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Playday March 6, 2018

Next weeks game is Blarney Ball.  You have until noon on Sunday to sign up.

Today started out chilly but it turned out to be a beautiful day.  The game was S & T’s and here are the results:

First Flight:

1st Place: Mary Watkins with a score of 34, winning $9.00 in sweeps.

2nd Place: Sandy Smith with a score of 35, winning $4.34 in sweeps.

Second Flight:

Tied for 1st Place:  Deborah Veatch and Brenda Reisinger with a score of 35, each winning $6.66 in sweeps.

Third Flight:

1st Place: Joanne Smith, score of 36, winning $9.00 in sweeps.

2nd Place: Grace Berend, score of 41, winning $4.33 in sweeps.


Cindy Aafedt Hole # 8

Lin Lenson, Holes # 1& 2

Mary Watkins, Hole # 7

Chip Ins, each worth $9.50:

Lin Lenson, Hole #1

Mary Watkins, Hole #3

Closest to the Pin, each worth $3.50

Handicap 0-26:

Hole 2, Lin Lenson 5′

Hole 7, Mary Watkins, 1′ 9″

Hole 17, Jeanne Zwemer 32′ 10 3/4 ”

Handicap 27-36

Hole 2, Brenda Reisinger, 42′ 5″

Hole 7, Joanne Smith, 23″ 10 1/2″

Thank you all for playing.

Cathy and Deborah


Guest Day – February 27, 2018 – Cold and Windy

We had 20 members and 6 guests brave the cold and wind to play a round of TWO BEST NET BALLS.

Winning the Guest Flight with a score of 130:

Sandy Mize, Sondi Schnee, Gina Bishoffberger, Tammy Slabaugh

Winning the Member Only Flight with a score of 137:

Adrian Goodman, Raquel Myers, Fe Estrera, Grace Berend

Closest to the Pin:

Guest:  Lisa Ferrante, Hole # 7, 43’

Member:  Becky Frazier, Hole #17, 16’5”

Rochelle Baxley has the only chip-in, winning $13.00


Rochelle Baxley #14

Cindy Aafedt #2

Lisa Ferrante #5, 15

Next Tuesday will be a regular play day.  The game will be S & T’s.  Add score on all holes starting  with the letter S & T.  Subtract ½ of your handicap for your game score.

Coordinators:  Cathy Fancey and Deborah Veatch


February 20 Play Day – Boy was it cold!

We had 14 ladies brave the chill today.


Here are the results:

Birdies:  Jeanne Zwemer #17

Chip-in:  Shelly Morgan #18 ($14.00)  Shelly, I forgot to check if you have gotten a pin yet this year…  Remind me.


Hole #2  Jeanne Zwemer 27’6” ($7.00)    Kris Rogers 36’7” ($7.00)


Flight 1

1st Place:  Jeanne Zwemer Score: 55 $8.00

2nd Place:  Shelly Morgan  Score: 56  $6.00

Flight 2

1st Place:  Susan Leeper  Score: 43  $8.00

2nd Place:  Charlene Kleiner  Score: 51  $6.00

Playday February 6, 2018 – and how about those pin placements?

First, next week we are playing a Valentine’s Day game.  Shelly Morgan is running the game with help from Doris Bunnell and Carolyn Barnes.  Remember to sign up by noon on Sunday.

There were 19 ladies that played.  It was a beautiful day but where did that wind come from?  Oh, and the pin placements were just cruel.

Now to our results. 

Low Gross:

Dana Wardstrom,  82  Congratulations!

Low Net: 

Dana Wardstrom, net 70 – $8.00 sweeps

Low Putts:

Annette Krey, 31 putts –  $8.00 sweeps

First Flight:

Sandy Smith, net 76 – $6.50 sweeps

Lin Lenson, net 79 – $4.50 sweeps

Second Flight:

Debbie Kelly, net 71 – $6.50 sweeps

Carolyn Barnes, net 77 – $4.50 sweeps

Chip-in:  Only one again today…….

Carolyn Barnes, Hole 18  winning $18.00  Congrats and welcome back Carolyn


Dana Wardstrom, holes 8,9,14,17    WOW!

Debbie Kelley, hole 2

Sandy Smith, hole 13

Closest to the Hole, each worth $4.75

Handicap 0-26

Hole #2 – Lin Lenson  21′ 1/2″

Hole # 17 – Dana Wardstrom  3′ 6 1/2/”

Handicap 27-36

Hole #2 Anne Oprey 30′

Hole # 7 Debbie Kelley  25′ 5″

As a reminder….it is important to always keep up with the group ahead of you. 

Congratulations to all the winners.




Fun in the Fog – Playday January 30, 2018

Hi all,

We had mixed weather yesterday.  We started with some fog but ended with a beautiful sunny day.  Here’s how everyone did.


Cindy Aafedt #7

Judy Bartoli #15

Annette Krey #6


Lucky Brenda Reisinger on #10 won $26.  Congrats.

