played or not finished.docx

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