Rules quiz

Hi Ladies:

Finally time to send you a quiz……..enjoy!

  1. You’re playing in a stroke play competition and you hole out before your partner does. While waiting for your partner or fellow competitor to putt you drop a ball and take a few practice putts on the fringe. What is the ruling?

a) There is no penalty

b) You incur a two stroke penalty

c) Both you and your partner incur a one stroke penalty

Answer b) Rule 7-2/3. Even if your excuse was that you were not practicing but just “killing time” as they were so slow you still get a two stroke penalty.

If you were in match play you would lose the hole.

  1. A ball is holed when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and any part of it is below the level of the lip of the hole?

a) True

b) False

Answer b) False.

The Definition of “Holed” is :

A ball is “holed” when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and all of it is below the level of the lip of the hole.

With this in mind Rule 17-4 says if ball is resting against the flagstick and all of it is not below the hole you MAY NOT remove the ball. You may though remove the flagstick and if the ball then falls into the hole then it is “holed”.

  1. You’re on hole #9 following a group of men players and they are sending divots flying all over the fairway. Your ball comes to rest right in front of one of their divots that is not completely detached and it interferes with your backswing. May you:

a) Press it down before you make your stroke

b) Remove the divot

c) Remove the divot and give it to them at the turn

Answer is: No and No for a) and b) and maybe c) after you’ve made your stroke

Rule 13-2/5 says that because it is not completely detached it is fixed and it is a breach of the Rules to move it. Sad to say the best you can do is fix it for the following players after you’ve made your stroke. And when you catch up with those guys tell them to fix their divots too!

  1. You find your “nearest point of relief” from ground under repair and drop your ball in the correct place. Under which of the following circumstances do you have to re-drop your ball.

a) when the ball rolled less than two club lengths from where it hit the course

b) when the ball rolls closer to the pin

c) when the ball rolls and comes to rest in a hazard

d) when the ball hits your foot

Answer b) and c) and d)

In b) you may drop the ball a second time and if it rolls closer to the pin again you may place it where it first struck on the correct part the course.

In c) this is the same as b), drop again and then place

In d) you may drop it as many times as it takes NOT to hit your foot. If this happens to you maybe your shoes are too big?

  1. Lindsey and SueAnne both play a Lady precept ball #3 from the tee. Both balls land in the same area of rough. When they find their balls they can’t tell which is which. What is the ruling?

a) They toss a coin to decide who chooses which one is theirs

b) They decide not to tell anyone and each play one of the balls

c) They reluctantly decide that both balls are “lost” and go back to the tee and hit again incurring one penalty stroke.

Answer c) I’m sure you all knew this answer. For this reason you should always put an identification mark on your ball, Rule 12-2 and 6-5.

I hope this helps you.



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