Rules, you must be sick of me!


Sorry me again……..hit delete if you like…….

As my table hint sheet had limited space on Tuesday I was unable to fit in EVERYTHING about Rule 28 Unplayable .

I wanted to mainly get across to you that you can call an unplayable even if your partners don’t agree with you! You may be in the wet rough

and know you will hack and hack away to get your ball out. It could be worth it to you to take a one stroke penalty and use Rule 28 Unplayable.

You may be right next to a tree root, or even in the middle of a beautiful fairway and you just don’t like your lie. A couple of Pro golfers called an unplayable in this weekend’s Match play tournament and it saved them strokes.

What I could not fit on the little sheet was the situation if your ball is in a bunker. Bunkers actually have a couple of Rule anomalies but today let’s just stick with the ball unplayable before you all tear your hair out!

Many of you know this but in case.

If your ball is in a bunker Yes you can hit from where you were before BUT for the other two options you cannot take your ball out of the bunker.

So……ball in bunker….you hate it…… on Rule 28.

a) Play a ball where you last hit your original ball hit

b) go back in line with the hole c) drop within 2 club lengths of where ball lays BUT for b and c you must drop in the bunker.

It stinks I know but I did not write the Rules.

Next time I’ll use larger sheets of paper, or give hints that take up less space!

Over and out ’til next week………


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