September 2022 Rules Quiz

  1. When dropping a ball under a Rule, you drop the ball in the correct way twice and both times the ball comes to rest just outside the relief area, no nearer the hole.

What should you do?

  • You drop a ball under a Rule in the correct way in the relief area.  Your ball hits the ground first but then accidentally hits your foot before coming to rest in the relief area.

What should you do?

  •  In stroke play your ball is buried in the rough.  Without telling the other players you rotate your ball to identify it without marking it first.

What is the ruling?

  • The greenskeeper overwaters parts of the course, including the teeing area.  If after a stroke your ball lands in the accumulated water, are you allowed relief?

What is the ruling?

  • Your ball is in a bunker. 

What are your options for your next stroke?

  •  Your ball lands on the white line that defines Out of Bounds.  

What is the ruling?


  1. You must place a ball on the spot in the relief area where the ball that was dropped the second time first touched the ground.

Rule 14.3c

  •  As you dropped your ball in the correct way it does not matter whether the ball, after hitting the ground touches any person, (i.e., your foot), equipment or other outside influence before coming to rest. If your ball is in the relief area you play the ball as it lies.  Rule 14.3c

3.        You do not need to advise anyone that you are going to lift your ball to identify it BUT you must mark its position first.  Failure to            mark is a ONE stroke penalty!  Rule 7.3

4.        You are allowed free relief from any temporary accumulation of water on the course that can be seen before or after you take       your stance, without pressing down excessively with your feet.    Rule 16.1 Abnormal Course Conditions

5.        When your ball is in a bunker you may:

A.  Play the ball as it lies

B. Use Rule 19.3 Unplayable lie as below with ONE penalty              stroke:

1.  Play a ball from where you made your last stroke

2.  Play a ball back on the line and drop a ball IN the bunker

3.  Take lateral relief from where the ball lies in the bunker              dropping a ball IN the bunker

Extra option for TWO penalty strokes

You make drop a ball back on the line of relief OUTSIDE the                         bunker.  (See page 119 of your small rules book)

6.        Your ball is only Out of Bounds when ALL of it is outside the            boundary edge of the course.  The white line is out of bounds.  If      all of your ball is on the line it is out of bounds.  If any part of the             ball still touches the course you are IN bounds!  Rule 18.2a.  (See             page 112 of your small rules book)


Play Day Results-Aug 30, 2022


23 players teed it up today. The game was S&T’s. Ties were broken on the last 6 holes of the game. If still tie then last 3, and finally last hole of the game which was Hole 17.  

Payouts were $18.16 for 1st place, $8.00 for 2nd, and $5.52 for 3rd.  Only the first flight paid out 3 places due to the size of flights.

Deborah Martin won the tie breaker in first flight, so Conchita Christensen was a close 2nd.   Linda Montgomery came in 3rd.

Jeanne Zwemer won first place in the 2nd flight.  Mary Watkins was 2nd.

In the 3rd flight, Deborah Veatch and Doris Bunnell were tied at the end of the game.  They tied on the last 6 holes of the game and they tied on the last three holes of the game.  Finally, the tie was broken on the last hole and Deborah came in 1st

Chip ins  $4.25

Becky Heagle #13, Kay Bargmann #3, Kris Rogers #4, Kelly Vik #13, Joanne Smith #15

Closest to Pins  $6.25

0-25                                                      26-36

#2 Amelia Lyons 15’3”                        None

#7 Mary Watkins 10’8”                       Deborah Veatch 2’11”

#14 Donna Ybarra 10’                         Deborah Veatch 17’ 3”

#17 Linda Montgomery 1’ 10”            None


Becky Heagle, #11,13; Linda Montgomery #17, Conchita Christensen #6, Deborah Veatch #2 and #14, Donna Ybarra #8, Mary Watkins #7.

Thanks to my helpers today-Donna Ybarra, Frances Shipilov, and Becky Heagle!

Hope all of you enjoyed the day!


Red Stakes/Yellow Stakes




When you are certain that your ball has entered a penalty area (water hazard) whether it be lined with red or yellow stakes below are the options you are allowed to follow under the Rules of golf.

1st option.

Play another ball from where you are currently, i.e., where made your last stroke. 

Continue play with a one stroke penalty.

2nd option.

Go down to where you believe or saw you ball cross the margin/edge of the penalty area.  If you can see your ball in the penalty area you may play it as it lies.  You may ground your club, and make practice swings.  

Continue play with NO penalty.

3rd option.  Regardless of whether the stakes are RED or YELLOW

Determine the point where you estimate your ball last crossed the margin/edge of the penalty area and you may drop a ball in a relief area on a line going straight back from the hole through this estimated point.  The relief area is one club length in size either side of the point where you intend to drop a ball. You may go back on this line as far as you wish.

 Continue play with one stroke penalty.

4th option ONLY if the stakes are RED.

Red stakes usually line penalty areas which run laterally, as in along the course rather than across it making dropping a ball behind, in line with the pin, very difficult.  