CTP, each worth $3.00:

Handicap 0-28

#2  Sandy Smith  20′ 6″

#7 Cindy Aafedt 7’3″

#14 Sandy Smith 21’4″

#17 Donna Grover 7’3″

Handicap 29 and above

#2  Brenda Reisinger  6′

#7 Deborah Veatch 23′ 8 1/4″

#14 Susan Leeper  20′ 1 1/2″

#17 Jan McCleery  6’7″

We played an individual game called Criers:

First Flight:

1st Place  Judy Bartoli  Score of 64, won $10.00

2nd Place  Debbie Martin  Score of 69, won $6.50

3rd Place  Cindy Aafedt  Score of 70, won $3.50

Second Flight:

1st Place  Anne Oprey  Score 61, won $10.00

2nd Place  Kathy Readler  Score 63, won $6.50

3rd Place  Raquel Myers  Score 65, won $3.50

Third Flight

1st Place  Doris Bunnell  Score 63, won $10.00

2nd Place  3-way tie, Joanne Smith, Sally Sturney and Susan Leeper  Score 65, each winning $3.33.

Thank you all for playing.  Next Tuesday, February 6th is PPLN.  Remember to sign up NLT Sunday at noon.









Another Fun Day on the Greens – 1/23/18

It was a beautiful, sunny day for today’s play. Our game was Criss Cross – take the best NET of Hole 1 or 10, 2 or 11, etc.

We had 24 players in four flights, and the winners were:

Hcp 1-17
1st Dana Wardstrom, score of 29, winning $8.
2nd Jennie Dillon, score of 30, winning $4.

Hcp 18-29
1st Kathy Readler, score of 30, winning $8.
2nd Mary Watkins, score of 31, winning $4

Hcp 30-33
1st Sondi Schnee, score of 28, winning $8.
2nd Julie Hanson, score of 29, winning $4.

Hcp 34-36
Doris Bunnell and Charlene Kleiner tied for 1st/2nd with a score of 30, each winning $6.

Chip Ins, winning $7.50 each:
Dana Wardstrom Hole 4
Charlene Kleiner Hole 15
Mary Watkins Hole 9

Closest to the Pins winning $4.50 each
Hole 2
0-29 Hcp Jenny Dillon 6’4”
30-36 Hcp Julie Hanson 39’1”

Hole 7
0-29 Hcp Dana Wardstrom 9’9”
39-36 Hcp Susan Leeper 41’2”

Hole 17
0-29 Hcp Dana Wardstrom 3’4”

30-36 Hcp —

It was a Birdie kind of day for Cindy Aafedt on Hole 1, Dana Wardstrom on Holes 6, 7, & 9, Debbie Martin on Hole 2, Lin Lenson on Hole 6, Kathy Readler on Hole 17, and Brenda Reisinger on Hole 8.

We had a strange thing happen today when 2 people showed up to play that weren’t listed on FourTees. Both ladies knew they had signed up. You might save your confirmation email when you sign up, just in case this happens again. The confirmation would be a starting point for figuring out any glitches.

Thanks for playing and hope the good weather on Tuesdays continues!

-Bonnie & Doris

Happy New Golfing Year – 1/16/18

Hi all,

There was no rain today, yeah! We had 22 ladies come out to play. Two new members played today, Donna Grover and Adrian Goodman. Welcome ladies.

There was a significant time delay between some of the groups coming up to lunch. Let’s try to work on the pace of play this year. No one wants, or expects, to take 5 hours to play a round of golf. It is each player’s responsibility to maintain the appropriate pace of play. It is very important to keep up with the group ahead of you, NOT ahead of the group behind you.

The game today was Sweet and Sour. We paid 4 places in two flights as follows:

First Flight

1st Place Donna Grover with a score off 29, won $10.
Tie for 2nd Place Shelly Morgan and Mary Watkins both had a score of 30 and won $5. each.
4th Place Annette Krey with a score of 33 and won $2.

Second Flight

1st Place Charlene Kleiner with a score of 29, won $10
Three way tie: Deborah Veatch, Kathleen Readler and Joanne Smith with a score of 30, each won $4.

One lucky lady, Raquel Myers won $19 for her chip-in on number 18.

Annette Krey #1
Cindy Aafedt, #14
Donna Grover, #1

Closest to the Pin, each worth $2.25

Handicaps 0-29:
Hole 2 Shelly Morgan 11’5″
Hole 7 Cindy Aafedt 36″
Hole 14 Cindy Aafedt 9’7″
Hole 17 Donna Grover 10’10”

Handicaps 30-36:
Hole 2 Deborah Veatch 42’5″
Hole 7 Sondi Schnee 7’5″
Hole 14 Sondi Schnee 18’7″
Hole 17 Deborah Veatch 10’11”

A big thank you to Cindy Aafedt for her help running the game today. Cindy is a new member of the tournament committee and we really appreciate her help.

Cathy and Cindy

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