Invitational Rules Reminders


The fun time is about to begin as our Invitational is next week so I thought I’d just give you a few reminders that may be useful to you and your guests.

First….goose poop, and yes we have plenty of that.

Goose Poop falls into the definition of a loose impediment. Dung is a loose impediment except when it is adhering to the ball.

You are allowed to move goose poop out of your way when making a stroke at your ball but you may not remove it from your ball until your ball is on the putting green. Yikes!

Our Local Rule for sprinkler heads.

Not all clubs allow this Local Rule, but we do, so let your guests know. So you can get free relief from the obstruction of the sprinkler heads they have to be within two club lengths of the green, and your ball, which is interfered with by the sprinkler head, must be within two club lengths of the sprinkler head. You may drop your ball at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, where your ball no longer has interference. (In case you forget, the “how and when to do it” is written on the back of our scorecard.)

Remember to play the correct tees and follow the Rules below.

Rule 11, The Teeing ground.

The tee markers for any hole are fixed and may not be removed or repositioned, if moved you incur a TWO STROKE penalty in stroke play.

The ball must be played within the teeing ground but a player may stand OUTSIDE the teeing ground to play it.

If you knock the ball off the tee while at address it may be re-teed without penalty, as your ball is not yet in play. Your ball is not in play until you have made the forward movement of the club with the intention of striking and moving the ball.

If the ball is played, but does not leave the teeing ground, it must be played as it lies and not teed up again.

If the ball is hit out of bounds from the teeing ground you may re-tee the ball anywhere on the teeing ground not necessarily close to where the previous stroke was made. One stroke penalty.

In light of recent events please remember in stroke play if you play your ball outside the teeing area, or play the wrong tees, you will incur a TWO STROKE penalty, and you must play the ball again within the teeing ground, or from the correct tees. If you fail to correct this, continue play and then tee off at the next hole, you will be DISQUALIFIED.

Lastly, don’t forget the magic, get out of jail Rule 28, Unplayable lie.

If your team find themselves in a very difficult place to make their next shot from, use Rule 28. If you have a hard time getting out from behind a tree you have 3 options. Where you took the stroke from that landed you in this mess, or two club lengths from where the ball lies, or as far back as you like in line with the pin. Remember if you have a very hard time getting out of bunkers you always have the choice to hit again from where you made your last stroke, (if you use the two other options you have to stay in the bunker). It could be well worth a one stroke penalty to go back and hit again. Maybe the second time’s a charm and you land close to the pin and one putt!

Using Rule 28 costs you one stroke and you can call it anywhere, except in a water hazard.

Have fun, and play hard!

I hope this helps you.



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