Determine the point where you estimate your ball last crossed the margin/edge of this RED penalty area and drop a ball laterally within a two-club length relief area no closer to the hole.  This area is wedge shaped from your reference point where the ball crossed the margin.  See page 106 of your small 2019 Rules book for a great diagram.

Continue play with a one stroke penalty.  


Hole #12 Update

Hole #12 has a path along the left side of its fairway. Where it is bordered by the lake, penalty area, it is lined with round wood pilings. This path continues over the water and up to the back of the green.

Below is how to play your ball if it lands in the pilings or on the cart path .

The pilings are NOT in the water, penalty area, as can be seen by the red stakes that are attached to them along the water side. If your ball lands in them you get free relief on to the cart path, Rule 16.

If your ball is on the cart path you may take free relief from the path, Rule 16.

For our play if your ball is lodged in the pilings, you may do both these actions in one step.

Find your nearest point of relief in the grass where your feet are not on the path and drop a ball within one club length, no closer to the hole. Play on, no penalty. It MUST be your nearest point of relief so you may not go further out onto the fairway and play a ball!

Discovery Bay RECLAMATION DISTRICT 800 is responsible for the circulation of the lakes and lagoons that run through our course. On their official waterways map the path that runs across the water on hole #12 is designated as a bridge. Our club has deemed that this bridge, for terms of playing our course, is not a bridge but a cart path.

This area is played the same as above, free relief from pilings, and free relief from the “cart path”.


Play Day Results-Aug 23, 2022


30 players teed it up yesterday. The game was Gimme a break.

I reviewed the scorecards, because #8 had a temporary tee box and thought it may have caused some confusion on scoring.  Everyone did well on the handling of it. One group failed to deduct the score there, so the correction may have put you in the winners circle.  Becky and I decided to throw that hole out. For posting purposes the score will be par plus your pops, so your gross score will more than likely  have a slight difference when posted.

1st Flight2nd Flight3rd Flight
1st placeNukay Donnelly-45 ($17)Fran Grace-44 ($17)Jeanne Zwemer-45 ($17)
2nd placeKelly Vik-49
Sandy Smith-47 ($9)Lani Maloney-46 ($12)
3rd placeLisa Ferrante-50
Debbie Martin-47 ($9)Sandy Mize-47 ($3)
Bonnie Ladd-47 ($3)

Chip ins $10 each:

Sandy Smith #7,   Jeanne Zwemer # 17, Sonja Welin #4

Closest to Pins  $8 each

          0-22                                                        23-36

#2    Cathy Houston 10’10.5″                            Kay Bargmann 9’9″

#7    Lisa Ferrante      3’10”                               Kay Bargmann 14’9″

#14 Cindy Aafedt       6’10”                                None

#17 Terry Billingham 13’3.5″                           Mary Watkins 21′ 5″


Sandy Smith #7    Donna Ybarra #15     Debbie Martin #2   Lisa Ferrante #5, #14, #18    Cathy Houston #2

Cindy Aafedt #5    Amelia Lyons #14      Annette Krey #1     Jeanne Zwemer #17             Nukay Donnelly #15  

Next week Sandy Smith will handle the S&T game. Net score of holes starting with those letters.

Contact Sandy as well as pro shop for any additions or deletions. 

Thanks for playing. Always nice to have larger groups.

Cindy and Becky

Play Day Results-Aug 9, 2022

Hi Ladies-

We had 28 players today for our last play day before the Invitational. The game was Criss Cross – choose net score on Hole 1 or 10, 2 or 11, and repeat. I had no idea the scores would be so close and that tie breakers would be awkward-figured best to split the winnings. 


  • Flight 1 – Handicaps up to 19
  • Tied for first: Sky Donnelly & Debbie Martin with 29. They split 1st/2nd $14.00 each.  
  • There was a three way tie for 3rd with 30: Lisa Ferrante, Cindy Aafedt & Kelly Vik. They each win $1.56. 


  • Flight 2 – Handicaps 20-28
  • First: Fran Grace with 28, winning $18.
  • Second: Joanne Leete with 29, winning $10.
  • Third: Jill Chase with 30, winning $4.66.


  • Flight 3 – Handicaps 29-36
  • First: Joanne Smith with 30, winning $18.
  • Tied for 2nd & 3rd with 31: Jeanne Zwemer and Raquel Myers, winning $7.33 each. 

Chip Ins:
There were 2: Raquel Myers Hole 11 and Doris Bunnell Hole 7. They each received $13.50. 

Closest to the Pins: $10 each.
There were 5, as only one higher handicap lady got on the green. So today was a good payout to the following sharp shooters:

Hole 2: Lisa Ferrante 4’2”
Hole 7: Fran Grace 2’8” &  Raquel Myers 23’3”
Hole 14: Fran Grace 4’2”
Hole 17: Terry Billingham 10’

Cindy Aafedt, Hole 8
Fran Grace, Holes 7 & 14
Lisa Ferrante, Holes 2, 3 & 8
Becky Heagle, Hole 6
Conchita Christensen, Holes 8 & 14

Thanks all for playing and sorry if the scoring was a little confusing! 
Bonnie and Sandy

Play Day Results-July 19, 2022

34 ladies today. We went all the way back to hole 13. Great participation. I will apologize about the tough game today, since I personally heard no complaints. Low putts of the team was the game.

