Tips for Spring Handicap Tournament play

Ladies: Our Spring Handicap tournament starts next week, be prepared.

Tournament play is more stressful than regular play days as more is on the line, the chance to be the Champion or place in your flight! With this in mind we should be sure to follow golf etiquette and the Rules of Golf. Consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times. Make each day of the tournament a pleasant experience for your fellow competitors and yourself.

Pace of Play

Nothing is more annoying than slow play. Long waits to make your shots ruins your rhythm and slows down the whole field.

Keep up with the group in front.

Take all the clubs to your ball that you “may” need for your next shot.

Do not take excessive time over the ball or an excessive number of practice swings.

Be prepared to step up and putt when it is your turn. Check out your line and speed of putt while others are putting. Be ready.

As soon as everyone has putted out leave the green quickly. You can put your clubs back in your bag at the next tee box.

If you bring clubs to the green leave them on the line of your exit path. This way you will not be wasting time retrieving your clubs that are on the other side of the green.

If you walk make sure you leave your push cart away from the front of the green so it is out of the way of players hitting behind you. Put your cart on your exit path.

Write the scores on the scorecard at the NEXT tee box.


Be courteous. Do not talk or make a noise while your fellow competitors are hitting or setting up for their shot.

Be patient. If your fellow competitor is playing badly help them by moving their cart if needed.

If your ball is on the green and your fellow competitors are still hitting up from the fairway do not stand on the green in the line of play. It is very distracting for players hitting to the green to see you on their line of flight and dangerous for you!


Do not be early or late for your tee time. Tee off at your designated time.

Check that your handicap is correct on your scorecard.

Do not ask for or give advice.

If a ball is on your line of play or distracting for your next shot ask your fellow competitor to lift their ball and mark it. (Rule/Decision 22/1)

If you want to play a Provisional ball because your ball may be lost or out of bounds tell your fellow competitors before you hit the Provisional ball.

If you are unsure how to play your ball using a Rule you may play two balls, your ball in play and a second ball. Before you hit both balls decide which of the two you want to count if it is played by the Rules. Complete the hole with both balls and put both scores on your score card. Do not sign your card and bring it to the Committee for a decision. (Rule 3-3)

If you believe that you, or a fellow competitor, have broken a Rule and may have incurred a penalty do not sign the score card and bring the question to the Tournament Committee at the end of your round.

Double check all your scores for EVERY hole before you sign your scorecard. Check your addition. Do not be DISQUALIFIED because you made a scoring mistake.

I hope this helps you.


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