March Rules Quiz

Hi Ladies:

Here is your Rules quiz for March. I am sure you all know the answers.


Amanda asks her fellow competitor, Simone, to attend the flagstick. Simone is not quite awake and lets Amanda’s ball hit the flagstick.

Who gets the penalty?


Amanda is penalized two strokes for her ball hitting the attended flagstick (Rule 17-3 and Decision 17-3/2).


Penelope hits her tee shot into the greenside bunker and then on her second shot her ball goes Out of Bounds. She rehits from the bunker onto the green and two putts. What is her score?


One stroke for tee shot

One stroke out of bunker

One penalty shot for Out of Bounds

One stroke for second attempt out of bunker

Two putts.

Penelope’s score for hole, 6


Betsy is on the tee box and she asks her fellow competitor Mavis what club she is going to use. Mavis tells her she is going to use a 5 iron. Who gets the penalty?


Both Betsy and Mavis are penalized.

Betsy is penalized two penalty strokes for asking her fellow competitor for advice on what club she was going to use on the hole (Rule 8-1b).

Mavis is also penalized two strokes for giving advice on the club that she used. She should have refused to answer the question (Rule 8-1a).


Suzie is playing hole #12 at Discovery Bay Country Club and her balls lands on the bridge over the water hazard. She grounds her club on the bridge and hits her ball onto the green. How many penalty strokes does Suzie incur?

4A. NONE! You may ground your club on a bridge situated inside a water hazard. Decision 13-4/30.

I hope this helps you.



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