3 way tie for 3rd with 133. Broke on the back side. Not prevailing was Becky Heagle,Annette Krey,Donna Ybarra,Kelly Vik as did Cindy Renshaw,Cathy Fancey,Cindy Aafedt,Blind draw.

3rd place: Debbie Martin, Joanne Leete, Sondi Schnee, Pam Musselman. They each won $6.
2nd place: Kris Rogers,Sonja Welin, Lisa Ferrante, Blind draw with 132. $10.50 for the 3.
1st place: Pleasantly surprised were Fran Grace, Doris Bunnell, Deborah Veatch, Sally Sturney with 130 putts. They each raked in $15.75.

Chip ins were $8.25 each
Donna Ybarra #17, Deborah Veatch #7, Doris Bunnell #13, Joanne Leete #10

Closest to pins $8 each
Handicaps 0-24/ 25-36
#2 Becky Heagle 13’1″/ Sandy Mize 12’1″
#7 Annette Krey 10″/ Doris Bunnell 20’8.5″
#14 Cindy Aafedt 9’10″/ Deborah Veatch 30′ 5″
#17 Annette Krey 6’4″/ Sandy Mize 8’8″

Annette Krey #7,#17 , Deborah Veatch #7, Lisa Ferrante #5,17, Cindy Aafedt #14, Donna Ybarra #17, Cathy Houston #8, Julie Hanson #8

The 18 holers will be dark for a few weeks. Next play day is August 9th, then August 23. If you want to see everyone more often, get a team together for the invitational August 16, 17. Becky has put in many hours to show us a great time. Please support her efforts and our club.
Cindy and Becky

Play Day Results-July 12, 2022

Hi All,

Here are your results:

Tuesday’s game was Partners 1 Best Ball.

We had 30 players, 15 teams of 2, and we paid 4 places. Terry and I had blind draw partners.

Tying for 4th with a score of 64 – $5.00 ea

            Mary Watkins and Doris Bunnell

            Becky Heagle and Blind Draw

Tying for 2nd with a score of 61 – $11.50 ea

            Julie Hanson and Jan Baehr

            Frances Shipilov and Nonie Greenfield

1st Place with a score of 59 – $22.00 ea

            Joanne Leete and Lani Maloney

Birdies – there were 8:

Becky Heagle3, 7
Cindy Aafedt8, 17
Doris Bunnell7
Sky Donnelly14
Frances Shipilov18
Lani Maloney18

Chip Ins – there were 3 chip ins paying out $10.00 each:

Joanne Leete12
Lani Maloney18
Frances Shipilov18 

Closest to the Pins ($9.00 each):

HoleName LH 0 – 27DistanceName HH 28 – 36Distance
2Becky Heagle32’ 10.5”Deborah Veatch13’ 1”
7Becky Heagle3’ 8.5”Doris Bunnell40’ 2”
14Cathy Fancey15’ 7”None 
17Cindy Aafedt4’ 8”None 

REMINDERS – If you have not turned in your Invitational registration please do so by July 21st.

Thank you,

Becky and Cindy

Play Day Results-June 28, 2022

28 ladies played Blind Nine. The back side was chosen after the round. Debbie Martin spent over an hour observing pro shop personnel to find the most suitable pro for this task. Thanks Debbie😁 After a short deliberation, Matt chose the 2nd side. Lucky choice for many.

First place $15.75, 2nd place $11.50, 3rd place $5.50.

1st flight
1st place Jan Murphy 34
2nd place Nukay Donnelly 36
3rd place Mary Watkins 37 (won card off with Cindy Renshaw & Kelly Vik)

2nd flight
1st place Raquel Meyer 37
2nd place Julie Hanson 38 (won card off with Jan Baehr & Sally Sturney)
3rd place Jeanne Zwemer 38

3rd flight
1st place Nonie Greenfield 34
2nd place Sandy Mize 35
3rd place Sonja Welin 35

Chip ins $6.50 each
Julie Hanson #15, Doris Bunnell #2, Kris Rogers #9, Kelly Vik #8

Closest to pin $8 each
Low handicap/ High handicap
#2 Cindy Renshaw 13′ 5″/ Deborah Veatch 13′ 8″
#7 Pam Musselman 10’11.5″/ Sondi Schnee 27′
#14 Jill Chase 32’/
#17 Frances Shipilov 10’7″/

Doris Bunnell #2, Jan Murphy #15, Kelly Vik #8, Raquel Meyer #17

No play Tuesday the 5th.
July 12 Becky is handling solo.
July 19th is make your own foursome. It will be a team game.



Hello Ladies,

Please welcome our new member, Kelly Vik.  Kelly was a DBWGC member from 2016 to 2018, and we are so excited that she has now rejoined.  Kelly spends her winters in Palm Desert (Indian Wells Country Club) and her summers here in Discovery Bay.
Kelly played with us today, and her team was one of the winners!  

Kelly’s information has been added to the website Roster.  

Please greet Kelly when you see her.